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I'm Volke. It doesn't seem like you have work for me right now, know how to reach me.

俺はフォルカ。 俺に用があるようには見えないが…… これも何かの縁だろう。


As a rule, I don't join up with others. I prefer to work alone.

俺は誰とも組まない主義でな。 仕事なら一人でやり遂げる。

Death only marks your loss, and our enemy's gain. It grants you nothing.
If there is something you want, make sure to survive.

人は、死ねば終わりだ。 やりたいことがあるなら、生き残れ。

I'm here by choice...for now. Why? The answer to that will cost you 100,000 gold.

今、俺がここにいるのは自分の意思だ。 理由を聞きたければ、そうだな… 10万ゴールドほど用意してもらおう。

Stoking embers is useless. There's a reason I'm called "fireman"—I put out problems.

残り火を探ろうとしても無駄だ。 【火消し】は伊達じゃない。

Gathering intel is a specialty of mine. Give me three days, and I'll know more about this country than you do.

俺は情報屋だ。 お前さんよりこの国に詳しくなってみせよう。 三日あれば十分だ。

Friend greeting[]

I'm here on business. Don't ask questions.

用事はこれだけだ。 何も聞くな。

Leveling up[]

+[4,5] points[]

Time for me to leave. Any more than this will draw too much attention.

これ以上は目立ちすぎる。 離脱させてもらうぞ。

+[2,3] points[]

Results like this don't make money.

やれやれ。 こんな金にもならんことを……

+[0,1] points[]

Might be time to look for another job.


Ally Growth[]

You're a good one. Guess this means you feel the same about me.

俺はあんたを気に入ってる。 あんたも俺と同じ気持ち、ってことか。

5★ LV. 40 conversation[]

My work? If I have to answer, I'd say I do whatever's asked of me—but only if the pay is good enough.
I'd probably even take a job to assassinate you. Not like it'd be hard, given this castle's defenses.
That's not a threat. It's just how committed I am to my contracts.
Lucky for you, I never take two jobs at once, and I never quit a job early.
The smartest move you could make now is hire me first. Doesn't matter to me what the job is.
...I see. Only reason I brought it up is your skills have probably made you no few enemies, but suit yourself.

俺の仕事……? 強いて言えば、何でも屋だな。 依頼主から金さえもらえば、何でもやる。
依頼がお前の暗殺だって引き受けるだろうさ。 この城は隙だらけで実行はたやすい…… 脅しじゃあない、契約は果たすというだけだ。
だが仕事の掛け持ちはしない。 途中で投げ出すようなこともな。 だから……
どうだ、先に俺を雇っておくというのは。 名目は何でもいい。 どんな汚い仕事でも請けてやろう。
………そうか、なら好きにするさ。 お前のようなやつは放っておけん。 理由はそれだけだ。


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Special trigger[]

Audio Transcription
Your last mistake.
Let's get to work.
We're done.
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Audio Transcription
This is as far as I go...
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Status page[]

Audio Transcription Rarity
Ha... 1★
I'm Volke. I solve problems. 1★
This doesn't interest me. 1★
My occupation? You could say I'm in... intelligence. 1★
Tell the barkeep you've need of a fireman. You'll see me within an hour. 4★
You want to know why I need money, do you? 100,000 gold. That's what it will cost you for me to answer that question. 4★
Greil's death was unfortunate and unexpected. 5★
Interested in taking on my kind of work? You certainly have the skill for it. 5★
Audio Transcription Rarity
ふう… 1★
俺はフォルカ。【火消し】のフォルカだ。 1★
……何のつもりだ。茶番に付き合う暇はない。 1★
俺の仕事は…そうだな。情報屋とでも言っておこうか。 1★
俺を呼び出すときは、酒場で「火消しに用がある」と言ってくれればいい。 4★
どうして金が必要か? その質問に答えるには十万ゴールドだ。 4★
グレイル殿が死んじまうとは…まいったな。 5★
あんたも裏の仕事に転職したらどうだ? なかなか適性がありそうだ。 5★

Turn action[]

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Got it.
All paid up.
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I'm Volke. I solve problems.

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