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This page is about the item used to revive defeated allies. For the elemental blessing, see Light Blessing.
Light's Blessing
Used during battle. Restores all allies' HP, movement, and use of Specials. (You can have up to 999,999.)


Light's Blessings are obtainable through Quests and three can be obtained with My Nintendo Points.


  • It can be used at any point during the battle, even after all of the player's units are defeated.
  • If the player tries to clear a quest that states, that all four allies must survive, but one or more of them falls in battle, a Light's Blessing can be used to restore the allies and the quest will still be cleared.
  • If no Light's Blessings are in the player's Inventory, it is possible to use an  Orb in its place. This however is ill-advised, because orbs are much more valuable than the equivalent amount of stamina.

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 光の加護
German Segen des Lichts
Spanish (Europe) Auxilio radiante
Spanish (Latin America) Auxilio radiante
French Lumière protectrice
Italian Protezione luce
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 光之加護
Portuguese Proteção de luz