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This module is intended to serve as a disambiguation of sorts for Heroes (hence its historical "about" part in its name, after Template:About). The purpose of this module is to clear up any confusion and direct people to the Hero they may be looking for, it is not to make a statement about whether certain Heroes belong in a group or not. Even loosely related Heroes may be included as a result.



Infinitely many NameX parameters can be specified. Do not use Name1.

The module will return Heroes with Name or Person values matching the parameters passed. It excludes Heroes that matches the page name when used on a Hero page.


You may be looking for:
Robin: High Deliverer
Robin: Mystery Tactician
Robin: Seaside Tactician
Robin: Festive Tactician
Robin: Fell Reincarnation
Robin: Fell Vessel
Robin: Fall Vessel
Robin: Fall Reincarnation
Robin: Tactful Deliverer
{{#invoke:NameAbout|main|Name=Black Knight|Name2=Zelgius}}
You may be looking for:
Black Knight: Sinister General
Zelgius: Jet-Black General
You may be looking for:
Lucina: Future Witness
Lucina: Spring Exalt
Lucina: Brave Princess
Lucina: Glorious Archer
Lucina: Future Fondness
Marth: Enigmatic Blade
Mia: Harmonic Blades
You may be looking for:
Veronica: Emblian Princess
Veronica: Princess Beset
Veronica: Brave Princess
Veronica: Spring Princess
Veronica: Harmonic Pirates
Veronica: Bestowed Love
local cargo = mw.ext.cargo
local List = require 'Module:ListUtil'
local Util = require 'Module:Util'
local escq = require 'Module:EscQ'.main1
local p = {}

function p.main(frame)
	local names = {frame.args["Name"]}
	local i = 2
	while frame.args["Name" .. i] ~= nil do
		names[#names + 1] = frame.args["Name" .. i]
		i = i + 1
	local namelist = table.concat(, function (s) return ("'%s'"):format(escq(s)) end), ',')

	local listQuery = cargo.query(
		"U._pageName=page,M.Sort=msort,W.Sort=wsort,IFNULL(CONCAT(U.Name,': ',U.Title),U.Name)=name", {
			join = 'U.MoveType=M.WikiName,U.WeaponType=W.WikiName,U._pageName=DU._pageName,U._pageName=HU._pageName',
			where = ("(U.Name IN (%s) OR U.Person IN (%s) OR "):format(namelist, namelist) ..
					("DU.WikiSecondPerson IN (%s) OR DU.WikiThirdPerson IN (%s) OR "):format(namelist, namelist) ..
					("HU.WikiSecondPerson IN (%s) OR HU.WikiThirdPerson IN (%s)) AND "):format(namelist, namelist) ..
			groupBy = "U._pageName",
			orderBy = "U.Name,IFNULL(IntID,2147483647)",
			limit = 5000,
	if #listQuery == 0 then
		return ''

	local cont = mw.html.create('div'):css('margin', '-5px 0 1.5em 0')
	local tbl = cont:tag('table'):addClass("wikitable"):addClass("default"):addClass("character-about")

	tbl:tag("tr"):tag("th"):css("padding", ".1em .5em"):wikitext("You may be looking for:")
	local cell = tbl:tag("tr"):tag("td"):css("padding", "0")
	for _, v in ipairs(listQuery) do
		local icon = frame:expandTemplate{ title = "UnitType", args = {name =, moveSort = v.msort, weaponSort = v.wsort, size = '60'}}
		cell:wikitext(frame:expandTemplate {title = "Tooltip", args = {
			'<div style="margin-bottom:7px;margin-left:1px;margin-right:4px;margin-top:4px">' .. icon .. "</div>",}})

	return tostring(cont)
return p