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Some skills, items, or structures apply certain status effects to units for a set amount of time. There are status effects that affect ally units, and status effects that affect enemy units. Status effects can come from various sources, such as weapons, assists, passives, Duo Duo/Harmonized Harmonized skills, Captain Skills, items, or structures. For sources of status effects, see the category page Category:Sources of status effects.

Positive status effects (also known as 【Bonus】 or Beneficial Effects[1]) last until the next start of player phase. If they are acquired during the enemy phase, they will disappear when the next player phase begins. All 【Bonus】 can be removed by Thorr Sun-Kissed Gods Face FC.png Thórr: Sun-Kissed Gods's Duo Duo Skill.

Negative status effects (also known as 【Penalty】 or Detrimental Effects[1]) are defined as[2][3] status effects on a unit that last until that unit takes an action. If the unit takes multiple actions in a turn, they will only have the negative status effect for their first action. All 【Penalty】 can be removed with Odd Recovery 3.png Odd Recovery 3 or Even Recovery 3.png Even Recovery 3.

When a unit has a status effect, an icon is shown on their sprite on the map.
Icon Effect Type Example Source Sound Effect
Status Effect Bonus.png Bonus
(Stats increased[1])
Positive Icon Class Blue Lance.png Siegmund
Hone Atk 4.png Hone Atk 4
Status Effect Penalty.png Penalty
(Stats decreased[1])
Negative Skilliconweapon.png Silver Dagger+
Seal Atk 3.png Seal Atk 3
Status Effect Mobility increased.png Mobility increased Positive Armor March 3.png Armor March 3
Ephraim Dynastic Duo Face FC.png Ephraim: Dynastic Duo
Status Effect Gravity.png Gravity
(Mobility decreased[1])
Negative Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Gravity+
 Tactics Room (O)
Status Effect Panic.png Panic Negative Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Panic+
 Panic Manor (D)
Status Effect Counterattacks Disrupted.png Counterattacks disrupted Negative Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Flash+
 Death's Throne
Status Effect Triangle Adept.png Triangle Adept Negative Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Trilemma+
Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Punishment Staff
Status Effect Guard.png Guard Negative Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Melancholy+
Def Res Ruse 3.png Def/Res Ruse 3
Status Effect Air Orders.png Air Orders Positive Air Orders 3.png Air Orders 3
Skilliconassist.png Gentle Dream
Status Effect Effective against dragons.png Effective against dragons Positive Divine Fang.png Divine Fang
Status Effect Isolation.png Isolation Negative Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Gjallarbrú
Skilliconassist.png To Change Fate!
Status Effect Bonus Doubler.png Bonus Doubler Positive Icon Class Red Sword.png Ardent Durandal
Marth Royal Altean Duo Face FC.png Marth: Royal Altean Duo
Status Effect Neutralize Effective Against Dragons.png Neutralize Effective Against Dragons Positive Idunn Dragonkin Duo Face FC.png Idunn: Dragonkin Duo
Status Effect Neutralize Effective Against Armored.png Neutralize Effective Against Armored Positive Idunn Dragonkin Duo Face FC.png Idunn: Dragonkin Duo
Status Effect Dominance.png Dominance
(Additional Damage to Penalized Foes[1])
Positive Micaiah Dawn Winds Duo Face FC.png Micaiah: Dawn Wind's Duo
Icon Class Red Tome.png Fiery Bolganone
Status Effect Resonance Blades.png Resonance: Blades
(Resonance Effect[1])
Positive Mia Harmonic Blades Face FC.png Mia: Harmonic Blades
Opened Domain.png Opened Domain
Status Effect Desperation.png Desperation Positive Byleth Fell Stars Duo Face FC.png Byleth: Fell Star's Duo
Catria Azure Wing Pair Face FC.png Catria: Azure Wing Pair
Status Effect Resonance Shields.png Resonance: Shields Positive Veronica Harmonic Pirates Face FC.png Veronica: Harmonic Pirates
Opened Domain.png Opened Domain
Status Effect Vantage.png Vantage Positive Altina Cross-Time Duo Face FC.png Altina: Cross-Time Duo
Faithful Loyalty.png Faithful Loyalty
Status Effect Deep Wounds.png Deep Wounds Negative Fatal Smoke 3.png Fatal Smoke 3
Skilliconweapon.png Flamelick Breath
Status Effect Fallen Star.png Fallen Star Positive Fallen Star.png Fallen Star
Status Effect Foe Cannot Follow-Up.png Foe Cannot Follow-Up Positive Myrrh Spring Harmony Face FC.png Myrrh: Spring Harmony
Atk Smoke 4.png Atk Smoke 4
Status Effect Neutralize Effective Against Flying.png Neutralize Effective Against Flying Positive Myrrh Spring Harmony Face FC.png Myrrh: Spring Harmony
Status Effect Dodge.png Dodge Positive Eirika Twin Refulgence Face FC.png Eirika: Twin Refulgence
Spd Smoke 4.png Spd Smoke 4
Status Effect Guaranteed Follow-Ups.png Guaranteed Follow-Ups Positive Catria Azure Wing Pair Face FC.png Catria: Azure Wing Pair
Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Diplomacy Staff
Status Effect Triangle Attack.png Triangle Attack Positive Icon Class Green Axe.png Wedding-Bell Axe
Status Effect Null Panic.png Null Panic Positive Orders Restraint.png Order's Restraint
Skilliconassist.png Gray Waves II
Status Effect Cancel Affinity.png Cancel Affinity Positive Punishment Staff W.png Punishment Staff
Status Effect Stall.png Stall Negative Stall Ploy 3.png Stall Ploy 3
Thokk W.png Thökk
Status Effect Null Follow-Up.png Null Follow-Up Positive Sothis Bound-Spirit Duo Face FC.png Sothis: Bound-Spirit Duo
Inf. Null Follow 3.png Inf. Null Follow 3
Status Effect Pathfinder.png Pathfinder Positive Dagr New Year Jotnar Face FC.png Dagr: New Year Jötnar
Status Effect False Start.png False Start
(Cannot activate skills at start of turn[1])
Negative Icon Class Colorless Staff.png Staff of the Saint
Status Effect Neutralize Foe Bonuses.png Neutralize Foe Bonuses Positive Icon Class Green Axe.png Gerbera Axe
Status Effect Grand Strategy.png Grand Strategy Positive Chrom Fate-Defying Duo Face FC.png Chrom: Fate-Defying Duo
Status Effect Canto Control.png Canto Control Negative Canto Control W.png Doting Staff
Canto Control 3.png Canto Control 3
Status Effect En Garde.png En Garde Positive Skilliconweapon.png Shadow Breath
Status Effect Accelerate Special.png Accelerate Special Positive Skilliconassist.png Call to Flame
Icon Class Green Axe.png Ebon Bölverk
Status Effect Treachery.png Treachery Positive Roy Blazing Bachelors Face FC.png Roy: Blazing Bachelors
Status Effect Warp Bubble.png Warp Bubble Positive Darkling Guardian.png Darkling Guardian
Status Effect Charge.png Charge Positive Assault Troop 3.png Assault Troop 3
Status Effect Exposure.png Exposure Negative Icon Class Blue Tome.png Divine Whimsy


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