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Name Range Description SP Required
Maiden's Solace 1 Converts penalties on target into bonuses and then neutralizes any【Penalty】that remains. Restores HP to target = unit's current HP-1. Reduces unit's HP by amount restored.

All effects that last "on foe through its next action." Includes penalties inflicted by a skill like Panic or Threaten and negative status effects (preventing counterattacks, restricting movement, or the effects of a skill like Triangle Adept or Guard).
400 Ardent Sacrifice
This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.

* Unused restrictions: Cannot use: Staff


  • The stat increase that can be applied by Maiden's Solace is considered a  bonus.
    • Any 【Bonus】 on a unit, including  bonuses, lasts until the start of that unit's next phase. If  bonuses are acquired during the enemy phase, they will disappear when the next player phase begins.
  • Maiden's Solace can neutralize 【Penalty】.
    • Previous  bonuses and  penalties reversed with Maiden's Solace do not stack. Only the greater bonus will take effect.
      • For example, if a unit receives a +4 bonus from Skilliconassist.png Rally Attack and a -7 penalty from Seal Atk 3.png Seal Atk 3, Maiden's Solace converts the -7 penalty into a +7 bonus overwriting the +4 bonus.
      • If the unit had received a -3 penalty from Seal Atk 1.png Seal Atk 1 instead, the converted +3 bonus from Maiden's Solace would not overwrite the +4 bonus from Skilliconassist.png Rally Attack.
  • Maiden's Solace restores target's HP by removing HP from its user. Maiden's Solace will heal until either the target is fully healed or its user reaches 1 HP.
  • Maiden's Solace's HP recovery will not work if both unit and target are at full HP or if the target has been inflicted with  Deep Wounds.
    • If the target has been inflicted with  Deep Wounds, the user will still lose their HP if Maiden's Solace is used.

List of owners[]

UnitSkill chain
Micaiah Radiant Queen Face FC.webp
Ardent Sacrifice
Maiden's Solace
Micaiah Wavecrest Maiden Face FC.webp
Ardent Sacrifice
Maiden's Solace

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 癒しの乙女
German Balsam der Maid
Spanish (Europe) Solaz de doncella
Spanish (Latin America) Solaz de doncella
French Réconfort royal
Italian Dama del ristoro
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 治癒少女
Portuguese Donzela acolhida

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