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The story events from Grand Hero Battles, Hero Battles, Legendary Hero Battles, Bound Hero Battles, and Tap Battles are omitted from the following sections.


Initial release[]


The story begins with Anna summoning the Summoner. She greets them, but briefly stops and wonders if she summoned the real Great Hero as they don't seem the type. As she starts to explain the situation to the Summoner, they are attacked by an Emblian soldier and are forced to fight. After a brief combat encounter, she introduces herself as Anna, commander of the Order of Heroes. She explains that they are currently in a realm where heroes can be summoned from other worlds. The Emblian Empire enslaves those heroes, while the Askran Kingdom fights for their freedom. In desperation she performed a summoning ceremony from which the Summoner appeared. She then hurries the Summoner along because they need to save the Askran Kingdom from an Emblian invasion.

Anna explains that she used the divine relic Breidablik, a weapon of legend, which if raised high will summon the Great Hero who can fire it. When they are attacked again by Emblian soldiers, Anna hands Breidablik to the Summoner. A bright light emits from it and summons the bow-wielding Hero Virion. With the archer's help they defeat the enemy soldiers. Anna, now certain that the Summoner is the Great Hero, asks them to join the Order of Heroes and help them in their fight against the Empire, to which the Summoner agrees.

Prologue: World of Zenith[]

Anna and the Summoner meet up with Alfonse, Prince of Askr and a member of the Order of Heroes. They quickly explain to him what happened, and the prince welcomes the Summoner to the Order. He informs them that the Emblian Empire has taken over the World of Mystery which they have to free. He also tells them that there is a strange masked man nearby, who is neither a Hero or an imperial soldier. After a brief combat encounter, they confront the mysterious man, but he disregards their questions and leaves. After that Anna and Alfonse explain that in this world there are gateways which connect to other worlds. The royals of Askr like Alfonse have the power to open those gateways, while the royals of Embla the power to close them which they did long ago when the two countries lived in peace. Now however, the Empire refuses to shut those gates and instead uses them to invade the other worlds and enslave their heroes. That's why the Askrans formed the Order of Heroes to stop the Emblian Empire. Next the three heroes go to the World of Mystery to save the Prince's sister.

In the World of Mystery they find Princess Sharena. After telling her about the past events, she is in awe of the Summoner. Alfonse calms her down, and she tells them that the Empire has enslaved Princess Minerva of Mystery. They soon meet her and try to reason with her, but she doesn't listen because she is bound by a contract with Princess Veronica of the Emblian Empire. After defeating her in battle, she is freed by her contract and promises that she'll no longer attack Askr. However, Anna receives a report that their Kingdom is attacked by the Empire, and so the heroes rush back home.

Back in Askr, they meet the Empire's Princess, Veronica. She commands Xander, an enslaved Hero from the World of Conquest to kill them, but thanks to the Summoner's tactics they manage to defeat him. Veronica and her forces retreat back to their world, but Alfonse warns the others that the Empire will invade again soon enough. He is glad however that the Summoner is now an official member of the Order.

Chapter 1: World of Mystery[]

Anna learns that the Emblian Empire has invaded the World of Mystery and taken control of many of its heroes. The Order goes to Mystery where after many victories over different heroes, including the legendary Hero-King Marth, they finally manage to free them from Veronica's influence. Veronica however gets mad at the Order and summons her other enslaved heroes, and the Order is forced to retreat back to their castle. She warns the Order to get ready for what's coming next, and goes back to her castle as well.

Chapter 2: World of Conquest[]

Next, the Order goes to the World of Conquest where they fight several battles against the Nohrian royal family and their retainers to free them from Veronica's contract. In the final battle, they meet with Xander again. After defeating and freeing him, he decides to remain loyal to Veronica because he can sense her loneliness. He vows that the next time they meet, he will be the victor.

After those events Anna ponders how a great Hero like Xander can remain loyal to the Emblian Empire. Alfonse explains that there are many different heroes, and like the ones who choose to side with the Order because of the Summoner's charisma, there are also some heroes who will choose to join the Empire. After Sharena states that two of her best friends are heroes and wishes for more, Alfonse scolds her and reminds her that heroes are not friends, and that they are only allies. She in response tells him that he only acts like this because one of the heroes he befriended went back to his world. Anna quickly stops their argument and tells them to prepare for their next mission.

Chapter 3: World of Binding[]

During their next mission in the World of Binding, they meet Prince Roy and his friends. After battling and proving that the Order's strength is superior, they free them from their contracts and Roy praises the Summoner's tactical prowess. Sharena asks the Summoner if any of the worlds they have visited so far reminds them of their own, and the Summoner tells the trio them that they come from a world where buildings scrape the sky and where wagons called "cars" are made of metal and move without horses. The trio of heroes is fascinated by this as they've never visited such a world.

Chapter 4: World of Awakening[]

In the World of Awakening they are forced to fight against Chrom and his Shepherds, including his own tactician, Robin. Once again the Order emerges victorious and Chrom apologizes for his actions. After the battles Sharena states that the Summoner and Robin seem to have a similar aura. Anna says that they shouldn't be surprised by this, as there are many different worlds so it shouldn't be surprising that two of them seem alike. They, however, have to cut their conversation short as they learn that Princess Veronica has invaded the World of Mystery yet again, and they must race to their rescue.

Chapter 5: Back to Mystery[]

During their second venture in the World of Mystery, the Order fights completely different heroes, including the hired mercenary Navarre and the Princess of the Divine Dragon tribe, Tiki. They once again free the heroes from Veronica's contracts. Alfonse and Sharena explain to the Summoner that they try to cover all the gates they have once opened, but that they simply can't do so because there are far too many gates open. They wish that they had the power to both open and close the gates so that they could end this war, but Anna says that this war will not end until the two countries will learn to cooperate again.

Chapter 6: World of Birthright[]

In the World of Birthright, the Order fights against the Hoshidan royal family. They manage to defeat Prince Ryoma in single combat, which frees him and his people from Veronica's shackles. However Sharena in a fit of panic after being forced to split up with her friends and allies, reveals that the Order once had a member named Zacharias, whom they have lost after being split up in the past during a battle. Anna refuses to talk about him any more, and they move on.

Chapter 7: World of Blazing[]

Next up they go to the World of Blazing. Here the Order fights and and frees Roy's father, Eliwood and other nobles like Lyn and Hector. Despite their victories, the Summoner seems a bit quiet due to thoughts about Zacharias. The royal siblings and Anna, decide to tell the Summoner about Zacharias. They reveal that he was a very skilled lancer from their world, and that they were very close childhood friends. After much deliberation they decide to go and look for him in the World of Awakening, the place Zacharias disappeared.

Chapter 8: Back to Awakening[]

In the World of Awakening they are greeted by a different Robin. When they defeat him, he is impressed by the Summoner's tactics and retreats to find Chrom's daughter, Princess Lucina. After many battles, including one against a much older Tiki, they finally find Lucina and defeat her, which frees her from her contact. They ask if she has seen Zacharias in her world, but sadly she has not. Frustrated and saddened by the fact that they cannot find their lost friend, they go back to their home where they prepare for their next battle against the Emblian Empire.

Chapter 9: Heroes Invade[]

Anna reveals that the Emblian Empire managed to recruit new heroes from the Worlds the Order has already liberated, and that they plan to mount an attack against the Askran Kingdom. The Order manages to fend off many attacks against their capital from heroes like Michalis, Camus, Ursula, Narcian and Zephiel. At one point they meet with the masked man again who tells them that he is not an ally of Embla, but neither is he an ally of Askr and tells them to leave. The Order is forced to fight him and after managing to defeat him, he reveals that Veronica is not headed for their capital, but for the the summoning ruins in order to destroy them and prevent the Summoner from summoning other heroes. The Order heads for the ruins to stop her.

Veronica is surprised by their arrival and decides to try killing them all instead of destroying the ruins. The heroes manage to defeat her, and she retreats back to her castle, saddened by the fact that she has nobody by her side. After the battle Anna, Sharena and Alfonse discuss the Emblian Empire's history. They revealed that long ago it was ruled by Veronica's father, who like her warred against the Askran Kingdom by enslaving heroes from other worlds. He was a very popular ruler, and many of his followers took their own lives after his death. After his death the two countries lived in peace for many years, but recently Veronica took the crown from her stepmother. Through the support of her people, she started a war again. However despite this support, she still seems lonely.

Suddenly, the masked man appears. Alfonse thanks him for his warning, but he is here for a different reason. He asks them what they were looking for in the World of Awakening. After he learns that they were looking for Zacharias, he tells them to stop looking for him, as they will never see him again and leaves. Flustered by this Alfonse tries to follow him, but Anna stops him. After this, the heroes decide to regroup at their castle and prepare for the coming battles.


Paralogue 1: Family Bonds[]

After receiving information that Embla has invaded a new World, Anna decides to go there and free it; however, she warns the heroes that in comparison to the other worlds, this one is quite peculiar. In here the Order faces two pairs of royal siblings: Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika of Renais, and Prince Seliph and Princess Julia of Grannvale. After the siblings are defeated and freed from Veronica's contracts, they thank the Order and return to their worlds.

Paralogue 2: Sibling Bonds[]

Once again the Order is forced to fight against pairs of siblings. This time however, the first pair of heroes, Empress Sanaki of Begnion and Klein are not siblings at all. The second pair they face is Olwen and Reinhardt, two mages from Friege. The final pair is Princess Lachesis and her older half-brother Eldigan from Nordion.

Xenologue 1: Detached Princess[]

This time Veronica enslaves six heroes, all of them being a pair of royal siblings. These heroes are: Lucina and Chrom, Elise and Leo, and Ephraim and Eirika. She forces them to fight the Order of Heroes by threatening their sibling's life. After getting defeated once again, Veronica orders them to escape since she doesn't want for them to die and leave her alone, and retreats back to her castle. At her castle she finds the masked man who has just returned from somewhere, and who will soon leave again in a search of something. She invites him for some tea, to which he happily agrees to. He asks her if she feels that she is controlled by somebody, to which she says no, but reveals that she sometimes hears a voice in her head that compels her to kill.

Paralogue 3: Blazing Shadows[]

The masked man retrieves a tome of the hermit Bramimond in which he reads that a god lives in the blood of a certain royal family, who corrupts and controls them. The tome, however, doesn't reveal the name of the god. He states that he must to learn more fast, and appears to worry about himself and Princess Veronica.

Meanwhile the Order once again has to go to the World of Blazing to free some heroes under Veronica's influence. After those battles, Nino approaches Alfonse and gives him a letter from Zacharias. In it he explains that he is still alive and that he has stumbled upon a secret about the Emblian Empire's royal family which he is currently investigating. He also reveals that Veronica is not the true villain, but Bruno is, her mysterious brother who few have seen. The heroes, happy to learn that Zacharias is still alive, return home.

Paralogue 4: Spring Festival[]

The heroes head out to the World of Awakening, where the Spring Festival takes place. During the festival the Order enters a competition in which they fight against Chrom and Lucina, as well as Camilla and Xander all dressed up in bunny costumes and wielding weapons made of carrots and eggs. After the Order emerges victorious in the competition, the girls take Sharena to dress her up in a rabbit costume. Meanwhile the guys declare the festival over and encourage the Summoner to call for their help whenever needed.

Paralogue 5: World of Shadows[]

Anna calls the Order for an urgent mission. Veronica invaded a new world, the World of Shadows and the Order must stop her. Veronica recruited Faye, Clair, Lukas and the legendary Hero Alm and also gave them new skills to face the Askran Kingdom. However she once again is defeated, and saddened by the fact that she lost her new slaves, retreats to her home. Meanwhile the Masked Man appears again and warns the Order that the next time they get in his way, he'll be forced to kill them, while acting strangely and muttering words about death and Askr.

Chapter 10: World of Radiance[]

Veronica once again invades the Askran Kingdom. This time she enlisted the help of the strongest Hero, Ike and his Greil Mercenaries, and gifted him with a powerful Ward which protected him from any damage. While fending off one of the many attacks, Alfonse stumbled on the masked man, who revealed that he is Prince Bruno of the Emblian Empire, his rival, and that he plans on killing Alfonse.

After some time, the Summoner realizes that the enemy heroes need to return to their world after battles, in order to recharge their Ward, and so the Order of Heroes decides to attack them during this time while they are vulnerable. The plan succeeds and Ike and his mercenaries are freed from Veronica's influence. While the Order returns to their world, the gateway closes abruptly and the Summoner is left behind. It was Veronica who closed it, so she could be alone with the Summoner and kill them personally. Luckily, the Summoner is saved by Zacharias who instructs them how to escape and asks them to take care of his friends.

Chapter 11: Rite of Shadows[]

Anna reveals that their next destination is the World of Shadows, where she will use a sending stone as a catalyst in a magical rite to contact Zacharias. When they arrive there, they are stopped by Princess Celica who tells them that she doesn't want to fight them, but she can't resist her contract. It was Bruno who controlled the heroes of this world in order to kill the Askran siblings. Once again however, the Order manages to defeat Bruno and spare his life, which he warns them that they will regret. After failing the rite, Bruno reveals that he has killed Zacharias prior to their arrival to the World of Shadows and that Alfonse and Sharena will be next.

Paralogue 6: Bridal Blessings[]

In this chapter, Anna fights against other young women dressed as brides for the much desired Wedding Bouquet, which is said to guarantee a happy marriage. After defeating the likes of Charlotte, Caeda, Cordelia and Lyn and winning the bouquet, Anna reveals that she plans on selling it since she doesn't want to get married anytime soon, but is shocked to learn that blessing goes to the victor, and no one else.

Xenologue 2: The Brink of Chaos[]

Here, Bruno takes his sister to the Tempest, to perform the rite to pierce the worlds, which will join many worlds together. Veronica is interested in performing the rite, but she first asks him who he really is, since she knows her brother is searching for something somewhere else. The person, impressed by the princess' perception, reveals that his name is Loki and switches into the forms of the Askran Heroes, deciding to stick with Anna's. Veronica decides to team up with the trickster and completes the rite to summon stronger Heroes from the Tempest, while Loki proclaims that they are becoming fast friends.

The Order of Heroes receives a message about Veronica's plan. They arrive to the Tower of Heaven where they are stopped by several strong Heroes. They manage to defeat them, but are too late since Veronica had already activated the Tempest, and so they are forced to enter it as well in order to stop her.

Meanwhile, at some other place, an enigmatic masked swordsman, appears and proclaims that he must hurry since the future depends on it.

Tempest Trials: Dark Clouds over Awakening[]

Many Heroes from different Worlds of Awakening meet at the Tempest, where they team up in order to stop it. After many battles they succeed and the masked swordsman thanks everyone who helped. He declares however that the Tempest will someday strike again, but that he'll be there to stop it once more.

Paralogue 7: Echoes of Mystery[]

The Order of Heroes enters the gateway to the World of Mystery Renewed, where they fight against Katarina, an aspiring tactician bound by Veronica. After freeing her from her contract, she becomes friends with Sharena and asks for her help to free her other friends, to which Sharena is happy to oblige. While they are looking for her friends, they are ambushed by a group led by Legion, but they make quick work of them. Alfonse however becomes suspicious of Katarina, and warns Sharena about this, but she dismisses his accusations and continues to look for the missing friends. After a while, Katarina asks Sharena why does she trust her, to which she answers that she trusts her friends. Moved by these, Katarina reveals that her real name is Reese, and that she is a hired assassin tasked with killing the Summoner. After that, Katarina gets scolded by Clarisse and another fight ensues. The Order once again emerges victorious, and part ways with Katarina, who apologizes for her actions.

Back at the Askran Kingdom, Alfonse comforts his sister, and tell her that she shouldn't feel bad about trusting others, since it's a virtue he admires in her, and in the end it truly changed Katarina's views. Then they both declare that they wish to see their new friend once again.

Paralogue 8: Ylissean Summer[]

In this Paralogue, Anna tries to take pictures of swimsuit-clad heroes from the World of Awakening in order to sell them for profit. Her plans are however thwarted, when she receives a letter from one of her "sisters" from the World of Awakening, which informs her that she must pay a contract fee in order to capture the likenesses of Tiki, Robin, Frederick and Gaius.

Tempest Trials: Resonating Fangs[]

This time the Tempest hit the World of Shadows and split it in two. The heroes from that world aided by the masked swordsman, who revealed himself as Marth, managed to defeat the Tempest. However he reveals that Celica is trapped in another Tempest, and Alm with his Falchion decides to go to her aid.

Chapter 12: Bitter Enemies[]

Meanwhile, Alfonse decides to follow Prince Bruno, to learn more about Zacharias. They meet in the World of Shadows, where Bruno promises to kill the Askran siblings. After many battles they manage to defeat him and the enslaved heroes, and Alfonse questions the evil prince about Zacharias. He once again admits that he has killed him. However the Summoner doesn't believe Bruno, and tells Alfonse that they believe that the Emblian Prince is actually their lost friend Zacharias. Alfonse confronts Bruno about this revelation, and the chapter concludes.

Paralogue 9: Nohrian Summer[]

In this Paralogue, Anna re-attempts her plan to take moving images of swimsuit-clad heroes, albeit this time from the World of Conquest, to sell for profit. However upon arrival, they find out that a contract is forcing them to fight, so they must engage Corrin, Elise, Xander and Leo. Upon defeating them, her plan is thwarted yet again when another letter from her "sister" states that she needs to pay a contract fee, to which she refuses.

Tempest Trials: Reunited at Last[]

Exhausted, Sonya and Celica are fighting off countless waves of enemies pouring forth from the Tempest. As Celica calls Alm's name, he and Marth arrive just in time to seal the vortex and rescue the heroes of the World of Shadows. Turning down Alm's thanks, Marth explains the special importance of protecting their world before bidding the heroes farewell.

Paralogue 10: The Sacred World[]

The Order of Heroes enters The Sacred World, in which they find the Veronica has a contract over both Amelia and Seth and is ordering them to go into battle to which Seth lectures her on the appropriate behavior of a ruler. After their defeat, Xander appears to relay Veronica's order to retreat, while implying that Seth is also loyal to her. The next battle starts with Tana chasing after Innes, who he berates for doing so, as he considers her to be of no assistance. Upon defeat Innes reveals the real reason for his starkness was to avoid losing Tana in combat. The Final battle opens up with Veronica explaining to Seth that he will be freed, and thus able to return to Ephrain and Eirika whatever the outcome of the battle is. He wishes that she becomes a good ruler, for the sake of her people and herself. Once defeated, Innes offers to lend his strength when they next meet, and a cutscene between a disguised Loki asking for Naglfar from Veronica in return for her King's assistance in taking over Askr.

Paralogue 11: Brave Heroes[]

Anna reveals that Emblian forces have begun invading Askr and are currently stationed at an ancient temple called Vaskrheim, the very same temple in which the Summoner's weapon Breidablik was discovered. There, the Emblians hope to complete a rite in order to call forth a new type of hero known as Brave Heroes. Instead of relying on raw power or skill, Brave Heroes are inspirational heroes who carry the belief and hope of the people they lead. Brave Heroes, in a way, are powerful heroes born from the wishes of mankind. Unfortunately, the Order of Heroes is too late, as Lyn and Ike are already under contract with Veronica and have no choice but to fight the Askrans. After the two Brave Heroes are defeated and retreat, the Order of Heroes faced two new challengers: Roy and Lucina. The two discuss a strange, shared dream of crowds cheering the Summoner's name before engaging the Order of Heroes. After being defeated, Lucina comments on the familiarity of the Askran tactician as she and Roy regroup with the other Brave Heroes. The final battle against all four Brave Heroes breaks their contract with Veronica and they realize that the Summoner was in each hero's dream. Anna speculates that it was the summoner's hope and wishes that brought the Brave Heroes to Askr.

Tempest Trials Mini: To Die on the Battlefield[]

Lyn, Hector, and Eliwood stand at the entrance of the Tempest alongside Marth, who warns of the countless heroes that will stand in their way. Hector is eager to rush in but Eliwood probes Marth for more information about what they might face within. Marth reveals that an incredibly powerful hero known as the Berserker waits inside the Tempest. Unfazed, Hector boasts about cutting down anyone who stands in his way. After defeating the Berserker and closing the Tempest, Eliwood and Lyn show concern regarding the Berserker's striking similarity to Hector, and ask Marth if the Berserker was Hector. Hector quickly dismisses this as a jape, as he had fought alongside them the whole time. Marth reassures everyone that the Berserker was not anyone they knew. However, as Hector speaks to Marth in private, he asks Marth if he has seen his future. Hector explains that his axe, Armads, previously belonged to a Berserker. By entering into a contract with Armads, the wielder is granted immense power but is also cursed to die on the battlefield. Having confirmed his destiny with Marth, he asks Marth to keep his fate a secret from the others, so as not to worry them. Marth promises to keep Hector's secret and expresses his respect for him as a true hero.

Chapter 13: Diabolical Bloodline[]

As Sharena and Alfonse discuss Zacharias's mysterious behavior and secret identity as Prince Bruno of Emblia, Anna announces fresh information indicating that he is in the World of Radiance. As the trio depart, Zacharias searches for something but only finds another dead end and worries that his time is running out. Alfonse confronts him, wishing to understand what has happened to Zacharias. He reveals that in the end, all Emblian royalty is devoured by the dark god and that he carries cursed blood in his veins. Zacharias also tells Alfonse that he and his mother were accused of sharing imperial secrets with Askr and thus despised by the Emblian royalty. This resulted in his mother being imprisoned until her death while he was cast out to the border and assumed a new identity to befriend Alfonse and achieve his goal of destroying Embla. Zacharias left Askr because he feared the curse of his Emblian blood would cause him to murder Alfonse and Sharena despite his best efforts to fight it. Zacharias begins grunting and urges Alfonse to flee as the Emblian curse takes over his body and mind.

Alfonse confronts Zacharias again as Zacharias explains that he cannot control himself when the cursed blood takes over. Zacharias admits that he has tried to kill both Alfonse and himself during their time together. As the blood takes over again, Zacharias begs Alfonse to kill him before Zacharias can harm anyone else, but Alfonse refuses because of their friendship. Anna reaffirms Zacharias as a member of the Order of Heroes and insists on helping Zacharias find a cure for his condition. She tells Zacharias that his plan to to hide his identity, become an enemy, and be killed by the Askrans has failed and urges him not to give up hope. Zacharias agrees to keep searching but needs to return to Embla to protect Alfonse and Sharena's safety. Before leaving, he asks the Summoner to take care of his friends.

Tempest Trials: Moment of Fate[]

Paralogue 12: Performing Arts[]

Intermission 1: Awakening Ancient Power[]

Paralogue 13: World of Holy War[]

Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light[]

Paralogue 14: Trick or Defeat![]

Paralogue 15: Farfetched Heroes[]

Tempest Trials: Less Than Heroic[]

Intermission 2: The Rite of Blades[]

Book II, Chapter 1: The Flame[]

Book II, Chapter 2: Princess of Ice[]

Paralogue 16: Winter's Envoy[]

Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace[]

Paralogue 17: Happy New Year![]

Book II, Chapter 3: Guided by a Dream[]

Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year[]

Book II, Chapter 4: Fiery Resolve[]

Paralogue 18: Love Abounds[]

Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny[]

Book II, Chapter 5: Blood and Snow[]

Xenologue 3: The People's Hero[]

Book II, Chapter 6: The True Quarry[]

Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties[]

Paralogue 19: Hares at the Fair[]

Book II, Chapter 7: Snow and Ash[]

Gunnthrá is killed by Surtr.

Tempest Trials+: Thunder's Fist[]

Book II, Chapter 8: Rite of Frost[]

Book II, Chapter 9: Hellfire[]

Paralogue 20: Bridal Bloom[]

Tempest Trials+: Loki's Flames[]

Book II: Chapter 10: The King's Demise[]

Tempest Trials+: Feud of the Fangs[]

Paralogue 21: Summer's Arrival[]