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Type Icon Name SP Required Description
C Orders Restraint.png Order's Restraint 300 At start of turn, grants Atk/Res+6 and【Null Panic】to allies within 2 spaces for 1 turn. At start of turn, if 3 or more allies are within 2 spaces of unit, grants Atk/Res+6 and 【Null Panic】to unit for 1 turn.

【Null Panic】
If unit is inflicted with Panic (bonuses converted into penalties), neutralizes the "converts bonuses on target into penalties" effect for 1 turn. (Even though the effect is neutralized, the Panic status remains, and is treated as a Penalty status.)
This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.

* Unused restrictions: No restrictions.


  • The stat increase that can be applied by Order's Restraint is considered a  bonus.
    • Any 【Bonus】 on a unit, including  bonuses, lasts until the start of that unit's next phase. If  bonuses are acquired during the enemy phase, they will disappear when the next player phase begins.
  • Order's Restraint applies the  Null Panic status effect.

List of owners[]

UnitSkill chain
Ashera Order Goddess Face FC.webp
Order's Restraint


Summoning events

Start End Event Skill
2021-05-31 2021-06-08 Mythic Heroes - Ashera Order's Restraint
2021-08-31 2021-09-07 Legendary Heroes - Micaiah Order's Restraint
2022-01-28 2022-02-08 Mythic Heroes - Elimine Order's Restraint
2022-07-26 2022-08-09 Mythic Heroes - Askr Order's Restraint

Distributed units

  • This skill is not available on any distributed units.

Combat Manuals

  • This skill has not been available on any distributed Combat Manuals.

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 束縛、秩序、安定
German Stabile Ordnung
Spanish (Europe) Orden estable
Spanish (Latin America) Orden estable
French Ordre modéré
Italian Ordine stabile
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 束縛、秩序、安定
Portuguese Ordem contida

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