New Heroes!
Erk Studious Mage Face FC.webp
Frame 5.png
Erk: Studious Mage 5★
Pane 5.png

Farina The Great Wing Face FC.webp
Frame 5.png
Farina: The Great Wing 5★
Pane 5.png

Louise Lady of Violets Face FC.webp
Frame 5.png
Louise: Lady of Violets 5★
Pane 5.png

Pent Mage General Face FC.webp
Frame 5.png
Pent: Mage General 5★
Pane 5.png

Current Events
Banner Tap Battle.png

Illusory Dungeon: O Mighty Seiðjárn
Days left: 1
Banner Grand Conquests.png

Grand Conquests 26
Days left: 1
Banner Forging Bonds.png

Forging Bonds: Bond of Trust
Days left: 1
Banner Lost Lore.png

Lost Lore: The Verge of History
Days left: 18
Banner Mjolnirs Strike.png

Mjölnir's Strike 62
Days left: 2
Banner L0013.webp
Yune: Chaos Goddess
Hrs. left: 21
Banner T0058.webp
M & C: Bound Hero Battle
Hrs. left: 21
Banner T0071.webp
Travant: King of Thracia
Hrs. left: 21
Banner T0056.webp
L & N: Bound Hero Battle
Hrs. left: 21
Banner T0069.webp
Kempf: Conniving General
Hrs. left: 21
Banner T0088.webp
R & L: Bound Hero Battle
Days left: 5
Banner Q0003.webp
Rival Domains: Event Map
Days left: 5
Banner V0205.webp
The Workout: Special Training
Hrs. left: 21
Banner T0019.webp
Arvis: Emperor of Flame
Hrs. left: 21
Banner T0006.webp
Xander: Paragon Knight
Hrs. left: 21
Banner U0005.webp
Sophia: Nabata Prophet
Hrs. left: 21
Aether Raids Bonus
Arena Bonus
Current Summoning Focuses

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