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Heroes Journey
Available Memento events
  • Make Way!
  • Coastal Collection
  • Compatibility Reading
  • Harvest Festival!
  • Proper Nutrition
  • More Hidden Dangers
  • Art of Armor
Start time
End time
Heroes Journey 10
Heroes Journey 12


This Heroes Journey event was made available:

  • (Notification)


Battle rewards[]

Beginner 10~
Intermediate 11~
Boss Battle 40
Final BossAccessory Waterside Gear.pngPane 1.png

Rapport rewards[]

Rapport.png RapportReward
2 1,000
4 20
6 1,000
8 20
10 2,000
12 40
14 8
16 8
18 8
20 8

Memento events[]

Event 3 ♥ 4 ♥ 5 ♥
Make Way! The way forward is blocked by rocks. Time for our Heroes to get cracking!

The rocks don't budge even a little! They gave up and took another path.

The rocks smashed to smithereens! They marched on, weapons drawn.

The rocks smashed to smithereens! They found gemstones in the rubble!
Coastal Collection They combed the shore for treasure. What might they find in the sands?

A quick pinch from a crab's claw! They'll remember the laughs!

They found some beautiful seashells! The sound of waves as a souvenir.

They dug up a massive pearl! What unbelievably good luck!
Compatibility Reading A fortune-teller gave them a reading. What will appear in the crystal ball?

The crystal ball shattered into pieces! They both ought to tread carefully!

The crystal revealed a perfect match! They were abashed at the revelation.

The crystal shone with a brilliant light! The bond between them is incredible!
Harvest Festival! The two found a local harvest festival. A perfect chance to relax a little!

The festive music rang out all night. They danced and danced for hours!

They lost track of time while dancing! Even a scarecrow seemed to join!

They joined in the local celebration! The atmosphere lifted their spirits!
Proper Nutrition Time to eat after a long day of travel! Their stomachs are growling already!

They gobbled it up almost instantly. Their strength returns immediately!

They took seconds, thirds, fourths... Two stomachs and wills made of iron!

Neither showed any sign of slowing! The empty plates just kept piling up!
More Hidden Dangers The two Heroes delve with caution... But they're still caught off guard!

They were both ensnared in the trap! Escape requires they work together.

Quick reflexes allow one to escape! They collaborate to escape the trap.

One mighty blow destroyed the trap! There's a helpful partner to have!
Art of Armor This armor is in a state of disarray! Do they know how it fits together?

The armor clattered to the ground! Their method was lacking discipline...

The two got everything back in place! Maybe not its usual place, but still...

It looks even better than they recall—and surpasses all their expectations!