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Skills[edit | edit source]

Certain skills do not match their categories in hero definitions:

Unused identifiers:

  • Ragnarok+ (MSID_H_ライナロック+), same description as Ragnarok, skill does not exist

Unused skill parameters:

  • SAID_体当たり (Icon Skill Assist.png Shove, Icon Skill Assist.png Smite), SAID_引き寄せ (Icon Skill Assist.png Draw Back), SAID_引き戻し (Icon Skill Assist.png Reposition), and SAID_回り込み (Icon Skill Assist.png Pivot) all support the skill_params.res parameter to grant another action to the unit
  • SAID_戦闘相性効果変化 (Cancel Affinity 3.png Cancel Affinity 3):
    • skill_params.hp = 2: If unit has weapon-triangle advantage, neutralizes weapon-triangle advantage granted by unit's skills
    • skill_params.hp = 3: If unit has weapon-triangle advantage, reverses weapon-triangle advantage granted by unit's skills

Skill interactions[edit | edit source]

Movement passives[edit | edit source]

  • Knock Back.png Knock Back takes precedence over Lunge.png Lunge, which takes precedence over Drag Back.png Drag Back, which takes precedence over Hit and Run.png Hit and Run (smaller SkillAbility IDs take precedence, whichever can activate)

Combat buffs that compare during-combat stats[edit | edit source]

e.g. "altered Sagittae" with effect "if unit's Atk ≤ foe's Atk-5, grants Atk+5 during combat"

  • Currently only Boost Passives fall into this category, but combat buffs on HP do not exist so no ambiguity arises Icon Skill Weapon.png Guardian's Bow now has this property since Version 4.1.0
  • Skills that do not give combat buffs are evaluated after skills that do
  • Skills that give combat buffs are evaluated in the following order
    • Attacker, defender's allies, defender, attacker's allies
    • Weapon, Assist, Special, Passive A, Passive B, Passive C, Seal, Weapon skill refine, Beast effect
  • Skills like Loptous on the foe, therefore, are evaluated after skills like "altered Sagittae" on the unit, but from the description wordings alone they are not required to; such ambiguity is probably why the real Sagittae checks start-of-combat stats
    • Start-of-combat stats = Displayed stats
    • Using start-of-combat stats ensures Sagittae's activation is not affected by Loptous
  • Stats are compared and evaluated immediately, no intermediate caching of unit stats takes place; e.g. (this is only true because altered Sagittae and Death Blow use the same SAID)
    • Unit has 0 Atk, Death Blow 3 on Passive A, "altered Sagittae" on Passive B, foe has 5 Atk: unit receives Atk+6, then "altered Sagittae" does not activate
    • Unit has 0 Atk, "altered Sagittae" on Passive A, Death Blow 3 on skill refine (e.g. Forblaze), foe has 5 Atk: unit receives Atk+5, then Atk+6

Enemy-phase AoE Specials[edit | edit source]

  • AoE eligibility is evaluated at the defender's position; if no units are included, the Special does not activate
  • AoE is still applied at the attacker's position

Tactics Drills[edit | edit source]

Unused AI settings[edit | edit source]

  • In Sing and Dance, entering either the Sword Fighter's danger zone or the Axe Knight's will cause both to start moving, but not the Blue Manakete as it beongs to its own danger zone group. There is only 1 phase available so this behaviour can never be seen.
  • In Hone and Fortify, Jagen would start moving on Turn 1 if controlled by the computer.
  • In Trilemma Trickery, Frederick shares the same danger zone group as the enemies. (Probably has no visible effects.)