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Sharp War Sword
Wep sw129.webp
Weapon type Sword
Might 16
Range 1
Required Silver Sword
SP 400
Exclusive? Yes
String ID SID_戦神の鋭剣
Numeric ID 3026
Description Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). If a skill compares unit's Spd to a foe's or ally's Spd, treats unit's Spd as if granted +10. At start of turn, if unit is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants【Null Follow-Up】and【Dodge】to unit for 1 turn. If unit initiates combat or is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 to unit during combat.

【Null Follow-Up】
If unit's Spd > foe's Spd during combat, neutralizes effects that guarantee foe's follow-up attacks and effects that prevent unit's follow-up attacks for 1 turn.

If unit's Spd > foe's Spd, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect Specials (excluding Røkkr area-of-effect Specials) by percentage = difference between stats × 4 (max 40%).


  • Has the same effect as Phantom Spd 3.png Phantom Spd 3.
  • Skills that select units based on stats, such as Chill Atk Spd 2.png Chill Atk/Spd 2, directly select the unit with the appropriate stat; they do not compare the team's units pairwise to decide which unit has the highest or lowest stat.
  • Sharp War Sword stacks with other skills that treats unit's Spd as if granted by a certain amount.
    • For example, if both Icon Class Red Sword.png Sharp War Sword and Phantom Spd 3.png Phantom Spd 3's effects trigger the unit with both skills will have their Spd treated as if granted +20.
  • Skills that compare unit's Spd with a foe's Spd:
  • Skills that compare unit's Spd with an ally's Spd:
  • Sharp War Sword applies the  Null Follow-Up status effect.
    • Any 【Bonus】 on a unit lasts until the start of that unit's next phase. If  Null Follow-Up is acquired during the enemy phase, it will disappear when the next player phase begins.

List of owners[]

UnitSkill chain
Mia Budding Blade Face FC.webp
Iron Sword
Steel Sword
Silver Sword
Sharp War Sword

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 戦神の鋭剣
German Kriegsklinge
Spanish (Europe) Hoja bélica
Spanish (Latin America) Hoja bélica
French Lame belliqueuse
Italian Spada di guerra
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 戰神的銳劍
Portuguese Espada afiada

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