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I'm Rennac of Carcino. I beg your indulgence, and a fair bit of gold, should you choose to employ me.

俺はカルチノ出身のレナック。 以後、お見知りおきを……やれやれ… ここならタダ働きさせられずにすみそうだ。


The name of the game is making money. Money is all that matters. When will that little urchin learn?

しょせんこの世は金、金、金。 金がすべてなんだぜ? 稼がなくてどうすんのってことよ。

Trying to find a worthy prince who's willing to take Princess L'Arachel? Dozla has his work cut out for him.

ドズラのおっさんはああ言うけど ラーチェル様をもらおうって奇特な王子様は そう簡単に見つからないんじゃねえの?

Colm thinks we're alike because he was forced to do a little gardening? Hah. I'll show him what real work is.

子供の頃は似たような者でも 大人になると違うのはなぜだと思う? そこんところ、よーく考えてみなさいよ。

Merchants are stingy. It's who they are. My father was especially stingy. He gave me nothing for free.

商売人はケチでなきゃやってけないの。 特にうちの親父殿は、欲しいものは 自分でなんとかしろって教育方針でね。

I prefer to earn rewards that aren't for the taking, if you catch my drift. I won't pull a muscle trying, though.

報酬はもらうより、 「いただく」のが主義なんだがな…… まっ、せいぜい頑張んなよ。

Friend greeting[]

Granted, Princess L'Arachel is worse, but I landed with a real taskmaster when I met [Friend].

[Friend]も人使いが 荒いのよ。ラーチェル様ほどじゃねえが… あのお人はちょっとおかしいからな。

Leveling up[]

+[4,5] points[]

You'll never beat me with skills like that. You're greener than the fruit I left out for a month.

このレナックをただの優男と思ったか? 甘い、甘いなあ…干した果物を砂糖つぼで じっくりと寝かせて作った菓子よりも甘いよ。

+[2,3] points[]

Slow... slow... quick, quick, slow... Too bad battle is not akin to dancing with a beautiful woman...

スロー、スローからクイック、クイック… これが美女とのダンスじゃないのが いまの俺って感じよなあ……

+[0,1] points[]

These people respect my abilities and value my skills... Well, at least I hope that's still the case...

軍が効率よく勝利をおさめるためには、 俺の華麗な活躍がキーになる! …はずなんだけど……

Ally Growth[]

Mercenaries fight to get paid, simple as that. So it's nothing personal if I don't stick around, OK?

気前がいいやつは好きだよ。 けどまあ、所詮雇われの関係。 持ち逃げされても文句言うなよ?

5★ LV. 40 conversation[]

*sigh* Oh. Apologies. I was told by a rather noisy companion that it's rude to sigh when you see someone.
Heh. She also asked me what makes me happy. I hadn't ever given it much thought until then, if I'm honest.
She told me to treasure what I do possess instead of lamenting what I don't. I know she meant well, but...
I'm the son of a Carcino merchant. I grew up believing you could move the world if you had enough gold.
Bah, I shouldn't complain. This isn't what I'm paid to worry about. I'll just try to make the best of it.

…… はあっ……
ある人に言われたことがあってさ。 「あなたの幸せは一体なんですの」って。 そんなこと考えたこともなかったんだよ。
俺はこれでもカルチノ一の豪商の生まれ。 世の中なんて結局は金でどうにでもなると 思っていたし、事実そうだったのさ。
無いものを嘆くより、あるものに感謝する。 その心が大切、本当の幸せ…… 立派だけど、あんたが言うなって…
ああすまない、つい愚痴っぽくなってさ。 お互い、使われる者はつらいよな。 損しないように賢く生きていこうぜ。


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Audio Transcription
You've gotta be kidding...
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Special trigger[]

Audio Transcription
Too easy.
I hate working for free.
Got any gold?
I think I'll just scamper off.
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Audio Transcription
Just what I needed...
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Status page[]

Audio Transcription Rarity
Ugh... 1★
The name's Rennac. I'm a world-class thief, and proud of it. 1★
Do you see this jacket? It has silk embroidery. The truly cultured man cares about every detail. 1★
They say Prince Ephraim hoards money like a starving beast with a fresh kill. 1★
The name of the game is making money. Money is all that matters. 4★
I thought working for a princess would pay well. 4★
Hey, you haven't clapped eyes on Princess L'Arachel, have you? 5★
I'm a useful fellow to have around. And cheap, too! Only 9,980 gold! 5★
Audio Transcription Rarity
はあ… 1★
俺はレナック。超一流の盗賊さ。 1★
ん? ははん、この上着が上物だと気づいて、盗もうとしたのか? 1★
エフラム王子はケダモノで、唸るほど金を貯め込んでるって聞いたんだが… 1★
しょせんこの世は金、金、金。金がすべてなんだぜ? 4★
王女様だっつうから金払いもいいかと思ったのに、さんざんだったぜ… 4★
…おい、ラーチェル様は近くにいないよな? 5★
意外と苦労してんだね、あんたも… 5★

Turn action[]

Audio Transcription
You're the boss.
You can't be serious!
Very good!
Audio Transcription

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