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Synthesizes a unique identifier from a unit, for use in Units.WikiName. At the moment, file names should continue to use Template:MF on the page name of a unit.


  • 1: Page name of the unit.
  • enemy: True if the unit is an enemy. Appends  ENEMY to the return value. Queries should not use this field to determine whether a given row represents an enemy unit.


{{UnitWikiName|Marth: Altean Prince}}
Marth Altean Prince
{{UnitWikiName|Tharja: "Normal Girl"}}
Tharja Normal Girl
{{UnitWikiName|Gunnthrá: Year's First Dream}}
Gunnthra Years First Dream
{{UnitWikiName|Axe Cavalier|enemy=1}}
Axe Cavalier ENEMY
{{UnitWikiName|Surtr: Ruler of Flame|enemy=1}}
Surtr Ruler of Flame ENEMY