What's in Store for the 1.3.0 Update (Notification)

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Thank you for playing Fire Emblem Heroes.

To celebrate the ver. 1.3.0 update, from May 8, 2017 at 7:00 AM UTC to May 15, 2017 at 6:59 AM UTC, you can get 2 Orbs Orb.png every day!

Here's an update from the Fire Emblem Heroes development team:

■ Update to the Arena

The rules for the Arena have been revised with the goal of making it easier to battle players and get rewards.

1. Rank Rewards will change to Tier Rewards.

Until this update, players received Hero Feathers Hero Feather.png as a reward for their rank. However, starting with ver. 1.3.0, players will receive rewards based on a tier system.

Also, in Tier 4 and up, players can receive Orbs Orb.png in addition to Hero Feathers Hero Feather.png. With this update, not only will all participants receive a reward, but the higher the rank a player gets, the better the rewards they get as they advance through the tiers.

2. At the end of the season, players will be promoted or demoted through the tiers according to their rank.

Until now, promotion was based on the high score each player achieved. However, starting with ver. 1.3.0, Arena placement will be based on a player's ranking within their own tier.

Also, for Tier 8 and above, it is now possible to be demoted.

The individual rank that determines whether a player is promoted or demoted will be based on the number of participants.

Update Arena Tier Rewards.png

3. After this rule change, players will start from their current tier.

The Arena will open with these new rules starting on May 9, 2017 at 7:00 AM UTC. Players will begin from the tier they made it to prior to this point.

We expect fierce battles to be fought over positions in the highest tiers but hope that everyone will continue to bravely fight on!

4. Bonus Heroes will now also affect your defense score.

That's right—if a Bonus Hero is a part of a successful defense, the defense score will be doubled.

5. New maps have been added to the Arena.

These new maps include defensive terrain. A Hero on a defensive terrain tile receives a damage reduction of 30% of their Def or Res.

Update Defensive Terrain.png

■ Voting Gauntlet Rules

The way the Voting Gauntlet works will change: there will be a limited-time boost for the army fighting at a disadvantage.

In the Voting Gauntlet, if your army is at a disadvantage, the number added to the score when you vote will be multiplied by 3 for a limited time.

This boost will not only affect the total score of the army that's at a disadvantage but also each player's total personal score.

Take note: when the armies are at equal strength, neither army will receive a boost.

Update Voting Gauntlet Bonus.png

■ Adjustment to Training Tower Difficulty

The levels of enemies appearing in the Eighth and Ninth Strata of the Training Tower have been adjusted. The maps that will appear have also been changed.

■ Addition of Gameplay Tips

When Fire Emblem Heroes is launched, gameplay tips will appear on the loading screen.

■ More Organizational Options

Units can now be sorted by Hero Merit and SP.

■ Other Fixes

The issue where a "!" would not appear in Special Maps to notify the player that some maps had yet to be cleared has now been fixed. The issue where a "!" would not appear during an event has also been fixed.

That's all for the ver. 1.3.0 update. We hope you continue to enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes!