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Heroes Journey
Available Memento events
  • Growing Closer
  • Feline Frolics
  • Wheat from Chaff
  • Season's First Snow
  • Shrouded in Shadow
  • Hearty Soup
  • Missing Partner
Start time
End time
Heroes Journey 11


This Heroes Journey event was made available:

  • (Notification)


Battle rewards[]

Beginner 10~
Intermediate 11~
Boss Battle 40
Final BossAccessory Tropical Straw Hat.pngPane 1.png

Rapport rewards[]

Rapport.png RapportReward
2 1,000
4 20
6 1,000
8 20
10 2,000
12 40
14 8
16 8
18 8
20 8

Memento events[]

Event 3 ♥ 4 ♥ 5 ♥
Growing Closer They found a seed in decaying ruins. They poured over it in wonder...

As if by magic, something sprouted! They were moved by the tiny miracle.

A flower bloomed in the magic ruins! They were enchanted by its beauty.

A great tree sprang from the ground! They were in awe of the ruins' magic.
Feline Frolics They spotted a cat in a back alley. They advanced...stealthily, of course!

The cat ran away! They vowed to step lighter next time.

Just then, the cat approached them! It warmed their hearts to be so lucky.

Before long, they were surrounded! The pair was paw-sitively delighted!
Wheat from Chaff It was time to practice their hiding... And their seeking in a wheat field!

The seeker had no luck! Those hiding skills are impressive...

Found them! Or so they thought... They still have a lot to learn!

The seeking was a success! They commended each other's skills.
Season's First Snow They awoke to a fresh coat of snow... So they decided to make a snowman!

Success! But... Oh no! They ran after the head in a panic!

They managed it without trouble. Then celebrated a job well done!

They made a lovely snow sculpture! They were impressed by their talents.
Shrouded in Shadow They lost each other in a deep cave! And what's lurking right behind?

It was an enemy standing nearby! A shriek brought them back together.

It was their partner at their side! They were shocked, but relieved!

It was the enemy, but no worries! They were glad to be safe together.
Hearty Soup They build a bonfire under gray skies. Some soup may warm their bones...

The soup's warmth envelops them. Their inner fires burn as hot as ever!

The pair whips up a delicious soup. They feel its savory warm embrace.

Their soup was wildly nutritious! Heat and energy flow within them!
Missing Partner One partner missing, the search is on. Suddenly, a cry sounds from a hole!
File:Journey Missing Partner 3.webm
Oh no! Now they're both in the hole! "Together, we'll solve this in no time!"
File:Journey Missing Partner 4.webm
One outstretched helping hand, and... Back together, safe and sound!
File:Journey Missing Partner 5.webm
Oh! It was a discovery! Of...jewels?! A real diamond in the rough!