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Type Icon Name SP Required Description
B Sacaes Blessing.png Sacae's Blessing 300 If foe uses sword, lance, or axe, foe cannot counterattack.
(Skill cannot be inherited.)
This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.

* Unused restrictions: No restrictions.


  • Sacae's Blessing can prevent the foe from counterattacking.
    • A foe with Null C Disrupt 3.png Null C-Disrupt 3 will be able to counterattack.
    • A foe with Icon Class Green Axe.png Nifl's Bite will only able to counterattack against ranged units.

List of owners[]

UnitSkill chain
Lyn Brave Lady Face FC.webp
Sacae's Blessing

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese サカの加護
German Sacaes Segen
Spanish (Europe) Favor de Sacae
Spanish (Latin America) Favor de Sacae
French Don de Sacae
Italian Grazia di Sacae
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 塞迦的加護
Portuguese Dádiva de Sacae

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