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Watch over your Heroes as they strengthen their bonds with one another throughout the course of their journey.
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Heroes Journey is a special event introduced in Version 5.8.0. It was first presented in Feh Channel (Aug. 2, 2021).

In this mode, two heroes are choose to fight and spend time together.



There are two kind of battles, separated on four difficulties.

The first two battles, on Beginner and Intermediate difficulty, take place on a random Story map with three random enemy heroes. On Normal difficulties, 3★ foes at the level of your strongest hero minus 5 await you. On Hard difficulty, they are 4★, with a difference of 2 level. Clearing these battles will grant Memento Point.png Memento Point, based on the following formula:

Where is a random multiplier dependent on the enemies drop as describe below:

  • 1 drop: 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.4
  • 2 drops: 2.0 / 2.2 / 2.4
  • 3 drops: 3.0 / 3.3 / 3.5

The Boss Battle and Final Battle are unlocked after reaching respectively a Rapport.png Rapport of 6 and 20. They feature a random Heroic Ordeals from Book 2 or Book 3 and above, depending on the difficulty. These battle do not reward Memento Point.png Memento Points, instead their first clear grant unique reward, such as Divine Code Ephemera.png Divine Code: Ephemera and accessory.

Memento Events[]

Once acquiring at least 100 Memento Point.png Memento Points, a duo of heroes can take part of a Memento Event. Each event offer 5 different Memento Event, with three possible outputs. Based on the result of the Memento Event, the active duo will earn an equivalent amount of Rapport.png Rapport.

Memento Point.png Memento Points are capped to 9,999, while Rapport.png Rapport are capped to 99 for a given pair. Changing one or both member of the team will reset the Rapport counter to 0, event if the same pair is rebuild after. Changing for another version of the same hero will also reset the counter, however simply changing the order of the currently selected heroes won't.



Difficulty Rewards
Beginner 10~ Memento Point.png
Intermediate 11~ Memento Point.png
Boss Battle 40 
Final Boss Accessory


Rapport.png Rapport Rewards
2 1,000 
4 20 
6 1,000 
8 20 
10 2,000 
12 40 

List of Heroes Journey events[]

Event Event Dates
Banner Heroes Journey.png
Empty Space GHB.png

Heroes Journey 1
Banner Heroes Journey.png
Empty Space GHB.png

Heroes Journey 2

List of Memento Events[]

Event Title Introduction 3 ♥ 4 ♥ 5 ♥
Meal Preparations They're going to try cooking! What do you think they'll make? They prepared some nice grilled fish! A simple yet mouth-watering meal! They roasted a chicken to perfection! A meal to satisfy both heart and belly! They baked an absolutely huge cake! If it wasn't a party already, it is now.
Flower Songs They found a beautiful flowering tree and composed a ballad on the spot! The blossoms began to fall in a flurry. What a startling turn of events! Their tune drew in a flock of birds. The audience made them sing louder! The flowers bloomed just for them. Nature's warmth lifted their spirits!
Hidden Dangers They're going to explore a labyrinth... These two better watch their step! They were unable to avoid the trap... A good reminder to stay alert! One dodged! As for their partner... They both got a lesson in teamwork. Both deflected all traps with ease! Their hearts beat together in triumph!
Fishing Up Dinner Bellies hungry, they set to fishing. They're hoping for a big haul tonight! They caught a magnificent fish! Congratulations all around! They managed to land a big one! Good work, worthy of praise! They caught a monstrously huge fish!\nIt was so big, it felt like a dream!
A Happy Birthday A friend's birthday is coming up... What could their present be? It's a card filled with touching notes! Their friendship grew even stronger! A symbolic bouquet of flowers! They grew closer as companions! It's a handmade cake fit for a king! The mutual appreciation is palpable!
Sudden Downpour A storm appeared as if from nowhere! They took shelter beneath a tree... They lost track of time storytelling! Each feels closer to the other now! Animals began gathering near them! The company warmed their hearts! A magnificent rainbow appeared! They stood in awe of nature's beauty!
Camping Comforts The day done, they set up their camp. It appears the tent is about to go up... Done! ...Until the tent collapsed again. They couldn't help but crack smiles! They erected a magnificent tent! A good night's sleep is in store! They set up a jaw-dropping tent! Exhaustion will be vanquished!
Life and Limb They stumbled upon an eerie cave... From the shadows, a foe strikes! They fought for hours and hours... The enemy seemed never ending! Their foe reeled after a strong blow! One can't help but be impressed! The foe could not be stopped... from dancing?! All-night dance-off!
Stargazing They enjoyed a clear night stargazing. Will they see a shooting star? A distraction interrupted the viewing. They vowed to maintain their focus! A beautiful star shot across the sky! They wished for a safe return home. They saw a shower of falling stars! Too excited, they forgot their wishes.
Heroic Deals They're in town on a supply run! Confident, they dove right in, and... All they got was...some moldy bread?! Now they're worse off than before! They got everything they could carry! A job well done, worthy of pride! They got a mountain of supplies! They must have some god's favor!


Meal Preparations[]

Flower Songs[]

Hidden Dangers[]

Fishing Up Dinner[]

A Happy Birthday[]

Sudden Downpour[]

Camping Comforts[]

Life and Limb[]


Heroic Deals[]


  • The music that plays during Memento Events changes depending on who is in the pair.

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 英雄たちの二人旅
German Heldenreise
Spanish (Europe) Viaje heroico
Spanish (Latin America) Viaje heroico
French Voyage en duo
Italian Viaggio eroico
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 英雄們的雙人之旅
Portuguese Jornada dupla