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Heroes Journey
Available Memento events
  • Flower Songs
  • Fishing Up Dinner
  • A Happy Birthday
  • Life and Limb
  • Stargazing
  • Water Rations
  • On a Full Stomach
Start time
End time
Heroes Journey 9
Heroes Journey 11


This Heroes Journey event was made available:

  • (Notification)


Battle rewards[]

Beginner 10~
Intermediate 11~
Boss Battle 40
Final BossAccessory Blissful Hairpin.pngPane 1.png

Rapport rewards[]

Rapport.png RapportReward
2 1,000
4 20
6 1,000
8 20
10 2,000
12 40
14 8
16 8
18 8
20 8

Memento events[]

Event 3 ♥ 4 ♥ 5 ♥
Flower Songs They found a beautiful flowering tree and composed a ballad on the spot!

The blossoms began to fall in a flurry. What a startling turn of events!

Their tune drew in a flock of birds. The audience made them sing louder!

The flowers bloomed just for them. Nature's warmth lifted their spirits!
Fishing Up Dinner Bellies hungry, they set to fishing. They're hoping for a big haul tonight!

They caught a magnificent fish! Congratulations all around!

They managed to land a big one! Good work, worthy of praise!

They caught a monstrously huge fish! It was so big, it felt like a dream!
A Happy Birthday A friend's birthday is coming up... What could their present be?

It's a card filled with touching notes! Their friendship grew even stronger!

A symbolic bouquet of flowers! They grew closer as companions!

It's a handmade cake fit for a king! The mutual appreciation is palpable!
Life and Limb They stumbled upon an eerie cave... From the shadows, a foe strikes!

They fought for hours and hours... The enemy seemed never ending!

Their foe reeled after a strong blow! One can't help but be impressed!

The foe could not be stopped... from dancing?! All-night dance-off!
Stargazing They enjoyed a clear night stargazing. Will they see a shooting star?

A distraction interrupted the viewing. They vowed to maintain their focus!

A beautiful star shot across the sky! They wished for a safe return home.

They saw a shower of falling stars! Too excited, they forgot their wishes.
Water Rations The two were roasting under the sun. Only coconuts will quench their thirst!

Bad luck on the catch, unfortunately. But at least they had one to share!

They got a coconut for each of them! A toast—to the fruits of their efforts!

Wow! More coconuts than expected! They celebrated a bountiful harvest!
On a Full Stomach They stopped to eat, and as they talked over their meal, suddenly...

One of them rushes to be excused! The meal vanished awfully quickly...

One of them choked on a bite! The risk of talking with full mouth!

One clears a plate and orders more! Not just anyone can eat so much!