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Heroes Journey
Available Memento events
  • Meal Preparations
  • Hidden Dangers
  • Sudden Downpour
  • Camping Comforts
  • Heroic Deals
  • Yuletide Feast
  • Bushwhacked
Start time
End time
Heroes Journey 8
Heroes Journey 10


This Heroes Journey event was made available:

  • (Notification)


Battle rewards[]

Beginner 10~
Intermediate 11~
Boss Battle 40
Final BossAccessory Hat of Spring Sun.pngPane 1.png

Rapport rewards[]

Rapport.png RapportReward
2 1,000
4 20
6 1,000
8 20
10 2,000
12 40
14 8
16 8
18 8
20 8

Memento events[]

Event 3 ♥ 4 ♥ 5 ♥
Meal Preparations They're going to try cooking! What do you think they'll make?

They prepared some nice grilled fish! A simple yet mouth-watering meal!

They roasted a chicken to perfection! A meal to satisfy both heart and belly!

They baked an absolutely huge cake! If it wasn't a party already, it is now.
Hidden Dangers They're going to explore a labyrinth... These two better watch their step!

They were unable to avoid the trap... A good reminder to stay alert!

One dodged! As for their partner... They both got a lesson in teamwork.

Both deflected all traps with ease! Their hearts beat together in triumph!
Sudden Downpour A storm appeared as if from nowhere! They took shelter beneath a tree...

They lost track of time storytelling! Each feels closer to the other now!

Animals began gathering near them! The company warmed their hearts!

A magnificent rainbow appeared! They stood in awe of nature's beauty!
Camping Comforts The day done, they set up their camp. It appears the tent is about to go up...

Done! ...Until the tent collapsed again. They couldn't help but crack smiles!

They erected a magnificent tent! A good night's sleep is in store!

They set up a jaw-dropping tent! Exhaustion will be vanquished!
Heroic Deals They're in town on a supply run! Confident, they dove right in, and...

All they got was...some moldy bread?! Now they're worse off than before!

They got everything they could carry! A job well done, worthy of pride!

They got a mountain of supplies! They must have some god's favor!
Yuletide Feast They're happily preparing a feast! A true blessing on a winter night.

The festival tree is already decorated! They could hardly wait to put it up.

A lavish feast has been prepared. It made everyone's stomach rumble!

Table's set and guests have arrived... Time to dig in and be merry!
Bushwhacked They brave the thick undergrowth... Suddenly, the brush begins to stir!

They struck without sign of hesitation. The foes were defeated instantly!

Wait—that's not a foe! That's a Feh! The pair can't help but start smiling.

It's a friendly trick between partners! Their laughter defuses any tension.