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Heroic Ordeals is a game mode where a player selects one of the Heroes they own, along with an additional Hero, to battle in a map unique to the chosen Hero. Clearing the map with the requirements met will reward the player with Dragonflowers. There are four different types of Dragonflowers, one for each movement type. Each type of Dragonflower can only be used on Heroes whose movement type matches the Dragonflower's. (Dragonflower I Dragonflower (I) can only be used on Icon Move Infantry Infantry units.)

Overview[ | ]

Basics[ | ]


The following rules apply for Heroic Ordeals:

  1. The player selects an Ordeal Challenger from the list of Heroes the player currently own. (Heroes that have been Sent Home or turned in Combat Manuals are not counted)
  2. The player selected an additional hero to be deployed. The Heroic Ordeal will not continue unless there are two Heroes ready and one of the Heroes is the Ordeal Challenger.
  3. The player has 20 turns to defeat all enemies without losing any allies.
  4. The Ordeal challenger needs to defeat at least two Ordeal foes to obtain the reward. Defeating more than two Ordeal foes does not increase the reward.

Notes[ | ]

  • Once per day, all allies get HP+10 and Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 when participating in a Heroic Ordeal. These boosts disappear if the map has been cleared.
  • Lights Blessing Light's Blessing items can be used in this mode.
  • No Stamina is consumed in this mode.
  • No EXP, SP, or HM will be earned.

Rewards[ | ]

Completing a Heroic Ordeal map with the requirements completed with reward the player with Dragonflowers. The type and number of Dragonflowers received is based on the movement type of the Ordeal challenger, and the date the hero was released into the summoning pool.

In general, Heroes released during Book I reward the player with 2 Dragonflowers, Heroes released during Book II reward that player with 8 Dragonflowers, and Heroes released during Book III, Book IV, or Book V reward the player with 40 Dragonflowers. In technical aspects, the game checks the internal ID of a Hero to determine the group they belong to.

Release dateReward amountHeroesTotal
Dragonflower (I)Dragonflower (A)Dragonflower (C)Dragonflower (F)
Book I
2017-02-02 – 2017-11-21
Alfonse: Prince of AskrAlfonse: Prince of Askr
Alm: Hero of ProphecyAlm: Hero of Prophecy
Anna: CommanderAnna: Commander
Arthur: Hapless HeroArthur: Hapless Hero
Arvis: Emperor of FlameArvis: Emperor of Flame
Athena: Borderland SwordAthena: Borderland Sword
Ayra: Astra's WielderAyra: Astra's Wielder
Azama: Carefree MonkAzama: Carefree Monk
Azura: Lady of BalladsAzura: Lady of Ballads
Azura: Lady of the LakeAzura: Lady of the Lake
Barst: The HatchetBarst: The Hatchet
Bartre: Fearless WarriorBartre: Fearless Warrior
Boey: Skillful SurvivorBoey: Skillful Survivor
Caeda: Talys's BrideCaeda: Talys's Bride
Celica: Caring PrincessCelica: Caring Princess
Charlotte: Money MaidenCharlotte: Money Maiden
Chrom: Exalted PrinceChrom: Exalted Prince
Chrom: Spring ExaltChrom: Spring Exalt
Clarisse: Sniper in the DarkClarisse: Sniper in the Dark
Cordelia: Perfect BrideCordelia: Perfect Bride
Corrin: Fateful PrinceCorrin: Fateful Prince
Corrin: Fateful PrincessCorrin: Fateful Princess
Deirdre: Lady of the ForestDeirdre: Lady of the Forest
Delthea: Free SpiritDelthea: Free Spirit
Donnel: Village HeroDonnel: Village Hero
Dorcas: Serene WarriorDorcas: Serene Warrior
Eirika: Restoration LadyEirika: Restoration Lady
Elise: Tropical FlowerElise: Tropical Flower
Ephraim: Restoration LordEphraim: Restoration Lord
Fae: Divine DragonFae: Divine Dragon
Faye: Devoted HeartFaye: Devoted Heart
Felicia: Maid MayhemFelicia: Maid Mayhem
Fir: Sword StudentFir: Sword Student
Frederick: Horizon WatcherFrederick: Horizon Watcher
Gaius: Candy StealerGaius: Candy Stealer
Gaius: Thief ExposedGaius: Thief Exposed
Genny: Endearing AllyGenny: Endearing Ally
Gordin: Altean ArcherGordin: Altean Archer
Gray: Wry ComradeGray: Wry Comrade
Hana: Focused SamuraiHana: Focused Samurai
Hawkeye: Desert GuardianHawkeye: Desert Guardian
Henry: Twisted MindHenry: Twisted Mind
Hinata: Wild SamuraiHinata: Wild Samurai
Ike: Brave MercenaryIke: Brave Mercenary
Ike: Young MercenaryIke: Young Mercenary
Inigo: Indigo DancerInigo: Indigo Dancer
Innes: Regal StrategicianInnes: Regal Strategician
Jaffar: Angel of DeathJaffar: Angel of Death
Jakob: Devoted ServantJakob: Devoted Servant
Jeorge: Perfect ShotJeorge: Perfect Shot
Joshua: Tempest KingJoshua: Tempest King
Julia: Naga's BloodJulia: Naga's Blood
Kagero: Honorable NinjaKagero: Honorable Ninja
Karel: Sword DemonKarel: Sword Demon
Katarina: Wayward OneKatarina: Wayward One
Klein: Silver NoblemanKlein: Silver Nobleman
Lachesis: Lionheart's SisterLachesis: Lionheart's Sister
Laslow: Dancing DuelistLaslow: Dancing Duelist
Legion: Masked ManiacLegion: Masked Maniac
Leo: Seashore's PrinceLeo: Seashore's Prince
Leon: True of HeartLeon: True of Heart
Lilina: Delightful NobleLilina: Delightful Noble
Linde: Light MageLinde: Light Mage
Lissa: Sprightly ClericLissa: Sprightly Cleric
Lloyd: White WolfLloyd: White Wolf
Lon'qu: Solitary BladeLon'qu: Solitary Blade
Lucina: Brave PrincessLucina: Brave Princess
Lucina: Future WitnessLucina: Future Witness
Lucina: Spring ExaltLucina: Spring Exalt
Lucius: The LightLucius: The Light
Lukas: Sharp SoldierLukas: Sharp Soldier
Lute: ProdigyLute: Prodigy
Lyn: Bride of the PlainsLyn: Bride of the Plains
Lyn: Lady of the PlainsLyn: Lady of the Plains
Mae: Bundle of EnergyMae: Bundle of Energy
Maria: Minerva's SisterMaria: Minerva's Sister
Marth: Altean PrinceMarth: Altean Prince
Marth: Enigmatic BladeMarth: Enigmatic Blade
Matthew: Faithful SpyMatthew: Faithful Spy
Merric: Wind MageMerric: Wind Mage
Mia: Lady of BladesMia: Lady of Blades
Mist: Helpful SisterMist: Helpful Sister
Navarre: Scarlet SwordNavarre: Scarlet Sword
Nephenee: Fierce HalberdierNephenee: Fierce Halberdier
Niles: Cruel to Be KindNiles: Cruel to Be Kind
Ninian: Oracle of DestinyNinian: Oracle of Destiny
Nino: Pious MageNino: Pious Mage
Nowi: Eternal YouthNowi: Eternal Youth
Oboro: Fierce FighterOboro: Fierce Fighter
Odin: Potent ForceOdin: Potent Force
Ogma: Loyal BladeOgma: Loyal Blade
Olivia: Blushing BeautyOlivia: Blushing Beauty
Olivia: Festival DancerOlivia: Festival Dancer
Raigh: Dark ChildRaigh: Dark Child
Raven: Peerless FighterRaven: Peerless Fighter
Rebecca: WildflowerRebecca: Wildflower
Robin: High DelivererRobin: High Deliverer
Robin: Mystery TacticianRobin: Mystery Tactician
Robin: Seaside TacticianRobin: Seaside Tactician
Roy: Young LionRoy: Young Lion
Ryoma: Peerless SamuraiRyoma: Peerless Samurai
Saber: Driven MercenarySaber: Driven Mercenary
Saizo: Angry NinjaSaizo: Angry Ninja
Sakura: Gentle NekomataSakura: Gentle Nekomata
Sakura: Loving PriestessSakura: Loving Priestess
Sanaki: Begnion's ApostleSanaki: Begnion's Apostle
Selena: Cutting WitSelena: Cutting Wit
Seliph: Heir of LightSeliph: Heir of Light
Serra: Outspoken ClericSerra: Outspoken Cleric
Setsuna: Absent ArcherSetsuna: Absent Archer
Sharena: Princess of AskrSharena: Princess of Askr
Shigure: Dark Sky SingerShigure: Dark Sky Singer
Sonya: Vengeful MageSonya: Vengeful Mage
Sophia: Nabata ProphetSophia: Nabata Prophet
Soren: Shrewd StrategistSoren: Shrewd Strategist
Amelia: Rose of the WarAmelia: Rose of the War
Arden: Strong and ToughArden: Strong and Tough
Black Knight: Sinister GeneralBlack Knight: Sinister General
Draug: Gentle GiantDraug: Gentle Giant
Effie: Army of OneEffie: Army of One
Gwendolyn: Adorable KnightGwendolyn: Adorable Knight
Hector: General of OstiaHector: General of Ostia
Henry: Happy VampireHenry: Happy Vampire
Jakob: Devoted MonsterJakob: Devoted Monster
Sheena: Princess of GraSheena: Princess of Gra
Abel: The PantherAbel: The Panther
Berkut: Prideful PrinceBerkut: Prideful Prince
Cain: The BullCain: The Bull
Camus: Sable KnightCamus: Sable Knight
Cecilia: Etrurian GeneralCecilia: Etrurian General
Clarine: Refined NobleClarine: Refined Noble
Clive: Idealistic KnightClive: Idealistic Knight
Eldigan: LionheartEldigan: Lionheart
Elise: Budding FlowerElise: Budding Flower
Eliwood: Knight of LyciaEliwood: Knight of Lycia
Frederick: Polite KnightFrederick: Polite Knight
Gunter: Inveterate SoldierGunter: Inveterate Soldier
Jagen: Veteran KnightJagen: Veteran Knight
Leo: Sorcerous PrinceLeo: Sorcerous Prince
Luke: Rowdy SquireLuke: Rowdy Squire
Lyn: Brave LadyLyn: Brave Lady
Mathilda: Legendary KnightMathilda: Legendary Knight
Olwen: Blue Mage KnightOlwen: Blue Mage Knight
Oscar: Agile HorsemanOscar: Agile Horseman
Peri: Playful SlayerPeri: Playful Slayer
Priscilla: Delicate PrincessPriscilla: Delicate Princess
Reinhardt: Thunder's FistReinhardt: Thunder's Fist
Roderick: Steady SquireRoderick: Steady Squire
Roy: Brave LionRoy: Brave Lion
Seth: Silver KnightSeth: Silver Knight
Sigurd: Holy KnightSigurd: Holy Knight
Stahl: Viridian KnightStahl: Viridian Knight
Beruka: Quiet AssassinBeruka: Quiet Assassin
Caeda: Talys's HeartCaeda: Talys's Heart
Camilla: Bewitching BeautyCamilla: Bewitching Beauty
Camilla: Spring PrincessCamilla: Spring Princess
Catria: Middle WhitewingCatria: Middle Whitewing
Cherche: Wyvern FriendCherche: Wyvern Friend
Clair: Highborn FlierClair: Highborn Flier
Cordelia: Knight ParagonCordelia: Knight Paragon
Corrin: Novice VacationerCorrin: Novice Vacationer
Elincia: Lost PrincessElincia: Lost Princess
Est: Junior WhitewingEst: Junior Whitewing
Florina: Lovely FlierFlorina: Lovely Flier
Hinoka: Warrior PrincessHinoka: Warrior Princess
Michalis: Ambitious KingMichalis: Ambitious King
Minerva: Red DragoonMinerva: Red Dragoon
Narcian: Wyvern GeneralNarcian: Wyvern General
Nowi: Eternal WitchNowi: Eternal Witch
Palla: Eldest WhitewingPalla: Eldest Whitewing
Shanna: Sprightly FlierShanna: Sprightly Flier
Subaki: Perfect ExpertSubaki: Perfect Expert
Book II
2017-11-21 – 2018-11-28
Azura: Young SongstressAzura: Young Songstress
Canas: Wisdom SeekerCanas: Wisdom Seeker
Celica: Imprisoned SoulCelica: Imprisoned Soul
Celica: Warrior PriestessCelica: Warrior Priestess
Corrin: Dream PrinceCorrin: Dream Prince
Corrin: Dream PrincessCorrin: Dream Princess
Corrin: Enjoying TraditionCorrin: Enjoying Tradition
Elincia: Estival PrincessElincia: Estival Princess
Fjorm: Princess of IceFjorm: Princess of Ice
Flora: Cold as IceFlora: Cold as Ice
Garon: King of NohrGaron: King of Nohr
Gharnef: Dark PontifexGharnef: Dark Pontifex
Helbindi: Savage ScourgeHelbindi: Savage Scourge
Ike: Vanguard LegendIke: Vanguard Legend
Ishtar: Thunder GoddessIshtar: Thunder Goddess
Jamke: Prince of VerdaneJamke: Prince of Verdane
Julius: Scion of DarknessJulius: Scion of Darkness
Kana: Dragon PrincessKana: Dragon Princess
Kana: Dragon SpawnKana: Dragon Spawn
Karla: Sword VassalKarla: Sword Vassal
Kaze: Easygoing NinjaKaze: Easygoing Ninja
Kliff: Curious SpiritKliff: Curious Spirit
Laevatein: Searing SteelLaevatein: Searing Steel
Legault: The HurricaneLegault: The Hurricane
Leif: Prince of LeonsterLeif: Prince of Leonster
Lene: Yearning DancerLene: Yearning Dancer
Lewyn: Guiding BreezeLewyn: Guiding Breeze
Libra: Fetching FriarLibra: Fetching Friar
Linus: Mad DogLinus: Mad Dog
Loki: The TricksterLoki: The Trickster
Lucina: Glorious ArcherLucina: Glorious Archer
Lyn: Lady of the WindLyn: Lady of the Wind
Lyon: Shadow PrinceLyon: Shadow Prince
Marisa: Crimson FlashMarisa: Crimson Flash
Marth: Hero-KingMarth: Hero-King
Micaiah: Priestess of DawnMicaiah: Priestess of Dawn
Micaiah: Summer's DawnMicaiah: Summer's Dawn
Mikoto: Caring MotherMikoto: Caring Mother
Morgan: Lad from AfarMorgan: Lad from Afar
Nina: Eye SpyNina: Eye Spy
Noire: Shade SeekerNoire: Shade Seeker
Oliver: Admirer of BeautyOliver: Admirer of Beauty
Ophelia: Dramatic HeroineOphelia: Dramatic Heroine
Owain: Chosen OneOwain: Chosen One
Rhajat: Black MagicianRhajat: Black Magician
Ryoma: Dancing SamuraiRyoma: Dancing Samurai
Saias: Bishop of FlameSaias: Bishop of Flame
Sharena: Spring PrincessSharena: Spring Princess
Shiro: Raw TalentShiro: Raw Talent
Silvia: Traveling DancerSilvia: Traveling Dancer
Soleil: Adorable AdorerSoleil: Adorable Adorer
Sothe: ZephyrSothe: Zephyr
Chrom: Gifted LeaderChrom: Gifted Leader
Dorcas: Pumpkin SmasherDorcas: Pumpkin Smasher
Eliwood: Devoted LoveEliwood: Devoted Love
Ephraim: Sacred Twin LordEphraim: Sacred Twin Lord
Hardin: Dark EmperorHardin: Dark Emperor
Hector: Brave WarriorHector: Brave Warrior
Hector: Just Here to FightHector: Just Here to Fight
Hector: Marquess of OstiaHector: Marquess of Ostia
Kagero: Beverage NinjaKagero: Beverage Ninja
Lissa: Pure JoyLissa: Pure Joy
Lyn: Wind's EmbraceLyn: Wind's Embrace
Myrrh: Spooky MonsterMyrrh: Spooky Monster
Niles: Forbidden TeaseNiles: Forbidden Tease
Robin: Fell ReincarnationRobin: Fell Reincarnation
Robin: Festive TacticianRobin: Festive Tactician
Alfonse: Spring PrinceAlfonse: Spring Prince
Ares: Black KnightAres: Black Knight
Catria: Spring WhitewingCatria: Spring Whitewing
Chrom: Knight ExaltChrom: Knight Exalt
Cordelia: Knight ParadiseCordelia: Knight Paradise
Eirika: Anamnesis LadyEirika: Anamnesis Lady
Eirika: Graceful ResolveEirika: Graceful Resolve
Ephraim: Legendary LordEphraim: Legendary Lord
Ethlyn: Spirited PrincessEthlyn: Spirited Princess
Finn: Lance of LegendFinn: Lance of Legend
Gunnthrá: Voice of DreamsGunnthrá: Voice of Dreams
Hríd: Icy BladeHríd: Icy Blade
L'Arachel: Princess of LightL'Arachel: Princess of Light
Lilina: Blush of YouthLilina: Blush of Youth
Linde: Summer RaysLinde: Summer Rays
Maribelle: Dire DamselMaribelle: Dire Damsel
Marth: Altean GroomMarth: Altean Groom
Nanna: Nordion PrincessNanna: Nordion Princess
Olwen: Righteous KnightOlwen: Righteous Knight
Quan: Luminous LancerQuan: Luminous Lancer
Reinhardt: Thunder's SwordReinhardt: Thunder's Sword
Roy: Youthful GiftsRoy: Youthful Gifts
Siegbert: Future KingSiegbert: Future King
Silas: Loyal KnightSilas: Loyal Knight
Aversa: Dark OneAversa: Dark One
Azura: Celebratory SpiritAzura: Celebratory Spirit
Camilla: Flower of FantasyCamilla: Flower of Fantasy
Camilla: Holiday TravelerCamilla: Holiday Traveler
Camilla: Tropical BeautyCamilla: Tropical Beauty
Gerome: Masked RiderGerome: Masked Rider
Hinoka: Blue Sky WarriorHinoka: Blue Sky Warrior
Innes: Flawless FormInnes: Flawless Form
Kagero: Spring NinjaKagero: Spring Ninja
Laegjarn: Sheathed SteelLaegjarn: Sheathed Steel
Mia: Moonlit WitchMia: Moonlit Witch
Morgan: Lass from AfarMorgan: Lass from Afar
Myrrh: Great DragonMyrrh: Great Dragon
Ninian: Bright-Eyed BrideNinian: Bright-Eyed Bride
Nino: Pale FlowerNino: Pale Flower
Olivia: Sky-High DancerOlivia: Sky-High Dancer
Robin: Fell VesselRobin: Fell Vessel
Ryoma: Supreme SamuraiRyoma: Supreme Samurai
Sanaki: Apostle in WhiteSanaki: Apostle in White
Shigure: Uplifting ArtistShigure: Uplifting Artist
Book III
2018-12-11 – 2019-11-28
Alm: Imperial AscentAlm: Imperial Ascent
Alm: Saint-KingAlm: Saint-King
Astram: Midia's HeroAstram: Midia's Hero
Bantu: Tiki's GuardianBantu: Tiki's Guardian
Berkut: Debonair NobleBerkut: Debonair Noble
Brady: Daunting PriestBrady: Daunting Priest
Brunnya: Devoted GeneralBrunnya: Devoted General
Byleth: Proven ProfessorByleth: Proven Professor
Byleth: Tested ProfessorByleth: Tested Professor
Chad: Lycian WildcatChad: Lycian Wildcat
Corrin: Wailing SoulCorrin: Wailing Soul
Delthea: Tatarrah's PuppetDelthea: Tatarrah's Puppet
Echidna: Unyielding IdealistEchidna: Unyielding Idealist
Edelgard: The FutureEdelgard: The Future
Ephraim: Dynastic DuoEphraim: Dynastic Duo
Ewan: Eager StudentEwan: Eager Student
Gerik: Desert TigerGerik: Desert Tiger
Helbindi: Seaside ScourgeHelbindi: Seaside Scourge
Hilda: Idle MaidenHilda: Idle Maiden
Hubert: Sinister ServantHubert: Sinister Servant
Igrene: Nabata ProtectorIgrene: Nabata Protector
Julia: Crusader of LightJulia: Crusader of Light
Keaton: Lupine CollectorKeaton: Lupine Collector
Kronya: Gleaming BladeKronya: Gleaming Blade
Larum: Sprightly DancerLarum: Sprightly Dancer
Lugh: Anima ChildLugh: Anima Child
Mareeta: The Blade's PawnMareeta: The Blade's Pawn
Mercedes: Kindly DevoteeMercedes: Kindly Devotee
Mordecai: Kindhearted TigerMordecai: Kindhearted Tiger
Nah: Little MissNah: Little Miss
Nailah: Unflinching EyeNailah: Unflinching Eye
Nephenee: Sincere DancerNephenee: Sincere Dancer
Norne: The VolunteerNorne: The Volunteer
Phina: Roving DancerPhina: Roving Dancer
Rinea: Reminiscent BelleRinea: Reminiscent Belle
Ross: His Father's SonRoss: His Father's Son
Roy: Blazing LionRoy: Blazing Lion
Rutger: Lone SwordsmanRutger: Lone Swordsman
Silque: Adherent of MilaSilque: Adherent of Mila
Sothis: Girl on the ThroneSothis: Girl on the Throne
Caineghis: Gallia's Lion KingCaineghis: Gallia's Lion King
Cecilia: Festive InstructorCecilia: Festive Instructor
Dozla: Harvest AttendantDozla: Harvest Attendant
Duma: God of StrengthDuma: God of Strength
Eirika: Gentle as SnowEirika: Gentle as Snow
Ephraim: Sparkling GallantlyEphraim: Sparkling Gallantly
Fae: Holiday DearFae: Holiday Dear
Felicia: Off the MenuFelicia: Off the Menu
Flora: Signature DishFlora: Signature Dish
Forsyth: Loyal LieutenantForsyth: Loyal Lieutenant
Greil: Heroic ExemplarGreil: Heroic Exemplar
Hector: Dressed-Up DuoHector: Dressed-Up Duo
Idunn: Dark PriestessIdunn: Dark Priestess
Ike: Stalwart HeartIke: Stalwart Heart
Ilyana: Treat HarvesterIlyana: Treat Harvester
Kjelle: Fair FighterKjelle: Fair Fighter
Lukas: Buffet for OneLukas: Buffet for One
Nagi: Dragon AvatarNagi: Dragon Avatar
Berkut: Purgatorial PrinceBerkut: Purgatorial Prince
Bruno: Masked HareBruno: Masked Hare
Claude: The SchemerClaude: The Schemer
Conrad: Masked KnightConrad: Masked Knight
Death Knight: The ReaperDeath Knight: The Reaper
Dimitri: The ProtectorDimitri: The Protector
Elise: Bubbling FlowerElise: Bubbling Flower
Eliwood: Blazing KnightEliwood: Blazing Knight
Eliwood: Marquess PheraeEliwood: Marquess Pherae
Genny: Dressed with CareGenny: Dressed with Care
Gunnthrá: Beaming SmileGunnthrá: Beaming Smile
Kaden: Kitsune BraggartKaden: Kitsune Braggart
L'Arachel: Harvest PrincessL'Arachel: Harvest Princess
Laegjarn: New ExperiencesLaegjarn: New Experiences
Laevatein: Kumade WarriorLaevatein: Kumade Warrior
Leif: Unifier of ThraciaLeif: Unifier of Thracia
Leo: Extra TomatoesLeo: Extra Tomatoes
Lethe: Gallia's ValkyrieLethe: Gallia's Valkyrie
Lilina: Beachside BloomLilina: Beachside Bloom
Louise: Eternal DevotionLouise: Eternal Devotion
Mist: Purest SpiritMist: Purest Spirit
Panne: Proud TaguelPanne: Proud Taguel
Pent: Fancy FiancéPent: Fancy Fiancé
Perceval: Knightly IdealPerceval: Knightly Ideal
Python: Apathetic ArcherPython: Apathetic Archer
Ranulf: Friend of NationsRanulf: Friend of Nations
Rolf: Tricky ArcherRolf: Tricky Archer
Selkie: Free SpiritSelkie: Free Spirit
Sirius: Mysterious KnightSirius: Mysterious Knight
Soren: Addled StrategistSoren: Addled Strategist
Sue: Doe of the PlainsSue: Doe of the Plains
Altina: Dawn's TruebladeAltina: Dawn's Trueblade
Azura: Vallite SongstressAzura: Vallite Songstress
Camilla: Light of NohrCamilla: Light of Nohr
Camilla: Steamy SecretsCamilla: Steamy Secrets
Catria: Mild Middle SisterCatria: Mild Middle Sister
Cormag: Aloof LancemanCormag: Aloof Lanceman
Cynthia: Hero ChaserCynthia: Hero Chaser
Eir: Merciful DeathEir: Merciful Death
Fiora: Defrosted IlianFiora: Defrosted Ilian
Fjorm: Bride of RimeFjorm: Bride of Rime
Fjorm: New TraditionsFjorm: New Traditions
Gunnthrá: Year's First DreamGunnthrá: Year's First Dream
Haar: Black TempestHaar: Black Tempest
Hinoka: Relaxed WarriorHinoka: Relaxed Warrior
Hríd: Resolute PrinceHríd: Resolute Prince
Ishtar: Thunder's WaltzIshtar: Thunder's Waltz
Laegjarn: Burning SunLaegjarn: Burning Sun
Laevatein: Bonfire's BlazeLaevatein: Bonfire's Blaze
Leanne: Forest's SongLeanne: Forest's Song
Loki: Spring TricksterLoki: Spring Trickster
Lyn: Lady of the BeachLyn: Lady of the Beach
Marisa: Crimson RabbitMarisa: Crimson Rabbit
Micaiah: Queen of DawnMicaiah: Queen of Dawn
Naesala: Sky's ShadowNaesala: Sky's Shadow
Naga: Dragon DivinityNaga: Dragon Divinity
Palla: Eldest Bun-BunPalla: Eldest Bun-Bun
Petra: Princess of BrigidPetra: Princess of Brigid
Reinhardt: Lightning's RondoReinhardt: Lightning's Rondo
Reyson: White PrinceReyson: White Prince
Ryoma: Samurai at EaseRyoma: Samurai at Ease
Sakura: Hot-Spring HealerSakura: Hot-Spring Healer
Sigrun: Loyal ProtectorSigrun: Loyal Protector
Sigrun: Steadfast BrideSigrun: Steadfast Bride
Book IV
2019-12-06 – 2020-11-27
Alfonse: Askran DuoAlfonse: Askran Duo
Alm: Lovebird DuoAlm: Lovebird Duo
Anna: Secret SellerAnna: Secret Seller
Anna: Wealth-WisherAnna: Wealth-Wisher
Annette: OverachieverAnnette: Overachiever
Bartre: Earsome WarriorBartre: Earsome Warrior
Bramimond: The EnigmaBramimond: The Enigma
Brigid: Orgahil PirateBrigid: Orgahil Pirate
Catherine: Thunder KnightCatherine: Thunder Knight
Ced: Hero on the WindCed: Hero on the Wind
Celica: Queen of ValentiaCelica: Queen of Valentia
Chrom: Crowned ExaltChrom: Crowned Exalt
Corrin: Bloodbound BeastCorrin: Bloodbound Beast
Corrin: Child of DuskCorrin: Child of Dusk
Darros: SeawalkerDarros: Seawalker
Dieck: Wounded TigerDieck: Wounded Tiger
Dimitri: King of FaerghusDimitri: King of Faerghus
Dimitri: Savior KingDimitri: Savior King
Dorothea: Solar SongstressDorothea: Solar Songstress
Eleonora: Shooting StarletEleonora: Shooting Starlet
Emmeryn: Gentle ExaltEmmeryn: Gentle Exalt
Ena: Autumn TacticianEna: Autumn Tactician
Eremiya: Bishop of WoeEremiya: Bishop of Woe
Eyvel: Mistress of FianaEyvel: Mistress of Fiana
Gangrel: Plegia's Mad KingGangrel: Plegia's Mad King
Geese: A Life at SeaGeese: A Life at Sea
Guinivere: Princess of BernGuinivere: Princess of Bern
Hana: Focused NinjaHana: Focused Ninja
Hinata: Samurai GroomHinata: Samurai Groom
Iago: Nohr's TacticianIago: Nohr's Tactician
Ike: Zeal UnleashedIke: Zeal Unleashed
Ilyana: Hungering MageIlyana: Hungering Mage
Itsuki: Finding a PathItsuki: Finding a Path
Jorge: Traveling PeddlerJorge: Traveling Peddler
Joshua: Tropical GamblerJoshua: Tropical Gambler
Julia: Heart UsurpedJulia: Heart Usurped
Julian: Tender ThiefJulian: Tender Thief
Kiria: Cool FaçadeKiria: Cool Façade
Kris: Unknown HeroKris: Unknown Hero
Kris: Unsung HeroKris: Unsung Hero
Larcei: Keen KinLarcei: Keen Kin
Leila: Rose amid FangsLeila: Rose amid Fangs
Lena: Tender AngelLena: Tender Angel
Líf: Lethal SwordsmanLíf: Lethal Swordsman
Lorenz: Highborn HeatLorenz: Highborn Heat
Lyon: Demon KingLyon: Demon King
Lysithea: Child ProdigyLysithea: Child Prodigy
Lysithea: Earnest SeekerLysithea: Earnest Seeker
Mareeta: Sword of StarsMareeta: Sword of Stars
Marth: Legacied HeroMarth: Legacied Hero
Merric: Changing WindsMerric: Changing Winds
Midori: Reliable ChemistMidori: Reliable Chemist
Mila: Goddess of LoveMila: Goddess of Love
Mustafa: Plegian ChampionMustafa: Plegian Champion
Nailah: Blessed QueenNailah: Blessed Queen
Navarre: Scarlet NinjaNavarre: Scarlet Ninja
Nemesis: King of LiberationNemesis: King of Liberation
Nils: Bright BardNils: Bright Bard
Oboro: Fierce Bride-to-BeOboro: Fierce Bride-to-Be
Osian: Scolded SoldierOsian: Scolded Soldier
Rafiel: Blessed WingsRafiel: Blessed Wings
Rhys: Gentle BaskerRhys: Gentle Basker
Rinkah: Scion of FlameRinkah: Scion of Flame
Say'ri: Chon'sin's BladeSay'ri: Chon'sin's Blade
Shamir: Archer ApartShamir: Archer Apart
Shannan: Wielder of AstraShannan: Wielder of Astra
Shinon: Scathing ArcherShinon: Scathing Archer
Dheginsea: Harvest GoldoanDheginsea: Harvest Goldoan
Edelgard: Adrestian EmperorEdelgard: Adrestian Emperor
Edelgard: Flame EmperorEdelgard: Flame Emperor
Faye: Drawn HeartstringFaye: Drawn Heartstring
Flame Emperor: Bringer of WarFlame Emperor: Bringer of War
Gatrie: Armored AmourGatrie: Armored Amour
Idunn: Dragonkin DuoIdunn: Dragonkin Duo
Jaffar: Angel of NightJaffar: Angel of Night
Mamori: Microwavin' IdolMamori: Microwavin' Idol
Marth: Royal Altean DuoMarth: Royal Altean Duo
Nino: Flower of FrostNino: Flower of Frost
Rudolf: Emperor of RigelRudolf: Emperor of Rigel
Sothis: Silver SpecterSothis: Silver Specter
Bernadetta: Eternal LonerBernadetta: Eternal Loner
Conrad: Unmasked KnightConrad: Unmasked Knight
Ferdinand: Noblest of NoblesFerdinand: Noblest of Nobles
Forrest: Fashion ForwardForrest: Fashion Forward
Freyja: Lady of NightmareFreyja: Lady of Nightmare
Kempf: Conniving GeneralKempf: Conniving General
Lethe: New Year's ClawLethe: New Year's Claw
Merlinus: Pherae's ClerkMerlinus: Pherae's Clerk
Mia: Harmonic BladesMia: Harmonic Blades
Petrine: Icy Flame-LancerPetrine: Icy Flame-Lancer
Rath: Wolf of SacaeRath: Wolf of Sacae
Selena: Sandbar FluorsparSelena: Sandbar Fluorspar
Seliph: Scion of LightSeliph: Scion of Light
Selkie: New Year's SpiritSelkie: New Year's Spirit
Sigurd: Destined DuoSigurd: Destined Duo
Silque: Selfless ClericSilque: Selfless Cleric
Altena: Luminous RiderAltena: Luminous Rider
Ashnard: Mad KingAshnard: Mad King
Byleth: Fell Star's DuoByleth: Fell Star's Duo
Caeda: Princess of TalysCaeda: Princess of Talys
Claude: Almyra's KingClaude: Almyra's King
Eir: Renewed LifeEir: Renewed Life
Eldigan: Strutting LionEldigan: Strutting Lion
Est: Springtime FlierEst: Springtime Flier
Ethlyn: Glimmering LadyEthlyn: Glimmering Lady
Fiora: Airborne WarriorFiora: Airborne Warrior
Fir: Student of SpringFir: Student of Spring
Flayn: Playing InnocentFlayn: Playing Innocent
Galle: Azure RiderGalle: Azure Rider
Heath: Wandering KnightHeath: Wandering Knight
Hel: Death SovereignHel: Death Sovereign
Ingrid: Solstice KnightIngrid: Solstice Knight
Jill: Fiery DracoknightJill: Fiery Dracoknight
Lachesis: Ballroom BloomLachesis: Ballroom Bloom
Laevatein: Ninja of MúspellLaevatein: Ninja of Múspell
Lilith: Astral DaughterLilith: Astral Daughter
Lute: Summer ProdigyLute: Summer Prodigy
Lyn: Ninja-Friend DuoLyn: Ninja-Friend Duo
Melady: Crimson RiderMelady: Crimson Rider
Micaiah: Dawn Wind's DuoMicaiah: Dawn Wind's Duo
Minerva: Princess-KnightMinerva: Princess-Knight
Mirabilis: DaydreamMirabilis: Daydream
Narcian: Vernal GeneralNarcian: Vernal General
Palla: Sisterly TrioPalla: Sisterly Trio
Peony: Sweet DreamPeony: Sweet Dream
Plumeria: Lewd DreamPlumeria: Lewd Dream
Quan: Lightfoot PrinceQuan: Lightfoot Prince
Robin: Fall VesselRobin: Fall Vessel
Seteth: Seiros AdherentSeteth: Seiros Adherent
Book V
2020-12-08 – 2021-11-30
Aelfric: Custodian MonkAelfric: Custodian Monk
Altina: Cross-Time DuoAltina: Cross-Time Duo
Asbel: Windswept YouthAsbel: Windswept Youth
Ashera: Order GoddessAshera: Order Goddess
Azelle: Youthful FlameAzelle: Youthful Flame
Balthus: King of GrapplingBalthus: King of Grappling
Byleth: The Fódlan StarByleth: The Fódlan Star
Caellach: Tiger EyeCaellach: Tiger Eye
Caspar: Summer IntensityCaspar: Summer Intensity
Charlotte: Wily WarriorCharlotte: Wily Warrior
Corrin: Daylight Ninja ActCorrin: Daylight Ninja Act
Dagr: Sun's RadianceDagr: Sun's Radiance
Dimitri: Savage BoarDimitri: Savage Boar
Eirika: Twin RefulgenceEirika: Twin Refulgence
Erk: Studious MageErk: Studious Mage
Fae: Childlike DragonFae: Childlike Dragon
Gatekeeper: Nothing to ReportGatekeeper: Nothing to Report
Innes: Frelian MoonlightInnes: Frelian Moonlight
Keaton: Resolved WolfskinKeaton: Resolved Wolfskin
Knoll: Darkness WatcherKnoll: Darkness Watcher
Kurthnaga: Autumn GoldoanKurthnaga: Autumn Goldoan
Larcei: Scion of AstraLarcei: Scion of Astra
Lewyn: Wind-Song ScionLewyn: Wind-Song Scion
Lifis: Terror of IzLifis: Terror of Iz
Linhardt: Hevring's HeirLinhardt: Hevring's Heir
Louise: Lady of VioletsLouise: Lady of Violets
Luthier: Odd WayfarerLuthier: Odd Wayfarer
Lyon: Grado's GazeLyon: Grado's Gaze
Malice: Deft SellswordMalice: Deft Sellsword
Marianne: Adopted DaughterMarianne: Adopted Daughter
Marianne: Serene AdherentMarianne: Serene Adherent
Marth: Prince of LightMarth: Prince of Light
Micaiah: Radiant QueenMicaiah: Radiant Queen
Miranda: Willful PrincessMiranda: Willful Princess
Morgan: Fated DarknessMorgan: Fated Darkness
Natasha: Sacred HealerNatasha: Sacred Healer
Norne: Seaside VolunteerNorne: Seaside Volunteer
Nótt: Moon's EleganceNótt: Moon's Elegance
Nyx: Rulebreaker MageNyx: Rulebreaker Mage
Ogma: Blade on LeaveOgma: Blade on Leave
Orochi: Merry DivinerOrochi: Merry Diviner
Pelleas: Ashnard's OrphanPelleas: Ashnard's Orphan
Pent: Mage GeneralPent: Mage General
Rhea: Witch of CreationRhea: Witch of Creation
Ronan: Villager of IzRonan: Villager of Iz
Sara: Lady of LoptrSara: Lady of Loptr
Seiros: Saint of LegendSeiros: Saint of Legend
Shamir: Lone-Moon NinjaShamir: Lone-Moon Ninja
Shinon: Sharptongue NinjaShinon: Sharptongue Ninja
Solon: Church ShadowSolon: Church Shadow
Sonia: Inhuman BeautySonia: Inhuman Beauty
Alfonse: Uplifting LoveAlfonse: Uplifting Love
Benny: Sensitive SoulBenny: Sensitive Soul
Dedue: Dimitri's VassalDedue: Dimitri's Vassal
Edelgard: Hegemon HuskEdelgard: Hegemon Husk
Felix: Icy Gift GiverFelix: Icy Gift Giver
Fjorm: Ice AscendantFjorm: Ice Ascendant
Gustav: Majestic LoveGustav: Majestic Love
Henriette: Overflowing LoveHenriette: Overflowing Love
Hilda: Holiday LayaboutHilda: Holiday Layabout
Raphael: Muscle-MongerRaphael: Muscle-Monger
Robin: Fall ReincarnationRobin: Fall Reincarnation
Sephiran: Hoary SovereignSephiran: Hoary Sovereign
Arete: Requiem's BeautyArete: Requiem's Beauty
Ashe: Fabled Sea KnightAshe: Fabled Sea Knight
Astrid: Resolute DamselAstrid: Resolute Damsel
Bernadetta: Frosty Shut-InBernadetta: Frosty Shut-In
Bertram: Dread CavalierBertram: Dread Cavalier
Caeda: Sea-Blossom PairCaeda: Sea-Blossom Pair
Corrin: Nightfall Ninja ActCorrin: Nightfall Ninja Act
Duessel: ObsidianDuessel: Obsidian
Eirika: Pledged RestorerEirika: Pledged Restorer
Fernand: Traitorous KnightFernand: Traitorous Knight
Freyja: Fleeting SummerFreyja: Fleeting Summer
Freyr: Estival DreamsFreyr: Estival Dreams
Hapi: Drawn-Out SighHapi: Drawn-Out Sigh
Ingrid: Galatea's HeirIngrid: Galatea's Heir
Kaden: Refreshed KitsuneKaden: Refreshed Kitsune
Kris: Ardent FirebrandKris: Ardent Firebrand
L'Arachel: Seeker of JusticeL'Arachel: Seeker of Justice
Laegjarn: Flame AscendantLaegjarn: Flame Ascendant
Leif: Destined ScionsLeif: Destined Scions
Leonie: Relentless RaysLeonie: Relentless Rays
Lex: Young BladeLex: Young Blade
Líf: Undying Ties DuoLíf: Undying Ties Duo
Lilina: Firelight LeaderLilina: Firelight Leader
Mercedes: Unfussed BaskerMercedes: Unfussed Basker
Minerva: Verdant DragoonMinerva: Verdant Dragoon
Múspell: Flame GodMúspell: Flame God
Nifl: God of IceNifl: God of Ice
Orson: Passion's FollyOrson: Passion's Folly
Ótr: KingsbrotherÓtr: Kingsbrother
Reginn: Bearing HopeReginn: Bearing Hope
Roshea: Coyote's FaithfulRoshea: Coyote's Faithful
Saleh: Vernal SageSaleh: Vernal Sage
Saul: Minister of LoveSaul: Minister of Love
Sedgar: Coyote's DutifulSedgar: Coyote's Dutiful
Selena: FluorsparSelena: Fluorspar
Severa: Bitter BlossomSevera: Bitter Blossom
Sigurd: Fated Holy KnightSigurd: Fated Holy Knight
Annand: Knight-DefenderAnnand: Knight-Defender
Catria: Azure Wing PairCatria: Azure Wing Pair
Claude: King of UnificationClaude: King of Unification
Constance: Fallen NobleConstance: Fallen Noble
Díthorba: Cutting KnightDíthorba: Cutting Knight
Dorothea: Twilit HarmonyDorothea: Twilit Harmony
Eitri: Youthful SageEitri: Youthful Sage
Erinys: Earnest KnightErinys: Earnest Knight
Farina: The Great WingFarina: The Great Wing
Hilda: Deer's Two-PieceHilda: Deer's Two-Piece
Hinoka: Fair Pirate PairHinoka: Fair Pirate Pair
Igrene: Ninja of NabataIgrene: Ninja of Nabata
Inigo: Festival FlowerInigo: Festival Flower
Julia: Scion of the SaintJulia: Scion of the Saint
Juno: Soaring BrideJuno: Soaring Bride
Katarina: Torchlit WandererKatarina: Torchlit Wanderer
Marcia: Petulant KnightMarcia: Petulant Knight
Morgan: Devoted DarknessMorgan: Devoted Darkness
Myrrh: Spring HarmonyMyrrh: Spring Harmony
Naesala: Sea's ShadowNaesala: Sea's Shadow
Nanna: Mystletainn ScionNanna: Mystletainn Scion
Palla: Kind Eldest SisterPalla: Kind Eldest Sister
Peony: Álfar Dream DuoPeony: Álfar Dream Duo
Plumeria: Temptation AnewPlumeria: Temptation Anew
Shanna: Bridal NoviceShanna: Bridal Novice
Sophia: Cobweb ProphetSophia: Cobweb Prophet
Sothis: Bound-Spirit DuoSothis: Bound-Spirit Duo
Book VI
2021-12-07 – 2022-11-30
Arthur: Furious MageArthur: Furious Mage
Arval: Cycle KeeperArval: Cycle Keeper
Ash: Retainer to AskrAsh: Retainer to Askr
Askr: God of OpennessAskr: God of Openness
Atlas: Forest MuscleAtlas: Forest Muscle
August: Astute TacticianAugust: Astute Tactician
Basilio: Feroxi West-KhanBasilio: Feroxi West-Khan
Boyd: Future GreatBoyd: Future Great
Brigand Boss: Known CriminalBrigand Boss: Known Criminal
Byleth: The Fódlan LightByleth: The Fódlan Light
Cath: Master ThiefCath: Master Thief
Celica: Valentia's HopeCelica: Valentia's Hope
Chrom: Fate-Defying DuoChrom: Fate-Defying Duo
Colm: Capable ThiefColm: Capable Thief
Corrin: Celestial SorcererCorrin: Celestial Sorcerer
Corrin: Starry SeerCorrin: Starry Seer
Deirdre: Fated SaintDeirdre: Fated Saint
Elice: Altean PrincessElice: Altean Princess
Flavia: Feroxi East-KhanFlavia: Feroxi East-Khan
Galzus: Dark Blade of OdGalzus: Dark Blade of Od
Ganglöt: Death AnewGanglöt: Death Anew
Gonzalez: Kindly BanditGonzalez: Kindly Bandit
Gregor: Swell SwordGregor: Swell Sword
Guy: Kutolah BladeGuy: Kutolah Blade
Hilda: Helping HandHilda: Helping Hand
Hilda: Queen of FriegeHilda: Queen of Friege
Holst: Hero of LeicesterHolst: Hero of Leicester
Hugh: Worldly MageHugh: Worldly Mage
Ike: Close-Knit SiblingsIke: Close-Knit Siblings
Ilyana: Awakened AppetiteIlyana: Awakened Appetite
Ishtar: Echoing ThunderIshtar: Echoing Thunder
Joshua: Resolute TempestJoshua: Resolute Tempest
Kamui: Wandering BladeKamui: Wandering Blade
Karla: Sun-Piercing SteelKarla: Sun-Piercing Steel
Kyza: Tiger of FortuneKyza: Tiger of Fortune
Limstella: Living ConstructLimstella: Living Construct
Lyn: Blazing WhirlwindLyn: Blazing Whirlwind
Lyon: Sunlit PrinceLyon: Sunlit Prince
Mareeta: Astra AwakenedMareeta: Astra Awakened
Medeus: Earth-Dragon KingMedeus: Earth-Dragon King
Mia: Budding BladeMia: Budding Blade
Miriel: Rapier IntellectMiriel: Rapier Intellect
Monica: Favored VassalMonica: Favored Vassal
Mordecai: Gentle FiretenderMordecai: Gentle Firetender
Muarim: Raw InstinctMuarim: Raw Instinct
Nailah: Hatari ScorcherNailah: Hatari Scorcher
Neimi: Tearful ArcherNeimi: Tearful Archer
Niime: Mountain HermitNiime: Mountain Hermit
Nils: Wandering StarNils: Wandering Star
Ninian: Frozen HeartNinian: Frozen Heart
Nyna: The Last PrincessNyna: The Last Princess
Priam: Radiant HeroPriam: Radiant Hero
Rennac: Rich "Merchant"Rennac: Rich "Merchant"
Ricken: Shepherd NoviceRicken: Shepherd Novice
Riev: Blood BerylRiev: Blood Beryl
Rinkah: Consuming FlameRinkah: Consuming Flame
Salem: Dark SageSalem: Dark Sage
Scáthach: Astra's WakeScáthach: Astra's Wake
Shez: Keen MercenaryShez: Keen Mercenary
Shez: Rising MercenaryShez: Rising Mercenary
Soren: Hushed VoiceSoren: Hushed Voice
Artur: Silver SaintArtur: Silver Saint
Cervantes: Invincible GeneralCervantes: Invincible General
Duma: Strength and LoveDuma: Strength and Love
Edelgard: Sun EmpressesEdelgard: Sun Empresses
Idunn: Divine DemonIdunn: Divine Demon
Ignatz: Snowscape ArtistIgnatz: Snowscape Artist
Lissa: Sweet CelebrantLissa: Sweet Celebrant
Lucina: Future FondnessLucina: Future Fondness
Manuela: Silver CarolerManuela: Silver Caroler
Rhea: Immaculate OneRhea: Immaculate One
Robin: Fell TacticianRobin: Fell Tactician
Robin: Tactful DelivererRobin: Tactful Deliverer
Azura: Hatari DuetAzura: Hatari Duet
Cath: Caper CaptainCath: Caper Captain
Cecilia: Etrurian BrideCecilia: Etrurian Bride
Chrom: Fated HonorChrom: Fated Honor
Deen: Bladed SandstormDeen: Bladed Sandstorm
Delthea: Prodigy in BloomDelthea: Prodigy in Bloom
Dimitri: Sky-Blue LionDimitri: Sky-Blue Lion
Eir: Life AscendantEir: Life Ascendant
Fáfnir: Fresh AmbitionFáfnir: Fresh Ambition
Gustav: Sovereign SlainGustav: Sovereign Slain
Hardin: The CoyoteHardin: The Coyote
Henry: Peculiar EggHenry: Peculiar Egg
Jeralt: Blade BreakerJeralt: Blade Breaker
Kent: Crimson ShieldKent: Crimson Shield
Letizia: Curse DirectorLetizia: Curse Director
Líf: Arcane BladeLíf: Arcane Blade
Lilina: Beaming BrideLilina: Beaming Bride
Luthier: Spring HopesLuthier: Spring Hopes
Lyre: Lap Cat of LuxuryLyre: Lap Cat of Luxury
Lysithea: Gifted StudentsLysithea: Gifted Students
Matthis: Brother to LenaMatthis: Brother to Lena
Micaiah: Wavecrest MaidenMicaiah: Wavecrest Maiden
Múspell: Raging InfernoMúspell: Raging Inferno
Nanna: Beloved PrincessNanna: Beloved Princess
Nifl: Tropical Ice GodNifl: Tropical Ice God
Nina: Shadowy FiguresNina: Shadowy Figures
Ninian: Ice-Dragon OracleNinian: Ice-Dragon Oracle
Owain: Devoted DefenderOwain: Devoted Defender
Reginn: Bearing DawnReginn: Bearing Dawn
Roy: Blazing BachelorsRoy: Blazing Bachelors
Sain: Green LanceSain: Green Lance
Seliph: Enduring LegacySeliph: Enduring Legacy
Seth: Silver-Sea KnightSeth: Silver-Sea Knight
Byleth: Sublime LightByleth: Sublime Light
Caeda: Beloved QueenCaeda: Beloved Queen
Camilla: Midnight BloomCamilla: Midnight Bloom
Cherche: Shaded by WingsCherche: Shaded by Wings
Claude: Tropical TroubleClaude: Tropical Trouble
Dagr: New Year JötnarDagr: New Year Jötnar
Eirika: Beach RestorerEirika: Beach Restorer
Elimine: Scouring SaintElimine: Scouring Saint
Elincia: Seaside QueenElincia: Seaside Queen
Embla: God of ClosureEmbla: God of Closure
Est: Sweet Baby SisEst: Sweet Baby Sis
Florina: Azure-Sky KnightFlorina: Azure-Sky Knight
Haar: Tempest RunnerHaar: Tempest Runner
Heath: Wyvern NinjaHeath: Wyvern Ninja
Karin: Driven KnightKarin: Driven Knight
Laegjarn: Flame and FrostLaegjarn: Flame and Frost
Larum: Dancing BrideLarum: Dancing Bride
Leila: Keen LookoutLeila: Keen Lookout
Lilith: Silent BroodlingLilith: Silent Broodling
Maria: Sunny SmileMaria: Sunny Smile
Mirabilis: Sugarplum VisionMirabilis: Sugarplum Vision
Myrrh: Guardian DragonMyrrh: Guardian Dragon
Naga: Harvest DivinityNaga: Harvest Divinity
Phila: Pegasus MasterPhila: Pegasus Master
Rickard: Carefree CulpritRickard: Carefree Culprit
Sonya: Dazzling RabbitsSonya: Dazzling Rabbits
Sophia: Prescient BrideSophia: Prescient Bride
Sothe: Rushing DawnSothe: Rushing Dawn
Book VII
2022-12-07 – Present
Alcryst: Tender ArcherAlcryst: Tender Archer
Alcryst: Tender GroomAlcryst: Tender Groom
Alear: Awoken DivinityAlear: Awoken Divinity
Alear: Dragon ChildAlear: Dragon Child
Alear: Dragon YouthAlear: Dragon Youth
Alear: Engaging FireAlear: Engaging Fire
Alear: Seaside DragonAlear: Seaside Dragon
Altina: Unrivaled DawnAltina: Unrivaled Dawn
Arlen: Mage of KhadeinArlen: Mage of Khadein
Ash: Earnest GreetingsAsh: Earnest Greetings
Askr: Renewed GodsAskr: Renewed Gods
Bastian: Crimea's KeystoneBastian: Crimea's Keystone
Byleth: Fount of LearningByleth: Fount of Learning
Byleth: Vengeance VesselByleth: Vengeance Vessel
Caeda: Marth's FaithfulCaeda: Marth's Faithful
Candace: Sly SnatcherCandace: Sly Snatcher
Castor: Loving SonCastor: Loving Son
Ced: Sage of the WindCed: Sage of the Wind
Celica: Of EchoesCelica: Of Echoes
Céline: Joyous RoyalCéline: Joyous Royal
Citrinne: Caring NobleCitrinne: Caring Noble
Clanne: Summer FanClanne: Summer Fan
Cornelia: Saint ConsumedCornelia: Saint Consumed
Corrin: Child of DawnCorrin: Child of Dawn
Cyril: Rhea's AttendantCyril: Rhea's Attendant
Dedue: Loyal Life GuardDedue: Loyal Life Guard
Diamant: Rising PowerDiamant: Rising Power
Donnel: Sunny VillagerDonnel: Sunny Villager
Dorothy: Devoted ArcherDorothy: Devoted Archer
Dwyer: Sleepy ButlerDwyer: Sleepy Butler
Edward: Blade of JusticeEdward: Blade of Justice
Effie: Dedicated HeartEffie: Dedicated Heart
Emmeryn: Selfless ExaltEmmeryn: Selfless Exalt
Etie: Fitness FighterEtie: Fitness Fighter
Fargus: Badon BuccaneerFargus: Badon Buccaneer
Febail: Mercenary WaifFebail: Mercenary Waif
Felix: Lone-Wolf BladeFelix: Lone-Wolf Blade
Fir: SwordmaidenFir: Swordmaiden
Fjorm: Seaside ThawFjorm: Seaside Thaw
Framme: Spring FangirlFramme: Spring Fangirl
Fuga: Force of GalesFuga: Force of Gales
Goldmary: Coy Beach DivasGoldmary: Coy Beach Divas
Gotoh: White SageGotoh: White Sage
Guinivere: Queen of BernGuinivere: Queen of Bern
Hans: Ambitious BruteHans: Ambitious Brute
Harken: Troubled WarriorHarken: Troubled Warrior
Hawkeye: Taciturn GuardianHawkeye: Taciturn Guardian
Hayato: Diviner of ReppuHayato: Diviner of Reppu
Heather: Wandering NinjaHeather: Wandering Ninja
Heiðr: Innocent GoddessHeiðr: Innocent Goddess
Hestia: Duma's WitchHestia: Duma's Witch
Igrene: Sworn ProtectorsIgrene: Sworn Protectors
Ike: Of RadianceIke: Of Radiance
Inigo: Flower PickerInigo: Flower Picker
Jarod: Nevassa GeneralJarod: Nevassa General
Kagetsu: Onigiri SamuraiKagetsu: Onigiri Samurai
Kana: Rising DragonKana: Rising Dragon
Kana: Rising SunlightKana: Rising Sunlight
Kiragi: Upbeat ArcherKiragi: Upbeat Archer
Kvasir: Unknown FutureKvasir: Unknown Future
Lapis: Mighty FlowerLapis: Mighty Flower
Lara: Step LivelyLara: Step Lively
Laurent: The ElucidatorLaurent: The Elucidator
Leonardo: Freedom's ArrowLeonardo: Freedom's Arrow
Linhardt: Spring SnoozerLinhardt: Spring Snoozer
Linus: Savage DogLinus: Savage Dog
Lissa: Littlest PrincessLissa: Littlest Princess
Lloyd: Vengeful WolfLloyd: Vengeful Wolf
Lucia: Tireless AdvisorLucia: Tireless Advisor
Lucius: Calming LightLucius: Calming Light
Lumera: Corrupted DragonLumera: Corrupted Dragon
Lumera: Dragon MonarchLumera: Dragon Monarch
Lumera: In Distant SkiesLumera: In Distant Skies
Maria: Ritual SacrificeMaria: Ritual Sacrifice
Mark: Winds of HopeMark: Winds of Hope
Marla: Duma's WitchMarla: Duma's Witch
Marth: Of BeginningsMarth: Of Beginnings
Mozu: Tragic StartMozu: Tragic Start
Nel: Stoic BrideNel: Stoic Bride
Nergal: Traitor to NabataNergal: Traitor to Nabata
Nino: Fang's HeartNino: Fang's Heart
Nino: Spirited SorcererNino: Spirited Sorcerer
Ophelia: Starlit MaidenOphelia: Starlit Maiden
Patty: Youthful ThiefPatty: Youthful Thief
Perne: Dacian ScoundrelPerne: Dacian Scoundrel
Rebecca: Breezy ScampRebecca: Breezy Scamp
Rhea: Loving MatriarchRhea: Loving Matriarch
Robin: Exalt's DelivererRobin: Exalt's Deliverer
Robin: Exalt's Other HalfRobin: Exalt's Other Half
Robin: Fated VesselRobin: Fated Vessel
Robin: Vessels of FateRobin: Vessels of Fate
Safy: Font of PietySafy: Font of Piety
Saizo: Hoshido's FlameSaizo: Hoshido's Flame
Saul: Loving ShepherdSaul: Loving Shepherd
Seadall: Misfortune-TellerSeadall: Misfortune-Teller
Severa: Secret DreamerSevera: Secret Dreamer
Shez: Sharpest BladesShez: Sharpest Blades
Sonya: Beautiful MageSonya: Beautiful Mage
Soren: Radiant ConfidantSoren: Radiant Confidant
Soren: Wind of TraditionSoren: Wind of Tradition
Sothe: Dawning ZephyrSothe: Dawning Zephyr
Anankos: Seething SilenceAnankos: Seething Silence
Annette: Festive HelperAnnette: Festive Helper
Black Knight: The Night's BladeBlack Knight: The Night's Blade
Bruno: Masked RevelerBruno: Masked Reveler
Byleth: Frosty ProfessorsByleth: Frosty Professors
Claude: Yuletide SchemerClaude: Yuletide Schemer
Corrin: Silent BloodlineCorrin: Silent Bloodline
Edelgard: Snowfall FutureEdelgard: Snowfall Future
Ephraim: Ardent PrinceEphraim: Ardent Prince
Fomortiis: Demon KingFomortiis: Demon King
Gilliam: Wall of SilenceGilliam: Wall of Silence
Hana: Striving HeartHana: Striving Heart
Hector: Sworn FriendHector: Sworn Friend
Kellam: Pumpkin KnightKellam: Pumpkin Knight
Ludveck: Rebellious DukeLudveck: Rebellious Duke
Murdock: Loyal GeneralMurdock: Loyal General
Myrrh: Adored DragonMyrrh: Adored Dragon
Alfred: Floral ProtectorAlfred: Floral Protector
Anna: Secret CharmerAnna: Secret Charmer
Ayra: Together in TeaAyra: Together in Tea
Azura: Song's ReflectionAzura: Song's Reflection
Bernadetta: Late HibernatorBernadetta: Late Hibernator
Chrom: Fell ExaltChrom: Fell Exalt
Dagr: Bluster PrincessDagr: Bluster Princess
Dimitri: Blessed ProtectorDimitri: Blessed Protector
Dorothea: Yuletide DancerDorothea: Yuletide Dancer
Eitr: Hand of NothingEitr: Hand of Nothing
Elise: Sweetheart RoyalsElise: Sweetheart Royals
Eliwood: Pledged FriendEliwood: Pledged Friend
Ephraim: Sunshine ValiantEphraim: Sunshine Valiant
Flavia: Bold BrideFlavia: Bold Bride
Flayn: Silly Kitty-CatFlayn: Silly Kitty-Cat
Frederick: Youth in ServiceFrederick: Youth in Service
Freyr: Dream-KingFreyr: Dream-King
Geoffrey: Realm's ProtectorGeoffrey: Realm's Protector
Ginnungagap: Ruler of NihilityGinnungagap: Ruler of Nihility
Gullveig: Glittering SunlightGullveig: Glittering Sunlight
Gullveig: Golden SeerGullveig: Golden Seer
Hríd: Island Ice PrinceHríd: Island Ice Prince
Isadora: Escort of PheraeIsadora: Escort of Pherae
Kagero: Bond UnwaveringKagero: Bond Unwavering
Karla: Spring ReveriesKarla: Spring Reveries
Kvasir: Seer of the PastKvasir: Seer of the Past
Lapis: Mighty BrideLapis: Mighty Bride
Leo: Shrouded HeartLeo: Shrouded Heart
Linde: Bound by FateLinde: Bound by Fate
Lucina: Fate's ResolveLucina: Fate's Resolve
Lyon: Esteemed RoyalsLyon: Esteemed Royals
Mauvier: Penitent KnightMauvier: Penitent Knight
Merric: Wind PontifexMerric: Wind Pontifex
Mycen: Zofia's ChampionMycen: Zofia's Champion
Nerþuz: Beach ChaperoneNerþuz: Beach Chaperone
Nerþuz: God of the LandNerþuz: God of the Land
Nerþuz: New-Year DoterNerþuz: New-Year Doter
Noah: Mercenary-ErrantNoah: Mercenary-Errant
Panne: Welcoming DawnPanne: Welcoming Dawn
Ratatoskr: Mending HandRatatoskr: Mending Hand
Reinhardt: Thrud RebornReinhardt: Thrud Reborn
Robin: Keen GroomRobin: Keen Groom
Sanaki: Dawnsworn NinjaSanaki: Dawnsworn Ninja
Seiðr: Goddess of HopeSeiðr: Goddess of Hope
Selena: Admiring GeneralSelena: Admiring General
Shamir: Heartbeats UnitedShamir: Heartbeats United
Sharena: Pillars of PeaceSharena: Pillars of Peace
Shez: Mercenary ShineShez: Mercenary Shine
Sigurd: Proper PourerSigurd: Proper Pourer
Anna: Twice the AnnaAnna: Twice the Anna
Arion: Gungnir's HeirArion: Gungnir's Heir
Ashe: Budding ChivalryAshe: Budding Chivalry
Caeldori: Perfect AngelCaeldori: Perfect Angel
Camilla: Alluring DarknessCamilla: Alluring Darkness
Catria: Windswept KnightCatria: Windswept Knight
Chloé: Fairy-Tale FlierChloé: Fairy-Tale Flier
Chloé: Spring WingsChloé: Spring Wings
Claude: Golden BreezeClaude: Golden Breeze
Cordelia: Unyielding SnowCordelia: Unyielding Snow
Elincia: Devoted QueenElincia: Devoted Queen
Elincia: Undaunted QueenElincia: Undaunted Queen
Elm: Resolute GrouchElm: Resolute Grouch
Embla: Closed-Off BrideEmbla: Closed-Off Bride
Fee: Aspiring KnightFee: Aspiring Knight
Ferdinand: Highborn SipperFerdinand: Highborn Sipper
Gullveig: Seer Beyond TimeGullveig: Seer Beyond Time
Hinoka: Thundering WingsHinoka: Thundering Wings
Hortensia: Little CharmerHortensia: Little Charmer
Ingrid: Beacon of HonorIngrid: Beacon of Honor
Ivy: Snow QueenIvy: Snow Queen
Ivy: Tidal BreezeIvy: Tidal Breeze
Juno: Nimble GraceJuno: Nimble Grace
L'Arachel: Summer PrincessL'Arachel: Summer Princess
Loki: Trickster GodLoki: Trickster God
Lysithea: Tea SweetenerLysithea: Tea Sweetener
Micaiah: Dawning MaidenMicaiah: Dawning Maiden
Michalis: Fruiting AmbitionMichalis: Fruiting Ambition
Mirabilis: Spring DaydreamMirabilis: Spring Daydream
Olivia: Wavecrest DancerOlivia: Wavecrest Dancer
Peony: Cherished DreamPeony: Cherished Dream
Petra: Faraway SunPetra: Faraway Sun
Plumeria: Rapturous DreamPlumeria: Rapturous Dream
Reina: Sanguine ShinobiReina: Sanguine Shinobi
Rosado: Adorable ArtistRosado: Adorable Artist
Say'ri: Righteous BrideSay'ri: Righteous Bride
Seiðr: Time's GoddessesSeiðr: Time's Goddesses
Shez: Mercenary ShadeShez: Mercenary Shade
Total13446 Dragonflower I Dragonflower (I)3020 Dragonflower A Dragonflower (A)6886 Dragonflower C Dragonflower (C)6560 Dragonflower F Dragonflower (F)29912

In other languages[ | ]

Language Name
Japanese 英雄の試練
German Heldenproben
Spanish (Europe) Pruebas épicas
Spanish (Latin America) Pruebas épicas
French Défis héroïques
Italian Ordalie eroiche
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 英雄考驗
Portuguese Provas épicas