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An ally sigil

An enemy sigil

First introduced with Rival Domains on March 8, 2018, sigils allow units to warp to the sigil's location if the unit is at a fortress, any captured camp(s) or any other sigils.

Sigils are usually linked to a camp or a fortress. When a camp fall unto the enemy, the sigils associated to it also switch to the enemy side. Likewise, when the associated camp or fortress is destroyed, the sigils disappeared as well.

If any unit is occupying their sigils, the unit can warp to their fortress, any captured camp(s) or any captured sigils that are not part of the camp/fortress they are currently linked to.

When either team loses a unit, the next unit will respawn at their respective fortress and the sigils adjacent to the fortress. In Relay Defenses, only three units can respawn at their fortress and adjacent sigils, and the other two respawn at their camps.

Sigils can be combined with any terrain, except walls and mountains, and a unit will require the valid movement to spawn or warp to the sigil. If the unit doesn't, the unit will respawn adjacent to the sigil and cannot warp to the sigil. Sigils from one fortress/camp may even overlap on top of another fortresse/camp, though its effect cannot be seen until the camp above it is destroyed.