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Update - Special Maps: Rival Domains

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This week, you'll earn a bonus for defeating foes with armored allies. Create a brigade and try to destroy the enemy fortress!

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■ Build Your Brigade

In the Allies menu, you can create a strong team with up to 20 Heroes.

Even if you're unsure how your own Heroes will fare in battle, it's not a problem. If you have friends, you can select Friends' Allies to add them into your army. Sometimes it's good to rely on friends!

Note: From within the Rival Domains or Grand Conquests screen, tap Edit Brigades once to unlock the Edit Brigades option in the Allies menu.

・ The Hero who will be sent to your friends is the Hero in the leftmost position of Team 1.
・ Any empty slots in your brigade will automatically be filled with reinforcements.

Brigade Restrictions:

・ You can include only one ally who can use Sing or Dance in your brigade.
・ Duplicate Heroes are not allowed.

■ A Different Kind of Map

The 10 × 8 maps in Rival Domains have different characteristics than normal maps. You must fully grasp those characteristics to be successful in battle.

・ Fortresses

Guide Rival Domains 3.png

If your fortress is destroyed, you will lose the battle. Your goal is to try to destroy the enemy's fortress.

A fortress can be destroyed with three attacks. Whenever Heroes are defeated, reinforcements will appear from the fortress.

・ Camps

Guide Rival Domains 4.png

A camp is a useful location for your army. When you defeat a foe's camp, it will become yours—so try to capture your foe's camps!

Camps can be defeated with two attacks.

・ Traits That Fortresses and Camps Share

Heroes in fortresses and camps will recover 10 HP at the beginning of each turn. Fortresses and camps function as defensive terrain.

Fortresses, camps, and the spaces adjacent to them act as warp points that Heroes can instantly travel between.

If an enemy is in a fortress or camp, the fortress or camp cannot be attacked. Any foe on these squares must be defeated first.

■ The Challenges of Rival Domains

There are two ways the battle can end:

・ If one of the fortresses is destroyed
・ If the 10th turn concludes

When the battle ends, you will earn a score based on the objectives listed below. If you reach the target score for a map, you'll earn rewards.

・ Foes Defeated
You will accumulate points for the foes you defeat.

・ Camps Held
Points will be added based on the number of camps you hold.

・ Fortress Defense
Points will be added for how well you defended your fortress.

・ Fortress Offense
Points will be added for how effectively you attacked the foe's fortress.

・ Bonus
Bonus points will be given for using a certain type of Hero to attack foes or other specific conditions on a per-map basis.

・ Reinforcements will not gain boosts from seasonal Legendary Effects.
・ If a Rival Domains battle is started prior to the end of the event, you may stop playing and then later resume the battle using bookmark data until two days after the event ends.

・ If a Rival Domains battle is started prior to the end of the event but not cleared until later than three days after the event ends, the rewards for clearing the battle will no longer be available.