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Use Dragonflowers

Use Dragonflowers is a feature introduced in Version 3.2.0 where the player can use Dragonflowers to increase the stats of a unit. It can be found under the Ally Growth menu.


Dragonflowers may be obtained from Heroic Ordeals or Aether Raids. Similar to merges, Dragonflowers grant additional stats to a unit that persist across all game modes. However, unlike merges, Dragonflower-enhanced stats will have no effect on Arena scoring and matchmaking.

Most heroes are eligible for 5 dragonflower enhancements, but heroes released before are eligible for 10 enhancements, and Icon Move Infantry.png Infantry heroes released before version 3.2.0 are eligible for 15 enhancements instead.

Spending Dragonflowers[]

Dragonflower varieties (from left to right: Infantry, Armored, Cavalry, Flying)

There are four types of Dragonflowers, one for each of the four movement types: Icon Move Infantry.png Infantry, Icon Move Armored.png Armored, Icon Move Cavalry.png Cavalry, and Icon Move Flying.png Flying. To enhance a unit, Dragonflowers matching its movement type must be used. Each enhancement will cost more Dragonflowers than the last, but the pace of this increase differs based on how many enhancements a unit is eligible for:

Enhancement Flower Cost
(5 max)
Flower Cost
(10 max)
Flower Cost
(15 max)
+1 40 40 10
+2 80 80 20
+3 120 120 30
+4 160 160 40
+5 200 200 60
+6 unavailable 40 80
+7 80 110
+8 120 140
+9 160 170
+10 200 200
+11 unavailable 40
+12 80
+13 120
+14 160
+15 200
Total 600 1200 1460

Dragonflower Stat Bonuses[]

When a unit receives a Dragonflower enhancement, one of their stats will increase by 1 point. The stat selected for each enhancement is the highest 5★ level 1 raw stat for the hero (after accounting for Asset and Flaw) that has not yet been increased by a previous enhancement. This amounts to an increase of 1 to all stats at 5 enhancements, 2 to all stats at 10 enhancements, and 3 to all stats at 15 enhancements.

If there is a tie between two level 1 stats, the stat to be increased is chosen with the priority of HP > Atk > Spd > Def > Res.

Because HP is always a unit's highest level 1 raw stat, HP will always be the stat increased at +1, +6, and +11.

Enhancement Stat that gains +1
+1 The highest Level 1 raw stat.
+2 The second highest Level 1 raw stat.
+3 The third highest Level 1 raw stat.
+4 The fourth highest Level 1 raw stat.
+5 The fifth highest Level 1 raw stat.
+6 Same as +1
+7 Same as +2
+8 Same as +3
+9 Same as +4
+10 Same as +5
+11 Same as +1
+12 Same as +2
+13 Same as +3
+14 Same as +4
+15 Same as +5


  • If two units that each possess Dragonflower enhancements are merged, only the higher amount of enhancements carries over to the resulting unit. The lower amount of enhancements is lost.
  • If a unit with Dragonflower enhancements is turned into a Combat Manual, their enhancements will not be recorded in the manual, and will thus be lost.

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In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 神竜の花
German Drachenblumen verw.
Spanish (Europe) Usar dracoflores
Spanish (Latin America) Usar dracoflores
French Dracofleurs
Italian Usa fiordidrago
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 神龍之花
Portuguese Usar flores de dragão