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New Heroes: Enduring Legacy
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New Heroes: Enduring Legacy
Featured units
Start date2021-02-16
End date2021-03-05
DescriptionNew Heroes from the Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War game are here! Erinys Earnest Knight Face FC.webp Erinys: Earnest Knight, Annand Knight-Defender Face FC.webp Annand: Knight-Defender, Azelle Youthful Flame Face FC.webp Azelle: Youthful Flame, and Lex Young Blade Face FC.webp Lex: Young Blade are available as part of a 5★ summoning focus! (Notification)

Appearance rates

See Summonable Heroes for a full table of the regular pool of summonable heroes.
RarityAppearance rate
5★ Focus3.00%
4★ Focus3.00%
4★ Special Rate3.00%
For more detailed information, see Summon#Color Distribution.


HeroWeaponAssistSpecialPassive APassive BPassive C
Sparking Tome
Rally Speed
Rally Up Spd
Rally Up Spd+
R Duel Infantry 1
R Duel Infantry 2
R Duel Infantry 3
R Duel Infantry 4
Spd/Res Ruse 1
Spd/Res Ruse 2
Spd/Res Ruse 3
Hone Spd 1
Hone Spd 2
Hone Spd 3
Joint Hone Spd
Iron Axe
Steel Axe
Brave Axe
Goddess Axe
RepositionAtk/Def Push 1
Atk/Def Push 2
Atk/Def Push 3
Axe Experience 1
Axe Experience 2
Axe Experience 3
Iron Lance
Steel Lance
Silver Lance
Silesse Frost
Harsh Command
Harsh Command+
B Duel Flying 1
B Duel Flying 2
B Duel Flying 3
B Duel Flying 4
Chill Spd 1
Chill Atk/Spd 1
Chill Atk/Spd 2
Atk/Def Rein 1
Atk/Def Rein 2
Atk/Def Rein 3
Iron Sword
Steel Sword
Unbound Blade
Unbound Blade+
New Moon
Death Blow 1
Sturdy Blow 1
Sturdy Blow 2
Sturdy Impact
Guard Bearing 1
Guard Bearing 2
Guard Bearing 3

Level 40 stats

Azelle: Youthful Flame Azelle: Youthful Flame37/41/4434/37/4036/39/4222/26/2920/23/26
Lex: Young Blade Lex: Young Blade42/45/4833/36/3927/30/3335/38/4116/19/22
Erinys: Earnest Knight Erinys: Earnest Knight35/39/4234/37/4138/41/4528/32/3520/23/26
Annand: Knight-Defender Annand: Knight-Defender34/37/4132/35/3836/39/4223/27/3031/34/37

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese ???
German ???
Spanish (Europe) ???
Spanish (Latin America) ???
French ???
Italian ???
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) ???
Portuguese ???