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Type Icon Name SP Required Description
S Quickened Pulse.png Quickened Pulse 100 At the start of turn 1, grants Special cooldown count-1.
No restrictions.

Available as a Sacred Seal.


  • Quickened Pulse's cooldown count changing effect will not trigger if the unit is inflicted with  False Start.
  • Cooldown count changes from skills that activate at the same time as Quickened Pulse (at start of turn) are not considered in Quickened Pulse's conditions.[1] Skills such as Infantry Pulse 3.png Infantry Pulse 3, Icon Class Green Tome.png Tome of Reglay, and Odd Pulse Tie 3.png Odd Pulse Tie 3 will have their effects stack.

Seal acquired from[]

Tempest Trials reward[]

Sacred Seal Forge[]

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 奥義の鼓動
German Erhöhter Puls
Spanish (Europe) Pulso acelerado
Spanish (Latin America) Pulso acelerado
French Pouls accéléré
Italian Battito accelerato
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 奧義之躍動
Portuguese Pulso acelerado


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