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Type Icon Name SP Required Description
B Soul of Zofia.png Soul of Zofia 300 Neutralizes effects that guarantee foe's follow-up attacks or prevent unit's follow-up attacks during combat. If unit's HP ≤ 75% and unit initiates combat, unit can make a follow-up attack before foe can counterattack.
This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.

* Unused restrictions: No restrictions.


  • If unit initiates combat means if the user starts combat on their turn. The unit does not need to deal damage, nor be the first to attack.
    • However, if the effect is applied after combat, the unit must also survive it to fulfill this condition.

  • Soul of Zofia does not guarantee the user a follow-up attack.
  • If the user can perform a follow-up attack, either by a speed check or skill such as Brash Assault 3.png Brash Assault 3, the initial attack and follow-up will occur before the foe can perform a counterattack.
  • Skills such as Vantage 3.png Vantage 3 and the  Vantage status effect have priority over the Soul of Zofia's priority changing effect.
  • Soul of Zofia changes the attack priority, or order of attacks, and therefore can be disabled by skills such as Hardy Bearing 3.png Hardy Bearing 3.

List of owners[]

UnitSkill chain
Celica Queen of Valentia Face FC.webp
Soul of Zofia

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese ソフィアの魂
German Zofias Seele
Spanish (Europe) Espíritu zofiano
Spanish (Latin America) Espíritu zofiano
French Âme de Zofia
Italian Spirito di Zofia
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 索菲亞之魂
Portuguese Alma de Zofia

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