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Temporary debuffs (not to be confused with  penalties) refer to specific versions of reductions that are only active during combat, and will not be visible in the menus displaying units in battle. The name refers to the opposite effect of temporary buffs, which increase stats during combat. Typically the description of skills that inflict temporary debuffs will include the phrase "during combat".

The influence of temporary debuffs can be observed during pre-combat confirmation, allowing the player to evaluate their options.

  • Temporary debuffs will stack with other temporary debuffs, temporary buffs,  bonuses, and  penalties, and non-combat boosts such as from skills like Attack Plus 1.png Attack +1 or Legendary/Mythic Effects. They will apply at the same time and will not cancel each other out.
  • Temporary debuffs are not affected by skills that target penalties, such as Skilliconassist.png Harsh Command.
  • Temporary debuffs do not affect damage calculation before combat, such as from Area-of-effect Specials.
  • Skills that compare stats outside of combat such as Atk Ploy 3.png Atk Ploy 3 will not consider temporary debuffs.
  • Stats cannot be reduced below 0 by temporary debuffs.