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Crush the enemy fortress and win!

Rival Domains is a type of Special Maps where the player can fight with a large army (called a brigade). The goal of Rival Domains is to either destroy the enemy fortress, or hold of a continuous stream of reinforcements for 10 turns. The player's performance is evaluated after the stage has been cleared.



The following rules apply for Rival Domains:

  • The battle won't end even if one side's forces are depleted.
  • The battle will end after 10 turns have passed or one's side's fortress is destroyed.
  • No EXP or SP will be earned.
  • Legendary/Mythic Effects will not trigger for reinforcements.


Instead of a team of four, the player uses a brigade, which consists of 20 units. A brigade can consist of:

  1. Units from the player's barracks.
  2. The leading units from the player's friends (maximum of 100 friends).
  3. If a player does not have enough units to form a brigade, all empty slots will automatically be filled with reinforcements.

Brigades can only have one unit that can learn the Skilliconassist.png Dance or Skilliconassist.png Sing skills, even if these skills are currently unequipped. No duplicate units are allowed.


Fortresses and camps are important locations in Rival Domains. They both function as defensive terrain, and recover 10 HP at the beginning of each turn. Fortresses, camps, and the spaces adjacent to them act as warp points that Heroes can instantly travel between. If an enemy is in a fortress or camp, the fortress or camp cannot be attacked, and any foe on these squares must be defeated first.

The goal is to capture as many camps as possible by attacking them twice, and to destroy the enemy's fortress by attacking it three times. If the player's fortress is destroyed, the battle will end. Whenever Heroes are defeated, reinforcements will appear from the fortress.


In order to claim the rewards of Rival Domains, the player needs to achieve certain high scores.

Foes Defeated
The player accumulates points for each enemy defeated, capping at 20 enemies.

Difficulty Normal Hard Lunatic Infernal
Points per foe 10 12 16 20

Camps Held
Points are added based on the number of camps held by the player at the end of the stage. The number of camps changes depending on the map.

Fortress Defense
Points are added depending on how well the player defends their fortress. The more HP at the end of the stage, the better.

HP Remaining Normal Hard Lunatic Infernal
0 0 0 0 0
1 60 80 100 120
2 120 160 200 240
3 180 240 300 360

Fortress Offense
Points are added depending on how many times the player attacks the enemy fortress. The less HP at the end of the stage, the better.

HP Remaining Normal Hard Lunatic Infernal
3 0 0 0 0
2 60 80 100 120
1 120 160 200 240
0 180 240 300 360

Bonus points are given for defeating enemies with infantry, armored, cavalry or flying units, capping at 20 enemies. What type of units qualify for the bonus depends on the map.

Difficulty Normal Hard Lunatic Infernal
Points per bonus 10 12 16 20

Total Score

Score for: Normal Hard Lunatic Infernal
Foes Defeated 200 240 320 400
Camps Held 180 240 300 360
Fortress Defense 180 240 300 360
Fortress Offense 180 240 300 360
Bonus 200 240 320 400
Max Score 940 1200 1540 1880
Target Score 600 800 1100 1400

List of Rival Domains[]

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If a brigade slot is empty, an ally will be selected randomly from the below pool of Heroes. These reinforcements are 5★ Lvl. 40, and have all their base skills learned and their weapon is evolved and/or refined.

Virion: Elite Archer
Matthew: Faithful Spy
Raigh: Dark Child
Marth: Altean Prince
Ogma: Loyal Blade
Roy: Young Lion
Fir: Sword Student
Lyn: Lady of the Plains
Chrom: Exalted Prince
Lucina: Future Witness
Lon'qu: Solitary Blade
Corrin: Fateful Prince
Ryoma: Peerless Samurai
Hana: Focused Samurai
Hinata: Wild Samurai
Laslow: Dancing Duelist
Selena: Cutting Wit
Draug: Gentle Giant
Cain: The Bull
Eliwood: Knight of Lycia
Stahl: Viridian Knight
Caeda: Talys's Heart
Palla: Eldest Whitewing
Donnel: Village Hero
Oboro: Fierce Fighter
Gwendolyn: Adorable Knight
Effie: Army of One
Jagen: Veteran Knight
Abel: The Panther
Sully: Crimson Knight
Peri: Playful Slayer
Catria: Middle Whitewing
Est: Junior Whitewing
Shanna: Sprightly Flier
Florina: Lovely Flier
Cordelia: Knight Paragon
Hinoka: Warrior Princess
Subaki: Perfect Expert
Barst: The Hatchet
Bartre: Fearless Warrior
Raven: Peerless Fighter
Hawkeye: Desert Guardian
Arthur: Hapless Hero
Sheena: Princess of Gra
Hector: General of Ostia
Frederick: Polite Knight
Gunter: Inveterate Soldier
Minerva: Red Dragoon
Cherche: Wyvern Friend
Camilla: Bewitching Beauty
Beruka: Quiet Assassin
Gordin: Altean Archer
Jeorge: Perfect Shot
Takumi: Wild Card
Setsuna: Absent Archer
Niles: Cruel to Be Kind
Gaius: Candy Stealer
Felicia: Maid Mayhem
Jakob: Devoted Servant
Saizo: Angry Ninja
Kagero: Honorable Ninja
Lilina: Delightful Noble
Sophia: Nabata Prophet
Tharja: Dark Shadow
Henry: Twisted Mind
Leo: Sorcerous Prince
Linde: Light Mage
Robin: High Deliverer
Odin: Potent Force
Merric: Wind Mage
Nino: Pious Mage
Cecilia: Etrurian General
Wrys: Kindly Priest
Maria: Minerva's Sister
Serra: Outspoken Cleric
Lissa: Sprightly Cleric
Sakura: Loving Priestess
Azama: Carefree Monk
Clarine: Refined Noble
Elise: Budding Flower
Tiki: Dragon Scion
Tiki: Naga's Voice
Nowi: Eternal Youth
Corrin: Fateful Princess
Fae: Divine Dragon
Eirika: Restoration Lady
Ephraim: Restoration Lord
Seliph: Heir of Light
Julia: Naga's Blood
Sanaki: Begnion's Apostle
Klein: Silver Nobleman
Reinhardt: Thunder's Fist
Olwen: Blue Mage Knight
Eldigan: Lionheart
Lachesis: Lionheart's Sister
Lucius: The Light
Jaffar: Angel of Death
Rebecca: Wildflower
Karel: Sword Demon
Priscilla: Delicate Princess
Alm: Hero of Prophecy
Faye: Devoted Heart
Clair: Highborn Flier
Lukas: Sharp Soldier
Ike: Young Mercenary
Soren: Shrewd Strategist
Mist: Helpful Sister
Titania: Mighty Mercenary
Celica: Caring Princess
Mae: Bundle of Energy
Boey: Skillful Survivor
Genny: Endearing Ally
Luke: Rowdy Squire
Roderick: Steady Squire
Athena: Borderland Sword
Katarina: Wayward One
Delthea: Free Spirit
Gray: Wry Comrade
Mathilda: Legendary Knight
Saber: Driven Mercenary
Sonya: Vengeful Mage
Leon: True of Heart
Seth: Silver Knight
Innes: Regal Strategician
Amelia: Rose of the War
Tana: Winged Princess
Oscar: Agile Horseman
Elincia: Lost Princess
Nephenee: Fierce Halberdier
Sigurd: Holy Knight
Ayra: Astra's Wielder
Deirdre: Lady of the Forest
Tailtiu: Thunder Noble
Siegbert: Future King
Shiro: Raw Talent
Soleil: Adorable Adorer
Rhajat: Black Magician
Micaiah: Priestess of Dawn
Sothe: Zephyr
Zelgius: Jet-Black General
Eirika: Anamnesis Lady
Myrrh: Great Dragon
L'Arachel: Princess of Light
Celica: Imprisoned Soul
Robin: Fell Reincarnation
Hardin: Dark Emperor
Chrom: Knight Exalt
Morgan: Lad from Afar
Morgan: Lass from Afar
Reinhardt: Thunder's Sword
Olwen: Righteous Knight
Leif: Prince of Leonster
Nanna: Nordion Princess
Hinoka: Blue Sky Warrior
Shigure: Uplifting Artist
Kana: Dragon Princess
Kaze: Easygoing Ninja
Ares: Black Knight
Ishtar: Thunder Goddess
Nino: Pale Flower
Karla: Sword Vassal
Legault: The Hurricane
Sumia: Maid of Flowers
Maribelle: Dire Damsel
Libra: Fetching Friar
Quan: Luminous Lancer
Lewyn: Guiding Breeze
Nina: Eye Spy
Flora: Cold as Ice
Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine
Silas: Loyal Knight
Laevatein: Searing Steel
Laegjarn: Sheathed Steel
Helbindi: Savage Scourge
Camilla: Flower of Fantasy
Corrin: Dream Prince
Corrin: Dream Princess
Mikoto: Caring Mother
Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall
Tibarn: Lord of the Air
Nailah: Unflinching Eye
Keaton: Lupine Collector
Velouria: Wolf Cub
Kaden: Kitsune Braggart
Selkie: Free Spirit
Idunn: Dark Priestess
Lugh: Anima Child
Sue: Doe of the Plains
Thea: Stormy Flier
Ranulf: Friend of Nations
Lethe: Gallia's Valkyrie
Mordecai: Kindhearted Tiger
Caineghis: Gallia's Lion King
Tiki: Torpid Dragon
Mareeta: The Blade's Pawn
Berkut: Purgatorial Prince
Corrin: Wailing Soul
Nah: Little Miss
Brady: Daunting Priest
Yarne: Timid Taguel
Kjelle: Fair Fighter
Edelgard: The Future
Dimitri: The Protector
Claude: The Schemer
Byleth: Proven Professor
Byleth: Tested Professor
Hubert: Sinister Servant
Petra: Princess of Brigid
Mercedes: Kindly Devotee
Hilda: Idle Maiden
Sirius: Mysterious Knight
Nagi: Dragon Avatar
Norne: The Volunteer
Bantu: Tiki's Guardian
Catria: Mild Middle Sister
Forsyth: Loyal Lieutenant
Python: Apathetic Archer
Silque: Adherent of Mila
Valbar: Open and Honest
Gerik: Desert Tiger
Ewan: Eager Student
Ross: His Father's Son
Echidna: Unyielding Idealist
Perceval: Knightly Ideal
Igrene: Nabata Protector
Chad: Lycian Wildcat
Osian: Scolded Soldier
Mareeta: Sword of Stars
Tanya: Dagdar's Kid
Eyvel: Mistress of Fiana
Larcei: Keen Kin
Shannan: Wielder of Astra
Ced: Hero on the Wind
Altena: Luminous Rider
Tsubasa: Madcap Idol
Mamori: Microwavin' Idol
Kiria: Cool Façade
Eleonora: Shooting Starlet
Fiora: Airborne Warrior
Leila: Rose amid Fangs
Rath: Wolf of Sacae
Ferdinand: Noblest of Nobles
Lysithea: Child Prodigy
Bernadetta: Eternal Loner
Annette: Overachiever
Rinkah: Scion of Flame
Forrest: Fashion Forward
Lilith: Astral Daughter
Midori: Reliable Chemist
Ike: Zeal Unleashed
Julia: Heart Usurped
Lyon: Demon King
Corrin: Bloodbound Beast
Anna: Secret Seller
Mustafa: Plegian Champion
Say'ri: Chon'sin's Blade
Emmeryn: Gentle Exalt
Kris: Unknown Hero
Kris: Unsung Hero
Julian: Tender Thief
Lena: Tender Angel
Jill: Fiery Dracoknight
Ilyana: Hungering Mage
Shinon: Scathing Archer
Gatrie: Armored Amour
Shamir: Archer Apart
Catherine: Thunder Knight
Seteth: Seiros Adherent
Flayn: Playing Innocent
Guinivere: Princess of Bern
Melady: Crimson Rider
Dieck: Wounded Tiger
Merlinus: Pherae's Clerk
Duessel: Obsidian
Selena: Fluorspar
Natasha: Sacred Healer
Knoll: Darkness Watcher
Sara: Lady of Loptr
Asbel: Windswept Youth
Ronan: Villager of Iz
Miranda: Willful Princess
Annand: Knight-Defender
Erinys: Earnest Knight
Azelle: Youthful Flame
Lex: Young Blade
Dedue: Dimitri's Vassal
Linhardt: Hevring's Heir
Ingrid: Galatea's Heir
Marianne: Adopted Daughter
Farina: The Great Wing
Louise: Lady of Violets
Pent: Mage General
Erk: Studious Mage
Morgan: Fated Darkness
Morgan: Devoted Darkness
Palla: Kind Eldest Sister
Luthier: Odd Wayfarer
Tatiana: Devoted Saint
Zeke: Past Unknown
Nifl: God of Ice
Charlotte: Wily Warrior
Nyx: Rulebreaker Mage
Orochi: Merry Diviner
Benny: Sensitive Soul
Múspell: Flame God
Yuri: Ashen Valiant
Constance: Fallen Noble
Hapi: Drawn-Out Sigh
Balthus: King of Grappling
Fjorm: Ice Ascendant
Wolf: Coyote's Loyal
Roshea: Coyote's Faithful
Malice: Deft Sellsword
Vyland: Coyote's Justice
Laegjarn: Flame Ascendant
Volke: Man of Mysteries
Marcia: Petulant Knight
Astrid: Resolute Damsel
Tanith: Bright Blade
Priam: Radiant Hero
Miriel: Rapier Intellect
Flavia: Feroxi East-Khan
Basilio: Feroxi West-Khan
Joshua: Resolute Tempest
Rennac: Rich "Merchant"
Colm: Capable Thief
Neimi: Tearful Archer
Idunn: Divine Demon
Hugh: Worldly Mage
Niime: Mountain Hermit
Cath: Master Thief
Mareeta: Astra Awakened
August: Astute Tactician
Galzus: Dark Blade of Od
Karin: Driven Knight
Ishtar: Echoing Thunder
Tine: Rumbling Thunder
Arthur: Furious Mage
Scáthach: Astra's Wake
Lilith: Silent Broodling
Gustav: Sovereign Slain

BGM list[]

Title Preview
Under This Banner
Prologue Birth of a Holy Knight
Epilogue: End of the Holy War
Beyond Distant Skies - Roy's Departure
Precious Things
Winds across the Plains
Friendship and Adventure
Truth, Despair, and Hope
Distant Roads
A Battle and a Beginning
Greil Mercenaries
Dark Traveler
The Time to Act
Those Who Dare to Change History
Destiny (Ablaze)
Prelude (Ablaze)
Conquest (Ablaze)
Far Dawn (Storm)
Dusk Falls (Fire)
March to Deliverance
With Mila's Divine Protection
What Lies at the End
The Sacrifice and the Saint
Id (Purpose)
Divine Decree (Ablaze)
Leif's Army, In Search of Victory - Base
リーフ軍、勝利を求めて 進撃B
Past Light (Storm)
Chapter 3 Eldigan, the Lionheart

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 制圧戦
German Revierkampf
Spanish (Europe) Dominios rivales
Spanish (Latin America) Dominios rivales
French Domaines rivaux
Italian Lotta di potere
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 壓制戰
Portuguese Domínios rivais