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Defines a Hero or enemy unit.


  • Name: Unit's displayed name (one of MPID_* or MEID_* fields).
  • Title: Unit's displayed title (one of MPID_HONOR_* or MEID_HONOR_* fields).
  • Person: String tag used to identify the unit's sort order and link to related units.
  • Origin: Unit's displayed origin from the description. Only the origin reflecting the unit's Origin sort order should be used.
  • ExtraOrigins: Comma-separated list of all the unit's extra origins that do not affect the Origin sort order but appear in places like the Entry sort order and the filter tool.
  • TagID: Internal string identifier (PID_* or EID_*).
  • IntID: Internal numerical identifier, used for origin sort.
  • Gender: Unit's gender, according to the portrait file paths.
  • WeaponType: Unit's weapon type, corresponds to WeaponTypes.WikiName.
  • MoveType: Unit's move type, corresponds to MoveTypes.WikiName.
  • GrowthMod: Intrinsic growth modifiers on the unit.
  • Artist: The unit's illustration artist.
  • ActorEN: The unit's English voice actor(s), delimited by commas.
  • ActorJP: The unit's Japanese voice actor(s), delimited by commas.
  • AdditionDate: The date the unit was first present in the game, playable or not. On this date they would have shown up in the Hero Catalog as unknown.
  • ReleaseDate: The date the unit was first made obtainable by summoning or rewards.
  • Properties: Extra properties.
  • Description: Unit's displayed description, excluding the "appears in" part.

Enemy units should leave GrowthMod and ReleaseDate empty.

List of properties

Properties shall not appear as substrings of other properties; this is so that both Properties HOLDS '???' and Properties__full LIKE '%???%' work in the where-clauses for Cargo queries.

General properties

  • hair, hat, mask, tiara: For units that cannot equip certain types of accessories.

Unit categories

  • enemy: Enemy unit.
  • generic: Generic unit.
  • story: Story Hero. Cannot be used for skill inheritance.
  • refresher: A Sing/Dance Sing/Dance user. Does not show up as random units. At most one unit of this kind can appear in a single brigade regardless of whether they equip those Assist skills.
  • limited: Limited Hero which cannot be summoned.
  • ghb: Hero available as a Grand Hero Battle reward.
  • tempest: Hero available as a Tempest Trials reward.
  • special: Special Hero available from summoning focuses.
  • specDisplay: Special Hero not available from summoning focuses, e.g. Ylgr Breaking the Ice Face FC.webp Ylgr: Breaking the Ice.
  • legendary: A Legendary Legendary Hero.
  • mythic: A Mythic Mythic Hero.
  • duo: A Duo Duo Hero.
  • harmonized: A Harmonized Harmonized Hero.
  • ascended: An Ascended Ascended Hero.
  • resplendent: Has a Resplendent version.
    • askr: Has an Askr based Resplendent version.
    • embla: Has an Embla based Resplendent version.
    • nifl: Has a Nifl based Resplendent version.
    • muspell: Has a Múspell‎‎ based Resplendent version.
    • hel: Has a Hel based Resplendent version.
    • ljosalfheimr: Has a Ljósálfheimr based Resplendent version.
    • dokkalfheimr: Has a Dökkálfheimr based Resplendent version.
    • nidavellir: Has a Niðavellir‎ based Resplendent version.
    • jotunheimr: Has a Jötunheimr based Resplendent version.


Other Hero properties

  • prologue: This Hero is obtained at 4★ during the Prologue.
  • brave: This Hero has arrived as a result of Choose Your Legends. Some Brave Heroes have an extra English voice line.

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