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Removes certain characters from filenames to make things easier. Only allowed characters are left behind.

  • Certain filenames cannot be uploaded if they contain a disallowed character. MediaWiki does not allow certain characters in filenames for technical reasons, such as " and :, which the Hero names use (Tharja: "Normal Girl").
  • Certain characters may break or make it more difficult to maintain some code.
  • The file name readers download will be the same for every reader regardless of which operating system they use.

This template is designed to comply with the POSIX "Fully portable filenames" standard (only allowed characters in filenames: A–Z,a–z,0–9,.,_, and -).

Spaces are allowed since they are interchangeable for page names in wikitext and files with spaces in the name that are downloaded have spaces converted to underscores anyway.


{{MF|Tharja: "Normal Girl"}}

Tharja Normal Girl

{{MF|1=text that may contain an = in it}}

Text that may contain an in it


This template is a wrapper for the Lua function {{#invoke:MF|main}}. It is directly available to other Lua modules as
local MF = require 'Module:MF'
local result = MF._main {arg1, arg2, key = value}
-- the above is equivalent to {{#invoke:MF|main|arg1|arg2|key=value}}