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I'm Marcia! Have you seen my brother, Makalov? He's got a mangy mop of hair that's the same color as mine!

私、マーシャって言います! マカロフ……兄の行方を知りませんか? 髪の色は私と同じで、もしゃっとしてます!


Gaaah... It's not like I didn't want to fulfill my duties to the Holy Guard.
But when debt collectors started hanging around the barracks, I just had to do something.

はあああああ………私だって 天馬騎士としてお勤めしたかったですよ。 でも借金取りが兵舎にまで……

My brother's not a bad person, he just likes gambling and...doesn't work. So he borrows money and... Ugh.

兄は悪い人じゃないんですけど とにかく賭け事が好きで…… 働きもしないでお金を借りて…はあ~~~

Everyone here works so hard... I get it more than ever now—my brother really is super lazy!

皆さん働き者ですよね…… やっぱり兄は特別ぐうたらなんだと はっきりわかってきました!

Aaah! O-oh, it's just you, [Summoner].
Phew... For a second, I thought a debt collector had somehow followed me here.

ひぃっ!? あ、ああ[Summoner]さん。 よかった…借金取りじゃない……

I wanted to do the right thing, so I wrote a letter of resignation when I left the Begnion Holy Guard.
But...I'm not sure that will be enough for the deputy commander. I-I really hope she isn't mad at me...

きちんと「やめます」って書き置きしたけど 鬼の副長、いまごろカンカンだろうなあ… ああっ、想像しただけで怖い!

Friend greeting[]

Hmm... I wonder how much I could make if I sold this... Oh, I'm just curious is all!

これ、売ったらいくらになるでしょうね? あはは、興味があるだけですよ!

Leveling up[]

+[4,5] points[]

Where are you, Brother?! Next time I find your worthless hide, I'm going to knock some sense into you!

兄さん、どこにいるの!? かならず見つけ出して今度こそ その根性叩き直してあげるから!!

+[2,3] points[]

I was considered one of the most promising rookies in the Holy Guard, so don't you dare underestimate me!

こう見えても天馬騎士団期待の新人って 言われてたんですから! 甘く見ないでくださいね!

+[0,1] points[]

Ugh... C'mon... I'm going to turn out like my brother at this rate.

ああ、もう…… いいとこないなぁ~

Ally Growth[]

Are you sure? You'd give this to a lowly deserter like me?! Wow, there really are nice people out there, huh?

いいんですか! こんな脱走兵なんかのためにっ!? 世の中にはいい人もいるんですね~

5★ LV. 40 conversation[]

Did I ever tell you why I'm trying to find my brother? Yeah, that's right. His debt.
He didn't even have a good reason to borrow all of that money—it was all just to amuse himself.
To be honest, even if I DO somehow manage to find him, it's not like I can just wipe away all his debts...
But I have to find him. For his own sake.
If I don't set him straight, he'll never become a respectable member of society! Plus, I...
He used my name to borrow money... I can't inconvenience the knights. So I did the only thing I could: resign.
But now? Oh, they'll see what I can do! I'll become a mercenary, work my butt off, and make a ton of money!

私が兄を捜している理由、話しましたっけ。 そうです、借金です。 それも苦学とかではなく、遊ぶためのお金…
正直なところ、兄を見つけ出しても 借金がどうにかなるとは思えないんです。 でも、私が見つけてあげないと。
性根を叩き直してあげないと、 いつまでたっても兄は真っ当になれません! それに、私だって……
兄さんてば私の名前でまでお金を借りて… 騎士団のみんなに迷惑かけられないし、 やめるしかないじゃないですか!
どうしたらいいんですか、もう! だから傭兵になって稼ぐしかないって! 私、じゃんじゃん働きますからっ!!


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Special trigger[]

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What say I run you through?!
This one's mine!
I'll beat some sense into you!
Irresponsible skunk!
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Audio Transcription
Tried a bit too hard...
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Status page[]

Audio Transcription Rarity
Heheh. 1★
It's me, Marcia! I'm going to join your group. 1★
*yelp* Oh, it's you. Crackers! I was sure you were a debt collector... 1★
I used to be in the Begnion Holy Guard, but...I had to quit. 1★
I'm searching for my missing brother. He's kind of a dolt and a scoundrel. 4★
The Begnion pegasus knights were always moving around, so I learned to pack quickly. 4★
It's all my brother's fault. *sigh* 5★
Anything you need, just say the word. I'll give it my all. 5★
Audio Transcription Rarity
ふふっ 1★
マーシャです! 仲間に入れてください! 1★
きゃあーっ! あ、あなたですか。ここまで借金取りが来たのかと… 1★
ベグニオン天馬騎士団に所属してたんですけど、「やめます」って手紙を書いて… 1★
私…行方不明になった兄を捜しているんです。兄を知りませんか? 4★
支度は迅速にやるようにって訓練を受けてますから、早くて当然ですよ。 4★
兄さんのせいで…私は…私は……はあ~~~~~。 5★
あなたのために、私、一生懸命働きますね! 5★

Turn action[]

Audio Transcription
You got it!
I wonder...
Oh! It's you!
Audio Transcription

Story appearances

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Random quote

Knowing the deputy commander,
there’s no way she would forget to
write her name somewhere on it.
Besides, it’s too flimsy to be an
officer’s notebook. It would get bent
out of shape right quick.

Marcia: Petulant Knight,
Embracing Fate