Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki
  • This table shows the normalized stat values for each Hero at 5★ LV.1. It does not include stat increases and decreases due to traits.
  • Stat values in this table do not include weapon or passive stats.
  • When sorting the table, any rows with identical values will keep their relative order from before the last sorting operation.
  • For more specialized charts, see here.

Abel The Panther Face FC.webpAbel: The PantherShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryCavalryBlue Lance17788646
Aelfric Custodian Monk Face FC.webpAelfric: Custodian MonkThree HousesInfantryRed Tome191075950
Alfonse Askran Duo Face FC.webpAlfonse: Askran DuoHeroesInfantryBlue Tome19875847
Alfonse Prince of Askr Face FC.webpAlfonse: Prince of AskrHeroesInfantryRed Sword19968547
Alfonse Spring Prince Face FC.webpAlfonse: Spring PrinceHeroesCavalryGreen Axe19976546
Alfonse Uplifting Love Face FC.webpAlfonse: Uplifting LoveHeroesArmoredGreen Tome21869953
Alm Hero of Prophecy Face FC.webpAlm: Hero of ProphecyEchoesInfantryRed Sword21966547
Alm Imperial Ascent Face FC.webpAlm: Imperial AscentEchoesInfantryRed Sword188911551
Alm Lovebird Duo Face FC.webpAlm: Lovebird DuoEchoesInfantryGreen Axe1811106651
Alm Saint-King Face FC.webpAlm: Saint-KingEchoesInfantryColorless Bow1811114347
Altena Luminous Rider Face FC.webpAltena: Luminous RiderGenealogy of the Holy WarFlyingBlue Lance19969750
Altina Cross-Time Duo Face FC.webpAltina: Cross-Time DuoPath of Radiance Radiant DawnInfantryRed Sword18103111153
Altina Dawns Trueblade Face FC.webpAltina: Dawn's TruebladeRadiant DawnFlyingRed Sword1883111050
Amelia Rose of the War Face FC.webpAmelia: Rose of the WarThe Sacred StonesArmoredGreen Axe19689446
Anna Commander Face FC.webpAnna: CommanderHeroesInfantryGreen Axe197105647
Anna Secret Seller Face FC.webpAnna: Secret SellerAwakeningInfantryBlue Lance199106751
Anna Wealth-Wisher Face FC.webpAnna: Wealth-WisherHeroesInfantryRed Bow188103948
Annand Knight-Defender Face FC.webpAnnand: Knight-DefenderGenealogy of the Holy WarFlyingRed Sword189115851
Annette Overachiever Face FC.webpAnnette: OverachieverThree HousesInfantryGreen Axe189106851
Arden Strong and Tough Face FC.webpArden: Strong and ToughGenealogy of the Holy WarArmoredRed Sword2510313354
Ares Black Knight Face FC.webpAres: Black KnightGenealogy of the Holy WarCavalryRed Sword18887546
Arete Requiems Beauty Face FC.webpArete: Requiem's BeautyFatesCavalryRed Tome19855845
Arthur Furious Mage Face FC.webpArthur: Furious MageGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryGreen Tome1812116350
Arthur Hapless Hero Face FC.webpArthur: Hapless HeroFatesInfantryGreen Axe19878547
Artur Silver Saint Face FC.webpArtur: Silver SaintThe Sacred StonesArmoredGreen Tome1911491154
Arvis Emperor of Flame Face FC.webpArvis: Emperor of FlameGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryRed Tome18874744
Asbel Windswept Youth Face FC.webpAsbel: Windswept YouthThracia 776InfantryGreen Tome188124749
Ash Retainer to Askr Face FC.webpAsh: Retainer to AskrHeroesInfantryColorless Beast1995111054
Ashe Fabled Sea Knight Face FC.webpAshe: Fabled Sea KnightThree HousesCavalryBlue Lance189116549
Ashera Order Goddess Face FC.webpAshera: Order GoddessRadiant DawnInfantryColorless Tome151395749
Ashnard Mad King Face FC.webpAshnard: Mad KingPath of RadianceFlyingRed Sword17969950
Astram Midias Hero Face FC.webpAstram: Midia's HeroShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryRed Sword1811108451
Astrid Resolute Damsel Face FC.webpAstrid: Resolute DamselPath of RadianceCavalryGreen Bow169115647
Athena Borderland Sword Face FC.webpAthena: Borderland SwordShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryRed Sword177108547
August Astute Tactician Face FC.webpAugust: Astute TacticianThracia 776InfantryColorless Staff1810481050
Aversa Dark One Face FC.webpAversa: Dark OneAwakeningFlyingRed Tome18784744
Ayra Astras Wielder Face FC.webpAyra: Astra's WielderGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryRed Sword197117448
Azama Carefree Monk Face FC.webpAzama: Carefree MonkFatesInfantryColorless Staff19478644
Azelle Youthful Flame Face FC.webpAzelle: Youthful FlameGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryRed Tome199114649
Azura Celebratory Spirit Face FC.webpAzura: Celebratory SpiritFatesFlyingGreen Axe15695439
Azura Hatari Duet Face FC.webpAzura: Hatari DuetPath of Radiance FatesCavalryGreen Tome15793438
Azura Lady of Ballads Face FC.webpAzura: Lady of BalladsFatesInfantryGreen Axe16683639
Azura Lady of the Lake Face FC.webpAzura: Lady of the LakeFatesInfantryBlue Lance17574639
Azura Vallite Songstress Face FC.webpAzura: Vallite SongstressFatesFlyingBlue Tome14674536
Azura Young Songstress Face FC.webpAzura: Young SongstressFatesInfantryGreen Tome14754636
Balthus King of Grappling Face FC.webpBalthus: King of GrapplingThree HousesInfantryGreen Axe1912511754
Bantu Tikis Guardian Face FC.webpBantu: Tiki's GuardianShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryRed Breath171069749
Barst The Hatchet Face FC.webpBarst: The HatchetShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryGreen Axe20986447
Bartre Earsome Warrior Face FC.webpBartre: Earsome WarriorThe Binding BladeInfantryRed Sword2010411651
Bartre Fearless Warrior Face FC.webpBartre: Fearless WarriorThe Binding BladeInfantryGreen Axe211067347
Basilio Feroxi West-Khan Face FC.webpBasilio: Feroxi West-KhanAwakeningInfantryGreen Axe2013710454
Benny Sensitive Soul Face FC.webpBenny: Sensitive SoulFatesArmoredBlue Lance209614857
Berkut Debonair Noble Face FC.webpBerkut: Debonair NobleEchoesInfantryBlue Lance17867543
Berkut Prideful Prince Face FC.webpBerkut: Prideful PrinceEchoesCavalryBlue Lance19857746
Berkut Purgatorial Prince Face FC.webpBerkut: Purgatorial PrinceEchoesCavalryBlue Lance185411846
Bernadetta Eternal Loner Face FC.webpBernadetta: Eternal LonerThree HousesCavalryColorless Bow16885744
Bernadetta Frosty Shut-In Face FC.webpBernadetta: Frosty Shut-InThree HousesCavalryGreen Tome178104645
Bertram Dread Cavalier Face FC.webpBertram: Dread CavalierPath of RadianceCavalryRed Sword199510750
Beruka Quiet Assassin Face FC.webpBeruka: Quiet AssassinFatesFlyingGreen Axe20769547
Black Knight Sinister General Face FC.webpBlack Knight: Sinister GeneralPath of RadianceArmoredRed Sword221089554
Boey Skillful Survivor Face FC.webpBoey: Skillful SurvivorEchoesInfantryGreen Tome19758544
Boyd Future Great Face FC.webpBoyd: Future GreatPath of RadianceInfantryGreen Axe2013107454
Brady Daunting Priest Face FC.webpBrady: Daunting PriestAwakeningInfantryColorless Staff19984646
Bramimond The Enigma Face FC.webpBramimond: The EnigmaThe Blazing BladeInfantryColorless Tome171056947
Brigid Orgahil Pirate Face FC.webpBrigid: Orgahil PirateGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryRed Bow199106448
Brunnya Devoted General Face FC.webpBrunnya: Devoted GeneralThe Binding BladeInfantryBlue Tome18974947
Bruno Masked Hare Face FC.webpBruno: Masked HareHeroesCavalryColorless Staff17859443
Byleth Fell Stars Duo Face FC.webpByleth: Fell Star's DuoThree HousesFlyingRed Tome188123445
Byleth Proven Professor Face FC.webpByleth: Proven ProfessorThree HousesInfantryRed Sword1810107449
Byleth Tested Professor Face FC.webpByleth: Tested ProfessorThree HousesInfantryRed Sword181288349
Byleth The Fodlan Light Face FC.webpByleth: The Fódlan LightThree HousesInfantryBlue Tome189104950
Byleth The Fodlan Star Face FC.webpByleth: The Fódlan StarThree HousesInfantryGreen Tome189113849
Caeda Beloved Queen Face FC.webpCaeda: Beloved QueenShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryFlyingBlue Lance1710135752
Caeda Princess of Talys Face FC.webpCaeda: Princess of TalysShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryFlyingRed Sword177126850
Caeda Sea-Blossom Pair Face FC.webpCaeda: Sea-Blossom PairHeroes Shadow Dragon / (New) MysteryCavalryGreen Axe177127649
Caeda Talyss Bride Face FC.webpCaeda: Talys's BrideShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryBlue Tome16794844
Caeda Talyss Heart Face FC.webpCaeda: Talys's HeartShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryFlyingRed Sword176951047
Caellach Tiger Eye Face FC.webpCaellach: Tiger EyeThe Sacred StonesInfantryGreen Axe191087953
Cain The Bull Face FC.webpCain: The BullShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryCavalryRed Sword18868646
Caineghis Gallias Lion King Face FC.webpCaineghis: Gallia's Lion KingRadiant DawnArmoredColorless Beast239411855
Camilla Bewitching Beauty Face FC.webpCamilla: Bewitching BeautyFatesFlyingGreen Axe18886747
Camilla Flower of Fantasy Face FC.webpCamilla: Flower of FantasyFatesFlyingRed Tome17984644
Camilla Holiday Traveler Face FC.webpCamilla: Holiday TravelerFatesFlyingRed Sword18997447
Camilla Light of Nohr Face FC.webpCamilla: Light of NohrFatesFlyingColorless Staff17994645
Camilla Spring Princess Face FC.webpCamilla: Spring PrincessFatesFlyingGreen Tome17968444
Camilla Steamy Secrets Face FC.webpCamilla: Steamy SecretsFatesFlyingColorless Dagger16994644
Camilla Tropical Beauty Face FC.webpCamilla: Tropical BeautyFatesFlyingBlue Tome177106444
Camus Sable Knight Face FC.webpCamus: Sable KnightShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryCavalryBlue Lance18897446
Canas Wisdom Seeker Face FC.webpCanas: Wisdom SeekerThe Blazing BladeInfantryRed Tome171054945
Caspar Summer Intensity Face FC.webpCaspar: Summer IntensityThree HousesInfantryGreen Axe2011108453
Cath Master Thief Face FC.webpCath: Master ThiefThe Binding BladeInfantryGreen Dagger196135851
Catherine Thunder Knight Face FC.webpCatherine: Thunder KnightThree HousesInfantryRed Sword199118653
Catria Azure Wing Pair Face FC.webpCatria: Azure Wing PairEchoes The Binding BladeFlyingGreen Axe1810116651
Catria Middle Whitewing Face FC.webpCatria: Middle WhitewingShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryFlyingBlue Lance177107647
Catria Mild Middle Sister Face FC.webpCatria: Mild Middle SisterEchoesFlyingRed Sword178108750
Catria Spring Whitewing Face FC.webpCatria: Spring WhitewingShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryCavalryBlue Tome17695643
Cecilia Etrurian Bride Face FC.webpCecilia: Etrurian BrideThe Binding BladeCavalryRed Tome181163846
Cecilia Etrurian General Face FC.webpCecilia: Etrurian GeneralThe Binding BladeCavalryGreen Tome17865743
Cecilia Festive Instructor Face FC.webpCecilia: Festive InstructorThe Binding BladeArmoredColorless Dagger1911661052
Ced Hero on the Wind Face FC.webpCed: Hero on the WindGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryGreen Tome187114747
Celica Caring Princess Face FC.webpCelica: Caring PrincessEchoesInfantryRed Tome17875744
Celica Imprisoned Soul Face FC.webpCelica: Imprisoned SoulEchoesInfantryRed Sword18995748
Celica Queen of Valentia Face FC.webpCelica: Queen of ValentiaEchoesInfantryGreen Tome181085647
Celica Warrior Priestess Face FC.webpCelica: Warrior PriestessEchoesInfantryRed Sword167117748
Chad Lycian Wildcat Face FC.webpChad: Lycian WildcatThe Binding BladeInfantryColorless Dagger19697647
Charlotte Money Maiden Face FC.webpCharlotte: Money MaidenFatesInfantryBlue Lance201085447
Charlotte Wily Warrior Face FC.webpCharlotte: Wily WarriorFatesInfantryGreen Axe1813118353
Cherche Wyvern Friend Face FC.webpCherche: Wyvern FriendAwakeningFlyingGreen Axe201068347
Chrom Crowned Exalt Face FC.webpChrom: Crowned ExaltAwakeningInfantryBlue Bow179712348
Chrom Exalted Prince Face FC.webpChrom: Exalted PrinceAwakeningInfantryRed Sword21967447
Chrom Fate-Defying Duo Face FC.webpChrom: Fate-Defying DuoAwakeningInfantryRed Bow1814510451
Chrom Gifted Leader Face FC.webpChrom: Gifted LeaderAwakeningArmoredGreen Axe251249555
Chrom Knight Exalt Face FC.webpChrom: Knight ExaltAwakeningCavalryRed Sword19968446
Chrom Spring Exalt Face FC.webpChrom: Spring ExaltAwakeningInfantryGreen Axe19986547
Clair Highborn Flier Face FC.webpClair: Highborn FlierEchoesFlyingBlue Lance18785947
Clarine Refined Noble Face FC.webpClarine: Refined NobleThe Binding BladeCavalryColorless Staff16695743
Clarisse Sniper in the Dark Face FC.webpClarisse: Sniper in the DarkShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryColorless Bow18786544
Claude Almyras King Face FC.webpClaude: Almyra's KingThree HousesFlyingColorless Bow188106648
Claude King of Unification Face FC.webpClaude: King of UnificationThree HousesFlyingColorless Bow179116548
Claude The Schemer Face FC.webpClaude: The SchemerThree HousesCavalryColorless Bow177115444
Claude Tropical Trouble Face FC.webpClaude: Tropical TroubleThree HousesFlyingBlue Dagger1710126449
Clive Idealistic Knight Face FC.webpClive: Idealistic KnightEchoesCavalryBlue Lance19968446
Colm Capable Thief Face FC.webpColm: Capable ThiefThe Sacred StonesInfantryBlue Dagger198115851
Conrad Masked Knight Face FC.webpConrad: Masked KnightEchoesCavalryBlue Lance18758947
Conrad Unmasked Knight Face FC.webpConrad: Unmasked KnightEchoesCavalryRed Sword17867947
Constance Fallen Noble Face FC.webpConstance: Fallen NobleThree HousesFlyingRed Tome1712104548
Cordelia Knight Paradise Face FC.webpCordelia: Knight ParadiseAwakeningCavalryBlue Lance178106546
Cordelia Knight Paragon Face FC.webpCordelia: Knight ParagonAwakeningFlyingBlue Lance18995647
Cordelia Perfect Bride Face FC.webpCordelia: Perfect BrideAwakeningInfantryColorless Bow17994544
Cormag Aloof Lanceman Face FC.webpCormag: Aloof LancemanThe Sacred StonesFlyingBlue Lance1810612450
Corrin Bloodbound Beast Face FC.webpCorrin: Bloodbound BeastFatesInfantryBlue Breath18885443
Corrin Child of Dusk Face FC.webpCorrin: Child of DuskFatesInfantryColorless Breath15878745
Corrin Daylight Ninja Act Face FC.webpCorrin: Daylight Ninja ActFatesInfantryBlue Lance1910109654
Corrin Dream Prince Face FC.webpCorrin: Dream PrinceFatesInfantryBlue Breath16775540
Corrin Dream Princess Face FC.webpCorrin: Dream PrincessFatesInfantryGreen Breath15776540
Corrin Enjoying Tradition Face FC.webpCorrin: Enjoying TraditionFatesInfantryColorless Bow18886545
Corrin Fateful Prince Face FC.webpCorrin: Fateful PrinceFatesInfantryRed Sword20886547
Corrin Fateful Princess Face FC.webpCorrin: Fateful PrincessFatesInfantryBlue Breath19868647
Corrin Nightfall Ninja Act Face FC.webpCorrin: Nightfall Ninja ActFatesCavalryGreen Tome1611104546
Corrin Novice Vacationer Face FC.webpCorrin: Novice VacationerFatesFlyingBlue Tome17785744
Corrin Wailing Soul Face FC.webpCorrin: Wailing SoulFatesInfantryColorless Breath15777541
Cynthia Hero Chaser Face FC.webpCynthia: Hero ChaserAwakeningFlyingBlue Lance168115747
Dagr New Year Jotnar Face FC.webpDagr: New Year JötnarHeroesFlyingGreen Bow1811125349
Dagr Suns Radiance Face FC.webpDagr: Sun's RadianceHeroesInfantryGreen Axe199118653
Darros Seawalker Face FC.webpDarros: SeawalkerShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryGreen Axe201069651
Death Knight The Reaper Face FC.webpDeath Knight: The ReaperThree HousesCavalryBlue Lance18968546
Dedue Dimitris Vassal Face FC.webpDedue: Dimitri's VassalThree HousesArmoredGreen Axe2012412957
Deen Bladed Sandstorm Face FC.webpDeen: Bladed SandstormEchoesCavalryColorless Dagger19895647
Deirdre Lady of the Forest Face FC.webpDeirdre: Lady of the ForestGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryGreen Tome17963944
Delthea Free Spirit Face FC.webpDelthea: Free SpiritEchoesInfantryBlue Tome161083744
Delthea Prodigy in Bloom Face FC.webpDelthea: Prodigy in BloomEchoesCavalryBlue Tome1710103646
Delthea Tatarrahs Puppet Face FC.webpDelthea: Tatarrah's PuppetEchoesInfantryBlue Tome171094646
Dheginsea Harvest Goldoan Face FC.webpDheginsea: Harvest GoldoanRadiant DawnArmoredRed Breath1912413957
Dieck Wounded Tiger Face FC.webpDieck: Wounded TigerThe Binding BladeInfantryGreen Axe1810910653
Dimitri King of Faerghus Face FC.webpDimitri: King of FaerghusThree HousesInfantryBlue Lance1910810653
Dimitri Savage Boar Face FC.webpDimitri: Savage BoarThree HousesInfantryBlue Lance1812712453
Dimitri Savior King Face FC.webpDimitri: Savior KingThree HousesInfantryBlue Lance1811811553
Dimitri Sky-Blue Lion Face FC.webpDimitri: Sky-Blue LionThree HousesCavalryGreen Axe189109450
Dimitri The Protector Face FC.webpDimitri: The ProtectorThree HousesCavalryBlue Lance1810510346
Dithorba Cutting Knight Face FC.webpDíthorba: Cutting KnightGenealogy of the Holy WarFlyingBlue Lance197106951
Donnel Village Hero Face FC.webpDonnel: Village HeroAwakeningInfantryBlue Lance17756439
Dorcas Pumpkin Smasher Face FC.webpDorcas: Pumpkin SmasherThe Blazing BladeArmoredGreen Axe231169655
Dorcas Serene Warrior Face FC.webpDorcas: Serene WarriorThe Blazing BladeInfantryGreen Axe19969548
Dorothea Solar Songstress Face FC.webpDorothea: Solar SongstressThree HousesInfantryColorless Dagger16783640
Dorothea Twilit Harmony Face FC.webpDorothea: Twilit HarmonyGenealogy of the Holy War Three HousesFlyingRed Tome15893439
Dozla Harvest Attendant Face FC.webpDozla: Harvest AttendantThe Sacred StonesArmoredColorless Dagger21879853
Draug Gentle Giant Face FC.webpDraug: Gentle GiantShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryArmoredRed Sword248613354
Duessel Obsidian Face FC.webpDuessel: ObsidianThe Sacred StonesCavalryBlue Lance19959749
Duma God of Strength Face FC.webpDuma: God of StrengthEchoesArmoredColorless Breath241068755
Echidna Unyielding Idealist Face FC.webpEchidna: Unyielding IdealistThe Binding BladeInfantryGreen Axe198106851
Edelgard Adrestian Emperor Face FC.webpEdelgard: Adrestian EmperorThree HousesArmoredGreen Axe2012313957
Edelgard Flame Emperor Face FC.webpEdelgard: Flame EmperorThree HousesArmoredGreen Axe1912413856
Edelgard Hegemon Husk Face FC.webpEdelgard: Hegemon HuskThree HousesArmoredColorless Beast2112411957
Edelgard Sun Empresses Face FC.webpEdelgard: Sun EmpressesRadiant Dawn Three HousesArmoredRed Sword2012413958
Edelgard The Future Face FC.webpEdelgard: The FutureThree HousesInfantryGreen Axe17989649
Effie Army of One Face FC.webpEffie: Army of OneFatesArmoredBlue Lance2212511454
Eir Merciful Death Face FC.webpEir: Merciful DeathHeroesFlyingColorless Dagger16894744
Eir Renewed Life Face FC.webpEir: Renewed LifeHeroesFlyingRed Dagger17986646
Eirika Anamnesis Lady Face FC.webpEirika: Anamnesis LadyThe Sacred StonesCavalryRed Tome17795543
Eirika Gentle as Snow Face FC.webpEirika: Gentle as SnowThe Sacred StonesArmoredColorless Staff1810681052
Eirika Graceful Resolve Face FC.webpEirika: Graceful ResolveThe Sacred StonesCavalryRed Sword165118646
Eirika Pledged Restorer Face FC.webpEirika: Pledged RestorerThe Sacred StonesCavalryBlue Lance1710126550
Eirika Restoration Lady Face FC.webpEirika: Restoration LadyThe Sacred StonesInfantryRed Sword18797647
Eirika Twin Refulgence Face FC.webpEirika: Twin RefulgenceThe Sacred StonesInfantryRed Sword188138653
Eitri Youthful Sage Face FC.webpEitri: Youthful SageHeroesFlyingGreen Tome151178748
Eldigan Lionheart Face FC.webpEldigan: LionheartGenealogy of the Holy WarCavalryRed Sword19858646
Eldigan Strutting Lion Face FC.webpEldigan: Strutting LionGenealogy of the Holy WarFlyingBlue Lance17849543
Eleonora Shooting Starlet Face FC.webpEleonora: Shooting StarletTokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE EncoreInfantryColorless Bow18788748
Elimine Scouring Saint Face FC.webpElimine: Scouring SaintThe Binding BladeFlyingColorless Staff1710103848
Elincia Estival Princess Face FC.webpElincia: Estival PrincessRadiant DawnInfantryGreen Dagger15575436
Elincia Lost Princess Face FC.webpElincia: Lost PrincessPath of RadianceFlyingRed Sword168105847
Elincia Seaside Queen Face FC.webpElincia: Seaside QueenRadiant DawnFlyingBlue Bow168106949
Elise Bubbling Flower Face FC.webpElise: Bubbling FlowerFatesCavalryRed Dagger157113743
Elise Budding Flower Face FC.webpElise: Budding FlowerFatesCavalryColorless Staff15884843
Elise Tropical Flower Face FC.webpElise: Tropical FlowerFatesInfantryGreen Tome171083644
Eliwood Blazing Knight Face FC.webpEliwood: Blazing KnightThe Blazing BladeCavalryRed Sword186109346
Eliwood Devoted Love Face FC.webpEliwood: Devoted LoveThe Blazing BladeArmoredBlue Lance231087755
Eliwood Knight of Lycia Face FC.webpEliwood: Knight of LyciaThe Blazing BladeCavalryRed Sword17786846
Eliwood Marquess Pherae Face FC.webpEliwood: Marquess PheraeThe Blazing BladeCavalryBlue Lance18996547
Emmeryn Gentle Exalt Face FC.webpEmmeryn: Gentle ExaltAwakeningInfantryColorless Staff19686847
Ena Autumn Tactician Face FC.webpEna: Autumn TacticianRadiant DawnInfantryRed Breath2010491053
Ephraim Dynastic Duo Face FC.webpEphraim: Dynastic DuoThe Sacred StonesInfantryBlue Lance19989651
Ephraim Legendary Lord Face FC.webpEphraim: Legendary LordThe Sacred StonesCavalryBlue Lance191059346
Ephraim Restoration Lord Face FC.webpEphraim: Restoration LordThe Sacred StonesInfantryBlue Lance19968547
Ephraim Sacred Twin Lord Face FC.webpEphraim: Sacred Twin LordThe Sacred StonesArmoredGreen Axe2210511755
Ephraim Sparkling Gallantly Face FC.webpEphraim: Sparkling GallantlyThe Sacred StonesArmoredBlue Lance2111610755
Eremiya Bishop of Woe Face FC.webpEremiya: Bishop of WoeShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryColorless Staff18696847
Erinys Earnest Knight Face FC.webpErinys: Earnest KnightGenealogy of the Holy WarFlyingBlue Lance1771110651
Erk Studious Mage Face FC.webpErk: Studious MageThe Blazing BladeInfantryRed Tome19796849
Est Junior Whitewing Face FC.webpEst: Junior WhitewingShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryFlyingBlue Lance17985847
Est Springtime Flier Face FC.webpEst: Springtime FlierShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryFlyingBlue Tome17894745
Ethlyn Glimmering Lady Face FC.webpEthlyn: Glimmering LadyGenealogy of the Holy WarFlyingColorless Dagger15883640
Ethlyn Spirited Princess Face FC.webpEthlyn: Spirited PrincessGenealogy of the Holy WarCavalryColorless Staff166104743
Ewan Eager Student Face FC.webpEwan: Eager StudentThe Sacred StonesInfantryRed Tome16774539
Eyvel Mistress of Fiana Face FC.webpEyvel: Mistress of FianaThracia 776InfantryRed Sword179118651
Fae Childlike Dragon Face FC.webpFae: Childlike DragonThe Binding BladeInfantryBlue Breath16967846
Fae Divine Dragon Face FC.webpFae: Divine DragonThe Binding BladeInfantryGreen Breath16546839
Fae Holiday Dear Face FC.webpFae: Holiday DearThe Binding BladeArmoredGreen Breath17949847
Fafnir Fresh Ambition Face FC.webpFáfnir: Fresh AmbitionHeroesCavalryRed Dagger181097347
Farina The Great Wing Face FC.webpFarina: The Great WingThe Blazing BladeFlyingBlue Lance1710108651
Faye Devoted Heart Face FC.webpFaye: Devoted HeartEchoesInfantryColorless Bow16634736
Faye Drawn Heartstring Face FC.webpFaye: Drawn HeartstringEchoesArmoredColorless Bow19747845
Felicia Maid Mayhem Face FC.webpFelicia: Maid MayhemFatesInfantryColorless Dagger156113944
Felicia Off the Menu Face FC.webpFelicia: Off the MenuFatesArmoredGreen Axe218118755
Felix Icy Gift Giver Face FC.webpFelix: Icy Gift GiverThree HousesArmoredBlue Bow201098754
Ferdinand Noblest of Nobles Face FC.webpFerdinand: Noblest of NoblesThree HousesCavalryBlue Lance19896547
Fernand Traitorous Knight Face FC.webpFernand: Traitorous KnightEchoesCavalryBlue Lance191178449
Finn Lance of Legend Face FC.webpFinn: Lance of LegendThracia 776CavalryBlue Lance18898346
Fiora Airborne Warrior Face FC.webpFiora: Airborne WarriorThe Blazing BladeFlyingBlue Lance198106750
Fiora Defrosted Ilian Face FC.webpFiora: Defrosted IlianThe Blazing BladeFlyingRed Sword188114647
Fir Student of Spring Face FC.webpFir: Student of SpringThe Binding BladeFlyingGreen Axe179116750
Fir Sword Student Face FC.webpFir: Sword StudentThe Binding BladeInfantryRed Sword196105747
Fjorm Bride of Rime Face FC.webpFjorm: Bride of RimeHeroesFlyingColorless Staff188104444
Fjorm Ice Ascendant Face FC.webpFjorm: Ice AscendantHeroesArmoredGreen Axe1991191058
Fjorm New Traditions Face FC.webpFjorm: New TraditionsHeroesFlyingGreen Bow17995444
Fjorm Princess of Ice Face FC.webpFjorm: Princess of IceHeroesInfantryBlue Lance17878848
Flame Emperor Bringer of War Face FC.webpFlame Emperor: Bringer of WarThree HousesArmoredGreen Axe2012611756
Flavia Feroxi East-Khan Face FC.webpFlavia: Feroxi East-KhanAwakeningInfantryRed Sword1910118654
Flayn Playing Innocent Face FC.webpFlayn: Playing InnocentThree HousesFlyingColorless Staff181154947
Flora Cold as Ice Face FC.webpFlora: Cold as IceFatesInfantryRed Dagger168651045
Flora Signature Dish Face FC.webpFlora: Signature DishFatesArmoredRed Dagger1912571053
Florina Azure-Sky Knight Face FC.webpFlorina: Azure-Sky KnightThe Blazing BladeFlyingColorless Bow179133749
Florina Lovely Flier Face FC.webpFlorina: Lovely FlierThe Blazing BladeFlyingBlue Lance18786847
Forrest Fashion Forward Face FC.webpForrest: Fashion ForwardFatesCavalryColorless Staff17674943
Forsyth Loyal Lieutenant Face FC.webpForsyth: Loyal LieutenantEchoesArmoredBlue Lance2310511756
Frederick Horizon Watcher Face FC.webpFrederick: Horizon WatcherAwakeningInfantryColorless Dagger18876544
Frederick Polite Knight Face FC.webpFrederick: Polite KnightAwakeningCavalryGreen Axe19968446
Freyja Fleeting Summer Face FC.webpFreyja: Fleeting SummerHeroesCavalryColorless Beast169136549
Freyja Lady of Nightmare Face FC.webpFreyja: Lady of NightmareHeroesCavalryGreen Beast1610115749
Freyr Estival Dreams Face FC.webpFreyr: Estival DreamsHeroesCavalryRed Beast171238949
Gaius Candy Stealer Face FC.webpGaius: Candy StealerAwakeningInfantryColorless Dagger187105444
Gaius Thief Exposed Face FC.webpGaius: Thief ExposedAwakeningInfantryColorless Bow17894644
Galle Azure Rider Face FC.webpGalle: Azure RiderThe Binding BladeFlyingBlue Lance2010510651
Galzus Dark Blade of Od Face FC.webpGalzus: Dark Blade of OdThracia 776InfantryRed Sword18101110554
Gangrel Plegias Mad King Face FC.webpGangrel: Plegia's Mad KingAwakeningInfantryColorless Dagger196105848
Garon King of Nohr Face FC.webpGaron: King of NohrFatesInfantryRed Breath17959848
Gatekeeper Nothing to Report Face FC.webpGatekeeper: Nothing to ReportThree HousesInfantryGreen Tome199410850
Gatrie Armored Amour Face FC.webpGatrie: Armored AmourPath of RadianceArmoredBlue Lance1914411957
Geese A Life at Sea Face FC.webpGeese: A Life at SeaThe Binding BladeInfantryBlue Lance20898651
Genny Dressed with Care Face FC.webpGenny: Dressed with CareEchoesCavalryColorless Staff161054843
Genny Endearing Ally Face FC.webpGenny: Endearing AllyEchoesInfantryColorless Staff17964844
Gerik Desert Tiger Face FC.webpGerik: Desert TigerThe Sacred StonesInfantryGreen Axe1911108351
Gerome Masked Rider Face FC.webpGerome: Masked RiderAwakeningFlyingGreen Axe191068447
Gharnef Dark Pontifex Face FC.webpGharnef: Dark PontifexShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryRed Tome168105645
Gonzalez Kindly Bandit Face FC.webpGonzalez: Kindly BanditThe Binding BladeInfantryGreen Axe201299454
Gordin Altean Archer Face FC.webpGordin: Altean ArcherShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryColorless Bow19768444
Gray Wry Comrade Face FC.webpGray: Wry ComradeEchoesInfantryRed Sword17766339
Greil Heroic Exemplar Face FC.webpGreil: Heroic ExemplarPath of RadianceArmoredGreen Axe2311510655
Guinivere Princess of Bern Face FC.webpGuinivere: Princess of BernThe Binding BladeInfantryBlue Tome1791031049
Gunnthra Beaming Smile Face FC.webpGunnthrá: Beaming SmileHeroesCavalryColorless Dagger177114544
Gunnthra Voice of Dreams Face FC.webpGunnthrá: Voice of DreamsHeroesCavalryGreen Tome15796643
Gunnthra Years First Dream Face FC.webpGunnthrá: Year's First DreamHeroesFlyingRed Sword168118447
Gunter Inveterate Soldier Face FC.webpGunter: Inveterate SoldierFatesCavalryGreen Axe2110711554
Gustav Majestic Love Face FC.webpGustav: Majestic LoveHeroesArmoredGreen Axe2111513757
Gustav Sovereign Slain Face FC.webpGustav: Sovereign SlainHeroesCavalryGreen Axe1811310850
Guy Kutolah Blade Face FC.webpGuy: Kutolah BladeThe Blazing BladeInfantryRed Sword209109654
Gwendolyn Adorable Knight Face FC.webpGwendolyn: Adorable KnightThe Binding BladeArmoredBlue Lance238512654
Haar Black Tempest Face FC.webpHaar: Black TempestRadiant DawnFlyingGreen Axe179610547
Hana Focused Ninja Face FC.webpHana: Focused NinjaFatesInfantryGreen Axe188109853
Hana Focused Samurai Face FC.webpHana: Focused SamuraiFatesInfantryRed Sword189106447
Hapi Drawn-Out Sigh Face FC.webpHapi: Drawn-Out SighThree HousesCavalryBlue Tome181243946
Hardin Dark Emperor Face FC.webpHardin: Dark EmperorShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryArmoredBlue Lance238610855
Hawkeye Desert Guardian Face FC.webpHawkeye: Desert GuardianThe Blazing BladeInfantryGreen Axe21956647
Heath Wandering Knight Face FC.webpHeath: Wandering KnightThe Blazing BladeFlyingBlue Lance189711550
Hector Brave Warrior Face FC.webpHector: Brave WarriorThe Blazing BladeArmoredBlue Lance241159655
Hector Dressed-Up Duo Face FC.webpHector: Dressed-Up DuoThe Blazing BladeArmoredRed Sword2311413556
Hector General of Ostia Face FC.webpHector: General of OstiaThe Blazing BladeArmoredGreen Axe2410511454
Hector Just Here to Fight Face FC.webpHector: Just Here to FightThe Blazing BladeArmoredGreen Axe248412755
Hector Marquess of Ostia Face FC.webpHector: Marquess of OstiaThe Blazing BladeArmoredGreen Axe2310612455
Hel Death Sovereign Face FC.webpHel: Death SovereignHeroesFlyingGreen Axe1810118350
Helbindi Savage Scourge Face FC.webpHelbindi: Savage ScourgeHeroesInfantryGreen Axe18959748
Helbindi Seaside Scourge Face FC.webpHelbindi: Seaside ScourgeHeroesInfantryRed Sword181057949
Henriette Overflowing Love Face FC.webpHenriette: Overflowing LoveHeroesArmoredRed Tome2075111053
Henry Happy Vampire Face FC.webpHenry: Happy VampireAwakeningArmoredGreen Tome1791041252
Henry Peculiar Egg Face FC.webpHenry: Peculiar EggAwakeningCavalryColorless Bow199510447
Henry Twisted Mind Face FC.webpHenry: Twisted MindAwakeningInfantryRed Tome19658644
Hilda Deers Two-Piece Face FC.webpHilda: Deer's Two-PieceThree HousesFlyingColorless Staff179105647
Hilda Holiday Layabout Face FC.webpHilda: Holiday LayaboutThree HousesArmoredBlue Lance2091011757
Hilda Idle Maiden Face FC.webpHilda: Idle MaidenThree HousesInfantryGreen Axe1911114449
Hilda Queen of Friege Face FC.webpHilda: Queen of FriegeGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryRed Tome1710851050
Hinata Samurai Groom Face FC.webpHinata: Samurai GroomFatesInfantryGreen Axe199512651
Hinata Wild Samurai Face FC.webpHinata: Wild SamuraiFatesInfantryRed Sword218510347
Hinoka Blue Sky Warrior Face FC.webpHinoka: Blue Sky WarriorFatesFlyingColorless Bow18694744
Hinoka Fair Pirate Pair Face FC.webpHinoka: Fair Pirate PairFatesFlyingGreen Bow1810104648
Hinoka Relaxed Warrior Face FC.webpHinoka: Relaxed WarriorFatesFlyingGreen Dagger16993744
Hinoka Warrior Princess Face FC.webpHinoka: Warrior PrincessFatesFlyingBlue Lance19786747
Hrid Icy Blade Face FC.webpHríd: Icy BladeHeroesCavalryRed Sword197412446
Hrid Resolute Prince Face FC.webpHríd: Resolute PrinceHeroesFlyingRed Sword1810410547
Hubert Sinister Servant Face FC.webpHubert: Sinister ServantThree HousesInfantryRed Tome171184646
Hugh Worldly Mage Face FC.webpHugh: Worldly MageThe Binding BladeInfantryRed Tome18898750
Iago Nohrs Tactician Face FC.webpIago: Nohr's TacticianFatesInfantryRed Tome181056847
Idunn Dark Priestess Face FC.webpIdunn: Dark PriestessThe Binding BladeArmoredRed Breath191149447
Idunn Divine Demon Face FC.webpIdunn: Divine DemonThe Binding BladeArmoredBlue Breath1510710850
Idunn Dragonkin Duo Face FC.webpIdunn: Dragonkin DuoThe Binding BladeArmoredRed Breath20947848
Ignatz Snowscape Artist Face FC.webpIgnatz: Snowscape ArtistThree HousesArmoredColorless Bow207127955
Igrene Nabata Protector Face FC.webpIgrene: Nabata ProtectorThe Binding BladeInfantryRed Bow18797748
Igrene Ninja of Nabata Face FC.webpIgrene: Ninja of NabataThe Binding BladeFlyingColorless Dagger181085849
Ike Brave Mercenary Face FC.webpIke: Brave MercenaryPath of RadianceInfantryGreen Axe171069547
Ike Close-Knit Siblings Face FC.webpIke: Close-Knit SiblingsPath of RadianceInfantryRed Sword1812128454
Ike Stalwart Heart Face FC.webpIke: Stalwart HeartPath of RadianceArmoredRed Sword219109655
Ike Vanguard Legend Face FC.webpIke: Vanguard LegendRadiant DawnInfantryRed Sword191069448
Ike Young Mercenary Face FC.webpIke: Young MercenaryPath of RadianceInfantryRed Sword18978547
Ike Zeal Unleashed Face FC.webpIke: Zeal UnleashedRadiant DawnInfantryRed Sword189126651
Ilyana Awakened Appetite Face FC.webpIlyana: Awakened AppetitePath of RadianceInfantryGreen Tome1811451250
Ilyana Hungering Mage Face FC.webpIlyana: Hungering MagePath of RadianceInfantryBlue Tome1710841049
Ilyana Treat Harvester Face FC.webpIlyana: Treat HarvesterPath of RadianceArmoredBlue Tome198681152
Ingrid Galateas Heir Face FC.webpIngrid: Galatea's HeirThree HousesCavalryBlue Lance187106849
Ingrid Solstice Knight Face FC.webpIngrid: Solstice KnightThree HousesFlyingBlue Lance176126950
Inigo Festival Flower Face FC.webpInigo: Festival FlowerAwakeningFlyingGreen Bow1810105548
Inigo Indigo Dancer Face FC.webpInigo: Indigo DancerAwakeningInfantryGreen Tome15675336
Innes Flawless Form Face FC.webpInnes: Flawless FormThe Sacred StonesFlyingGreen Axe18996547
Innes Frelian Moonlight Face FC.webpInnes: Frelian MoonlightThe Sacred StonesInfantryColorless Bow191187550
Innes Regal Strategician Face FC.webpInnes: Regal StrategicianThe Sacred StonesInfantryColorless Bow16984744
Ishtar Echoing Thunder Face FC.webpIshtar: Echoing ThunderGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryBlue Tome1811104750
Ishtar Thunder Goddess Face FC.webpIshtar: Thunder GoddessGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryBlue Tome168104745
Ishtar Thunders Waltz Face FC.webpIshtar: Thunder's WaltzThracia 776FlyingRed Tome17683337
Itsuki Finding a Path Face FC.webpItsuki: Finding a PathTokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE EncoreInfantryRed Sword19987851
Jaffar Angel of Death Face FC.webpJaffar: Angel of DeathThe Blazing BladeInfantryColorless Dagger17796544
Jaffar Angel of Night Face FC.webpJaffar: Angel of NightThe Blazing BladeArmoredGreen Dagger18999853
Jagen Veteran Knight Face FC.webpJagen: Veteran KnightShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryCavalryBlue Lance208781154
Jakob Devoted Monster Face FC.webpJakob: Devoted MonsterFatesArmoredColorless Bow20969852
Jakob Devoted Servant Face FC.webpJakob: Devoted ServantFatesInfantryColorless Dagger17796544
Jamke Prince of Verdane Face FC.webpJamke: Prince of VerdaneGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryColorless Bow168107445
Jeorge Perfect Shot Face FC.webpJeorge: Perfect ShotShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryColorless Bow18885544
Jill Fiery Dracoknight Face FC.webpJill: Fiery DracoknightPath of RadianceFlyingGreen Axe1891010451
Jorge Traveling Peddler Face FC.webpJorge: Traveling PeddlerRadiant DawnInfantryBlue Bow198511750
Joshua Resolute Tempest Face FC.webpJoshua: Resolute TempestThe Sacred StonesInfantryColorless Dagger199107651
Joshua Tempest King Face FC.webpJoshua: Tempest KingThe Sacred StonesInfantryRed Sword18798648
Joshua Tropical Gambler Face FC.webpJoshua: Tropical GamblerThe Sacred StonesInfantryRed Bow181096548
Julia Crusader of Light Face FC.webpJulia: Crusader of LightGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryBlue Tome189641047
Julia Heart Usurped Face FC.webpJulia: Heart UsurpedGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryRed Tome1711541047
Julia Nagas Blood Face FC.webpJulia: Naga's BloodGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryGreen Tome16974844
Julia Scion of the Saint Face FC.webpJulia: Scion of the SaintGenealogy of the Holy WarFlyingRed Tome171293748
Julian Tender Thief Face FC.webpJulian: Tender ThiefShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryColorless Dagger188107548
Julius Scion of Darkness Face FC.webpJulius: Scion of DarknessGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryRed Tome16983945
Juno Soaring Bride Face FC.webpJuno: Soaring BrideThe Binding BladeFlyingBlue Tome19885747
Kaden Kitsune Braggart Face FC.webpKaden: Kitsune BraggartFatesCavalryGreen Beast168106646
Kaden Refreshed Kitsune Face FC.webpKaden: Refreshed KitsuneFatesCavalryRed Beast179116649
Kagero Beverage Ninja Face FC.webpKagero: Beverage NinjaFatesArmoredGreen Dagger191248952
Kagero Honorable Ninja Face FC.webpKagero: Honorable NinjaFatesInfantryColorless Dagger16985644
Kagero Spring Ninja Face FC.webpKagero: Spring NinjaFatesFlyingColorless Dagger17985544
Kana Dragon Princess Face FC.webpKana: Dragon PrincessFatesInfantryGreen Breath18887748
Kana Dragon Spawn Face FC.webpKana: Dragon SpawnFatesInfantryBlue Breath18977748
Karel Sword Demon Face FC.webpKarel: Sword DemonThe Blazing BladeInfantryRed Sword19896547
Karin Driven Knight Face FC.webpKarin: Driven KnightThracia 776FlyingBlue Lance197127752
Karla Sun-Piercing Steel Face FC.webpKarla: Sun-Piercing SteelThe Blazing BladeInfantryBlue Lance1910127654
Karla Sword Vassal Face FC.webpKarla: Sword VassalThe Blazing BladeInfantryRed Sword187106748
Katarina Torchlit Wanderer Face FC.webpKatarina: Torchlit WandererShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryFlyingBlue Tome1711103647
Katarina Wayward One Face FC.webpKatarina: Wayward OneShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryRed Tome17685844
Kaze Easygoing Ninja Face FC.webpKaze: Easygoing NinjaFatesInfantryColorless Dagger176104845
Keaton Lupine Collector Face FC.webpKeaton: Lupine CollectorFatesInfantryRed Beast191178449
Keaton Resolved Wolfskin Face FC.webpKeaton: Resolved WolfskinFatesInfantryGreen Beast2011710553
Kempf Conniving General Face FC.webpKempf: Conniving GeneralThracia 776CavalryRed Sword18778747
Kent Crimson Shield Face FC.webpKent: Crimson ShieldThe Blazing BladeCavalryRed Sword187108750
Kiria Cool Facade Face FC.webpKiria: Cool FaçadeTokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE EncoreInfantryRed Tome161157847
Kjelle Fair Fighter Face FC.webpKjelle: Fair FighterAwakeningArmoredBlue Lance2310511655
Klein Silver Nobleman Face FC.webpKlein: Silver NoblemanThe Binding BladeInfantryColorless Bow18975544
Kliff Curious Spirit Face FC.webpKliff: Curious SpiritEchoesInfantryBlue Tome15643937
Knoll Darkness Watcher Face FC.webpKnoll: Darkness WatcherThe Sacred StonesInfantryRed Tome19984949
Kris Ardent Firebrand Face FC.webpKris: Ardent FirebrandShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryCavalryGreen Axe19997549
Kris Unknown Hero Face FC.webpKris: Unknown HeroShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryRed Sword189108651
Kris Unsung Hero Face FC.webpKris: Unsung HeroShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryBlue Lance189108651
Kronya Gleaming Blade Face FC.webpKronya: Gleaming BladeThree HousesInfantryColorless Dagger189115447
Kurthnaga Autumn Goldoan Face FC.webpKurthnaga: Autumn GoldoanRadiant DawnInfantryRed Breath1911510954
Kyza Tiger of Fortune Face FC.webpKyza: Tiger of FortuneRadiant DawnInfantryRed Beast1911711654
LArachel Harvest Princess Face FC.webpL'Arachel: Harvest PrincessThe Sacred StonesCavalryGreen Tome17883743
LArachel Princess of Light Face FC.webpL'Arachel: Princess of LightThe Sacred StonesCavalryBlue Tome16974743
LArachel Seeker of Justice Face FC.webpL'Arachel: Seeker of JusticeThe Sacred StonesCavalryColorless Staff17983845
Lachesis Ballroom Bloom Face FC.webpLachesis: Ballroom BloomGenealogy of the Holy WarFlyingGreen Dagger15754940
Lachesis Lionhearts Sister Face FC.webpLachesis: Lionheart's SisterGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryColorless Staff17685844
Laegjarn Burning Sun Face FC.webpLaegjarn: Burning SunHeroesFlyingBlue Tome18695644
Laegjarn Flame Ascendant Face FC.webpLaegjarn: Flame AscendantHeroesCavalryColorless Bow189116347
Laegjarn New Experiences Face FC.webpLaegjarn: New ExperiencesHeroesCavalryBlue Lance16899446
Laegjarn Sheathed Steel Face FC.webpLaegjarn: Sheathed SteelHeroesFlyingRed Sword178108447
Laevatein Bonfires Blaze Face FC.webpLaevatein: Bonfire's BlazeHeroesFlyingGreen Tome16867744
Laevatein Kumade Warrior Face FC.webpLaevatein: Kumade WarriorHeroesCavalryColorless Staff161068343
Laevatein Ninja of Muspell Face FC.webpLaevatein: Ninja of MúspellHeroesFlyingGreen Axe191257851
Laevatein Searing Steel Face FC.webpLaevatein: Searing SteelHeroesInfantryRed Sword171178548
Larcei Keen Kin Face FC.webpLarcei: Keen KinGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryRed Sword178108851
Larcei Scion of Astra Face FC.webpLarcei: Scion of AstraGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryGreen Axe189129654
Larum Dancing Bride Face FC.webpLarum: Dancing BrideThe Binding BladeFlyingBlue Lance194104744
Larum Sprightly Dancer Face FC.webpLarum: Sprightly DancerThe Binding BladeInfantryColorless Dagger18693440
Laslow Dancing Duelist Face FC.webpLaslow: Dancing DuelistFatesInfantryRed Sword20976547
Leanne Forests Song Face FC.webpLeanne: Forest's SongRadiant DawnFlyingColorless Beast14593839
Legault The Hurricane Face FC.webpLegault: The HurricaneThe Blazing BladeInfantryColorless Dagger177107445
Legion Masked Maniac Face FC.webpLegion: Masked ManiacShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryGreen Axe201095347
Leif Destined Scions Face FC.webpLeif: Destined ScionsGenealogy of the Holy War Thracia 776CavalryColorless Bow1810115347
Leif Prince of Leonster Face FC.webpLeif: Prince of LeonsterThracia 776InfantryRed Sword186108648
Leif Unifier of Thracia Face FC.webpLeif: Unifier of ThraciaGenealogy of the Holy War Thracia 776CavalryColorless Bow18837844
Leila Rose amid Fangs Face FC.webpLeila: Rose amid FangsThe Blazing BladeInfantryColorless Dagger188114748
Lena Tender Angel Face FC.webpLena: Tender AngelShadow Dragon / (New) MysteryInfantryColorless Staff18875947
Lene Yearning Dancer Face FC.webpLene: Yearning DancerGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryRed Sword16674639
Leo Extra Tomatoes Face FC.webpLeo: Extra TomatoesFatesCavalryGreen Tome151165643
Leo Seashores Prince Face FC.webpLeo: Seashore's PrinceFatesInfantryRed Tome18856744
Leo Sorcerous Prince Face FC.webpLeo: Sorcerous PrinceFatesCavalryRed Tome17756843
Leon True of Heart Face FC.webpLeon: True of HeartEchoesInfantryColorless Bow17868544
Leonie Relentless Rays Face FC.webpLeonie: Relentless RaysThree HousesCavalryColorless Bow17898446
Lethe Gallias Valkyrie Face FC.webpLethe: Gallia's ValkyrieRadiant DawnCavalryRed Beast179104646
Lethe New Years Claw Face FC.webpLethe: New Year's ClawRadiant DawnCavalryGreen Beast179115547
Letizia Curse Director Face FC.webpLetizia: Curse DirectorHeroesCavalryGreen Tome161039846
Lewyn Guiding Breeze Face FC.webpLewyn: Guiding BreezeGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryGreen Tome168114645
Lewyn Wind-Song Scion Face FC.webpLewyn: Wind-Song ScionGenealogy of the Holy WarInfantryBlue Tome188106850
Lex Young Blade Face FC.webpLex: Young BladeGenealogy of the Holy WarCavalryGreen Axe218610449
Libra Fetching Friar Face FC.webpLibra: Fetching FriarAwakeningInfantryGreen Axe18986748
Lif Lethal Swordsman Face FC.webpLíf: Lethal SwordsmanHeroesInfantryRed Sword188810751
Lif Undying Ties Duo Face FC.webpLíf: Undying Ties DuoHeroesCavalryRed Tome17938845
Lifis Terror of Iz Face FC.webpLifis: Terror of IzThracia 776InfantryGreen Axe198128653
Lilina Beachside Bloom Face FC.webpLilina: Beachside BloomThe Binding BladeCavalryRed Dagger18863944
Lilina Beaming Bride Face FC.webpLilina: Beaming BrideThe Binding BladeCavalryBlue Tome179531246
Lilina Blush of Youth Face FC.webpLilina: Blush of YouthThe Binding BladeCavalryGreen Tome17985443
Lilina Delightful Noble Face FC.webpLilina: Delightful NobleThe Binding BladeInfantryRed Tome16964944
Lilina Firelight Leader Face FC.webpLilina: Firelight LeaderThe Binding BladeCavalryRed Tome171263745
Lilith Astral Daughter Face FC.webpLilith: Astral DaughterFatesFlyingBlue Breath17685642
Lilith Silent Broodling Face FC.webpLilith: Silent BroodlingFatesFlying