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Heroes Journey

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Heroes Journey, an event where you make memories with pairs of Heroes of your choosing, has begun!

Earn Orbs and other rewards including special accessories while watching over the pair as they strengthen their bonds with one another throughout the course of their journey.

The accessory you can get from the Final Boss battle this time is the Tropical Straw Hat! Don't forget to watch the new Memento Events too!

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■ About Heroes Journey

Heroes Journey is an event in which you can form a team consisting of either two Heroes or one Hero and your custom summoner, then view Memento Events, memories that they make along their travels.

The Rapport between your chosen pair builds as you view their Memento Events. Watch over your Heroes as they strengthen their bonds with one another throughout the course of their journey.

■ How to Play

1. Select a pair of Heroes.
2. Clear maps and save up Memento Points.
3. Watch Memento Events and build up your pair's Rapport.
4. Take on the Final Boss!

1. Select a pair of Heroes.
First, choose a pair of Heroes to go on a journey together. You can choose from any of the Heroes in your main barracks as well as your custom summoner.

Note: You cannot choose two Heroes with the same exact name and epithet.

You can change your Hero pair during the event, but the Rapport you built up will reset if you do. Even if you change your pair, then change back to the original pair you selected, their Rapport will be reset to zero.

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It looks like it'd be best to consider things carefully before choosing your pair.

2. Clear maps and save up Memento Points.

Once you've chosen your pair, take on battle maps. At first you'll be able to choose between Beginner- and Intermediate-difficulty maps, and when you clear them you will save up Memento Points. Also, the SP you earn in Heroes Journey battles is twice the normal amount!

・ Even if you change Heroes, the Memento Points you saved up will carry over.
・ Stamina is required to play.

3. Watch Memento Events and build up your pair's Rapport.

You can view a Memento Event, a memory of your pair's travels, by using 100 Memento Points. Choose one logbook from among three and take a peek at an event that occurred along your pair's journey. Your pair's Rapport will increase by watching their Memento Events.

There are five types of Memento Events per season, and each has three different results! Your pair's Rapport increases by three to five points, depending on the result of the Memento Event. Save up Memento Points and view all sorts of Memento Events!

An item called Memory Fragments can be obtained when a Memento Event you have already seen appears when you use Memento Points. The number of fragments that can be received is equivalent to the Rapport (number of hearts) of the Memento Event that appeared. You can use 20 Memory Fragments to unlock a Memento Event of your choosing, regardless of type and Rapport.

You can choose from both the Memento Events of the current season as well as those of previous seasons. Try unlocking Memento Events that you missed in the past by using Memory Fragments!

You can use Memory Fragments up to three times each time the Heroes Journey event is held. You can hold up to 60 Memory Fragments.

Note: The number of Memory Fragments you have, like Rapport and Memento Events, is reset at the end of the event period. You cannot carry them over to the next time the event is held.

Memento Events that you have viewed will be saved in your Memento Logs for each type of event and result, and you will be able to rewatch them later.

・ Even if you change Heroes during the event, the Memento Events recorded in your Memento Logs will be saved using the Heroes who completed them, and will remain viewable. However, if you view the same Memento Event type and result as one saved in your Memento Logs using a new pair of Heroes, the Memento Event in the Memento Logs will be updated with the new pair of Heroes.
・ When you view Memento Events in your Memento Logs, the appearances of Heroes and your custom summoner will reflect their currently equipped accessories and resplendent status.

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This one, and this one, and...I want to see every Memento Event! I've got plenty of journeying to do!

Memento Events you gathered from previous events will be saved in your Memento Logs, and you will be able to rewatch them from the event menu any time.

4. Take on the Final Boss!

As your pair builds up Rapport, you will be able to take on the Boss Battle and Final Boss maps. You do not earn Memento Points for clearing the Boss Battle or Final Boss maps, but you can receive First Clear Rewards by completing them.

Also, when you clear the Final Boss map, the pair of Heroes who completes it will be recorded and you will be able to see which Heroes cleared it in Successful Pairs. You'll be able to see which Heroes emerged victorious!

・ The most recent pair and up to the 5th pair before them to clear the Final Boss map will be recorded in Successful Pairs.
・ Only one pair is recorded per season. The last pair in a given season to complete the Final Boss map will be recorded.
・ Your custom summoner will always display using their currently set appearance.

■ World Mirror

The World Mirror reveals in its reflection whatever it is that two Heroes who are out on a journey happen to be doing in the present moment. The pair's activities will be shown in Real-World Time, and you can see all sorts of different scenes depending on the time of day you're living in!

On occasion, a Road-Fork Event will present itself when you are gazing into the World Mirror. Choose one of the available options to help your Heroes decide which way to go on their journey. If the choice you made at the fork in the road leads to a good result, you will receive a Memory Fragment.

You can look at the World Mirror at any time while the event is active after you select your pair of Heroes.

■ Rewards

You can receive rewards such as Hero Feathers, Dragonflowers, and more depending on your cumulative Rapport. Achieve victory in the Final Boss map and you can earn a special accessory as a memento of your pair's journey as well.

Plus, clear a map once and you can get 3 Orbs as a quest reward while the event is active!

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Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!