New Heroes!
Charlotte Wily Warrior Face FC.webp
Frame 5.png
Charlotte: Wily Warrior 5★
Pane 5.png

Nifl God of Ice Face FC.webp
Frame 5.png
Nifl: God of Ice 5★
Pane 5.png

Nyx Rulebreaker Mage Face FC.webp
Frame 5.png
Nyx: Rulebreaker Mage 5★
Pane 5.png

Orochi Merry Diviner Face FC.webp
Frame 5.png
Orochi: Merry Diviner 5★
Pane 5.png

Arete Requiems Beauty Face FC.webp
Frame 4.png
Arete: Requiem's Beauty 4★
Pane 4.png

Current Events
Banner Grand Conquests.png

Grand Conquests 27
Days left: 4
Banner Forging Bonds.png

Forging Bonds: Dawning Reality
Days left: 7
Banner Lost Lore.png

Lost Lore: Way of the Heart
Days left: 1
Banner Hall of Forms.png

Hall of Forms 20
Days left: 2
Banner L0002.webp
Lyn: Lady of the Wind
Days left: 3
Banner L0001.webp
Robin: Fell Vessel
Days left: 3
Banner T0107.webp
Arete: Requiem's Beauty
Days left: 1
Banner Q0001.webp
Rival Domains: Event Map
Days left: 5
Banner V0203.webp
Bows: Special Training
Hrs. left: 6
Banner T0019.webp
Arvis: Emperor of Flame
Hrs. left: 6
Banner T0006.webp
Xander: Paragon Knight
Hrs. left: 6
Banner U0007.webp
Hana: Focused Samurai
Hrs. left: 6
Aether Raids Bonus
Arena Bonus
Current Summoning Focuses
All Current Summoning Events

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