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It's the 5th Anniversary Celebration!

Thank you for playing the Fire Emblem Heroes game for five years!

Thanks to the passionate support of summoners like you, Fire Emblem Heroes has reached its 5th anniversary! To celebrate this momentous milestone, and to thank you for helping us reach it, we're holding a series of 5th Anniversary events with an array of rewards up for grabs.

Tap More for additional information about a special summoning event to celebrate the 5th anniversary called the Special Hero Summon (Year 5), the 5th anniversary Hero Fest, information on the 5th Anniversary Quests from which you can earn amazing rewards, and more!

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To celebrate five amazing years of Fire Emblem Heroes, we're holding a variety of 5th Anniversary events with an array of rewards up for grabs!

■ Special Hero Summon (Year 5)

Active: to

By participating in this special summoning event, you're guaranteed to add a 5★ Special Hero to your barracks! Every Special Hero who was added to the game between January 2021 and the beginning of January 2022 is included in this event! Every player will be able to summon one Hero during this event without using any Orbs! Check the List of Heroes to see the 52 Heroes who appear in this summoning event.

• When you participate in the event, five Special Heroes will be randomly chosen from the available pool, and you may summon one of them. (Each Hero in the pool has an equal chance of being selected.)
• Not every summoning session will include Heroes of each color type, so the five summonable Heroes may not represent all the types present in the game.

News emote Anna smile.png
I'm looking forward to seeing who will become my new ally!

■ 5th Anniversary Hero Fest

Active: to

Heroes who have gained unparalleled popularity and power will be available as part of this 5th Anniversary Hero Fest summoning event!

This time Legendary, Mythic, and Harmonized Heroes are featured as focus Heroes! Summon to try making one of these powerful Heroes your ally and strengthen your army!

Also, starting with this summoning event, Hero Fests will include the Feh Pass benefit that allows players with an active Fehpass.webpFeh Pass subscription to choose a 5★ focus Hero to summon for free after summoning 40 times, and they will receive a Celestial Stone as well when they perform this summon.

Note: Tap here for details about Feh Pass.

■ 5th Anniversary Log-In Bonuses

Active: to

We will distribute a Log-In Bonus from which you can get 10 Orbs, 55 Trait Fruit, 55 of each type of Dragonflower, and more!

On the 10th day you can even get a Celestial Stone!

・ The Log-In Bonuses can be obtained for up to 10 days during the active period.
・ For an explanation of how each of these in-game items are used, please refer to the About Items section at the end of this notification.

■ 5th Anniversary Quests

Active: to

Two categories of quests will be available simultaneously to celebrate the 5th anniversary! Defeat foes using allies of certain weapon types and clear as many quests as you can!

5th Anniversary Quests

Quest Rewards: 10 First Summon Tickets for the 5th Anniversary Hero Fest, 90 of each type of Dragonflower, and more.

5th Anniversary Quests (2)

Quest Rewards: 5 Orbs, 305 Divine Codes (Part 2), and 355 Aether Stones, and more.

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Be sure to earn as many of the rewards as you can!

Aether Raids Support Quests

Active: to

Quests will be available that task you with defeating enemies using Heroes of certain colors and reward you with up to 500 Aether Stones! You can use SP Aether Stones to get a 5th Anniversary Cake event item that can be placed even in the Aether Resort!

・ The 5th Anniversary Cake can be placed in the Aether Resort once it has been built in Aether Raids.
・ When the campaign is over, all remaining SP Aether Stones will be lost.

News emote Alfonse grinning.png
This is the chocolate cake Feh tried to eat in Feh Channel, isn't it?

■ 5th Anniversary Special Maps

Active: to

A total of 52 Special Heroes who appear in the Special Hero Summon (Year 5) summoning event will appear in Special Maps!

One Reward Map will be released each day for 13 days in a row. These maps will be available in two difficulties: Normal and Hard. You can earn up to 26 Orbs by completing them!

Note: Each reward map is available for 4 days.

■ Celebratory Grand Hero Party and Quests

Active: to

A total of 14 Grand Hero Battles quests that were held in the past will be returning on a daily basis! Even if you've cleared these quests in the past, you can play them again to earn 14 5★ Grand Heroes, so be sure to give them a try!

Note: You can challenge Grand Hero Battles in Special Maps.

Time Quest Reward
Starts Oliver: Admirer of Beauty
Starts Lyon: Shadow Prince
Starts Takumi: Empty Vessel
Starts Saias: Bishop of Flame
Starts Kana: Dragon Spawn
Starts Julius: Scion of Darkness
Starts Linus: Mad Dog
Starts Walhart: The Conqueror
Starts Jamke: Prince of Verdane
Starts Garon: King of Nohr
Starts Aversa: Dark One
Starts Gharnef: Dark Pontifex
Starts Naesala: Sky's Shadow
Starts Panne: Proud Taguel

Also, 14 Grand Hero Battles featuring the above Grand Heroes will be added to the daily rotating Grand Hero Battles in Special Maps! From here on, they will appear in the daily rotation as seen below.

Time Battle
Sunday Grand Hero Battle - Julius: Scion of Darkness and
Grand Hero Battle - Naesala: Sky's Shadow
Monday Grand Hero Battle - Linus: Mad Dog and
Grand Hero Battle - Panne: Proud Taguel
Tuesday Grand Hero Battle - Oliver: Admirer of Beauty and
Grand Hero Battle - Walhart: The Conqueror
Wednesday Grand Hero Battle - Lyon: Shadow Prince and
Grand Hero Battle - Jamke: Prince of Verdane
Thursday Grand Hero Battle - Takumi: Empty Vessel and
Grand Hero Battle - Garon: King of Nohr
Friday Grand Hero Battle - Saias: Bishop of Flame and
Grand Hero Battle - Aversa: Dark One
Saturday Grand Hero Battle - Kana: Dragon Spawn and
Grand Hero Battle - Gharnef: Dark Pontifex

Note: These battles are available in three difficulties: Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal.

■ Double EXP & SP Events

Active: to and to

Earn double EXP and SP from battle while these events are active! Take advantage of this opportunity to develop lots of Heroes!

■ Quintuple EXP & SP Events

Active: to and to

Earn quintuple EXP and SP from battle while these events are active! This is a great opportunity to learn lots of skills!

■ A Hero Rises 2022 Winning Hero Gift and Summoning Focus

The top eight Heroes as voted by the players in the A Hero Rises 2022 event will battle it out in a Voting Gauntlet to be held at the end of February. And the Hero who wins the Voting Gauntlet will be given to all players at the beginning of March! Plus, a summoning event featuring the top four Heroes from the Voting Gauntlet is scheduled to be held at the end of March as well. We hope you're looking forward to these opportunities to make more Heroes your allies!

Note: For this special A Hero Rises summoning event, all players will be able to summon a single focus Hero of their choice after summoning 40 times in the summoning event, and they will receive a Celestial Stone when they perform this summon as well.

Visit the A Hero Rises 2022 website here to vote. Voting closes at

■ 5th Anniversary Celebratory Illustrations

You can check out the celebratory illustrations we received from some of the artists who work on Fire Emblem Heroes at the Anniversary Illustrations page!

Please check these wonderful illustrations out!

■ 5th Anniversary Tempest Trials+

Active: to

There will be a special Tempest Trials+: Abiding Love event from which you can earn amazing Score Rewards!

In addition to the usual rewards, 110 of each type of Dragonflower, 110 Sacred Coins, and 550 Divine Codes (Part 2) will be available!

■ 5th Anniversary Tempest Trials+ Quests

Active: to

There will be quests that you can complete by playing Tempest Trials+! By completing these quests, you can earn a Celestial Stone, five First Summon Tickets to use in the Here with Me Special Heroes summoning event scheduled to begin , and more!

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I'm going to work hard to make sure everyone has fun!

About Items
Trait Fruit.pngTrait Fruit

Collect 100 and you can change a Hero's traits (assets and flaws) once.
Dragonflower I.pngDragonflower
Used to boost the stats of your Heroes. Can only be used on Heroes of the corresponding movement type (red for infantry, green for armored, yellow for cavalry, and blue for flying).
Celestial Stone.pngCelestial Stone
Can be exchanged for valuable items in the Celestial Stone shop.
Divine Code.pngDivine Code
Exchanged for Combat Manuals that can be used to merge your Heroes or inherit skills.
Aether Stone.pngAether Stone
Used to create or enhance Aether Raid structures.
Sacred Coin.pngSacred Coin
Used to create and enhance Sacred Seals that your Heroes can equip.

To see your in-game inventory of items, tap Misc., then Inventory.