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Skill Points can be used to learn skills. Each individual hero gains skill points with each level up, or when dealing the killing blow to an enemy unit. The maximum SP a unit can have is 9999.

SP Sources[]

Level Up[]

Each unit gains SP when they level up, whether it is from combat or from shards or crystals. The amount is determined by the unit's rarity and the level they reach. Using shards or crystals to level up a unit multiple levels grants SP for all intermediary levels.

Level Reached 1★ 2★ 3★-5★
2-10 2 4 12
11-20 4 8 24
21-30 6 12 36
31-40 8 16 48

The cumulative SP gained from leveling up from level 1 to level 40 is as follows.

Level Reached 1★ 2★ 3★-5★
10 18 36 108
20 58 116 348
30 118 236 708
40 198 396 1188

Defeating Units[]

When a unit deals the killing blow to an enemy, they gain a certain amount of SP, as long as the enemy rarity and level are within the limits described in Advanced Mechanics. In general, the lower the rarity and level of the player's unit, the lower rarities and levels of enemies grant SP.

The amount of SP gained is based on the rarity of the hero.

Hero Rarity 1★ 2★ 3★-5★
SP 1 2 3

Healing Units[]

Healing a unit awards the healer with a base 1 SP, even if the heal doesn't grant experience due to the healer being at Level 40. This applies for the first eight heals in a single battle, after which no SP (or EXP) is awarded.

Merging Units[]

Main article: Merge Allies

Merging units grants the target additional SP.


Reduced SP[]

In certain conditions, SP rewards are reduced. This means that they are halved (and rounded down), but it cannot make the SP gain go lower than 1.

Kill SP 1★ 2★ 3★-5★
Full 1 2 3
Reduced 1 1 1.5
None 0 0 0
  • Full SP is awarded in the Training Tower, story mode, and for non-season-bonus heroes fighting in the arena (bonus heroes gain double SP).
  • No SP is awarded for other units other than your own in the Voting Gauntlet.

Increased SP[]

During certain special events, such as the Hero Fest, SP gain is increased.

Current Arena bonus heroes receive double SP in Arena battles.

Tempest Trial bonus units receive double SP in Tempest Trial maps.

Passive skills such as Lance Valor and Axe Valor can increase SP gain, this effect stacks with x2 SP events, giving a potential 12 SP per kill.

Units that have received a blessing also receive double SP from all sources.

All present bonuses allow a unit to potentially receive 48 SP per unit defeated.