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Summoner Duels S...Coming Soon!

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A limited-time PvP event, Summoner Duels S, is set to begin shortly.

Enjoy these advanced battles that combine brains and brawn through use of the veto rule!

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Summoner Duels S is an event in which you can battle to earn Glory using the same basic rules as Summoner Duels. Stamina won't be consumed in this event, and you can continue to battle until you lose three times. Use the unique veto rule to deepen your strategy!

○ Glory (Tier) Cap Increase

Each time a Summoner Duels S event is held, the maximum Glory (Tier) that can be reached increases. The limit for this Summoner Duels S event is 4,600 Glory (Tier 17).

○ Bonus Legendary and Mythic Heroes

A total of three Legendary and/or Mythic Heroes will be set as bonus allies each season.

Current Bonus Allies

If you have a bonus ally in your team, you can reduce the amount of Glory lost when you lose a battle by 40. Plus, bonus allies negate the first loss you suffer each season, so you can battle until you've lost four times.

・ If you have a bonus Hero somewhere in your regiment, the above effects are active even if you dispatch a team without the bonus Hero in it.
・ This effect is only applied once, even if you have more than one bonus ally in your team.

○ Editing Teams

To start playing Summoner Duels S, first you need to form a regiment made up of four teams, each consisting of five Heroes—that's 20 Heroes in all! Keep in mind that you can only battle using one of the teams in your regiment, so you'll want to make each team as strong as you can rather than focusing on a single team.

Rules for Summoner Duels S Teams
・ You cannot add more than one Hero with the same name and epithet to your regiment, even if you are using two different copies of the same Hero. You must form a regiment of 20 different Heroes.
・ You can equip different Captain Skills for each team within your regiment.
・ You can save multiple regiments.
・ You cannot dispatch your teams unless all 20 slots in your regiment are filled.
・ You can only add one Hero with a Sing or Dance skill to a team.
・ You can only add one Hero with a Savior skill to a team.

You can edit these teams on the main menu for Summoner Duels S, or from the Edit Special Teams screen in the Allies menu.

○ Vetoing Teams

There is a special rule in Summoner Duels S that allows you to veto your opponent's teams. After being matched up with an opponent, you choose which team to use in the match by following these steps.

1. Select Teams to Veto
Choose two of your opponent's four teams to veto. The two teams you veto cannot be used in the match. You cannot view the opponent teams' stats or Captain Skills during this step.

2. Choose Your Team
After both players have vetoed, you and your opponent choose one of the two remaining teams left in your regiments to place on the field.

The time limit for both steps 1 and 2 is 30 seconds. If the time limit is exceeded, teams will be automatically selected and combat will begin.

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You have to predict which of your teams will be vetoed while also choosing which of your foe's teams to drop... I hope you're good at reading your opponent!

○ Seasons

Each time a Summoner Duels S event is held, that will be treated as one season. The event will be available for four days. The Captain Skills available for use are the same as those in the Coliseum's Summoner Duels, so you can see which are available in the notification entitled This Week's Coliseum.

○ Glory

You can earn Glory when you are victorious in a match, but you will lose Glory when you lose a match. You will be able to earn rewards at the end of the season based on the amount of Glory you have earned.

Note: You do not lose Glory when you lose a battle while you are at Tier 1.

When you battle against an opponent who is in a higher Tier than you, you will earn more Glory when you win and you will lose less Glory when you lose. The amount of Glory lost depends on the Tier you are in. You can reduce the amount of Glory lost upon a loss by earning points in battle.

Note: The Glory earned in Summoner Duels R and the Glory earned in Summoner Duels S are independent from one another.

○ Tier

Your Tier increases as your Glory increases. Your Tiers for Summoner Duels R and Summoner Duels S are displayed separately on your Profile Card.

In Summoner Duels S, Tiers 4, 7, 10, and 13 will act as thresholds, and your ranking will not drop below those Tiers once you reach them. Your Tier is maintained across seasons.

Each Tier has a different title, such as Beginner C, and you can check your title on the main screen of Summoner Duels S.

Everyone will begin the next season with a set amount of Glory based on their Tier at the end of this season.

○ Records

You can check the replays of matches from the past 90 days in Summoner Duels S's Records. You can also share your own replays with the Copy Battle ID button or view replays of matches that other players have shared by inputting the Battle ID they have made public.

○ Rewards

・ Tier Rewards

You can earn Divine Codes (Part 3) and Dragonflowers depending on your Tier at the end of the season.

・ Rank Rewards

You can earn rewards such as Divine Codes (Part 3), Dragonflowers, Hero Feathers, and more based on how much Glory you have in relation to other players.

Summoner Duels S is an event that exists separately from the Summoner Duels in the Coliseum. When you want to play the event, please be sure to tap Events instead of Coliseum. Also, in order to participate in Summoner Duels S, you must first earn the Fighter Badge from Favor Battles. The Fighter Badge can be obtained by reaching Favor Level 225.

・ This event can only be played if you have earned the Fighter Badge. You do not need to equip it.

・ If you try to enter Summoner Duels S without having earned a Fighter Badge, a confirmation dialogue will be displayed, and you will be redirected to Summoner Duels in the Coliseum.