One-Year Anniversary (Event)

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Event One-Year Anniversary.png

An event to celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes starting on .

Hero Fest[edit | edit source]

Active: to .

A special One-Year Anniversary Hero Fest Summoning Focus took place, in which these four popular Heroes could be summoned:

  • Hero banner Ike Brave Mercenary.png
  • Hero banner Nephenee Fierce Halberdier.png
  • Hero banner Lyn Brave Lady.png
  • Hero banner Sigurd Holy Knight.png

Log-In Bonus[edit | edit source]

Active: to .

A special daily attendance log-in bonus of 2 Orbs Orb.png was made available, for a maximum of 20 Orbs Orb.png.

Present[edit | edit source]

Active: to .

A special log-in bonus of 50 Orbs Orb.png was made available.

Daily Maps[edit | edit source]

Active: to .

Daily Special Maps were released as part of the One-Year Anniversary event, based on Chapters and Paralogues released during the first year of Fire Emblem Heroes, in which you'll be able to earn up to 50 Orbs Orb.png.

Double EXP & SP[edit | edit source]

Active: to .

Players could earn Double EXP & SP during the duration of the event.