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Wolfpup Fang
Move type Infantry
Weapon type Red Beast Blue Beast Green Beast Colorless Beast
Might 14
Range 1
Required Adult (Infantry)
SP 400
Exclusive? Yes
String ID SID_人狼娘の爪牙
Description Grants Spd+3. At the start of turn 1, grants special cooldown count-2 to unit and unit's support partner (if any). At start of turn, if unit is adjacent to only beast or dragon allies or if unit is not adjacent to any ally, unit transforms (otherwise, unit reverts). If unit transforms, grants Atk+2 and deals +10 damage when Special triggers.


  • Beast refers to .
  • Dragon refers to .
  • Deals +10 damage when an offensive Special triggers.
  • The Atk+2 granted by Wolfpup Fang when the user transforms is a stat boost, not a  bonus.
    • The stat boost and Special damage boost effects of Wolfpup Fang will only trigger if the unit is transformed.

List of owners[]

UnitSkill chain
Velouria Wolf Cub Face FC.webp
Whelp (Infantry)
Yearling (Infantry)
Adult (Infantry)
Wolfpup Fang

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 人狼娘の爪牙
German Wilde Ulfhedin
Spanish (Europe) Garra de lobata
Spanish (Latin America) Garra de lobata
French Croc de louve
Italian Zanna di lupetta
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 狼人之女的爪牙
Portuguese Presa lobinho

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