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This page lists some common terminology used in the game, and links to articles describing each one.

Deviations from these described meanings should be listed as "Notes" on each relevant skill page.

List of general terminology[]

Official terminology[]

Term Meaning
Skill rank[1] Referring to the rank of a skill.
Misc. A / Misc. B / Misc. C [2] The three types of passive skills.
Unit In skill descriptions, refers to the wielder of the skill.
Foe In skill descriptions, refers to the enemies affected by the skill.
Epithet One of the identifiers used to determine a Hero, along with name. “The Hatchet” would be the epithet of “Barst: The Hatchet”, for example.
Individual stats / stat arrangements[3] Refers to the stat variation a hero can have, see Stat growth for more info.

Concepts without official terminology[]

Listed below are common terms and explanations for the terms used by players.

Fan term Meaning
Refresher A unit who can use assists such as Skilliconassist.png Sing or Skilliconassist.png Dance.
Growth rate Hidden values that determine how much a stat increases from level 1 to level 40.
Generation 1 Used to describe the first period of time in Heroes. The set of total base stats for Heroes were lower than Generation 2, and exclusive weapons had lower rank effects. Heroes from Generation 1 were selected for the first summoning rarity changes.
Generation 2 Used to describe the second period of time in Heroes. The set of total base stats for Heroes were higher than Generation 1, and exclusive weapons had higher rank effects.


  1. You can release the power hidden in Sacred Seals by enhancing them one rank at a time.Sacred Seal Forge on upgrading skills
  2. Types of Passive Skills: There are three types of passive skills: Misc. A, Misc. B, and Misc. C. These skills take effect after you equip them. You can equip one skill for each type. ― Help text on passive skills
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