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Name Cooldown Description SP Required
Umbra Blast 9 After combat, deals 5 damage to target and foes within 2 spaces of target and then unit and target foe swap spaces. 0
No restrictions.


  • Umbra Blast inflicts out of combat damage.
  • Umbra Blast triggers on both player and enemy phases.
  • Umbra Blast cannot be used to trigger skills like Special Spiral 3.png Special Spiral 3, Icon Class Red Sword.png Dark Mystletainn, or Icon Skill Weapon.png Bride's Fang, as Umbra Blast does not trigger before or during combat.
  • Umbra Blast triggers after Movement Passives and skills that deal out of combat damage.
  • When Umbra Blast triggers, the unit and the target swap spaces regardless of their distance.
    • This is in contrast to Lunge.png Lunge, which only swaps spaces for adjacent units, due to inheritance restrictions.
  • Movement occurs only if both the unit and the foe can enter the target spaces normally.

List of owners[]

This skill is currently not owned by any unit.


In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 影撃
German Umbra-Schlag
Spanish (Europe) Estallido sombrío
Spanish (Latin America) Estallido sombrío
French Attaque sombre
Italian Scoppio notte
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 影擊
Portuguese Explosão umbra

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