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The Home Screen acts as the hub zone in Fire Emblem Heroes and represents the Order of Heroes' Castle.

Character Interaction[]

There's an assortment of Heroes waiting in the Castle, with whom you can interact. Holding their sprite model takes you to their Character Status Page, while tapping on it triggers one of their casual Castle quotes. If you reach Level 40 on a 5★ Hero, the next time you visit your Home Screen you will be greeted by their 5★ LV. 40 conversation.

The leader sitting on top of the stairs is the leftmost Hero on the very first team in your Allies Menu, and represents you while visiting your friends' Castles, and in events like the Voting Gauntlet. The unit visiting your Castle at the very bottom of your screen is one of your friends' leader and sends their regards.

When the day resets at 7:00 AM UTC, the visiting Hero and one of your own Heroes gifts you with  Hero Feathers (for a maximum of 15). This is represented by a heart icon hovering over their heads.

If you reach the Hero Merit milestones on a certain Hero, you can collect your Hero Feathers by tapping on the Heroes surrounded by feathers. If a Hero reaches the maximum amount of HM, he is surrounded by even more feathers.

Castle Layout[]

Castle Layout

Present List[]

Here, the Messenger Owl Feh delivers and keeps your presents. You can receive presents from:

Quests & Missions[]

Here you can earn rewards for clearing quests. There are a variety of quest types, including daily, monthly and event-specific quests, so check this section often to make sure you don't miss out.


Main article: Notifications

A notice board to keep you updated with the latest game information and event details.

Friend List[]

"Friends" redirects here. For the Paralogue map, see Friends (map).

This is where you can add friends or check your friend requests. You can also view your Friend Code (10-digit ID number), which is required for people to send you friend requests.


A banner at the bottom of the screen sends out notifications. The current banner types are:

Reoccuring or permanent[]

Image Transcription Notes
Home Screen Banner Free Summon.png Free Summon! Tapping leads to the Summoning Focus menu.
Home Screen Banner Special offer on Orbs.png Special offer on Orbs! Tapping leads to the Shop menu.
Home Screen Banner Feh Channel.png Feh Channel! Tapping leads to the current Feh Channel YouTube video.
Home Screen Pre-register now.png
Home Screen Banner Grand Conquests 1-8.png
Grand Conquests! Tapping leads to the current Grand Conquests event.
Home Screen Banner Tap Battle.png Tap Battle! Tapping leads to the current Tap Battle event.
Home Screen Banner Voting Gauntlet.png Voting Gauntlet Tapping leads to the current Voting Gauntlet event.
Home Screen Banner Forging Bonds.png Get 2 Each Day Tapping leads to the current Forging Bonds event.
Home Screen Banner Tempest Trials Plus.png Tempest Trials+! Tapping leads to the current Tempest Trials+ event.
Home Screen Banner Get Rewards.png
Home Screen Banner Get Rewards GC.png
Get Rewards! Tapping leads to the current concluded Tempest Trials+ or Grand Conquests event.
Home Screen Banner Rival Domains.png New Maps: Rival Domains! Tapping leads to the the Special Maps menu.
Home Screen Banner Aether Raids.png New Season! Tapping leads to the the Aether Raids menu.
Home Screen Banner Try Out Accessories.png Try Out Accessories! Tapping leads to the Equip Accessories menu.
Home Screen Banner New Tactics Drills.png New Tactics Drills! Tapping leads to the Tactics Drills menu.
Home Screen Banner Update.png Update! Tapping leads to the notification about the latest update.
Home Screen Banner Learn with Sharena.png Learn with Sharena! Tapping leads to the Learn with Sharena! website.
Home Screen Banner JP Twitter.png 公式Twitter Tapping leads to the Japanese twitter page (Only shows if language is set to Japanese).
Home Screen Banner CYL.png
Home Screen Banner CYL Results.png
Choose Your Legends! Tapping leads to the current Choose Your Legends webpage.


Image Transcription Notes
Home Screen Banner New Years Event.png New Year's Event!

Current Season[]

Guide Blessings 4.png

Main article: Seasons

Seasons affect which Legendary Heroes,Mythic Heroes, and Blessings currently grant bonuses.

The current season is displayed on the upper-left corner of the Home Screen. Each season features two of the four elements: Icon Season Water.png Water, Icon Season Wind.png Wind, Icon Season Earth.png Earth, and Icon Season Fire.png Fire, and it changes at the same time as the Arena season. Aether Raids seasons rotate between Season Light Dark.png Light/Dark and Season Astra Anima.png Astra/Anima, and the Aether Raids season changes at the same time as the Arena season.

Upgrade Castle[]

Home Upgrade Castle Button.png

Upgrading your Castle will permanently increase the experience your units receive in battle. Additionally, this will also change the Castle Layout. Once a castle layout is purchased, the Change Design menu can be used to change the current castle design to previous designs.

Castle Layouts[]

Castle Cost Home Screen Visual
Basic Castle -
Basic Castle.png
Torchlit Castle
Boost EXP earned by 20%
1  Orb
Torchlit Castle.png
Columned Castle
Boost EXP earned by 40%
2 Orbs
Columned Castle.png
Carpeted Castle
Boost EXP earned by 60%
5 Orbs
Carpeted Castle.png
Ornate Castle
Boost EXP earned by 80%
8 Orbs
Ornate Castle.png
Royal Castle
Boost EXP earned by 100%
10 Orbs
Royal Castle.png
2nd Anniversary -
Wallpaper7 2years.png
Black Eagles -
Wallpaper8 abc.webp
Blue Lions -
Wallpaper9 abc.webp
Golden Deer -
Wallpaper10 abc.webp
Mechanical Castle -
Wallpaper11 nisaveril.webp
Closed-Off Castle -
Wallpaper12 embla.webp

The 2nd Anniversary layout was given to any players that logged in during the 2nd Anniversary celebration.

Heroes' Path[]

Icon Rankup1 L.webp

Main article: Heroes' Path

Allows you to view your current Heroes' Path quests and rank.

Sacred Seal Forge[]

Home Sacred Seal Forge Button.png

Main article: Sacred Seal Forge

A button to access the Sacred Seal Forge quickly.

Weapon Refinery[]

Home Weapon Refinery Button.png

Main article: Weapon Refinery

A button to access the Weapon Refinery quickly.


In other languages[]

Language Name
English (US) Basic Castle
Japanese いにしえの城
German Schlossgraben
Spanish (Europe) Fuerte espartano
Spanish (Latin America) Castillo sobrio
French Ancien
Italian Essenziale
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 遠古之城
Portuguese Castelo simples
Language Name
English (US) Torchlit Castle
Japanese 薄明かりの城
German Schlossgemäuer
Spanish (Europe) Castillo tosco
Spanish (Latin America) Castillo tosco
French Éclairé
Italian Con torce
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 微光之城
Portuguese Castelo elegante
Language Name
English (US) Columned Castle
Japanese 列柱の城
German Kleines Schloss
Spanish (Europe) Castillo señorial
Spanish (Latin America) Castillo señorial
French Rénové
Italian Con colonne
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 列柱之城
Portuguese Castelo luxuoso
Language Name
English (US) Carpeted Castle
Japanese 緑絨毯の城
German Jagdschloss
Spanish (Europe) Castillo opulento
Spanish (Latin America) Castillo opulento
French Décoré
Italian Con tappeto
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 綠地之城
Portuguese Castelo requintado
Language Name
English (US) Ornate Castle
Japanese 芸術の城
German Landschloss
Spanish (Europe) Palacio regio
Spanish (Latin America) Castillo barroco
French Orné
Italian Ornato
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 藝術之城
Portuguese Castelo exuberante
Language Name
English (US) Royal Castle
Japanese 王族の城
German Prunkschloss
Spanish (Europe) Palacio imperial
Spanish (Latin America) Castillo regio
French Royal
Italian Regale
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 王族之城
Portuguese Castelo real