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Heroic Ordeals
Wall normal Pillar U.png
Wall normal Pillar U.png
Lucina Future Fondness Face FC.png
Elincia Lost Princess Face FC.png
Erinys Earnest Knight Face FC.png
Merlinus Pheraes Clerk Face FC.png
Level Indicator: ★ LV.40 (Lunatic)
Stamina Cost: 0 (Lunatic)
Victory Requirements: The ordeal challenger must
defeat at least 2 foes.
All allies must survive.
Turns to win: 20
Reward:  40 (Lunatic)

Map availability[]

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Unit data[]


AI settings

GroupIndexUnitStart turnNotes
#1LucinaTurn 1Attacks breakable terrain
#2MerlinusTurn 1Attacks breakable terrain
#3ElinciaTurn 1Attacks breakable terrain
#4ErinysTurn 1Attacks breakable terrain

See AI for a detailed description of the enemy movement settings.

In other languages[]

Language Name
English (US) Heroic Ordeals: Lucina
Japanese 英雄の試練 ルキナ
German Heldenproben: Lucina
Spanish (Europe) Pruebas épicas: Lucina
Spanish (Latin America) Pruebas épicas: Lucina
French Défis héroïques : Lucina
Italian Ordalie eroiche, Lucina
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 英雄考驗 露琪娜
Portuguese Provas épicas: Lucina