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High Tea Jinks
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Event Characters Flora Cold as Ice Face FC.webp Nina Eye Spy Face FC.webp Ophelia Dramatic Heroine Face FC.webp Silas Loyal Knight Face FC.webp
Bonus Accessories Acc 1 0018 1.webpPane 1.png Acc 4 0019 1.webpPane 1.png Acc 1 0017 1.webpPane 1.png Acc 1 0016 1.webpPane 1.png Acc 1 0022 0.webpPane 1.png Acc 2 0024 0.webpPane 1.png Acc 3 0025 0.webpPane 1.png Acc 1 0023 0.webpPane 1.png
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Rejecting Destiny
Dueling Desires


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For a list of general Forging Bonds rewards, see Forging Bonds.
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10Flora Cold as Ice Face FC.webp Flora's C Conversation10Nina Eye Spy Face FC.webp Nina's C Conversation10Ophelia Dramatic Heroine Face FC.webp Ophelia's C Conversation10Silas Loyal Knight Face FC.webp Silas's C Conversation
25 5025 5025 5025 50
50 20050 20050 20050 200
75 5075 5075 5075 50
100Acc 1 0022 0.webpPane 1.png100Acc 2 0024 0.webpPane 1.png100Acc 3 0025 0.webpPane 1.png100Acc 1 0023 0.webpPane 1.png
150 50150 50150 50150 50
200 200200 200200 200200 200
250 50250 50250 50250 50
300Flora Cold as Ice Face FC.webp Flora's B Conversation300Nina Eye Spy Face FC.webp Nina's B Conversation300Ophelia Dramatic Heroine Face FC.webp Ophelia's B Conversation300Silas Loyal Knight Face FC.webp Silas's B Conversation
350 50350 50350 50350 50
400 200400 200400 200400 200
450 50450 50450 50450 50
500 200500 200500 200500 200
600 50600 50600 50600 50
700 50700 50700 50700 50
800Flora Cold as Ice Face FC.webp Flora's A Conversation800Nina Eye Spy Face FC.webp Nina's A Conversation800Ophelia Dramatic Heroine Face FC.webp Ophelia's A Conversation800Silas Loyal Knight Face FC.webp Silas's A Conversation
900 200900 200900 200900 200
1,000 2001,000 2001,000 2001,000 200
1,100 2001,100 2001,100 2001,100 200
1,200 51,200 51,200 51,200 5
1,300 2001,300 2001,300 2001,300 200
1,400 2001,400 2001,400 2001,400 200
1,500Flora Cold as Ice Face FC.webp Flora's S Conversation1,500Nina Eye Spy Face FC.webp Nina's S Conversation1,500Ophelia Dramatic Heroine Face FC.webp Ophelia's S Conversation1,500Silas Loyal Knight Face FC.webp Silas's S Conversation
1,700 3001,700 3001,700 3001,700 300
1,900 3001,900 3001,900 3001,900 300
2,100 3002,100 3002,100 3002,100 300
2,300 3002,300 3002,300 3002,300 300
2,500Acc 1 0022 1.webpPane 1.png2,500Acc 2 0024 1.webpPane 1.png2,500Acc 3 0025 1.webpPane 1.png2,500Acc 1 0023 1.webpPane 1.png
2,750 3002,750 3002,750 3002,750 300
3,000 5003,000 5003,000 5003,000 500
3,250 3003,250 3003,250 3003,250 300
3,500 13,500 13,500 13,500 1

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Day 1 1.0× Flora 1.5× Silas 1.5× Flora 2.0× Nina 1.0× Ophelia 1.5× Silas 2.0× Nina 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Nina 1.5× Silas 2.0× Nina 1.5× Silas 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Flora 1.0× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Ophelia 1.0× Nina 1.5× Nina 1.5× Silas 1.5× Silas 1.0× Flora 1.5× Flora 1.5× Ophelia
Day 2 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Silas 1.5× Flora 1.0× Nina 2.0× Ophelia 2.0× Silas 1.5× Flora 1.0× Nina 1.0× Nina 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Nina 1.5× Silas 2.0× Ophelia 1.0× Flora 1.5× Flora 1.0× Silas 1.0× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 2.0× Nina 2.0× Silas 2.0× Silas 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Flora 2.0× Nina
Day 3 1.5× Nina 1.5× Silas 2.0× Ophelia 2.0× Flora 1.0× Nina 2.0× Ophelia 2.0× Silas 1.5× Flora 1.5× Nina 2.0× Flora 2.0× Nina 2.0× Silas 1.5× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Ophelia 1.0× Silas 1.5× Nina 1.0× Flora 2.0× Ophelia 1.5× Nina 2.0× Silas 1.0× Flora 2.0× Ophelia 2.0× Silas
Day 4 1.5× Nina 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Silas 1.5× Ophelia 2.0× Flora 1.0× Silas 1.0× Nina 1.0× Flora 2.0× Nina 1.0× Ophelia 2.0× Nina 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Flora 2.0× Flora 1.0× Silas 2.0× Silas 2.0× Nina 1.5× Flora 1.0× Nina 1.0× Silas 1.0× Flora 2.0× Ophelia 2.0× Ophelia 1.0× Silas
Day 5 2.0× Nina 1.0× Flora 1.5× Nina 1.0× Ophelia 1.0× Ophelia 1.5× Silas 1.0× Flora 2.0× Silas 1.0× Nina 1.5× Silas 2.0× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Flora 1.0× Nina 1.0× Ophelia 2.0× Silas 1.5× Silas 1.0× Ophelia 1.0× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 2.0× Flora 1.0× Silas 1.0× Nina 1.5× Nina
Day 6 1.5× Silas 2.0× Nina 1.5× Flora 1.5× Nina 1.0× Ophelia 1.0× Silas 1.0× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 2.0× Ophelia 2.0× Ophelia 1.5× Silas 1.5× Flora 1.0× Nina 1.0× Silas 1.5× Flora 1.5× Nina 1.5× Flora 1.5× Flora 1.0× Nina 1.0× Nina 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Silas 1.5× Silas 2.0× Ophelia
Day 7 1.5× Silas 2.0× Nina 2.0× Flora 1.0× Ophelia 1.0× Flora 1.0× Ophelia 2.0× Silas 1.5× Nina 2.0× Nina 1.5× Ophelia 2.0× Flora 1.0× Ophelia 1.0× Silas 1.5× Flora 1.5× Silas 2.0× Nina 2.0× Silas 1.0× Nina 1.5× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Ophelia 1.0× Silas 1.5× Flora 1.5× Nina
Day 8 2.0× Flora 2.0× Silas 2.0× Ophelia 2.0× Ophelia 1.5× Silas 1.5× Nina 1.0× Flora 1.5× Nina 2.0× Ophelia 1.5× Flora 1.0× Nina 2.0× Silas 1.0× Nina 1.0× Ophelia 1.5× Silas 1.5× Flora 1.5× Silas 1.5× Nina 1.5× Nina 1.5× Flora 1.5× Silas 1.0× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Ophelia
Day 9 2.0× Silas 1.5× Silas 2.0× Ophelia 1.0× Flora 1.5× Nina 1.0× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Nina 1.0× Ophelia 1.5× Silas 1.0× Silas 2.0× Flora 1.5× Flora 2.0× Ophelia 2.0× Nina 1.0× Nina 1.0× Nina 1.5× Flora 1.5× Flora 1.0× Silas 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Silas 2.0× Ophelia 2.0× Nina
Day 10 1.0× Silas 2.0× Nina 1.5× Flora 1.0× Silas 1.0× Ophelia 2.0× Ophelia 1.0× Nina 2.0× Flora 1.5× Nina 2.0× Silas 1.0× Silas 1.5× Nina 1.5× Ophelia 2.0× Ophelia 2.0× Flora 1.0× Flora 2.0× Flora 1.0× Silas 2.0× Ophelia 1.5× Ophelia 2.0× Flora 1.5× Nina 1.0× Nina 1.5× Silas
Day 11 1.5× Silas 1.5× Silas 1.5× Nina 1.5× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Ophelia 1.0× Flora 1.0× Nina 1.5× Silas 1.5× Silas 1.0× Nina 1.5× Flora 2.0× Ophelia 2.0× Flora 2.0× Ophelia 1.5× Nina 1.5× Flora 1.5× Silas 1.5× Nina 2.0× Nina 1.5× Silas 1.5× Ophelia 2.0× Ophelia 1.5× Flora
Day 12 2.0× Silas 2.0× Silas 1.0× Nina 1.0× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Nina 1.0× Ophelia 2.0× Flora 1.5× Nina 2.0× Silas 2.0× Silas 1.0× Nina 1.0× Flora 1.0× Ophelia 1.0× Ophelia 1.0× Flora 1.0× Flora 2.0× Flora 2.0× Nina 1.0× Ophelia 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Nina 1.5× Silas 1.0× Silas
Day 13 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Nina 1.0× Ophelia 2.0× Silas 1.5× Flora 1.5× Flora 2.0× Silas 2.0× Nina 2.0× Silas 1.0× Silas 2.0× Flora 1.5× Nina 1.0× Ophelia 1.5× Nina 1.0× Flora 2.0× Ophelia 1.5× Nina 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Nina 1.5× Flora 2.0× Silas 2.0× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Silas
Day 14 1.5× Silas 1.5× Ophelia 1.0× Flora 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Flora 2.0× Silas 2.0× Nina 1.5× Nina 1.0× Nina 1.0× Silas 2.0× Nina 1.5× Flora 1.5× Flora 2.0× Ophelia 1.5× Ophelia 1.5× Silas 2.0× Ophelia 1.0× Nina 2.0× Flora 1.5× Silas 1.0× Ophelia 2.0× Silas 2.0× Nina 1.0× Flora

Special conversations[]

High Tea Jinks[]

High Tea Jinks - Opening[]

Nameplate Text

Legendary tea? It must be pretty
good. And that's really what we

The Order of Heroes has treated us
well, so I would like to host a tea
party for them.
And in order to show proper respect,
legendary tea is a must. It will be our
way of returning their hospitality.
If one drinks just a single cup of this
tea, the fatigue of the day will all but
And according to Commander Anna,
it grows in this remote region of Askr.

Very well, Flora! I have heard your
story, and I can feel the devotion
flowing from your very soul.
You wish to soothe the exhausted
spirits of Askr. Your heart sparkles
with the...the...sparkles of purity!
I can be quite picky, myself, when it
comes to tea. And so I, Ophelia Dusk,
shall take up your epic quest!
It is my personal mission to retrieve
this...miracle tea... Hmm, tea is kind of
amber in color, so...
I shall retrieve this tea, henceforth
known as...Amberacle!

Right... So in other words, we're
repaying their kindness? If we can do
so outside of battle, I welcome it.
Allow me to accompany you. And
perhaps Prince Alfonse can lead the

You're still unfamiliar with the local
geography, so that's a good idea.

Excellent! We can move out at once.

A knight and a prince...roaming deep
within a dark forest... The way they
help one another over a fallen tree...
Oh! But one of them trips! And the
other is there to break his fall. I can
see it all so clearly!
I need to watch this play out without
being spotted myself... I'm merely an
observer, after all.
Maybe I can hide in a barrel to spy on
their blossoming relationship...

We're heading into the mountains up
north. It's likely we'll run into trouble,
so we must proceed with caution.

Worry not, young prince! As long as
chosen heroine Ophelia Dusk is by
your side, all foes shall perish!
Hrk?! The power of dusk...within me...
It's overflowing! No, Ophelia, contain
Save your dark energy for when you
can unleash it upon your enemies!

Hmm... I know this girl...and not even
the most talented staff user can heal
her delusions.
I suppose it's fine... As long as her
delusions don't get in the way of my

Well, let's move out. As Alfonse said,
it can be dangerous, so stay focused.

Thank you for your assistance,
everyone. We'll soon have all we
need for a world-class tea time!
Nameplate Text









問題ないわ…! この選ばれし乙女…
うっ…! さっそく私の中の宵闇の力が
溢れ出てしまいそう! まだ、まだよ…




High Tea Jinks - C[]

Nameplate Text

It's just as Alfonse said. There seems
to be no shortage of enemies on this

However, battle is not our goal. We
should focus on finding this tea
swiftly and with minimal conflict.

Surely this is a trial. If we can
overcome these difficulties, our auras
shall burn ever brighter!
A chosen one such as myself cannot
shy away from a difficult path, no
matter how challenging it proves.
However, do be on your guard... The
heavens have afforded me a most
unfortunate premonition.
From the very outset of this epic
quest, the stars have been restless,
screaming a warning to me!

Spooky premonitions and shouting
stars... Is that really something we
should be concerned with?

It's unfortunate premonitions and
screaming stars! And yes, we should
be very concerned!
I've been getting chills all down my
spine, and my fair skin has taken to
freezing over.
There! I feel it right now! It's as if a
spirit more wintry than...than winter
itself passed right through me!

Oh, um... Excuse me, but... That may
be at least...partially my fault. Sorry.

Flora?! You've been a foul specter
this whole time?! Ophelia Dusk shall
avenge you untimely—

No, no, stop right there. I am no
specter, but I am from the Ice Tribe.
My body temperature is very low.
So low, in can lower the
temperature around me. Here, feel
for yourself. Touch my hand.

By the dusk, it's true! Your skin is the
very depths of winter!

So your premonition was just the
result of you standing too close to

Uh, hahaha... Heh... The... The threat
has passed!
The stars slumber once more, as
peaceful and silent as a baby
swaddled in the arms of its mother.
No specter nor earthly foe shall keep
us from our most noble task! This is
my undying pledge to you, my—

OK, OK, we get it. Drop the dramatics
and...quit striking those poses
Anyway, Prince look as
though you have something on your
Indeed... And it's not just Flora's chill.
I feel eyes upon us...

You're saying you think somene is
spying on us?


I don't hear anything out of the
ordinary, nor do I see any
unaccounted for shadows.
Just these old barrels.

Just some old barrels, yes... Perhaps
my mind is simply playing tricks.

(Phew... Thought I was found out.)

Worry not, Prince Alfonse. On my
honor as a knight, I'll see personally
to our safety.

Thank you, Silas. With your
protection, I will do my best to lead
everyone safely.

(Oh, the bond between those two
men grows ever thicker as they share
the hardships of a common goal!)
(This is exactly the sort of
camaraderie my heart longs to see!)
(At this rate, things will really start to
take off soon... Hehehe!)
Nameplate Text

High Tea Jinks - B[]

Nameplate Text

Hi, Ophelia. Got a minute?

Whoa! Nina?! Have you been hiding in
that barrel this whole time?!
Gosh, you looked so casual climbing
out of it. Is that a regular habit of

Yeah, don't worry about it. I have a
favor to ask.
I've heard talk of you being able to
swap the minds of two people... Is
this so?

Oh, well... Yes, but what do you want
with that?

I'd like you to switch the bodies of
those two.

Huh? Silas and Alfonse? But why?
As strong as the dusk within me is, I
fail to see your intentions...

It's the classic "he is me and I am
him"! A body-switching story as old
as time itself!
Wouldn't you want to experience one
in person?

What exactly are you getting at here,
Nina? This secret art must be used
Besides, I can only use it to switch
someone's body with my own. I'm
sorry, but I can't use it how you want.

Is that so... That's too bad. I guess I'll
just go back into my barrel and keep
watching their story unfold.
I trust I can count on your discretion.

H-hey, wait! Nina, don't just climb
back in there so—

What's going on here?

Oh, um... Ahem, I was just...touched
by a most devilish energy! My dusk
nearly overflowed, so I—

Ophelia, we talked about those weird
poses of yours. I swear I heard two
But it's just you and these barrels

Yes, these barrels... Is this the same
one from before?


Anyway, Flora, just why do we need
the legendary tea? Will a regular and
safely obtained tea not suffice?

Actually, I will be asking my sister
Felicia to host this tea party.
I fear her confidence as a maid may
be shaken as a result of her many
However, if she were to properly
serve a legendary tea and entertain
guests such as Askran royalty...
Then perhaps she will regain some of
the confidence I know she still has.

So you're going through all this for
your sister. I understand fully, Flora.

Yes, what a thoughtful sister you are.
All right, then. Let's get to finding
that tea. Lead the way, Alfonse?

Certainly. We're not far now. Let's
move out, everyone.

(Yes, onward to the legendary tea...
and to a thrilling conclusion for my
little show!)
(Oof, this barrel's getting heavy...)
Nameplate Text

High Tea Jinks - A[]

Nameplate Text

Oh no... Everyone, be careful! The
flames are still spreading! Is anyone

It seems everyone is safe thanks to
[Summoner]'s directions.
But we just barely escaped that

What sort of cowardly foe would set
tea trees aflame and then scurry off?

We traveled so far on this epic quest
only to have the legendary tea burnt
to a crisp...
This foul act shall not be forgiven! It
shall not go unpunished! I, Ophelia
Dusk, vow here and now!
Harsh and swift judgment shall be
passed upon the perpetrators of this
heinous act!
This judgment shall be delivered by
my own hand... By my supreme
secret weapon...
Missiletainn...of PURGATORY!

Ophelia, there's not time for this. The
flames are drawing closer. We must
worry about our own lives for now.

But we've come so far... Flora, we
can't let you down!

Everyone's safety is far more
important than some tea leaves. Now,
come. Allow me to lead the way.

So this is it, huh? All we have to show
for our efforts is a handful of
burnt-up tea leaves...

It would seem so...

We united our spirits as one and
arrived together at the promised land,
and yet...our epic quest has failed!

What the... It's that barrel again. I
thought it was just a coincidence, but
now I'm certain.
This barrel has somehow been...
following us this whole time...

Well, let's settle this. I'll just pop the
lid off, and—
Wh-whoa! Hey, look! It's stuffed full
of tea leaves! Are these the leaves
we've been looking for?

Could it be?!

The luxurious aroma that rises from
the leaves to tickle my nostrils... No
doubt, it's the amber miracle.
The... What did I call this stuff
again? The...Amberacle! Truly the
stuff of legend!
How in the world...
Did you gather all this,

But if not you, then who?

Let's not worry about it. Everyone is
safe, and we have the tea leaves in

You're right. And that means we've
accomplished our mission.

...Wait a minute... That was the barrel
Nina had been hiding in...

Well, whoever our unknown patron is,
I would like to thank them.
Because of you, my sister will be able
to serve up a most luxurious tea time.
And I would like to thank the rest of
you as well. You risked so much to
assist me.
I will repay your kindness.

It's my pleasure. We're here to
support one another, and I'm sure the
others would agree. Right, Alfonse?

Absolutely. Now then, let's return to
the castle and enjoy these excellent
tea leaves! Oof, this barrel's heavy...

(Yes! Exactly how I envisioned it!
By overcoming this hardship, their
bond has deepened even further!)
(I sure was lucky to be able to gather
these leaves before they all burnt up.)
(Days like this make the life of a
chivalrous thief totally worth it!)
(I wonder how much closer they'll
become on the journey home...
Further observation is required.)
(These tea leaves do smell awfully
nice, and I'm beat. Might as well take
a quick nap while I'm carried home.)
Nameplate Text

Flora: Cold as Ice[]

Flora: Cold as Ice - C[]

Nameplate Text

If you become overwhelmed by your
duties, please allow me to assist you,
[Summoner]. I beg you.
I'm used to looking after Corrin, but's you who bears the weight
of the world on your shoulders.
Likewise, if my twin sister, Felicia, can
be of any help, I'm sure she would be
more than happy to aid you as well.
Speaking of Felicia... I hope she's
not causing you any trouble. You'd
tell me if she were, I trust?
She...wants to help, but...there are
times when her efforts cause more
problems than they solve.
If she happens to do anything overly
careless, please do not hesitate to
inform me.
I've plenty of experience in steering
her back on course and will do my
best to keep her out from underfoot.
Of course, I wish she'd learn to steer
herself a little better, but...well, what
are big sisters for?
Nameplate Text


Flora: Cold as Ice - B[]

Nameplate Text

You know, helping Felicia comes
quite naturally to me. I don't consider
it a burden in the least.
We've been together since we were
born, and she's always been my dear
little sister—my other half.
If her strength is helpful to you, then
I'm happy for it. And yet...
I worry that, by always being there to
help her, I'm preventing her from
growing into her own strength...
If I'm always there to solve her
problems, I fear she'll never learn to
avoid them in the first place.
Perhaps, instead of trying to solve
her problems, it'd be healthier if I let
her face the consequences herself...
Hmm... When they speak of growing
pains, they never mention the pain of
watching your loved ones grow.
...My apologies. It seems I've been
rambling. Please, don't mind me,
Nameplate Text


Flora: Cold as Ice - A[]

Nameplate Text

I thought some more abut whether
it'd be right to teach Felicia a lesson
when next she makes a mistake.
The thing's not that she makes
a mess of things on purpose.
She always tries her best. It's just
that her usually a string of
unfortunate failures.
It's not even that she cut corners—
even when doing housework she
doesn't favor or excel at...
I always keep a close eye on her, so I
know with certainty that she truly is
doing all she can.
But still, I wonder if I've somehow
stolen growth opportunities from her
by keeping such careful watch.
I seem to be rambling again, but...
what would you do in my situation,
If you ever have a spare moment, I'd
appreciate your advice. If it wouldn't
be too much trouble, of course.
Nameplate Text


Flora: Cold as Ice - S[]

Nameplate Text

Felicia is...improving? I'm glad to hear
you say so!
It's true, then—everyone grows at
their own pace, just as you said,
In light of this, I think I'll continue to
offer her my support from
Now I can trust she'll continue to
grow without my stern guidance to
keep her on course...
But I want you to know something...
I do not myself as better
than her.
While it's true that I am more skilled
when it comes to housework, she
puts me to shame on the battlefield.
To be honest there have even been
times when I've been jealous of her...
when she'd earn the praise I coveted.
But I've come to consider our
differences to be what binds us
together and keeps us close.
Without those differences, we could
do without each other, and we might
drift apart.
Even so, to hear she's growing and
improving... I'm overjoyed!
I know she looks up to me—but I'll
have to tell her how much much I respect
her too...and how proud I am.
I know that as long we look out
for one another, nothing can keep us
from reaching out full potential.
Nameplate Text


Nina: Eye Spy[]

Nina: Eye Spy - C[]

Nameplate Text

Oh no, oh no... How could I lose
something so important? It's gotta be
around here somewhere...
Let me retrace my steps... I was here
when I began thinking about how I've
always favored the bow and arrow...
But then here, I began thinking that
perhaps a lance and shield was the
better combination...
So if I became lost in thought here...
and my distraction caused me to
drop it, then it must be...
Oh! [Summoner]!
I found you at a good time. Have you,
um...seen anything that might look as had been dropped?
Well, it's a book... A thin book. The
contents of which are not—
Wait—that's it! The book you're
holding right now! Give it here! Right
now! Hurry, hand it over!
Ha! Haha! Oh, um... Ahem... Did you...
Did you happen to look inside?
H-hey, don't look at me like I'm some
deviant! What does that look even
mean, huh?!
Well, if you did happen to peek
inside, I forbid you from discussing its
contents with anyone!
If anyone hears about what's in there,
it will be the end of me. And of you!
Nameplate Text


Nina: Eye Spy - B[]

Nameplate Text

Um... Mind if we chat for a moment,
I'm...sorry about last time... You
found something very important to
me, and I didn't even thank you.
Well, you may think it's fine, but I've
been thinking about it since it
happened I should've said it sooner.
You may have already seen what's
written in there, but...
Well, it's a treasured book I keep. I
detail the friendships between certain
men that I know.
It's pretty much my favorite book...
It's OK to be surprised. It isn't a book
I'm comfortable telling people about...
Huh? You aren't surprised? Wait a
minute, could you... Could you be
into this stuff, too?!
What do you think about—
No? You're not? Yeah, makes sense...
I guess this isn't the kind of hobby I
can share with anybody.
I'm sorry... Just forget I said anything!
Oh, and please don't tell anyone that
I've been hiding in this barrel...
I prefer to keep my presence hidden
so I can watch these precious
moments free of my own influence.
Nameplate Text


Nina: Eye Spy - A[]

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Huh? I can have any hobby I want?
You say I don't have to hide it?
Given the specifics of my hobby, I
can't expect everyone to be as
sympathetic as you...
But I really do enjoy stories about the
blossoming relationship between two
manly men.
Because they're men, I can imagine it
as a truly pure relationship. My
imagination can really take flight!
After all this time, I don't think I'd be
able to change what I like...but I
don't want it to bother anyone else.
And so, I just enjoy my little fantasy
world all by myself.
Wait, what am I saying?! I've never
talked to anyone about this.
It's because it's you. I don't feel any
sort of barrier between us, as I would
with anyone else...
Why do you suppose I can let my
guard down around you?
Huh?! You want to tell Commander
Anna about this?! Wait, hold on a
minute! Where'd that come from?!
You...think she'd understand? She is
a pretty accepting person, but no way
it would be that easy.
Well, judging by the serious look on
your face, you must know what
you're talking about.
If it will allow my imagination to fly
even higher...I'll leave it in your
hands. I had better be worth the risk!
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Nina: Eye Spy - S[]

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Hey, there you are! I just received a
message from Commander Anna!
Apparently she knows of this event
where people who...share my
interests discuss their books.
She found a whole group of people
just like me, using her connections.
And all this time I thought I was alone
in this hobby...
It turns out there are actually quite a
lot of people who get excited about
the same relationships that I do.
Of course, it's not just the writers of
these spectacular tales that show up
to the event...but the readers too.
Which means not everyone who
attends may fully understand, but
still, it means I'm not alone.
And just knowing that feels good. I
can keep my hobby, and I can let
my imagination soar higher than ever!
You gave me just the push I needed.
Thank you, [Summoner].
Once we're done here, I'll need to
rush to make it to the event... Hehe,
the world suddenly seems so bright!
The camaraderie between two men...
It fills me with such joy, and I'm not
embarrassed to admit!
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Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine[]

Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine - C[]

Nameplate Text

I have finally found you—the chosen
summoner of the highest echelon!
I was hoping you'd indulge a humble
request... Please, allow me to borrow
your divine weapon, Breidablik!
If even for just the briefest of
moments, I—
Huh? You'll let me borrow it?! F-for
real?! Ahem, I mean... Many thanks,
Ah, so this is the divine weapon that
you and you alone may wield.
However, as a fellow chosen one and
the holder of radiance, wielding it
myself should pose no challenge!
Here goes! Divine weapon
Breidablik...answer my call to
summon! Hyaaah!
Hyaaah, I said! Hyah! Um... Hyuh?!
Gyaah! Hmph! The trigger refuses to
budge! What could be amiss?!
I must turn to my last resort... I have
no choice but to release the seal on
my Royal Bloodmark of the Exalt!
Hng... Hyaaah! The strength of dusk
overflows into swirling pools of inky...
Inky dusk! It manifests as...a miracle!
Aw, come on... Nothing? Seriously? It
would seem that the stars are not
aligned in my favor.
Well, I guess you can have this back
now. However, as the chosen
heroine, I shall not give up!
Next time, my radiance will shine its
brightest, and the Breidablik will
bend to my will!
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Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine - B[]

Nameplate Text

I cannot comprehend this, and I
refuse to accept it! You may be
capable of summoning Heroes...
But you cannot be this world's
chosen one! I, Ophelia Dusk, am
alone worthy of that title!
Now that I think about it, there seem
to be a few too many "chosen ones"
around here...
You can't swing a legendary spell
book without hitting royalty or some
fabled warrior.
Don't you agree it seems just a little
out of hand? We can't all be mythical
warriors from a far-flung realm!
No matter where I look, another
spectacular aura shines with a sparkle
that blinds even in the daylight.
Not only that, there are countless
millennia-old dragons...AND their
legendary dragon princess!
With so many chosen warriors about,
I can't help but feel lost in the fog.
And not to mention you yourself, the
most special of us all! You're the one
who summons everyone, after all!
So how am I supposed to feel like
Ophelia Dusk, the chosen one, and
not just a nameless soldier?
I'm just another tool in your toolbox,
just another mindless weapon you'll
point at your enemy to—
Huh? You expect me to believe our
great summoner isn't all that special?
You just pull the trigger, and then we
Heroes combine our strength to do
the heavy lifting?
Hm... Even so, the chosen one, this
maiden of darkness Ophelia Dusk,
must stand out from the crowd!
I need a special power, like a dazzling
light that will leave friend and foe
alike stupefied and amazed.
I must be a shining star, just like my
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Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine - A[]

Nameplate Text

Whatever is the matter? The way
you peer so blankly into the sky, you
look quite like the forlorn summoner.
Or perhaps you too are channeling
the power of the painted heavens?
Hm? Why, yes, there are many stars
in the sky... Too many to count.
And, yes, I suppose you're right. I
cannot imagine any two are alike.
Each star is surely completely unique.
Hm... An intriguing notion... What you
mean to say is that we Heroes are
just like the stars above.
We each shine with our own light
regardless of our station or past. Here
in this moment, each of us shimmer.
When I think of it that way, perhaps it
is possible that we are all chosen
Each of us followed the star's light
and came to this place through you.
And it was no simple coincidence...
We have been chosen by fate, and
now we must do what must be done.
We're all in this together...
Anyway, that's what you were trying
to say, right? Yeah, I'm pretty good at
I think I finally understand. My role in
this world, how I must persevere,
how brightly I must shine!
Heh. You're right, the dark energy
almost overflowed. You did well in
helping me suppress it.
Please accept my words of gratitude,
Summoner! You have given me what I
need to reassess my own purpose.
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Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine - S[]

Nameplate Text

The fog of uncertainty has cleared,
and I see the true path forward!
Each Hero shines with their own light,
each one as unique and bright as
the next.
Much like the stars in the sky, a single
shimmering light is not enough to
illuminate the darkness.
But when we Heroes gather, our light
becomes one, and even the darkest
of nights can be as bright as day!
Those of us gathered here will shine
a light of peace upon this fair land.
Each one of us summoned is a
chosen Hero of the darkness!
Huh? No? Not the darkness?
But it sounds so much cooler! Oh,
all right, just let me finish my
Ahem. Anyway. There is no reason
for me to worry about who among us
is..."more chosen" than who.
Nor is it any use fretting over the
sheer amount of us who have been
Each of our lights is essential to bring
about peace. We cannot afford for a
single one to be snuffed out.
Furthermore, a single light is not
sufficient to protect everyone, but
each one has its own special purpose.
Even my own light, as dimly as it may
shine all by its lonesome, serves a
purpose. Something only I can do!
Long ago, my father passed some
words of wisdom on to me...
He said that even if I one day learn
that I am not not the chosen one...I can
still support the chosen one.
And then it will be my duty to ensure
they shine even brighter than they
would on their own!
And so, I shall offer the power of
dusk in support of your goal to bring
lasting peace to this world.
I shall expel all calamity that
threatens to befall you!
Hrk! The moment I awakened to my
true fate...the dusk within me began
to stir! It's stronger than ever...
Now, let us shine together!
As the chosen one chosen by the
chosen one, it is my duty to see that
you fulfill your duty!
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Silas: Loyal Knight[]

Silas: Loyal Knight - C[]

Nameplate Text

Hey...has something been troubling
you lately, [Summoner]?
If so, just let me know, and I'll do
whatever I can to help—even if it's
something trivial!
...Huh? You're worried about m-my
bedhead? Hey! Th-this is NOT
bedhead, OK? It's a proper haircut!
So, er...n-no need to trouble yourself
over it, all right?
...Ah, so that's not actually what's
troubling you then? I see...
Well, as a sworn knight, I'll do
whatever I can to help. That's the
oath I made.
I want to use what strength I have for
the benefit of others, so I can't just
ignore when someone's in trouble.
If you ever need help, don't hesitate
to ask.
If anything is ever troubling you, just
leave it to me. I'll take care of it—
no problem at all!
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Silas: Loyal Knight - B[]

Nameplate Text

Y'know...having close friends is great.
Their support offers more strength
than a sword or armor ever could.
That's why I, uh...I think you and I
should try to become better friends,
[Summoner]. Yeah!
And I don't just mean comrades in
arms. I want to become the kind of
friends who can talk about anything.
See, when I was younger, Corrin and
I became friends—and that friendship
made me the knight I am today!
Ever since then, I've believed that
gaining new friends is a good way to
change your fate for the better.
But I...well, I'm still pretty young,
y'know, and I haven't been a knight
very long, so I've got room to grow.
Th-that's why I want us to get closer,
s-so we can support each other while
our paths are, uh...running parallel.
...Wh-what's that look for? Did I...say
something wrong?
I just seem a bit nervous? Oh. Well, if
that's what you think... I'm glad you
said so, [Summoner].
That's, uh...j-just the kind of, er...
honesty I'd expect from a friend!
...Still seem like I'm panicking, huh?
Nameplate Text


Silas: Loyal Knight - A[]

Nameplate Text

What's wrong? You look a bit
worried, [Summoner].
...What? It looks like something is
troubling me? Hah! Quite the reversal
from before, isn't this?
Well... I have been thinking. You, uh...
might have been right about me
panicking a bit before.
Since I've been coming to this world, I've
been surrounded by Heroes that
people tell legends about...
And not just from Nohr and Hoshido;
there are Heroes from worlds I never
even knew existed!
Compared to them... Well, I worry the
number of people who could use my
help basically zero.
That's why I was hoping the two of
us could grow closer and become
friends, [Summoner].
In the back of my mind, I'm worried
about not having anyone relying on
me, encouraging me to grow.
Anyway, I'm sorry if I made you
worry about me at all.
I just...I want to feel like I belong
among all these Heroes—like I can
handle whatever life throws at me...
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Silas: Loyal Knight - S[]

Nameplate Text

You wanted to talk to me about
something, [Summoner]?
...Oh, I see.
...So there are no ranks among the
Heroes here? You think each of us is
important and irreplaceable?
...What matters is that we're the ones
who show up, huh? I guess I never
thought of it that way before.
Yeah, I get it... Even though there's a
ton of famous Heroes here, there are
still some things that only I can do.
...You'll what? Really? You'd help me
figure out my unique strengths?
Wow! I don't think I can express what
that means to me. You truly are a
great friend, [Summoner]!
It may still be a little out of reach, but
I know I'll find my purpose for being
summoned into this world soon.
On my honor, I swear I'll continue to
train both my body and spirit—and I'll
keep showing up.
I'll do what I can to live up to your
expectations and make you proud
to count me among your friends.
Together, we'll show this world what
we can do, [Summoner]!
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Book II: Chapter 13-5: Surtr, Ruler of Flame
Garon: King of Nohr


In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 極上のひとときを
German Teefreunde
Spanish (Europe) Té legendario
Spanish (Latin America) Té legendario
French Thé légendaire
Italian L'ora del tè
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 獻上美好的一刻
Portuguese Chá lendário