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Type Icon Name SP Required Description
A Ostian Counter.png Ostian Counter 350 Unit can counterattack regardless of foe's range. If foe initiates combat, grants Atk/Def+4 during combat.
This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.

* Unused restrictions: No restrictions.


List of owners[]

UnitSkill chain
Hector Brave Warrior Face FC.webp
Ostian Counter

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese オスティアの反撃
German Ositia-Konter
Spanish (Europe) Contra de Ositia
Spanish (Latin America) Contra de Ositia
French Contre d'Ositia
Italian Risposta ositiana
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 奧斯提亞的反擊
Portuguese Contra de Ositia

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