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{{Hover|display text|hover text}}

display text

How to use with links

[[Weapons|{{Hover|Weapons|hover text}}]]

Weapons Green check.svg

[[{{Hover|Weapons|hover text}}]]

[[Weapons]] Dark Red x.svg

{{Hover|[[Weapons]]|hover text}}

Weapons Dark Red x.svg

Comparison of tooltip generating methods

Works with Javascript disabled Works on all skins Wikitext in display text Wikitext in tip text Extra accessibility problems
<abbr> Yes Yes Yes Parsers only
  • <abbr> is intended to be used only with abbreviations and acronyms, misuse causes accessibility problems
{{Tooltip}} Yes No Yes Yes
  • Shows tooltip text and display text right next to each other when failing to work or read by a machine (e.g. search results)
{{#tip-text}} No No Parsers only Parsers only
{{Hover}} Yes Yes Yes Parsers only