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Type Icon Name SP Required Description
S Squad Ace AK 1.png Squad Ace BE 1 80 Grants Atk/Res+1.
Squad Ace AK 2.png Squad Ace BE 2 160 Squad Ace BE 1 Grants Atk/Res+2.
No restrictions.

Available as a Sacred Seal.

Seal acquired from[]

Squad Assault reward[]

Sacred Seal Forge[]

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 第57迷宮の覇者
German Überfall-Ass BE
Spanish (Europe) As del asalto BE
Spanish (Latin America) As del asalto BE
French Assaut réussi BE
Italian Asso sq. BE
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 第57迷宮的霸王
Portuguese Esquadrão ás BE

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