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Display a passive skill table in a Hero page and store data to the UnitSkills cargo table.

Skills should be listed in the order they appear on the Hero's in-game skill list. (Technically this can be computed from the skills' sort indices but we don't support this yet.) For example, the whole Joint Drive Res.png Joint Drive Res chain should be listed before Def Tactic 1.png Def Tactic 1 on Ike Vanguard Legend Face FC.webp Ike: Vanguard Legend.


{{Passives Table


This template is a wrapper for the Lua function {{#invoke:PassivesTable|passivesList}}. It is directly available to other Lua modules as
local PassivesTable = require 'Module:PassivesTable'
local result = PassivesTable._passivesList {arg1, arg2, key = value}
-- the above is equivalent to {{#invoke:PassivesTable|passivesList|arg1|arg2|key=value}}