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Structure Hot Spring.png Hot Spring Icon RR Structures.png R&R Structures

None  300 An R&R structure for your Aether Resort. A structure where Heroes can relax in a nice hot spring. Apparently it is a natural spring too, which is especially incredible considering it is located within a flying island in the sky.



  • An open-air bath with just the right heat. The ultimate in comfort and carefree relaxation.
  • An unusual, otherworldly hot spring blanketed with a layer of mysterious, heavenly steam.
  • A popular natural spring, known for the magnificent view from its bath.
  • A grand and spacious hot spring where etiquette must be observed while relaxing.
  • A hot spring for any and every occasion, never growing stale.
  • A spring rumored to help soothe aching bones and ease stiff joints.
  • A spring rumored to warm bathers to their cores, reducing the need for movement-hindering layers.
  • A spring rumored to soften the skin of even the most grizzled veterans.
  • A spring rumored to erase battle scars and smooth wrinkled skin.
  • A spring that warms the hearts of all who bathe together in its waters.

Special Event[]

  • A spring that brings good luck under the stars. Something great will surely happen soon!


In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 温泉
German Heiße Quelle
Spanish (Europe) Termas
Spanish (Latin America) Termas
French Source chaude
Italian Terme
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 溫泉
Portuguese Águas termais