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Watch over your Heroes as they strengthen their bonds with one another throughout the course of their journey.

Heroes Journey is a special event introduced in Version 5.8.0. It was first presented in Feh Channel (Aug. 2, 2021).

In this mode, two heroes are choose to fight and spend time together.

Basics[ | ]

Battles[ | ]

There are two kind of battles, separated on four difficulties.

The first two battles, on Beginner and Intermediate difficulty, take place on a random Story map with three random enemy heroes. On Normal difficulties, 3 ★ foes at the level of your strongest hero minus 5 await you. On Hard difficulty, they are 4 ★, with a difference of 2 level. Clearing these battles will grant Memento Point Memento Point, based on the following formula:

Where is a random multiplier dependent on the enemies drop as describe below:

  • 1 drop: 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.4
  • 2 drops: 2.0 / 2.2 / 2.4
  • 3 drops: 3.0 / 3.3 / 3.5

The Boss Battle and Final Battle are unlocked after reaching respectively a Rapport Rapport of 6 and 20. They feature a random Heroic Ordeals from Book 2 or Book 3 and above, depending on the difficulty. These battle do not reward Memento Point Memento Points, instead their first clear grant unique rewards, such as Divine Code Ephemera 7 Divine Code: Ephemera 7 and an accessory.

Memento Events[ | ]

Once acquiring at least Memento Point 100 Memento Points, a duo of heroes can take part of a Memento Event. Each event offer 5 different Memento Event, with three possible outputs. Based on the result of the Memento Event, the active duo will earn an equivalent amount of Rapport Rapport.

Starting from Version 5.10.0, assisting to an already viewed Memento Event grants Memory Fragments Memory Fragments. The amount of granted Memory Fragments Memory Fragments is equivalent to the result of the event. It is possible to assist to an unviewed Memento Event of your choice for Memory Fragments 20 Memory Fragments, up to three times per Heroes Journey event.

Memento Point Memento Points are capped to 9,999, while Rapport Rapport are capped to 99 for a given pair. Changing one or both member of the team will reset the Rapport counter to 0, event if the same pair is rebuild after. Changing for another version of the same hero will also reset the counter, however simply changing the order of the currently selected heroes won't.

World Mirror[ | ]

Btn WaterMirror

Starting with Version 6.1.0, a new functionality has been added to Heroes Journey events, the World Mirror. This new functionality allows summoners to watch after the Heroes that have been dispatched as they spend times during their travel. Every 10 minutes, a new activity is begin by the two Heroes, reflecting the current time: it is possible to see them cooking during lunch, or resting at night.

Sometimes, instead of an idle event, the Heroes will be facing a situation with several possibilities. In such cases, the player can help them chose one possibility. If the output is a positive one, the Heroes will thank the player with a Memory Fragments Memory Fragments.

The event played depends of three factors: the time interval, the activity and the location. There is a total of 8 time intervals, 13 possible activities and 12 different locations. However, some activities are only available during some time intervals. Moreover, some locations also have different designs depending on the time intervals. The description of the event is the combination of the three descriptors related to the time, the location and the event, in that order.

Time of day Corresponding hours Descriptor
Breakfast 06:00:00 — 07:59:59 As the morning sun rises
Morning 08:00:00 — 10:59:59 As the sun's light floods the sky
Lunch 11:00:00 — 12:59:59 As the sun blazes in the sky
Early afternoon 13:00:00 — 15:59:59 As sunlight shines bright
Late afternoon 16:00:00 — 18:59:59 As the skies turn a brilliant red
Dinner 19:00:00 — 20:59:59 As the sun disappears from view
Evening 21:00:00 — 22:59:59 As a deep sense of solitude settles
Night 23:00:00 — 05:59:59 As everything grows still and quiet

Some locations do not allow for different designs, e.g. the Caves. These locations use unique time descriptor, which are also describe on the following table.

Location Designs Descriptor
Daytime Late afternoon Night
Wastes Journey Mirror Wilderness Daytime Journey Mirror Wilderness Evening Journey Mirror Wilderness Night in the desolate wasteland
Woods Journey Mirror Forest Daytime Journey Mirror Forest Evening Journey Mirror Forest Night in the heart of a dense forest
Wilds Journey Mirror Plain Daytime Journey Mirror Plain Evening Journey Mirror Plain Night in the vast, untamed wilderness
Sands Journey Mirror Desert Daytime Journey Mirror Desert Evening Journey Mirror Desert Night over the far-stretched sands
Ruins Journey Mirror Ruins Daytime Journey Mirror Ruins Evening Journey Mirror Ruins Night over the crumbling ruins
Shore Journey Mirror Beach Daytime Journey Mirror Beach Evening Journey Mirror Beach Night over the path along the shore
Snow Journey Mirror Snowfield Daytime Journey Mirror Snowfield Evening Journey Mirror Snowfield Night in the frost, ice, and snow
Volcano Journey Mirror Volcano at the foot of the volcano
  • Breakfast: As smoke darkens the sunlight
  • Morning: As the hot ground cracks underfoot
  • Lunch: As smoke and ash obscure the sun
  • Early afternoon: As lava scorches the ash-laden air
  • Late afternoon: As the thick smoke hangs heavy
  • Dinner: As sparks glow in the darkness
  • Evening: As the dark barely cools the hot air
  • Night: As the rumbling echoes distantly
Caves Journey Mirror Cave deep, deep underground
  • Breakfast: As the darkness surrounds them
  • Morning: As a cold wind presses against them
  • Lunch: As a deep gloom extends all around
  • Early afternoon: As all sense of time drifts away
  • Late afternoon: As all trace of light is lost to shadow
  • Dinner: As a heavy silence descends
  • Evening: As the silence grows more profound
  • Night: As darkness presses in from all sides
Maze Journey Mirror Dungeon in the labyrinthine corridors
  • Breakfast: As the darkness surrounds them
  • Morning: As a cold wind presses against them
  • Lunch: As a deep gloom extends all around
  • Early afternoon: As all sense of time drifts away
  • Late afternoon: As all trace of light is lost to shadow
  • Dinner: As a heavy silence descends
  • Evening: As the silence grows more profound
  • Night: As darkness presses in from all sides
Spring Journey Mirror Spa Daytime Journey Mirror Spa Evening in the steam of the hot spring
  • Morning: As sunlight filters through the leaves
  • Early afternoon: As soft sunlight beams from above
  • Late afternoon: As the trees give of their shade
Shade Journey Mirror Shade Daytime Journey Mirror Shade Evening under the wide-stretched canopy
  • Morning: As the leaves rustle in the wind
  • Early afternoon: As the light of the sun begins to wane
  • Late afternoon: As the sun begins its descent
Activity Available times Descriptor
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
they share a quiet conversation
Jokes their laughter echoes all around
Cooking the scents of good food fill the air
Meal they take time to appreciate the food
  • Morning
  • Early afternoon
  • Late afternoon
they continue their steady advance
Journey they stride on, without any hurry
Battle the sounds of their battle ring out
Talks they have an animated discussion
Training they train with all they've got
Soak they indulge a well-needed soak
Relaxing they enjoy a moment of relaxation
Camp Evening
  • they prepare camp
  • they work hard to set up their tent
Resting Night they lie down for a well-earned rest

Rewards[ | ]

Battles[ | ]

Difficulty Rewards
Beginner 10~ Memento Point
Intermediate 11~ Memento Point
Boss Battle 40 Divine Code Ephemera 7
Final Boss Accessory

Rapport[ | ]

Rapport Rapport Rewards
2 1,000 Hero Feather
4 20 Sacred Coin
6 1,000 Hero Feather
8 20 Refining Stone
10 2,000 Hero Feather
12 40 Divine Code Ephemera 7
14 Dragonflower I
16 Dragonflower A
18 Dragonflower C
20 Dragonflower F

List of Heroes Journey events[ | ]

Event Event Dates
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 1
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 2
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 3
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 4
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 5
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 6
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 7
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 8
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 9
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 10
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 11
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 12
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 13
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 14
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 15
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 16
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 17
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 18
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 19
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 20
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 21
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 22
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 23
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 24
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 25
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 26
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 27
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 28
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 29
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 30
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 31
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 32
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 33
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 34
Banner Heroes Journey
Empty Space GHB

Heroes Journey 35

List of Memento Events[ | ]

Archive of the North[ | ]

Event 3 ♥ 4 ♥ 5 ♥
Flower Songs They found a beautiful flowering tree and composed a ballad on the spot!

The blossoms began to fall in a flurry. What a startling turn of events!

Their tune drew in a flock of birds. The audience made them sing louder!

The flowers bloomed just for them. Nature's warmth lifted their spirits!
Fishing Up Dinner Bellies hungry, they set to fishing. They're hoping for a big haul tonight!

They caught a magnificent fish! Congratulations all around!

They managed to land a big one! Good work, worthy of praise!

They caught a monstrously huge fish! It was so big, it felt like a dream!
A Happy Birthday A friend's birthday is coming up... What could their present be?

It's a card filled with touching notes! Their friendship grew even stronger!

A symbolic bouquet of flowers! They grew closer as companions!

It's a handmade cake fit for a king! The mutual appreciation is palpable!
Life and Limb They stumbled upon an eerie cave... From the shadows, a foe strikes!

They fought for hours and hours... The enemy seemed never ending!

Their foe reeled after a strong blow! One can't help but be impressed!

The foe could not be stopped... from dancing?! All-night dance-off!
Stargazing They enjoyed a clear night stargazing. Will they see a shooting star?

A distraction interrupted the viewing. They vowed to maintain their focus!

A beautiful star shot across the sky! They wished for a safe return home.

They saw a shower of falling stars! Too excited, they forgot their wishes.
Water Rations The two were roasting under the sun. Only coconuts will quench their thirst!

Bad luck on the catch, unfortunately. But at least they had one to share!

They got a coconut for each of them! A toast—to the fruits of their efforts!

Wow! More coconuts than expected! They celebrated a bountiful harvest!
On a Full Stomach They stopped to eat, and as they talked over their meal, suddenly...

One of them rushes to be excused! The meal vanished awfully quickly...

One of them choked on a bite! The risk of talking with full mouth!

One clears a plate and orders more! Not just anyone can eat so much!
Flavors of Fall The forest delivers its seasonal treats! What bounty might await them?
File:Journey Flavors of Fall 3.webm
They lost their precious grapes! The lesson? Beware hungry birds!
File:Journey Flavors of Fall 4.webm
They foraged a mushroom mountain! A feast of mushrooms awaits them!
File:Journey Flavors of Fall 5.webm
They gathered a huge fall bounty! Gratitude for the forest was tangible!
Chopping Wood They're practicing splitting firewood! Do they have the chops for it?
File:Journey Chopping Wood 3.webm
The stump itself cracked in two! More careful swings are in order...
File:Journey Chopping Wood 4.webm
A woodpecker showed them a trick! Lessons can come from anywhere!
File:Journey Chopping Wood 5.webm
They have mastered the splitting arts! No wood can withstand their swings!
A Dark Summer Night They ventured deep into the forest. The sky grew dark and foreboding...
File:Journey A Dark Summer Night 3.webm
Did something move in the bushes?! Their reflexes kicked in and they hid!
File:Journey A Dark Summer Night 4.webm
An enemy? Oh, it was just a frog! They both heaved a sigh of relief.
File:Journey A Dark Summer Night 5.webm
Fireflies gently flittered around them. What an ethereal, soothing sight!
Sandy Footrace A single flag blows in the sea breeze... Whoever gets there first wins!
File:Journey Sandy Footrace 3.webm
They couldn't agree who got it first... Nothing 30 rematches can't settle!
File:Journey Sandy Footrace 4.webm
Surprise twist ending! ...A crab won?! No one can know their secret shame.
File:Journey Sandy Footrace 5.webm
They kept running past the flag... The real victory was friendship!
Thunderstorm They take shelter from the downpour. Thunder only unnerves them a little...
File:Journey Thunderstorm 3.webm
A lightning bolt reduces a tree to ruin! The two cower away from the blast.
File:Journey Thunderstorm 4.webm
The lightning defeats a foe! What luck! Their reward for good deeds done?
File:Journey Thunderstorm 5.webm
Everyone made it through unharmed! Even the bunny they heroically saved!
Fireworks The grand finale fireworks to close out the festival will begin soon!
File:Journey Fireworks 3.webm
A dud? What a disappointment! Instead of fireworks, it's just smoke.
File:Journey Fireworks 4.webm
A heart-shaped firework lights the sky! Cheeks blush with embarrassment.
File:Journey Fireworks 5.webm
Fireworks of Feh light up the sky. Excitement erupts through the town!

Archive of the East[ | ]

Event 3 ♥ 4 ♥ 5 ♥
Make Way! The way forward is blocked by rocks. Time for our Heroes to get cracking!

The rocks don't budge even a little! They gave up and took another path.

The rocks smashed to smithereens! They marched on, weapons drawn.

The rocks smashed to smithereens! They found gemstones in the rubble!
Coastal Collection They combed the shore for treasure. What might they find in the sands?

A quick pinch from a crab's claw! They'll remember the laughs!

They found some beautiful seashells! The sound of waves as a souvenir.

They dug up a massive pearl! What unbelievably good luck!
Compatibility Reading A fortune-teller gave them a reading. What will appear in the crystal ball?

The crystal ball shattered into pieces! They both ought to tread carefully!

The crystal revealed a perfect match! They were abashed at the revelation.

The crystal shone with a brilliant light! The bond between them is incredible!
Harvest Festival! The two found a local harvest festival. A perfect chance to relax a little!

The festive music rang out all night. They danced and danced for hours!

They lost track of time while dancing! Even a scarecrow seemed to join!

They joined in the local celebration! The atmosphere lifted their spirits!
Proper Nutrition Time to eat after a long day of travel! Their stomachs are growling already!

They gobbled it up almost instantly. Their strength returns immediately!

They took seconds, thirds, fourths... Two stomachs and wills made of iron!

Neither showed any sign of slowing! The empty plates just kept piling up!
More Hidden Dangers The two Heroes delve with caution... But they're still caught off guard!

They were both ensnared in the trap! Escape requires they work together.

Quick reflexes allow one to escape! They collaborate to escape the trap.

One mighty blow destroyed the trap! There's a helpful partner to have!
Art of Armor This armor is in a state of disarray! Do they know how it fits together?

The armor clattered to the ground! Their method was lacking discipline...

The two got everything back in place! Maybe not its usual place, but still...

It looks even better than they recall—and surpasses all their expectations!
Plumbing the Depths The pair look around a dark cavern. What could a lit torch reveal?
File:Journey Plumbing the Depths 3.webm
They stumbled into a swarm of bats! Both of them shouted with fright!
File:Journey Plumbing the Depths 4.webm
They came upon a treasure chest... What a lucky pair of adventurers!
File:Journey Plumbing the Depths 5.webm
They found a pile of gold and silver! The two adventurers win the day!
Raging Blizzard They crossed a snowfield in a storm! It got too dangerous to continue on...
File:Journey Raging Blizzard 3.webm
Their tent was blown away by winds! The two both rushed to retrieve it!
File:Journey Raging Blizzard 4.webm
They packed snow to make a hut! Out of the wind, they finally relaxed!
File:Journey Raging Blizzard 5.webm
They made a stunning ice shelter! Forgetting the cold, they just had fun!
Sunflower Fields The two traveled during midsummer. One disappeared in the sunflowers...
File:Journey Sunflower Fields 3.webm
They ran out fleeing a swarm of bees! Both of them bolted, shouting "RUN!"
File:Journey Sunflower Fields 4.webm
They reappeared in a sunflower hat! A truly dazzling look, worthy of envy!
File:Journey Sunflower Fields 5.webm
They reappeared with...a bouquet! Their smiles shone like the sun!
Wandering Wallet? Uh-oh! Someone lost their wallet... It had all the funds for the trip inside!
File:Journey Wandering Wallet 3.webm
Wait—they BOTH lost their wallets! The pair continued on in silence...
File:Journey Wandering Wallet 4.webm
Luckily it was held for safekeeping! Phew! What a thing to forget...
File:Journey Wandering Wallet 5.webm
It was returned to them by a kind owl! They thanked it as it went on its way.
Spiraling Labyrinth The two explored a dark labyrinth. In the depths, they found a lever...
File:Journey Spiraling Labyrinth 3.webm
A trap! They muscled their way out... Thank goodness they had each other!
File:Journey Spiraling Labyrinth 4.webm
A trap! They artfully evade danger. The labyrinth is theirs before long!
File:Journey Spiraling Labyrinth 5.webm
Trapped! ...And having fun with it! They played to their heart's content.

Archive of the South[ | ]

Event 3 ♥ 4 ♥ 5 ♥
Growing Closer They found a seed in decaying ruins. They poured over it in wonder...

As if by magic, something sprouted! They were moved by the tiny miracle.

A flower bloomed in the magic ruins! They were enchanted by its beauty.

A great tree sprang from the ground! They were in awe of the ruins' magic.
Feline Frolics They spotted a cat in a back alley. They advanced...stealthily, of course!

The cat ran away! They vowed to step lighter next time.

Just then, the cat approached them! It warmed their hearts to be so lucky.

Before long, they were surrounded! The pair was paw-sitively delighted!
Wheat from Chaff It was time to practice their hiding... And their seeking in a wheat field!

The seeker had no luck! Those hiding skills are impressive...

Found them! Or so they thought... They still have a lot to learn!

The seeking was a success! They commended each other's skills.
Season's First Snow They awoke to a fresh coat of snow... So they decided to make a snowman!

Success! But... Oh no! They ran after the head in a panic!

They managed it without trouble. Then celebrated a job well done!

They made a lovely snow sculpture! They were impressed by their talents.
Shrouded in Shadow They lost each other in a deep cave! And what's lurking right behind?

It was an enemy standing nearby! A shriek brought them back together.

It was their partner at their side! They were shocked, but relieved!

It was the enemy, but no worries! They were glad to be safe together.
Hearty Soup They build a bonfire under gray skies. Some soup may warm their bones...

The soup's warmth envelops them. Their inner fires burn as hot as ever!

The pair whips up a delicious soup. They feel its savory warm embrace.

Their soup was wildly nutritious! Heat and energy flow within them!
Missing Partner One partner missing, the search is on. Suddenly, a cry sounds from a hole!
File:Journey Missing Partner 3.webm
Oh no! Now they're both in the hole! "Together, we'll solve this in no time!"
File:Journey Missing Partner 4.webm
One outstretched helping hand, and... Back together, safe and sound!
File:Journey Missing Partner 5.webm
Oh! It was a discovery! Of...jewels?! A real diamond in the rough!
Hungry Bellies They found food... But they can't pay! What can they possibly do about this?
File:Journey Hungry Bellies 3.webm
The smell of food attracted cats. No food, but better than nothing!
File:Journey Hungry Bellies 4.webm
They had enough to share a plate. It was the best food either ever had!
File:Journey Hungry Bellies 5.webm
Bandits defeated, they got a meal! What a treat... They jumped for joy!
Sounds of Life They found an egg starting to hatch! The pair decided to watch the event...
File:Journey Sounds of Life 3.webm
The hatchling's mother found them! They fled from its threatening cries!
File:Journey Sounds of Life 4.webm
The hatchling was born full of spirit! They listened in on its first sounds.
File:Journey Sounds of Life 5.webm
Oh! A dragon hatched from the egg! They crept away, roars behind them...
Deep-Clean Heroes The two took shelter in an old house... An urge to clean took hold of them!
File:Journey Deep-Clean Heroes 3.webm
They found a diary and read from it... Hardly any cleaning got done at all!
File:Journey Deep-Clean Heroes 4.webm
They focused on cleaning until sunup! Satisfied, they continued on the road!
File:Journey Deep-Clean Heroes 5.webm
They returned the house to its glory! Even the floors shone and sparkled!
Lost Little One They come across a sad little girl! Will they be able to make her smile?
File:Journey Lost Little One 3.webm
Silly poses fail to make her feel better. No one seems impressed either...
File:Journey Lost Little One 4.webm
Singing gets her back to smiling again! They fill the area with a warm energy.
File:Journey Lost Little One 5.webm
A lively song and dance is in order! They reunite child and mother too!
Chilly Peppers An eerie chill gives rise to hunger. They satisfy it with a fiery pepper.
File:Journey Chilly Peppers 3.webm
They dash for relief from the heat. But snow reminds them of the cold!
File:Journey Chilly Peppers 4.webm
They endure the flames of spice... Cozy inner fires warm their bellies.
File:Journey Chilly Peppers 5.webm
Heat exudes from their every pore. It melts the winter away for good!

Archive of the West[ | ]

Event 3 ♥ 4 ♥ 5 ♥
Meal Preparations They're going to try cooking! What do you think they'll make?

They prepared some nice grilled fish! A simple yet mouth-watering meal!

They roasted a chicken to perfection! A meal to satisfy both heart and belly!

They baked an absolutely huge cake! If it wasn't a party already, it is now.
Hidden Dangers They're going to explore a labyrinth... These two better watch their step!

They were unable to avoid the trap... A good reminder to stay alert!

One dodged! As for their partner... They both got a lesson in teamwork.

Both deflected all traps with ease! Their hearts beat together in triumph!
Sudden Downpour A storm appeared as if from nowhere! They took shelter beneath a tree...

They lost track of time storytelling! Each feels closer to the other now!

Animals began gathering near them! The company warmed their hearts!

A magnificent rainbow appeared! They stood in awe of nature's beauty!
Camping Comforts The day done, they set up their camp. It appears the tent is about to go up...

Done! ...Until the tent collapsed again. They couldn't help but crack smiles!

They erected a magnificent tent! A good night's sleep is in store!

They set up a jaw-dropping tent! Exhaustion will be vanquished!
Heroic Deals They're in town on a supply run! Confident, they dove right in, and...

All they got was...some moldy bread?! Now they're worse off than before!

They got everything they could carry! A job well done, worthy of pride!

They got a mountain of supplies! They must have some god's favor!
Yuletide Feast They're happily preparing a feast! A true blessing on a winter night.

The festival tree is already decorated! They could hardly wait to put it up.

A lavish feast has been prepared. It made everyone's stomach rumble!

Table's set and guests have arrived... Time to dig in and be merry!
Bushwhacked They brave the thick undergrowth... Suddenly, the brush begins to stir!

They struck without sign of hesitation. The foes were defeated instantly!

Wait—that's not a foe! That's a Feh! The pair can't help but start smiling.

It's a friendly trick between partners! Their laughter defuses any tension.
Sand and Sea The pair spent the day at the beach, engrossed in the art of sculpting sand.
File:Journey Sand and Sea 3.webm
Just as they were finishing their work, a crab arrived...and was a bad omen!
File:Journey Sand and Sea 4.webm
They sculpted a majestic sandcastle! Admirable work, and very satisfying.
File:Journey Sand and Sea 5.webm
They invented a new sculpting style! A masterpiece to be proud of!
Frozen Fishing They decided to fish the frozen lake. Will they be able to catch anything?
File:Journey Frozen Fishing 3.webm
That fish fought well, despite its size! The two admitted defeat, this time...
File:Journey Frozen Fishing 4.webm
Despite the freeze, they caught some! Some penguins even came to see!
File:Journey Frozen Fishing 5.webm
Their fishing hole was full of fish! They almost couldn't believe it!
Training Partners The two were chilled by the cold! They began training to warm up...
File:Journey Training Partners 3.webm
They each practiced their techniques! A warmth filled both their bodies...
File:Journey Training Partners 4.webm
They sparred to test one another... Improvement and warmth at once!
File:Journey Training Partners 5.webm
They got serious with their sparring. The whole area started heating up!
Meditation Retreat They're meditating far from society! Together, they focus in silence...
File:Journey Meditation Retreat 3.webm
A growling stomach pierces the quiet. Forced to stop, they share a meal!
File:Journey Meditation Retreat 4.webm
The pair reaches their spiritual cores... They both shed their concept of self!
File:Journey Meditation Retreat 5.webm
A cat distracts from their focus... But in their play, they find true bliss!
Picnic One invited the other out for a picnic! They even prepared a packed lunch...
File:Journey Picnic 3.webm
One dropped their tasty sandwich... The loss is almost too much to bear.
File:Journey Picnic 4.webm
Sharing the meal made it taste better! Both bellies and hearts were satisfied.
File:Journey Picnic 5.webm
So much food, the basket overflowed! They can snack and talk for hours!
Fountain Court They agree to meet at the fountain. But it appears only one shows up...
File:Journey Fountain Court 3.webm
It's like they're on parallel paths. How long until they find each other?
File:Journey Fountain Court 4.webm
The water stops and they lock eyes! They blush with embarrassment.
File:Journey Fountain Court 5.webm
The fountain mesmerizes them both... A lovely sight thanks to the confusion.

List of World Mirror events[ | ]

Event Title Introduction Success Failure
Seashell Search They're scouring the shore for shells... Will they find what they're after? They discovered a beautiful seashell! Another memento from the journey! They found trash but no treasure. At least the seashore is cleaner!
Funding Fiasco They lost their purse of travel funds... Can they recover from this blunder? They tracked down their lost funds! Their shared relief is palpable. They looked all over but had no luck. They prepared for a night in the cold.
Sowing Seeds They're tending seeds in the ruins... What kind of flowers will they grow? The seeds grew into beautiful flowers! They fought back their tears of joy. They used an unusual mix of seeds. Beauty's in the eye of the beholder...
Clever Levers They found three levers in the maze... Will curiosity get the better of them? A treasure chest suddenly appeared! They celebrated their amazing luck. It seems they pulled the wrong lever... The maze's traps sprung into action!
Matter of Taste Gifts given from one to the other... But which should be opened first? The box had a dazzling cake inside! Who could hold back a smile at that? The box had an appalling cake inside! Will the others be less horrendous?

Gallery[ | ]

World Mirror[ | ]

Memento Events[ | ]

Main article: /Gallery

Story[ | ]

Anna Commander Face Cool

All right, then. I've gathered you all
here today to present the Order's
incredibly important new mission!

It's called...

Operation: Two-Hero Journey!



...And that's name?


Alfonse Prince of Askr Face FC
Anna Commander Face FC

Yep! The plan is for squads of two
Heroes to journey to other worlds
and collect information.

Oh, and of course we can join
in on these journeys too—even
【Summoner】 can!



Going on a trip with just yourself
and one other person sounds like
the makings of a thrilling adventure!

I'd love to travel with just about any
Hero, including you all!



Sharena Princess of Askr Face FC
Anna Commander Face FC

With so many potentials to choose
from, your choice of partners will
be an important one.


...Why is it limited to groups of two?


Sharena Princess of Askr Face Cool2
Anna Commander Face FC

Excellent question, Sharena.

Firstly, reconnaissance missions
are usually executed by squads
of specially selected operatives.

The smallest squad—and therefore
the squad with the most specialized
selection—is ideal for our purposes.

Secondly, we are in the midst of
conflict on multiple fronts. I would
prefer to limit the forces sent out.

Third and lastly, when you only have
yourself and your partner to rely on,
it can force you to improve.





I see... Wow! I hadn't thought of any
of that. You're amazing, Anna!


Sharena Princess of Askr Face Smile
Anna Commander Face FC

Well, I wasn't made commander of
the Order of Heroes just because
of my business acumen, you know.

...Oh, actually, there is one more
reason for putting a two-Hero limit
on the squads, come to think of it.


Anna Commander Face Cool

If we use only small groups,
the Order of Heroes saves
a ton of money!


...Why did that last point feel like
it had more enthusiasm behind it?


Alfonse Prince of Askr Face Pain
Anna Commander Face FC

Er...go forth and select our first two
Heroes, 【Summoner】!


F & F: Bound Hero Battle
Book V, Chapter 10: Part 1: Passion's Madness

Trivia[ | ]

  • The music that plays during Memento Events changes depending on who is in the pair.
  • The waitress who appears in "Proper Nutrition" uses a modified version of Annette Overachiever Face FC Annette: Overachiever's sprite model.
  • The fortune teller who appears in "Compatibility Reading" uses a modified version of the default Kiran Hero Summoner Face FC Kiran: Hero Summoner sprite model.

In other languages[ | ]

Language Name
Japanese 英雄たちの二人旅
German Heldenreise
Spanish (Europe) Viaje heroico
Spanish (Latin America) Viaje heroico
French Voyage en duo
Italian Viaggio eroico
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 英雄們的雙人之旅
Portuguese Jornada dupla