Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki
  • This table shows the base skills and weapons for each hero.
  • For more specialized charts, see here.

HeroMoveWeaponWeaponAssistSpecialPassive APassive BPassive C
Abel The Panther Face FCAbel: The PantherCavalryBlue LanceBrave Lance+
Panther Lance
AegisHP +5Swordbreaker 3
Aelfric Custodian Monk Face FCAelfric: Custodian MonkInfantryRed TomeRauðrrabbit+GlaciesAtk/Res Push 3Threat. Def/Res 2
Alcryst Tender Archer Face FCAlcryst: Tender ArcherInfantryColorless BowArcane DarkbowDeadeyeFlash SparrowGet Behind Me!Def/Res Smoke 3
Alcryst Tender Groom Face FCAlcryst: Tender GroomInfantryRed BowHarp Bow+Draw BackBonus Doubler 3Atk/Spd Oath 3
Alear Awoken Divinity Face FCAlear: Awoken DivinityInfantryGreen BreathDragon's FistDragon BlastAtk/Spd Finish 4Null C-Disrupt 4Atk/Spd Pledge
Alear Dragon Child Face FCAlear: Dragon ChildInfantryRed SwordLibérationLunaAtk/Spd Ideal 4Close Call 4Spd Smoke 4
Alear Dragon Youth Face FCAlear: Dragon YouthInfantryRed SwordLibérationDraconic AuraAtk/Spd Ideal 4Repel 4Green Feud 3
Alear Engaging Fire Face FCAlear: Engaging FireInfantryColorless BreathDivine One's ArtsDragon's RoarEmblems' MiracleS/R Bulwark 4Atk/Spd Pledge
Alear Seaside Dragon Face FCAlear: Seaside DragonInfantryColorless BreathMaritime ArtsBond BlastSpd/Res Finish 4Null C-Disrupt 4Even Res Wave D
Alfonse Askran Duo Face FCAlfonse: Askran DuoInfantryBlue TomeImbued KomaOpen the FutureClose CounterSpecial Spiral 3Def/Res Oath 3
Alfonse Prince of Askr Face FCAlfonse: Prince of AskrInfantryRed SwordFólkvangrSolDeath Blow 3Spur Atk 3
Alfonse Spring Prince Face FCAlfonse: Spring PrinceCavalryGreen AxeGiant Spoon+NoontimeSturdy Blow 2Def Smoke 3
Alfonse Uplifting Love Face FCAlfonse: Uplifting LoveArmoredGreen TomeAmity Blooms+MoonbowDef/Res Form 3Bold Fighter 3
Alfred Floral Protector Face FCAlfred: Floral ProtectorCavalryBlue LanceArcane QiangBonfireSelf-ImproverFlow N Trace 3Cross Spur Atk
Alm Hero of Prophecy Face FCAlm: Hero of ProphecyInfantryRed SwordFalchionDraconic AuraAttack +3Windsweep 3
Alm Imperial Ascent Face FCAlm: Imperial AscentInfantryRed SwordDracofalchionDraconic AuraScendscaleChill Def 3Threat. Atk/Spd 3
Alm Lovebird Duo Face FCAlm: Lovebird DuoInfantryGreen AxeScepter of LoveLunar FlashBonus Doubler 3Lull Atk/Spd 3Rouse Spd/Res 3
Alm Saint-King Face FCAlm: Saint-KingInfantryColorless BowLuna ArcLunar Flash IIDarting Blow 4Null Follow-Up 3Odd Atk Wave 3
Time's Pulse 3
Altena Luminous Rider Face FCAltena: Luminous RiderFlyingBlue LanceEarthly Gáe BolgReprisalSturdy Stance 2Brash Assault 3
Altina Cross-Time Duo Face FCAltina: Cross-Time DuoInfantryRed SwordRagnell·AlonditeTwin BladesAtk/Res UnityNull C-Disrupt 3Atk/Res Oath 3
Altina Dawns Trueblade Face FCAltina: Dawn's TruebladeFlyingRed SwordRagnell·AlonditeTwin BladesAshera's Chosen+Vantage 3Atk/Def Oath 3
Atk/Def Hold
Altina Unrivaled Dawn Face FCAltina: Unrivaled DawnInfantryGreen AxeArcadian AxesArms of the ThreeAtk/Res Finish 4A/D Bulwark 4Time's Pulse 4
Amelia Rose of the War Face FCAmelia: Rose of the WarArmoredGreen AxeSlaying Axe+
Grado Poleax
Sacred CowlEarth Boost 3Armor March 3
Anankos Seething Silence Face FCAnankos: Seething SilenceArmoredBlue BreathSilent BreathNoontimeKestrel Stance 3Savvy Fighter 4A/S Near Save 3
Anna Commander Face FCAnna: CommanderInfantryGreen AxeNóatúnAstraVantage 3Spur Res 3
Anna Secret Charmer Face FCAnna: Secret CharmerCavalryGreen BowHeartbroker BowLunaRemote SparrowSeal Def 4C Feud 3
Anna Secret Seller Face FCAnna: Secret SellerInfantryBlue LanceApotheosis SpearRally Atk/Spd+Atk/Spd Form 3Atk/Spd Ruse 3Joint Drive Spd
Anna Twice the Anna Face FCAnna: Twice the AnnaFlyingGreen AxePayday PouchMiracleAtk/Spd Prime 4Gambit 4A/S Rein Snap
Anna Wealth-Wisher Face FCAnna: Wealth-WisherInfantryRed BowFortune Bow+Rally Def/Res+Sabotage Atk 3Atk/Spd Gap 3
Annand Knight-Defender Face FCAnnand: Knight-DefenderFlyingRed SwordUnbound Blade+MoonbowSturdy ImpactGuard Bearing 3
Annette Festive Helper Face FCAnnette: Festive HelperArmoredColorless BowPeppy Bow+MoonbowAtk/Res Ideal 3Crafty Fighter 3
Annette Overachiever Face FCAnnette: OverachieverInfantryGreen AxeCrusherRally Atk/Spd+Def/Res Ruse 3Atk/Def Gap 3
Arden Strong and Tough Face FCArden: Strong and ToughArmoredRed SwordBrave Sword+
Arden's Blade
PaviseFollow-Up RingDrive Def 2
Ares Black Knight Face FCAres: Black KnightCavalryRed SwordDark MystletainnDraconic AuraBrazen Atk/Def 3Seal Def/Res 2
Arete Requiems Beauty Face FCArete: Requiem's BeautyCavalryRed TomeRauðrrabbit+GlaciesAtk/Res Push 3Res Ploy 3
Arion Gungnirs Heir Face FCArion: Gungnir's HeirFlyingBlue LanceHeired GungnirIgnisAtk/Def Catch 3Wyvern Flight 3
Arlen Mage of Khadein Face FCArlen: Mage of KhadeinInfantryColorless TomeElstone
Lightburst Tome
IgnisC Bonus DoublerAtk/Res Tempo 4
Arthur Furious Mage Face FCArthur: Furious MageInfantryGreen TomeGronnvulture+GlimmerAtk/Spd Ideal 4Spd/Res Menace
Arthur Hapless Hero Face FCArthur: Hapless HeroInfantryGreen AxeEmerald Axe+
Arthur's Axe
SwapHP +5Lancebreaker 3
Artur Silver Saint Face FCArtur: Silver SaintArmoredGreen TomeSnow Globe+IcebergOdd Follow-Up 3D/R Far Save 3
Arval Cycle Keeper Face FCArval: Cycle KeeperInfantryColorless TomeRite of SoulsGlaciesDualityAtk/Res Tempo 3Atk/Res Oath 4
Arvis Emperor of Flame Face FCArvis: Emperor of FlameInfantryRed TomeValflameGrowing FlameRecover RingDef Ploy 3
Asbel Windswept Youth Face FCAsbel: Windswept YouthInfantryGreen TomeGrafcaliburMoonbowFury 4Null Follow-Up 3Spd/Res Oath 3
Ash Earnest Greetings Face FCAsh: Earnest GreetingsInfantryBlue BeastHeralding HornBonfireDistant ReversalAtk/Def Bulwark 3Opening Retainer
Ash Retainer to Askr Face FCAsh: Retainer to AskrInfantryColorless BeastHorn of OpeningBonfireAtk/Def UnityLull Atk/Def 3Opening Retainer
Ashe Budding Chivalry Face FCAshe: Budding ChivalryFlyingRed DaggerBunny's Egg+Rally Up Spd+Atk/Spd Catch 3Atk/Spd Rein 3
Ashe Fabled Sea Knight Face FCAshe: Fabled Sea KnightCavalryBlue LanceDivine Sea SpearMoonbowB Duel Cavalry 4S/D Near Trace 3Joint Hone Spd
Ashera Order Goddess Face FCAshera: Order GoddessInfantryColorless TomeOrder's SentenceGlaciesAtk/Res Ideal 4Lull Spd/Res 4Order's Restraint+
Ashnard Mad King Face FCAshnard: Mad KingFlyingRed SwordGurgurantDragon FangDistant Def 3Even Atk Wave 3
Askr God of Openness Face FCAskr: God of OpennessInfantryColorless BeastIlluminating HornBonfireAtk/Def Ideal 4Atk/Def Bulwark 3Opened Domain
Askr Renewed Gods Face FCAskr: Renewed GodsInfantryColorless TomeDuality VesselBonfireDef/Res Finish 4Atk/Res Tempo 3Opened Domain
Astram Midias Hero Face FCAstram: Midia's HeroInfantryRed SwordMercuriusBonfireWind Boost 3Wrath 3
Astrid Resolute Damsel Face FCAstrid: Resolute DamselCavalryGreen BowDamiell BowRally Atk/Def+Spd/Def Bond 4Atk/Def Ruse 3
Athena Borderland Sword Face FCAthena: Borderland SwordInfantryRed SwordWo Dao+
Concealed Blade
MoonbowSturdy Blow 2Sword Exp. 3
Atlas Forest Muscle Face FCAtlas: Forest MuscleInfantryGreen AxeStout Axe+SolEarth Boost 3Threat. Atk/Def 2
August Astute Tactician Face FCAugust: Astute TacticianInfantryColorless StaffDiplomacy StaffNudge+Imbue
Fireflood Balm+
Def/Res Bond 4Even Recovery 3
Aversa Dark One Face FCAversa: Dark OneFlyingRed TomeAversa's NightDragon FangHP/Spd 2Odd Res Wave 3
Ayra Astras Wielder Face FCAyra: Astra's WielderInfantryRed SwordAyra's BladeRegnal AstraSwift Sparrow 2Desperation 3
Ayra Together in Tea Face FCAyra: Together in TeaCavalryRed SwordTeatime's EdgeSupreme AstraAtk/Spd Clash 4Flow DesperationRed Feud 3
Azama Carefree Monk Face FCAzama: Carefree MonkInfantryColorless StaffPain+Martyr+Imbue
Solid-Earth Balm
Threaten Atk 3
Azelle Youthful Flame Face FCAzelle: Youthful FlameInfantryRed TomeSparking TomeRally Up Spd+R Duel Infantry 4Spd/Res Ruse 3Joint Hone Spd
Azura Celebratory Spirit Face FCAzura: Celebratory SpiritFlyingGreen AxeHagoita+SingEarth Dance 3Hone Fliers
Azura Hatari Duet Face FCAzura: Hatari DuetCavalryGreen TomeDancing FlamesGray WavesFury 4S/R Far Trace 3Cross Spur Res
Azura Lady of Ballads Face FCAzura: Lady of BalladsInfantryGreen AxeUrðrSingTriangle Adept 3Drive Res 2
Azura Lady of the Lake Face FCAzura: Lady of the LakeInfantryBlue LanceSapphire Lance+SingSpeed +3Fortify Res 3
Azura Songs Reflection Face FCAzura: Song's ReflectionCavalryGreen AxeTri-Path SplitterChanging WatersFirestorm Boost 3A/D Cantrip 3Cross Spur Atk
Azura Vallite Songstress Face FCAzura: Vallite SongstressFlyingBlue TomePrayer WheelGray Waves IIB Duel Flying 3
Atk/Spd Push 4
Aerobatics 3Atk Tactic 3
Azura Young Songstress Face FCAzura: Young SongstressInfantryGreen TomeBook of ShadowsSingSpd/Res Bond 3Torrent Dance 3
Balthus King of Grappling Face FCBalthus: King of GrapplingInfantryGreen AxeInstant Axe+IgnisBrazen Atk/Def 3Close Guard 3
Bantu Tikis Guardian Face FCBantu: Tiki's GuardianInfantryRed BreathDark Breath+
Wizened Breath
Dragon FangFierce Stance 3Savage Blow 3
Barst The Hatchet Face FCBarst: The HatchetInfantryGreen AxeBrave Axe+
Devil Axe
RepositionKnock BackSpur Atk 3
Bartre Earsome Warrior Face FCBartre: Earsome WarriorInfantryRed SwordCarrot Cudgel+SmiteObstruct 3Odd Atk Wave 3
Bartre Fearless Warrior Face FCBartre: Fearless WarriorInfantryGreen AxeHammer+
Axe of Virility
SmiteFury 3Brash Assault 3
Basilio Feroxi West-Khan Face FCBasilio: Feroxi West-KhanInfantryGreen AxeSpirited Axe+MoonbowAtk/Def Bond 3Atk Tactic 3
Bastian Crimeas Keystone Face FCBastian: Crimea's KeystoneInfantryGreen TomeGronndeer+IcebergSabotage Res 3Atk Ploy 3
Benny Sensitive Soul Face FCBenny: Sensitive SoulArmoredBlue LanceSteadfast Lance+PaviseBracing Stance 2Wary Fighter 3
Berkut Debonair Noble Face FCBerkut: Debonair NobleInfantryBlue LanceVerðandiDanceB Duel Infantry 3Distant Guard 3
Berkut Prideful Prince Face FCBerkut: Prideful PrinceCavalryBlue LanceBerkut's Lance+
Dark Royal Spear
Blazing FlameWater Boost 3Ward Cavalry
Berkut Purgatorial Prince Face FCBerkut: Purgatorial PrinceCavalryBlue LanceKriemhildReprisalWarding Stance 4Odd Res Wave 3
Bernadetta Eternal Loner Face FCBernadetta: Eternal LonerCavalryColorless BowPersecution BowArdent SacrificeAtk/Spd Push 4Lull Spd/Def 3Close Guard 3
Bernadetta Frosty Shut-In Face FCBernadetta: Frosty Shut-InCavalryGreen TomeHristMoonbowAtk/Spd Solo 4Lull Spd/Res 3Rouse Atk/Spd 3
Bernadetta Late Hibernator Face FCBernadetta: Late HibernatorCavalryBlue BowBow of ReposeDraconic AuraRemote SparrowEscape Route 4Def/Res Smoke 3
Bertram Dread Cavalier Face FCBertram: Dread CavalierCavalryRed SwordInstant Sword+IgnisDull Close 3Rouse Atk/Def 3
Beruka Quiet Assassin Face FCBeruka: Quiet AssassinFlyingGreen AxeKiller Axe+
Beruka's Axe
GlimmerDefiant Def 3Lunge
Black Knight Sinister General Face FCBlack Knight: Sinister GeneralArmoredRed SwordAlonditeBlack LunaSteady Stance 3Wings of Mercy 3
Black Knight The Nights Blade Face FCBlack Knight: The Night's BladeArmoredGreen AxeSolemn AxeBlack LunaDistant DartSpecial Fighter 4D/R Far Save 3
Boey Skillful Survivor Face FCBoey: Skillful SurvivorInfantryGreen TomeGronnowl+
Inscribed Tome
IgnisEarth Boost 3Renewal 3
Boyd Future Great Face FCBoyd: Future GreatInfantryGreen AxeLarge War AxeShoveFire Boost 3Infantry Pulse 3
Brady Daunting Priest Face FCBrady: Daunting PriestInfantryColorless StaffSlow+Recover+Imbue
Heavenly Light
Atk/Res Push 3Infantry Rush 3
Bramimond The Enigma Face FCBramimond: The EnigmaInfantryColorless TomeVoid TomeLunaAtk/Def Push 4Lull Atk/Res 3
Atk/Res Tempo 3
Impenetrable Void
Brigand Boss Known Criminal Face FCBrigand Boss: Known CriminalInfantryGreen AxeVulture Axe+Dragon FangChill Spd/Def 2Atk Smoke 3
Brigid Orgahil Pirate Face FCBrigid: Orgahil PirateInfantryRed BowHelm Bow+Harsh Command+Steady ImpactPulse Smoke 3
Brunnya Devoted General Face FCBrunnya: Devoted GeneralInfantryBlue TomeFimbulvetrGlaciesDeath Blow 3Res Smoke 3
Bruno Masked Hare Face FCBruno: Masked HareCavalryColorless StaffOvoid Staff+Martyr+Imbue
Atk/Def Push 3Dazzling Staff 3
Bruno Masked Reveler Face FCBruno: Masked RevelerArmoredGreen TomePeppy Cane+Reciprocal AidFury 3Threat. Atk/Res 2
Byleth Fell Stars Duo Face FCByleth: Fell Star's DuoFlyingRed TomeSun's PercussorsRuptured SkyAtk/Spd Push 4Chill Spd/Res 2Ground Orders 3
Byleth Fount of Learning Face FCByleth: Fount of LearningInfantryBlue TomeGuide's HourglassSublime HeavenSpd/Res Finish 3Lull Spd/Res 3
Byleth Frosty Professors Face FCByleth: Frosty ProfessorsArmoredRed SwordHoly Yule BladeSupreme HeavenFireflood Boost 3Weaving FighterA/R Far Save 3
Byleth Proven Professor Face FCByleth: Proven ProfessorInfantryRed SwordCreator SwordRuptured SkyFury 4Wrath 3Even Atk Wave 3
Byleth Sublime Light Face FCByleth: Sublime LightFlyingColorless TomeInner WellspringDivine PulseAtk/Spd Catch 4Spd Preempt 3Spd/Res Hold
Byleth Tested Professor Face FCByleth: Tested ProfessorInfantryRed SwordCreator SwordRuptured SkyDistant CounterChill Spd 3Odd Spd Wave 3
Byleth The Fodlan Light Face FCByleth: The Fódlan LightInfantryBlue TomeProfessorial GuideRuptured SkyAtk/Spd Ideal 4Lull Spd/Res 3Goddess Bearer
Byleth The Fodlan Star Face FCByleth: The Fódlan StarInfantryGreen TomeProfessorial TextSublime Heaven IIAtk/Def Ideal 4Lull Atk/Res 3Time's Pulse 3
Atk/Spd Oath 4
Byleth Vengeance Vessel Face FCByleth: Vengeance VesselInfantryRed SwordCaptain's SwordDivine PulseDistant A/S SoloClose Call 4Time's Pulse 4
Caeda Beloved Queen Face FCCaeda: Beloved QueenFlyingBlue LanceWing-Lifted SpearMoonbowDistant StormFaithful LoyaltyAtk/Def Rein 3
Caeda Marths Faithful Face FCCaeda: Marth's FaithfulInfantryBlue LancePure-Wing SpearLunaD Bonus DoublerBelieve in Love?Def/Res Pledge
Caeda Princess of Talys Face FCCaeda: Princess of TalysFlyingRed SwordFeather SwordMoonbowDistant CounterBelief in LoveJoint Hone Atk
Caeda Sea-Blossom Pair Face FCCaeda: Sea-Blossom PairCavalryGreen AxeDolphin-Dive AxeHarsh Command+Atk/Spd Catch 4Flow Refresh 3Panic Smoke 3
Caeda Talyss Bride Face FCCaeda: Talys's BrideInfantryBlue TomeBlessed Bouquet+IcebergAttack/Res 2Hone Spd 3
Caeda Talyss Heart Face FCCaeda: Talys's HeartFlyingRed SwordArmorslayer+
Wing Sword
Rally SpeedDarting Blow 3Fortify Fliers
Caeldori Perfect Angel Face FCCaeldori: Perfect AngelFlyingBlue LanceProdigy PolearmDraconic AuraAtk/Spd Catch 4Atk/Spd Hold
Caellach Tiger Eye Face FCCaellach: Tiger EyeInfantryGreen AxeReprisal Axe+Dragon FangGuard 3Even Def Wave 3
Cain The Bull Face FCCain: The BullCavalryRed SwordBrave Sword+
Bull Blade
EscutcheonWings of Mercy 3Threaten Atk 3
Caineghis Gallias Lion King Face FCCaineghis: Gallia's Lion KingArmoredColorless BeastLion King FangBonfireDistant Def 4Vengeful Fighter 3Distant Guard 3
Camilla Alluring Darkness Face FCCamilla: Alluring DarknessFlyingGreen TomeBewitching TomeDraconic AuraRemote SparrowSpoil RottenDeadly Miasma
Camilla Bewitching Beauty Face FCCamilla: Bewitching BeautyFlyingGreen AxeBrave Axe+
Camilla's Axe
Draconic AuraDarting Blow 3Savage Blow 3
Camilla Flower of Fantasy Face FCCamilla: Flower of FantasyFlyingRed TomeBook of DreamsDraw BackAtk/Res Bond 3Atk/Res Link 3Goad Fliers
Camilla Holiday Traveler Face FCCamilla: Holiday TravelerFlyingRed SwordKadomatsu+Draconic AuraSpd/Def Bond 3Ward Fliers
Camilla Light of Nohr Face FCCamilla: Light of NohrFlyingColorless StaffSanngriðrRestore+Atk/Spd Push 4Wrathful Staff 3Atk Tactic 3
Camilla Midnight Bloom Face FCCamilla: Midnight BloomFlyingRed TomeFlowery ScrollGlimmerClose SalvoSeal Res 4Atk/Res Hold
Camilla Spring Princess Face FCCamilla: Spring PrincessFlyingGreen TomeGreen Egg+Rally AttackDefiant Spd 3Live for Bounty
Camilla Steamy Secrets Face FCCamilla: Steamy SecretsFlyingColorless DaggerOuch Pouch+GlimmerAtk/Spd 2Hone Fliers
Camilla Tropical Beauty Face FCCamilla: Tropical BeautyFlyingBlue TomeJuicy Wave+Draconic AuraDeath Blow 3Flier Formation 3Hone Fliers
Camus Sable Knight Face FCCamus: Sable KnightCavalryBlue LanceGradivusGrowing ThunderGrani's ShieldGoad Cavalry
Canas Wisdom Seeker Face FCCanas: Wisdom SeekerInfantryRed TomeRauðrowl+
Ancient Codex
Reciprocal AidHP/Res 2Res Tactic 3
Candace Sly Snatcher Face FCCandace: Sly SnatcherInfantryColorless BowLucrative Bow+GlaciesSorcery Blade 3Def Ploy 3
Caspar Summer Intensity Face FCCaspar: Summer IntensityInfantryGreen AxeVictorfish+SmiteBonus Doubler 3Even Atk Wave 3
Castor Loving Son Face FCCastor: Loving SonInfantryRed BowVulture Bow+Dragon FangSudden Panic 3Threat. Atk/Def 2
Cath Caper Captain Face FCCath: Caper CaptainCavalryBlue TomeLofty LeafletDraw BackAtk/Spd Push 4Atk/Res Snag 3Blue Feud 3
Cath Master Thief Face FCCath: Master ThiefInfantryGreen DaggerArmorpin Dagger+RepositionAtk/Res Bond 3Spd/Res Link 3
Catherine Thunder Knight Face FCCatherine: Thunder KnightInfantryRed SwordThunderbrandDraconic AuraSwift Sparrow 3Lull Spd/Def 3
Catria Azure Wing Pair Face FCCatria: Azure Wing PairFlyingGreen AxeWedding-Bell AxeMoonbowAtk/Spd Push 4A/D Near Trace 3Spd/Def Rein 3
Catria Middle Whitewing Face FCCatria: Middle WhitewingFlyingBlue LanceKiller Lance+
Whitewing Lance
LunaArmored Blow 3Seal Atk 3
Catria Mild Middle Sister Face FCCatria: Mild Middle SisterFlyingRed SwordAstra BladeHarsh Command+Atk/Spd Bond 4Aerobatics 3Spd Tactic 3
Catria Spring Whitewing Face FCCatria: Spring WhitewingCavalryBlue TomeHuginn's EggDraw BackChill Res 3Drive Spd 2
Catria Windswept Knight Face FCCatria: Windswept KnightFlyingBlue BowWhitewind Bow+Harsh Command+Atk/Spd Catch 3S/D Far Trace 3
Cecilia Etrurian Bride Face FCCecilia: Etrurian BrideCavalryRed TomeBridal Orchid+Rally Atk/Res+Atk/Res Ruse 3Rouse Atk/Res 3
Cecilia Etrurian General Face FCCecilia: Etrurian GeneralCavalryGreen TomeGronnraven+
Tome of Order
Rally ResistanceAttack +3Escape Route 3
Cecilia Festive Instructor Face FCCecilia: Festive InstructorArmoredColorless DaggerGoodie Boot+IcebergAtk/Res Bond 3Def Ploy 3
Ced Hero on the Wind Face FCCed: Hero on the WindInfantryGreen TomeWinds of SilesseLunaSpd/Res Solo 3Pulse Smoke 3
Ced Sage of the Wind Face FCCed: Sage of the WindInfantryGreen TomeHeired ForsetiBlazing WindAtk/Spd Ideal 4Special Spiral 4Infantry Pulse 4
Celica Caring Princess Face FCCelica: Caring PrincessInfantryRed TomeRagnarokBlazing LightDistant Def 3Spur Def 3
Celica Imprisoned Soul Face FCCelica: Imprisoned SoulInfantryRed SwordBeloved ZofiaLunaChill Spd 3Hone Atk 3
Celica Of Echoes Face FCCelica: Of EchoesInfantryBlue TomeCaring MagicWarp RagnarokVerge of DeathResonance 4Inf. Null Follow 4
Celica Queen of Valentia Face FCCelica: Queen of ValentiaInfantryGreen TomeSaintly SeraphimMiracleSwift Sparrow 3Soul of Zofia IIAtk/Spd Oath 3
Atk/Spd Menace
Celica Valentias Hope Face FCCelica: Valentia's HopeInfantryColorless TomeMila's TestamentMoonbowLife and Death 4Soul of ZofiaInf. Null Follow 3
Celica Warrior Priestess Face FCCelica: Warrior PriestessInfantryRed SwordRoyal SwordGaleforceDeath Blow 4Double LionAtk Tactic 3
Celine Joyous Royal Face FCCéline: Joyous RoyalInfantryGreen TomeJoyous TomeIcebergSpd/Res Ideal 4Canto Control 3
Cervantes Invincible General Face FCCervantes: Invincible GeneralArmoredBlue LanceDefier's Lance+IgnisAtk/Def Ideal 3Wary Fighter 3
Chad Lycian Wildcat Face FCChad: Lycian WildcatInfantryColorless DaggerRogue Dagger+
Wildcat Dagger
Draw BackEscape Route 3Spd Smoke 3
Charlotte Money Maiden Face FCCharlotte: Money MaidenInfantryBlue LanceFirst Bite+SmiteWind Boost 3Threaten Atk 3
Charlotte Wily Warrior Face FCCharlotte: Wily WarriorInfantryGreen AxeFair-Fury AxeGlimmerSwift Sparrow 3Frenzy 3Time's Pulse 3
Cherche Shaded by Wings Face FCCherche: Shaded by WingsFlyingGreen AxeWyvern OnoIgnisA/D Near Trace 3Atk/Def Hold
Cherche Wyvern Friend Face FCCherche: Wyvern FriendFlyingGreen AxeHammer+
Cherche's Axe
PivotAttack +3Fortify Def 3
Chloe Fairy-Tale Flier Face FCChloé: Fairy-Tale FlierFlyingBlue LanceDreaming SpearGlimmerDistant StancePegasus Flight 4
Chloe Spring Wings Face FCChloé: Spring WingsFlyingRed TomeSky-Hopper EggDraconic AuraRemote SparrowOccultist's StrikeSpd/Res Crux
Chrom Crowned Exalt Face FCChrom: Crowned ExaltInfantryBlue BowRandgríðrTo Change Fate! IIClose CounterLull Atk/Def 3Rouse Def/Res 3
Blue Feud 3
Chrom Exalted Prince Face FCChrom: Exalted PrinceInfantryRed SwordFalchionAetherDefiant Def 3Spur Def 3
Chrom Fate-Defying Duo Face FCChrom: Fate-Defying DuoInfantryRed BowDestiny's BowTo Change Fate!DeadeyeClose SalvoTime's Pulse 3
Chrom Fated Honor Face FCChrom: Fated HonorCavalryBlue LanceGeirdrifulA Fate Changed!Surge SparrowS/D Near Trace 3Inf. Spd Tactic
Chrom Fell Exalt Face FCChrom: Fell ExaltCavalryRed SwordArcane DevourerFate Unchanged...GaleforceAtk/Spd Clash 4Spd/Def Snag 4Inf. Spd Tactic
Chrom Gifted Leader Face FCChrom: Gifted LeaderArmoredGreen AxeSack o' Gifts+PivotBrazen Atk/Def 3Wary Fighter 3
Chrom Knight Exalt Face FCChrom: Knight ExaltCavalryRed SwordSealed FalchionAetherFury 3Chill Def 3Sword Valor 3
Chrom Spring Exalt Face FCChrom: Spring ExaltInfantryGreen AxeCarrot Axe+ShoveAttack/Def +2Axe Experience 3
Citrinne Caring Noble Face FCCitrinne: Caring NobleInfantryGreen TomeTome of LuxuriesIcebergSpecial Spiral 4Atk/Res Oath 4
Clair Highborn Flier Face FCClair: Highborn FlierFlyingBlue LanceSilver Lance+
Harsh CommandHit and RunSpur Spd 3
Clanne Summer Fan Face FCClanne: Summer FanInfantryColorless DaggerSmall Spade+MoonbowAtk/Spd Finish 3Spd/Def Tempo 3
Clarine Refined Noble Face FCClarine: Refined NobleCavalryColorless StaffFear+Martyr+Imbue
Swift-Winds Balm
Resistance +3
Clarisse Sniper in the Dark Face FCClarisse: Sniper in the DarkInfantryColorless BowClarisse's Bow+
Sniper's Bow
GlimmerPoison Strike 3Threaten Def 3
Claude Almyras King Face FCClaude: Almyra's KingFlyingColorless BowWind ParthiaMoonbowFury 4Chill Spd/Def 2Atk/Spd Rein 3
Claude Golden Breeze Face FCClaude: Golden BreezeFlyingGreen DaggerPlayful PinwheelLethalityAtk/Spd Prime 4Deep StarAtk/Spd Oath 4
Claude King of Unification Face FCClaude: King of UnificationFlyingColorless BowFailnaughtLunaAtk/Spd Catch 4Fallen StarSpd/Def Rein 3
Claude The Schemer Face FCClaude: The SchemerCavalryColorless BowCunning BowGlimmerLull Spd/Def 3Def Smoke 3
Claude Tropical Trouble Face FCClaude: Tropical TroubleFlyingBlue DaggerFrozen DelightMoonbowFallen StarSpd/Def Rein 3
Claude Yuletide Schemer Face FCClaude: Yuletide SchemerArmoredColorless BowGolden Yule Bow+SolAtk/Spd Form 3Chill Atk/Spd 2
Clive Idealistic Knight Face FCClive: Idealistic KnightCavalryBlue LanceSilver Lance+
Lordly Lance
EscutcheonDefense +3Hit and Run
Colm Capable Thief Face FCColm: Capable ThiefInfantryBlue DaggerQuick Dagger+PivotMoonbowAtk/Spd 2Atk/Res Link 3
Conrad Masked Knight Face FCConrad: Masked KnightCavalryBlue LanceBarrier Lance+
Masked Lance
GlaciesBracing Stance 2Chill Atk 3
Conrad Unmasked Knight Face FCConrad: Unmasked KnightCavalryRed SwordMelee Bouquet+Ardent SacrificeBrazen Def/Res 3Wings of Mercy 3
Constance Fallen Noble Face FCConstance: Fallen NobleFlyingRed TomeAgnea's ArrowHarsh Command+Atk/Spd Push 4A/S Far Trace 3Spd/Res Rein 3
Cordelia Knight Paradise Face FCCordelia: Knight ParadiseCavalryBlue LanceShell Lance+Harsh CommandSturdy Blow 2Dull Close 3
Cordelia Knight Paragon Face FCCordelia: Knight ParagonFlyingBlue LanceBrave Lance+
Cordelia's Lance
GaleforceTriangle Adept 3Pass 3
Cordelia Perfect Bride Face FCCordelia: Perfect BrideInfantryColorless BowCupid Arrow+Rally Atk/SpdEscape Route 3Breath of Life 3
Cordelia Unyielding Snow Face FCCordelia: Unyielding SnowFlyingBlue LanceInseverable SpearGaleforceAtk/Spd Clash 4Flow Guard 3Def/Res Hold
Cormag Aloof Lanceman Face FCCormag: Aloof LancemanFlyingBlue LanceSlaying Lance+
Revenger Lance
IgnisDull Close 3Def Opening 3
Cornelia Saint Consumed Face FCCornelia: Saint ConsumedInfantryColorless StaffAsclepiusRehabilitate+Imbue
Atk/Res Solo 3Sabotage Def 3
Corrin Bloodbound Beast Face FCCorrin: Bloodbound BeastInfantryBlue BreathBrutal BreathGlimmerAtk/Spd Solo 4Null Follow-Up 3Rouse Spd/Def 3
Corrin Celestial Sorcerer Face FCCorrin: Celestial SorcererInfantryGreen BreathStarlight StoneMoonbowDistant StanceDragon's Ire 4
Corrin Child of Dawn Face FCCorrin: Child of DawnInfantryGreen BreathHoshido's BreathDragon Fang ShotSpd/Res Finish 4High Dragon WallAtk/Res Ploy 3
Corrin Child of Dusk Face FCCorrin: Child of DuskInfantryColorless BreathPrimordial BreathNegating Fang IIDistant CounterShield Pulse 3
Guard 4
Joint Drive Atk
Corrin Daylight Ninja Act Face FCCorrin: Daylight Ninja ActInfantryBlue LanceNinja Naginata+Draconic AuraSwift Sparrow 2Special Spiral 3
Corrin Dream Prince Face FCCorrin: Dream PrinceInfantryBlue BreathDraconic RageDragon FangAtk/Def Bond 3Null Follow-Up 3Hone Dragons
Corrin Dream Princess Face FCCorrin: Dream PrincessInfantryGreen BreathDraconic RageRally Atk/Spd+Draconic AuraAtk/Spd Bond 3Fortify Dragons
Corrin Enjoying Tradition Face FCCorrin: Enjoying TraditionInfantryColorless BowHama Ya+Rally Def/ResAttack/Def +2Spur Def/Res 2
Corrin Fateful Prince Face FCCorrin: Fateful PrinceInfantryRed SwordYatoDragon FangDefense +3Obstruct 3
Corrin Fateful Princess Face FCCorrin: Fateful PrincessInfantryBlue BreathDark Breath+
Gloom Breath
Draconic AuraSeal Res 3Hone Atk 3
Corrin Nightfall Ninja Act Face FCCorrin: Nightfall Ninja ActCavalryGreen TomeNinjutsu ScrollsRally Up Def+Atk/Spd Push 4S/R Far Trace 3Joint Drive Atk
Corrin Novice Vacationer Face FCCorrin: Novice VacationerFlyingBlue TomeSealife Tome+Dragon FangSwift Strike 2Fortify Fliers
Corrin Silent Bloodline Face FCCorrin: Silent BloodlineArmoredColorless BreathVallastoneArmored FloeRealms UnitedCounter Roar 4A/S Far Save 3
Corrin Starry Seer Face FCCorrin: Starry SeerInfantryBlue BreathMoonlight StoneNegating FangAtk/Spd Finish 4Dragon's Wrath 4Joint Drive Atk
Corrin Wailing Soul Face FCCorrin: Wailing SoulInfantryColorless BreathSavage BreathDragon FangAtk/Spd Solo 3Sudden Panic 3
Cynthia Hero Chaser Face FCCynthia: Hero ChaserFlyingBlue LanceFiresweep L+
Lance of Heroics
ShoveSpd/Def Link 3Drive Atk 2
Cyril Rheas Attendant Face FCCyril: Rhea's AttendantInfantryRed BowAptitude ArrowsVengeanceSudden Panic 3Threat. Spd/Def 2
Dagr Bluster Princess Face FCDagr: Bluster PrincessCavalryRed SwordFujin UchiwaDraconic AuraAtk/Spd Clash 4Twin-Sky WingAlarm Atk/Spd
Dagr New Year Jotnar Face FCDagr: New Year JötnarFlyingGreen BowJötnar BowLunaAtk/Spd Push 4Sun-Twin WingAtk/Def Rein 3
Dagr Suns Radiance Face FCDagr: Sun's RadianceInfantryGreen AxeSkinfaxiDragon FangAtk/Spd Push 4
Atk/Spd Hexblade
Sun-Twin Wing+Even Tempest 3
Darros Seawalker Face FCDarros: SeawalkerInfantryGreen AxeDeck Swabber+ShoveEarth Boost 3Odd Def Wave 3
Death Knight The Reaper Face FCDeath Knight: The ReaperCavalryBlue LanceScythe of SarielBlazing FlameEscape Route 3Close Guard 3
Dedue Dimitris Vassal Face FCDedue: Dimitri's VassalArmoredGreen AxeSteadfast Axe+PaviseSturdy Stance 3A/D Near Save 3
Dedue Loyal Life Guard Face FCDedue: Loyal Life GuardInfantryGreen AxeAnchor Axe+PaviseSolid Ground 3Even Def Wave 3
Deen Bladed Sandstorm Face FCDeen: Bladed SandstormCavalryColorless DaggerBone Carver+SwapSpd/Def Snag 3Odd Spd Wave 3
Deirdre Fated Saint Face FCDeirdre: Fated SaintInfantryBlue TomeSpirit Forest WritCirclet of BalanceStill Water 4Atk/Res Tempo 3Atk/Res Menace
Deirdre Lady of the Forest Face FCDeirdre: Lady of the ForestInfantryGreen TomeDivine NagaArdent SacrificeQuick Riposte 3Spd Ploy 3
Delthea Free Spirit Face FCDelthea: Free SpiritInfantryBlue TomeDark AuraMiracleDeath Blow 3Drive Atk 2
Delthea Prodigy in Bloom Face FCDelthea: Prodigy in BloomCavalryBlue TomeBright-Shell EggGlimmerAtk/Spd Catch 4S/R Far Trace 3Rouse Atk/Spd 4
Delthea Tatarrahs Puppet Face FCDelthea: Tatarrah's PuppetInfantryBlue TomeDeathGlaciesDeath Blow 3Even Atk Wave 3
Dheginsea Harvest Goldoan Face FCDheginsea: Harvest GoldoanArmoredRed BreathBlackfire Breath+Draconic AuraSturdy Stance 3Slick Fighter 3
Diamant Rising Power Face FCDiamant: Rising PowerInfantryRed SwordFair-Fight BladeBonfireAtk/Def Finish 4Atk/Spd Bulwark 3Time's Pulse 4
Dieck Wounded Tiger Face FCDieck: Wounded TigerInfantryGreen AxeTiger-Roar AxeLunaClose Def 4Null Follow-Up 3Threat. Atk/Def 3
Dimitri Blessed Protector Face FCDimitri: Blessed ProtectorCavalryGreen AxeBlue Yule AxeNo QuarterAtk/Spd Prime 4BarbarityPanic Smoke 4
Dimitri King of Faerghus Face FCDimitri: King of FaerghusInfantryBlue LanceMoon GradivusNoontimeAtk/Def UnityBlue Lion RuleJoint Hone Atk
Dimitri Savage Boar Face FCDimitri: Savage BoarInfantryBlue LanceVengeful LanceGlimmerAtk/Spd Solo 4Murderous LionOdd Tempest 3
Dimitri Savior King Face FCDimitri: Savior KingInfantryBlue LanceAreadbharBlazing WindSturdy Impact
Atk/Spd Clash 4
Atrocity IIOdd Tempest 3
Dimitri Sky-Blue Lion Face FCDimitri: Sky-Blue LionCavalryGreen AxeUnyielding OarGlimmerAtk/Spd Catch 4AtrocitySpd/Def Menace
Dimitri The Protector Face FCDimitri: The ProtectorCavalryBlue LanceNoble LanceVengeanceDeath Blow 4Lull Atk/Def 3
Dithorba Cutting Knight Face FCDíthorba: Cutting KnightFlyingBlue LanceFiresweep L+GlaciesFlier Formation 3Spd/Res Oath 3
Donnel Sunny Villager Face FCDonnel: Sunny VillagerInfantryGreen AxeWooden Tackle+Reciprocal AidAtk/Def Form 3Chill Def/Res 2
Donnel Village Hero Face FCDonnel: Village HeroInfantryBlue LanceBrave Lance+
Hewn Lance
Reciprocal AidHP +5Drag Back
Dorcas Pumpkin Smasher Face FCDorcas: Pumpkin SmasherArmoredGreen AxeHack-o'-Lantern+SwapSturdy Stance 2Wary Fighter 3
Dorcas Serene Warrior Face FCDorcas: Serene WarriorInfantryGreen AxeStout TomahawkDraconic AuraFierce Stance 3Quick Riposte 3Infantry Pulse 3
Dorothea Solar Songstress Face FCDorothea: Solar SongstressInfantryColorless DaggerHidden Thorns+DanceAtk Cantrip 3Hone Atk 4
Dorothea Twilit Harmony Face FCDorothea: Twilit HarmonyFlyingRed TomeFell CandelabraDanceSwift ImpactFirestorm Dance 2Atk/Spd Rein 3
Dorothea Yuletide Dancer Face FCDorothea: Yuletide DancerCavalryRed TomeSevenfold GiftsSingS/R Far Trace 3Inf. Spd Tactic
Dorothy Devoted Archer Face FCDorothy: Devoted ArcherInfantryColorless BowDefier's Bow+Ardent SacrificeSpd/Res Ideal 3Atk/Res Oath 3
Dozla Harvest Attendant Face FCDozla: Harvest AttendantArmoredColorless DaggerPumpkin-a-Box+Rally Atk/Def+AR-D Atk/Def 3Armor March 3
Draug Gentle Giant Face FCDraug: Gentle GiantArmoredRed SwordBrave Sword+
Stalwart Sword
PaviseLungeWard Armor
Duessel Obsidian Face FCDuessel: ObsidianCavalryBlue LanceObsidian LanceBonfireDef/Res Solo 4Lull Atk/Def 3Rouse Def/Res 3
Duma God of Strength Face FCDuma: God of StrengthArmoredColorless BreathFell BreathDraconic AuraDef/Res Solo 3
Fury 4
Bold Fighter 3Upheaval+
Duma Strength and Love Face FCDuma: Strength and LoveArmoredRed BreathGhostly LanternsGlimmerDistant FerocityDragon Wall 3Woeful Upheaval
Dwyer Sleepy Butler Face FCDwyer: Sleepy ButlerInfantryColorless StaffAid+Martyr+Imbue
Heavenly Light
AR-D Atk/Res 3Spd Tactic 3
Echidna Unyielding Idealist Face FCEchidna: Unyielding IdealistInfantryGreen AxeRearguard+
Western Axe
SolBrazen Spd/Res 3Drive Atk 2
Edelgard Adrestian Emperor Face FCEdelgard: Adrestian EmperorArmoredGreen AxeFlower HauteclereNoontimeDistant WardBlack Eagle RuleJoint Drive Res
Edelgard Flame Emperor Face FCEdelgard: Flame EmperorArmoredGreen AxeAymrBonfireAtk/Res Solo 3
Atk/Res Ideal 4
Raging Storm IIArmored Stride 3
Edelgard Hegemon Husk Face FCEdelgard: Hegemon HuskArmoredColorless BeastTwin-Crest PowerBonfireAtk/Def Ideal 4Armored WallArmored Stride 3
Edelgard Snowfall Future Face FCEdelgard: Snowfall FutureArmoredBlue LanceBlack Yule LanceArmored BlazeAtk/Def Prime 4Raging TempestDef/Res Ploy 3
Edelgard Sun Empresses Face FCEdelgard: Sun EmpressesArmoredRed SwordRegal SunshadeGlimmerAtk/Def Ideal 4Raging StormAssault Troop 3
Edelgard The Future Face FCEdelgard: The FutureInfantryGreen AxeVictorious AxeLunaAtk/Def Solo 3Dull Close 3Rouse Atk/Def 3
Edward Blade of Justice Face FCEdward: Blade of JusticeInfantryRed SwordCaladbolgGodlike ReflexesBuffer 4Breath of Life 4
Effie Army of One Face FCEffie: Army of OneArmoredBlue LanceSilver Lance+
Effie's Lance
SmiteDeath Blow 3Wary Fighter 3
Effie Dedicated Heart Face FCEffie: Dedicated HeartInfantryGreen AxePetalfall Vase+SmiteAtk/Spd Push 3Infantry Flash 3
Eir Life Ascendant Face FCEir: Life AscendantCavalryGreen DaggerYmir, EverlivingDraconic AuraAtk/Spd Catch 4Mystic Boost 4Sparkling Boost
Eir Merciful Death Face FCEir: Merciful DeathFlyingColorless DaggerLyfjabergIcebergSwift Sparrow 2
Atk/Res Unity
Mystic Boost 3Sparkling Boost+
Eir Renewed Life Face FCEir: Renewed LifeFlyingRed DaggerTemari+ShoveBrazen Atk/Res 3Spd Tactic 3
Eirika Anamnesis Lady Face FCEirika: Anamnesis LadyCavalryRed TomeGleipnirRally Atk/SpdSwift Sparrow 2Desperation 3R Tome Exp. 3
Eirika Beach Restorer Face FCEirika: Beach RestorerFlyingGreen TomeCaring ConchLunaSteady ImpactMoonlit Bangle FAtk/Spd Oath 4
Eirika Gentle as Snow Face FCEirika: Gentle as SnowArmoredColorless StaffJoyous Lantern+Restore+Imbue
Heavenly Light
Dazzling Staff 3Atk Opening 3
Eirika Graceful Resolve Face FCEirika: Graceful ResolveCavalryRed SwordStorm SieglindeMoonbowAtk/Spd Solo 4Lunar Brace IIOdd Def Wave 3
Eirika Pledged Restorer Face FCEirika: Pledged RestorerCavalryBlue LanceBinding ReginleifLunaSurge SparrowMoonlight BangleAtk/Spd Menace
Eirika Restoration Lady Face FCEirika: Restoration LadyInfantryRed SwordSieglindePivotDrag BackHone Spd 3
Eirika Twin Refulgence Face FCEirika: Twin RefulgenceInfantryRed SwordBlade of RenaisLunaDistant FoilNull Follow-Up 3Joint Drive Spd
Eitr Hand of Nothing Face FCEitr: Hand of NothingCavalryBlue BeastArcane NihilityLunaPower of NihilityBeast Sense 4Alarm Atk/Spd
Eitri Youthful Sage Face FCEitri: Youthful SageFlyingGreen TomeGrim BrokkrDragon FangAtk/Res Solo 4Divine RecreationAtk/Res Rein 3
Eldigan Lionheart Face FCEldigan: LionheartCavalryRed SwordMystletainnGrowing LightFury 3Lunge
Eldigan Strutting Lion Face FCEldigan: Strutting LionFlyingBlue LanceCourtly Candle+DanceCaldera Dance 2Def Opening 3
Eleonora Shooting Starlet Face FCEleonora: Shooting StarletInfantryColorless BowMirage LongbowRally Atk/Spd+Atk/Spd Push 4Spd/Def Ruse 3
Elice Altean Princess Face FCElice: Altean PrincessInfantryColorless StaffTrilemma+Restore+Imbue
Heavenly Light
Atk/Res Ideal 3Atk/Res Gap 3
Elimine Scouring Saint Face FCElimine: Scouring SaintFlyingColorless StaffStaff of the SaintNudge+Atk/Res Push 4A/S Far Trace 3Holy Ground
Elincia Devoted Queen Face FCElincia: Devoted QueenFlyingColorless StaffCrimean ScepterRescue+Imbue
Light's Restraint
Atk/Spd Push 4Dazzling ShiftSpd/Res Hold
Elincia Estival Princess Face FCElincia: Estival PrincessInfantryGreen DaggerCloud Maiougi+DanceAtk/Spd Push 3Rockslide Dance 2Drive Res 2
Elincia Lost Princess Face FCElincia: Lost PrincessFlyingRed SwordAmitiArdent SacrificeDeath Blow 3Flier Formation 3
Elincia Seaside Queen Face FCElincia: Seaside QueenFlyingBlue BowWhitecap Bow+Draw BackAtk/Spd Bond 3Atk/Spd Link 3
Elincia Undaunted Queen Face FCElincia: Undaunted QueenFlyingRed SwordAbsolute AmitiDragon FangAtk/Spd Clash 4Aerial ManeuversHeart of Crimea
Elise Bubbling Flower Face FCElise: Bubbling FlowerCavalryRed DaggerRed-Hot Ducks+Rally Up Atk+Swift Sparrow 2Atk Feint 3Dagger Valor 3
Elise Budding Flower Face FCElise: Budding FlowerCavalryColorless StaffGravity+
Elise's Staff
Kindled-Fire Balm
Live to Serve 3
Elise Sweetheart Royals Face FCElise: Sweetheart RoyalsCavalryColorless StaffDusk-Dawn StaffReturn+Imbue
Holy Pressure
Atk/Spd Catch 4Poetic JusticeOdd Recovery 3
Elise Tropical Flower Face FCElise: Tropical FlowerInfantryGreen TomeHibiscus Tome+Rally Atk/ResSpd/Res 2G Tome Valor 3
Eliwood Blazing Knight Face FCEliwood: Blazing KnightCavalryRed SwordArdent DurandalRally Spd/Res+Death Blow 4Chill Atk 3
Flow Refresh 3
Vision of Arcadia II
Eliwood Devoted Love Face FCEliwood: Devoted LoveArmoredBlue LanceCasa Blanca+Rally Atk/DefFire Boost 3Goad Armor
Eliwood Knight of Lycia Face FCEliwood: Knight of LyciaCavalryRed SwordDurandalSacred CowlAxebreaker 3Ward Cavalry
Eliwood Marquess Pherae Face FCEliwood: Marquess PheraeCavalryBlue LanceNinis's Ice LanceRally Atk/Def+Swift Sparrow 3Atk/Spd Ruse 3Spd Opening 3
Eliwood Pledged Friend Face FCEliwood: Pledged FriendCavalryRed SwordFiery War SwordLunaSpd/Def Clash 4S/D Near Trace 3Inborn Idealism
Elm Resolute Grouch Face FCElm: Resolute GrouchFlyingGreen BeastFang of FinalityLunaBeast N Trace 3C Feud 3
Embla Closed-Off Bride Face FCEmbla: Closed-Off BrideFlyingColorless BeastClosing FloretsDragon FangAtk/Spd WildBeast Assault 4Absolute Closure
Embla God of Closure Face FCEmbla: God of ClosureFlyingRed BeastEnclosing ClawDraconic AuraAtk/Spd Clash 4Beast Agility 3Severance
Emmeryn Gentle Exalt Face FCEmmeryn: Gentle ExaltInfantryColorless StaffFear+Rehabilitate+Imbue
Wings of Mercy 3Res Opening 3
Emmeryn Selfless Exalt Face FCEmmeryn: Selfless ExaltInfantryColorless StaffExalt's War StaffMagic Shield+Imbue
Light's Restraint
Poetic JusticeAtk/Res Oath 4
Ena Autumn Tactician Face FCEna: Autumn TacticianInfantryRed BreathPale Breath+SwapDef/Res Link 3Ward Dragons
Ephraim Ardent Prince Face FCEphraim: Ardent PrinceArmoredBlue LanceRighteous LanceArmored BlazeEarthfire Boost 3Sunlit Bangle DA/D Near Save 3
Ephraim Dynastic Duo Face FCEphraim: Dynastic DuoInfantryBlue LanceReginleifDraconic AuraHeavy Blade 4Lull Atk/Def 3Odd Atk Wave 3
Ephraim Legendary Lord Face FCEphraim: Legendary LordCavalryBlue LanceFlame SiegmundSolSturdy Stance 2
Atk/Def Solo 4
Solar Brace IIFortify Def 3
Ephraim Restoration Lord Face FCEphraim: Restoration LordInfantryBlue LanceSiegmundMoonbowSeal Def 3Threaten Def 3
Ephraim Sacred Twin Lord Face FCEphraim: Sacred Twin LordArmoredGreen AxeGarmDraconic AuraClose Def 3Special Fighter 3Armor March 3
Ephraim Sparkling Gallantly Face FCEphraim: Sparkling GallantlyArmoredBlue LanceFestive SiegmundDragon FangAtk/Def Solo 3Bold Fighter 3Close Guard 3
Ephraim Sunshine Valiant Face FCEphraim: Sunshine ValiantCavalryGreen AxeSeafoam SplitterBonfireAtk/Def Clash 4Sunlight BangleAlarm Atk/Def
Eremiya Bishop of Woe Face FCEremiya: Bishop of WoeInfantryColorless StaffPanic+Physic+Imbue
Atk/Res Push 3Distant Guard 3
Erinys Earnest Knight Face FCErinys: Earnest KnightFlyingBlue LanceSilesse FrostHarsh Command+B Duel Flying 4Chill Atk/Spd 2Atk/Def Rein 3
Erk Studious Mage Face FCErk: Studious MageInfantryRed TomeRauðrfox+MoonbowSpd/Res Solo 3Spd Opening 3
Est Junior Whitewing Face FCEst: Junior WhitewingFlyingBlue LanceHeavy Spear+
Whitewing Spear
ShoveDefiant Res 3Seal Spd 3
Est Springtime Flier Face FCEst: Springtime FlierFlyingBlue TomeEagle's EggMoonbowFury 4Chill Atk/Res 2Hone Fliers
Est Sweet Baby Sis Face FCEst: Sweet Baby SisFlyingBlue LanceTri-Edge LanceIcebergAtk/Res Push 4Flow Feather 3
Ethlyn Glimmering Lady Face FCEthlyn: Glimmering LadyFlyingColorless DaggerCourtly Fan+DanceAR-D Atk/Spd 3Windsweep 3Joint Drive Spd
Ethlyn Spirited Princess Face FCEthlyn: Spirited PrincessCavalryColorless StaffFear+Physic+Imbue
Heavenly Light
Spd/Def Bond 3Live to Serve 3
Etie Fitness Fighter Face FCEtie: Fitness FighterInfantryColorless BowProtection Bow+Draconic AuraAtk/Def Ideal 3Atk/Def Gap 3
Ewan Eager Student Face FCEwan: Eager StudentInfantryRed TomeRauðrserpent+
Pupil's Tome
GlaciesSwift Stance 2Sabotage Spd 3
Eyvel Mistress of Fiana Face FCEyvel: Mistress of FianaInfantryRed SwordGuard Sword+
Freeblade's Edge
IgnisAtk/Def Form 3Chill Atk 3
Fae Childlike Dragon Face FCFae: Childlike DragonInfantryBlue BreathDazzling BreathLife UnendingDistant StanceDragon's Ire 3Def/Res Menace
Fae Divine Dragon Face FCFae: Divine DragonInfantryGreen BreathLight Breath+
Eternal Breath
Draw BackRenewal 3Threaten Atk 3
Fae Holiday Dear Face FCFae: Holiday DearArmoredGreen BreathGlittering Breath+LunaDef/Res Bond 3Vengeful Fighter 3Armor March 3
Fafnir Fresh Ambition Face FCFáfnir: Fresh AmbitionCavalryRed DaggerNiðavellir SprigGlimmerAtk/Spd Solo 4Disarm Trap 3Rouse Atk/Def 4
Fargus Badon Buccaneer Face FCFargus: Badon BuccaneerInfantryGreen AxeCorsair CleaverDragon FangAtk/Def Ideal 3Infantry Pulse 3
Farina The Great Wing Face FCFarina: The Great WingFlyingBlue LanceHotshot LanceRepositionAtk/Spd Catch 4Atk/Spd Snag 3Atk/Def Rein 3
Faye Devoted Heart Face FCFaye: Devoted HeartInfantryColorless BowFiresweep Bow+
Bow of Devotion
NoontimeWings of Mercy 3Bow Exp. 3
Faye Drawn Heartstring Face FCFaye: Drawn HeartstringArmoredColorless BowBudding Bow+MoonbowDeath Blow 4Bold Fighter 3Armor March 3
Febail Mercenary Waif Face FCFebail: Mercenary WaifInfantryBlue BowHeired YewfelleLunaSpd/Res HexbladePhys. Null Follow
Fee Aspiring Knight Face FCFee: Aspiring KnightFlyingRed SwordProtection Edge+RepositionAerobatics 3Drive Spd 2
Felicia Maid Mayhem Face FCFelicia: Maid MayhemInfantryColorless DaggerSilver Dagger+
Felicia's Plate
GlaciesResistance +3Breath of Life 3
Felicia Off the Menu Face FCFelicia: Off the MenuArmoredGreen AxeEldhrímnirGlaciesSpd/Def Bond 3Special Fighter 3Close Guard 3
Felix Icy Gift Giver Face FCFelix: Icy Gift GiverArmoredBlue BowReindeer Bow+GlimmerSwift Sparrow 2Dull Ranged 3
Felix Lone-Wolf Blade Face FCFelix: Lone-Wolf BladeInfantryRed SwordLone WolfGodlike ReflexesAtk/Spd Finish 4Atk/Spd Bulwark 3Spd Smoke 4
Ferdinand Highborn Sipper Face FCFerdinand: Highborn SipperFlyingGreen TomeTeatime Set+Rally Spd/Res+Windsweep 3Spd/Res Rein 3
Ferdinand Noblest of Nobles Face FCFerdinand: Noblest of NoblesCavalryBlue LanceVanguard+
Stoutheart Lance
RepositionFortress Def 3Rouse Spd/Def 3
Fernand Traitorous Knight Face FCFernand: Traitorous KnightCavalryBlue LanceInstant Lance+Blazing ThunderSwordbreaker 3Threat. Atk/Def 2
Finn Lance of Legend Face FCFinn: Lance of LegendCavalryBlue LanceBrave Lance+
Loyalty Spear
MiracleAttack/Def +2Goad Cavalry
Fiora Airborne Warrior Face FCFiora: Airborne WarriorFlyingBlue LanceGuard Lance+
Airborne Spear
IcebergFury 3Pegasus Flight 3
Fiora Defrosted Ilian Face FCFiora: Defrosted IlianFlyingRed SwordPetal Parasol+SwapSpd/Res Link 3Atk Smoke 3
Fir Student of Spring Face FCFir: Student of SpringFlyingGreen AxeBun-Bun BatonHarsh Command+Atk/Spd Solo 3Air Orders 3
Fir Sword Student Face FCFir: Sword StudentInfantryRed SwordKilling Edge+
Nameless Blade
GlaciesSpeed +3Pass 3
Fir Swordmaiden Face FCFir: SwordmaidenInfantryRed SwordVassal-Saint SteelGlimmerAtk/Spd Finish 4Phys. Null FollowAtk/Spd Oath 4
Fjorm Bride of Rime Face FCFjorm: Bride of RimeFlyingColorless StaffGjallarbrúRestore+HP/Atk 2Dazzling Staff 3Ground Orders 3
Fjorm Ice Ascendant Face FCFjorm: Ice AscendantArmoredGreen AxeNifl's BiteIce MirrorSteady Posture 3Hardy Fighter 3A/R Far Save 3
Fjorm New Traditions Face FCFjorm: New TraditionsFlyingGreen BowKabura Ya+RepositionAtk/Spd Bond 3Atk/Spd Link 3Even Res Wave 3
Fjorm Princess of Ice Face FCFjorm: Princess of IceInfantryBlue LanceLeiptrIce Mirror IIMirror Stance 3
Atk/Def Unity
Shield Pulse 3Drive Atk 2
Fjorm Seaside Thaw Face FCFjorm: Seaside ThawInfantryRed SwordIce-Bound BrandFrostbite MirrorAtk/Spd Finish 4Spurn 4Time's Pulse 4
Flame Emperor Bringer of War Face FCFlame Emperor: Bringer of WarArmoredGreen AxeGuard Axe+
Flame Battleaxe
IgnisBracing Stance 2Wary Fighter 3
Flavia Bold Bride Face FCFlavia: Bold BrideCavalryRed SwordBridal Blade+Harsh Command+Atk/Def Clash 3Rouse Atk/Spd 3
Flavia Feroxi East-Khan Face FCFlavia: Feroxi East-KhanInfantryRed SwordLioness BladeDraconic AuraAtk/Spd Push 4Red Feud 3
Flayn Playing Innocent Face FCFlayn: Playing InnocentFlyingColorless StaffCaduceus StaffRescue+Imbue
Deluge Balm+
Dazzling Staff 3Ground Orders 3
Flayn Silly Kitty-Cat Face FCFlayn: Silly Kitty-CatCavalryColorless StaffKitty-Cat ParasolRescue+Imbue
Holy Pressure
Atk/Res UnityDazzle Far Trace
Flora Cold as Ice Face FCFlora: Cold as IceInfantryRed DaggerSilver Dagger
Hoarfrost Knife
IcebergAtk/Res Solo 3Quick Riposte 3Def Ploy 3
Flora Signature Dish Face FCFlora: Signature DishArmoredRed DaggerSæhrímnirIcebergAR-D Atk/Res 3Bold Fighter 3Armor March 3
Florina Azure-Sky Knight Face FCFlorina: Azure-Sky KnightFlyingColorless BowNew-Height BowMoonbowAtk/Spd Push 4S/D Far Trace 3Joint Drive Spd
Florina Lovely Flier Face FCFlorina: Lovely FlierFlyingBlue LanceHeavy Spear+
Florina's Lance
Ardent SacrificeDarting Blow 3Breath of Life 3
Fomortiis Demon King Face FCFomortiis: Demon KingArmoredColorless BeastRavagerBonfireNightmareBeast Follow-Up 3A/D Far Save 3
Forrest Fashion Forward Face FCForrest: Fashion ForwardCavalryColorless StaffPanic+Physic+Imbue
Heavenly Light
Fortress Res 3Res Ploy 3
Forsyth Loyal Lieutenant Face FCForsyth: Loyal LieutenantArmoredBlue LanceSol LanceBonfireDef/Res Bond 3Bold Fighter 3Joint Hone Def
Framme Spring Fangirl Face FCFramme: Spring FangirlInfantryGreen AxeHippity-Hop AxeDragon FangFirestorm Boost 3Spurn 4Infantry Pulse 4
Frederick Horizon Watcher Face FCFrederick: Horizon WatcherInfantryColorless DaggerSeashell+Ardent SacrificeArmored Blow 3Seal Atk/Spd 2
Frederick Polite Knight Face FCFrederick: Polite KnightCavalryGreen AxeHammer+
Frederick's Axe
LunaWings of Mercy 3Fortify Def 3
Frederick Youth in Service Face FCFrederick: Youth in ServiceCavalryGreen AxeHeavy War AxeBonfireAtk/Def Clash 3Close Guard 3
Freyja Fleeting Summer Face FCFreyja: Fleeting SummerCavalryColorless BeastBrightmare HornGlimmerAtk/Spd Solo 4Binding NecklaceFatal Smoke 3
Freyja Lady of Nightmare Face FCFreyja: Lady of NightmareCavalryGreen BeastNightmare HornLunaAtk/Spd Solo 4Binding Necklace+Pulse Smoke 3
Spd Smoke 4
Freyr Dream-King Face FCFreyr: Dream-KingCavalryBlue BeastDream HornIgnisAtk/Def Clash 4Lull Atk/Def 4Dream Deliverer
Freyr Estival Dreams Face FCFreyr: Estival DreamsCavalryRed BeastRaydream HornDraconic AuraDef/Res Catch 4Lull Atk/Def 3
Fuga Force of Gales Face FCFuga: Force of GalesInfantryGreen AxeWind Tribe Club+BonfireHeavy Blade 3Threat. Atk/Def 2
Gaius Candy Stealer Face FCGaius: Candy StealerInfantryColorless DaggerRogue Dagger+
Candied Dagger
Rally SpeedDefiant Atk 3Pass 3
Gaius Thief Exposed Face FCGaius: Thief ExposedInfantryColorless BowRefreshing Bolt+AstraVantage 3Def Ploy 3
Galle Azure Rider Face FCGalle: Azure RiderFlyingBlue LanceGuard Lance+
Wyvern Lance
Dragon FangBrazen Atk/Def 3Odd Atk Wave 3
Galzus Dark Blade of Od Face FCGalzus: Dark Blade of OdInfantryRed SwordRein Sword+LunaSurge SparrowNull Follow-Up 3
Ganglot Death Anew Face FCGanglöt: Death AnewInfantryGreen AxeArcane DownfallIcebergDistant StanceQuick Riposte 4Joint Dist. Guard
Gangrel Plegias Mad King Face FCGangrel: Plegia's Mad KingInfantryColorless DaggerLevin DaggerGlaciesChill Atk 3Panic Ploy 3
Garon King of Nohr Face FCGaron: King of NohrInfantryRed BreathBreath of BlightDragon FangDistant Def 3Panic Ploy 3
Gatekeeper Nothing to Report Face FCGatekeeper: Nothing to ReportInfantryGreen TomeCharging HornHarsh Command+Close ReversalDetailed ReportJoint Drive Def
Gatrie Armored Amour Face FCGatrie: Armored AmourArmoredBlue LanceSpirited Spear+MoonbowFort. Def/Res 3Crafty Fighter 3
Geese A Life at Sea Face FCGeese: A Life at SeaInfantryBlue LanceFlowing Lance+RepositionFire Boost 3Infantry Pulse 3
Genny Dressed with Care Face FCGenny: Dressed with CareCavalryColorless StaffToasty Skewer+Physic+Imbue
Fireflood Balm+
Wrathful Staff 3Def Opening 3
Genny Endearing Ally Face FCGenny: Endearing AllyInfantryColorless StaffGravity+
Springtime Staff
Heavenly Light
Wrathful Staff 3
Geoffrey Realms Protector Face FCGeoffrey: Realm's ProtectorCavalryBlue LanceQueenslanceLunaFlow Force 3Atk/Def Menace
Gerik Desert Tiger Face FCGerik: Desert TigerInfantryGreen AxeFiresweep Axe+
Desert-Tiger Axe
MoonbowDarting Blow 4Sudden Panic 3Infantry Pulse 3
Gerome Masked Rider Face FCGerome: Masked RiderFlyingGreen AxePoleaxe+
Masking Axe
Rally Atk/DefFortress Def 3Hit and Run
Gharnef Dark Pontifex Face FCGharnef: Dark PontifexInfantryRed TomeImhulluIgnisMirror Stance 2Chill Atk 3
Gilliam Wall of Silence Face FCGilliam: Wall of SilenceArmoredBlue LanceFrelian LanceBonfireSturdy Stance 3Vengeful Fighter 4A/D Near Save 3
Ginnungagap Ruler of Nihility Face FCGinnungagap: Ruler of NihilityCavalryColorless DaggerArcane VoidLethalityFireflood Boost 3Ruler of NihilityFatal Smoke 4
Goldmary Coy Beach Divas Face FCGoldmary: Coy Beach DivasInfantryBlue LanceDiva-Pair ParasolGodlike ReflexesAtk/Spd Finish 4Laguz Friend 4Even Atk Wave N
Gonzalez Kindly Bandit Face FCGonzalez: Kindly BanditInfantryGreen AxeRein Axe+Dragon FangAtk/Spd Push 3Threat. Atk/Spd 2
Gordin Altean Archer Face FCGordin: Altean ArcherInfantryColorless BowBrave Bow+
Renowned Bow
ShoveAttack +3Vantage 3
Gotoh White Sage Face FCGotoh: White SageInfantryColorless TomeBrilliant StarlightIcebergGift of MagicGuard 4Joint Dist. Guard
Gray Wry Comrade Face FCGray: Wry ComradeInfantryRed SwordZanbato+
Laid-Back Blade
SwapWind Boost 3Sword Valor 3
Gregor Swell Sword Face FCGregor: Swell SwordInfantryRed SwordBlade of FavorsBonfireSolid Ground 4Inf. Null Follow 3
Greil Heroic Exemplar Face FCGreil: Heroic ExemplarArmoredGreen AxeFaithful Axe+AetherFury 4Wary Fighter 3Armor March 3
Guinivere Princess of Bern Face FCGuinivere: Princess of BernInfantryBlue TomeAureolaIcebergAtk/Res Push 4Lull Atk/Res 3Joint Drive Res
Guinivere Queen of Bern Face FCGuinivere: Queen of BernInfantryColorless TomeRadiant AureolaIcebergSpd/Res Finish 4Null C-Disrupt 4Bern's New Way
Gullveig Glittering Sunlight Face FCGullveig: Glittering SunlightCavalryRed TomeGolden SunlightTime and LightFlared SparrowS/R Far Trace 4Odd Spd Wave 4
Gullveig Golden Seer Face FCGullveig: Golden SeerCavalryColorless TomeQuietus GullveigTime Is LightFlared SparrowOccultist's StrikeDef/Res Smoke 3
Gullveig Seer Beyond Time Face FCGullveig: Seer Beyond TimeFlyingBlue TomeThe Cycle's TurnLunaFlared SparrowGold UnwindingAtk/Spd Oath 4
Gunnthra Beaming Smile Face FCGunnthrá: Beaming SmileCavalryColorless DaggerTropical Treats+Rally Def/Res+AR-O Spd/Res 3Disarm Trap 3
Gunnthra Voice of Dreams Face FCGunnthrá: Voice of DreamsCavalryGreen TomeBlizzardGlaciesFortress Res 3
Atk/Res Solo 4
Chilling Seal IIRes Ploy 3
Gunnthra Years First Dream Face FCGunnthrá: Year's First DreamFlyingRed SwordHikamiGlimmerSwift Sparrow 2Desperation 3Joint Hone Spd
Gunter Inveterate Soldier Face FCGunter: Inveterate SoldierCavalryGreen AxeSilver Axe+
Inveterate Axe
Harsh CommandArmored Blow 3Hone Cavalry
Gustav Majestic Love Face FCGustav: Majestic LoveArmoredGreen AxeLoyalist AxeIgnisClose Def 4Crafty Fighter 3D/R Near Save 3
Gustav Sovereign Slain Face FCGustav: Sovereign SlainCavalryGreen AxeHeadsman GlitnirBonfireAtk/Def Catch 4A/D Near Trace 3Atk Smoke 4
Guy Kutolah Blade Face FCGuy: Kutolah BladeInfantryRed SwordVulture Blade+GlimmerLife and Death 3Threat. Spd/Def 2
Gwendolyn Adorable Knight Face FCGwendolyn: Adorable KnightArmoredBlue LanceKiller Lance+
Weighted Lance
EscutcheonDrag BackHone Armor
Haar Black Tempest Face FCHaar: Black TempestFlyingGreen AxeBrave Axe+
Tempest's Claw
SwapGuard 3Odd Def Wave 3
Haar Tempest Runner Face FCHaar: Tempest RunnerFlyingRed SwordWyvern Katana+SwapAtk/Def Form 3Atk/Def Oath 3
Hana Focused Ninja Face FCHana: Focused NinjaInfantryGreen AxeNinja Masakari+GlimmerLife and Death 3Wrath 3
Hana Focused Samurai Face FCHana: Focused SamuraiInfantryRed SwordArmorslayer+
Hana's Katana
Rally AttackLife and Death 3Obstruct 3
Hana Striving Heart Face FCHana: Striving HeartArmoredRed SwordPetalfall Blade+IgnisSpecial Fighter 3Armored Stride 3
Hans Ambitious Brute Face FCHans: Ambitious BruteInfantryGreen AxeAurgelmirDragon FangAtk/Spd Ideal 3Rouse Atk/Spd 3
Hapi Drawn-Out Sigh Face FCHapi: Drawn-Out SighCavalryBlue TomeDemonic TomeGlimmerAtk/Res Catch 4A/R Far Trace 3
Hardin Dark Emperor Face FCHardin: Dark EmperorArmoredBlue LanceGradivusVengeanceBrazen Def/Res 3Bold Fighter 3
Hardin The Coyote Face FCHardin: The CoyoteCavalryBlue LanceCoyote's LanceDraconic AuraSurge SparrowA/S Near Trace 3
Harken Troubled Warrior Face FCHarken: Troubled WarriorInfantryRed SwordTroubling BladeBonfireAtk/Def Clash 4Brash Assault 4
Hawkeye Desert Guardian Face FCHawkeye: Desert GuardianInfantryGreen AxeKiller Axe+
Guardian's Axe
Growing LightDeath Blow 3Threaten Atk 3
Hawkeye Taciturn Guardian Face FCHawkeye: Taciturn GuardianInfantryBlue LanceNabata Lance+IgnisDef/Res Ideal 3Panic Ploy 3
Hayato Diviner of Reppu Face FCHayato: Diviner of ReppuInfantryRed TomeRauðrlantern+MoonbowAtk/Spd Ideal 3Windsweep 3
Heath Wandering Knight Face FCHeath: Wandering KnightFlyingBlue LanceRidersbane+
Hyperion Lance
Dragon FangAtk/Def Push 3Escape Route 3
Heath Wyvern Ninja Face FCHeath: Wyvern NinjaFlyingColorless BowWyvern Yumi+BonfireAtk/Def Catch 3Pulse Smoke 3
Heather Wandering Ninja Face FCHeather: Wandering NinjaInfantryGreen DaggerSpy's ShurikenRally Atk/Spd+Remote SparrowSpd/Def Ruse 4
Hector Brave Warrior Face FCHector: Brave WarriorArmoredBlue LanceMaltetIgnisOstian CounterBold Fighter 3Even Res Wave 3
Hector Dressed-Up Duo Face FCHector: Dressed-Up DuoArmoredRed SwordConjurer CuriosBonfireDistant CounterOdd Follow-Up 3Hone Armor
Hector General of Ostia Face FCHector: General of OstiaArmoredGreen AxeArmadsPaviseDistant CounterGoad Armor
Hector Just Here to Fight Face FCHector: Just Here to FightArmoredGreen AxeBerserk ArmadsGlimmerDistant CounterWary Fighter 3
Hector Marquess of Ostia Face FCHector: Marquess of OstiaArmoredGreen AxeThunder ArmadsDraconic AuraDistant CounterVengeful Fighter 3
Crafty Fighter 3
Ostia's Pulse II
Hector Sworn Friend Face FCHector: Sworn FriendArmoredGreen AxeValiant War AxeArmored BeaconOstia's HeartVengeful Fighter 4D/R Far Save 3
Heidr Innocent Goddess Face FCHeiðr: Innocent GoddessInfantryGreen TomeHeiðrGold SerpentRemote SparrowMag. Null FollowPanic Smoke 4
Hel Death Sovereign Face FCHel: Death SovereignFlyingGreen AxeHel's ReaperLunaDistant PressureGuard Bearing 3Inevitable Death+
Helbindi Savage Scourge Face FCHelbindi: Savage ScourgeInfantryGreen AxeBýleistrVengeanceG Duel Infantry 3Guard 3Infantry Pulse 3
Helbindi Seaside Scourge Face FCHelbindi: Seaside ScourgeInfantryRed SwordSandfort Spade+Rally Atk/Def+R Duel Infantry 3Panic Ploy 3
Henriette Overflowing Love Face FCHenriette: Overflowing LoveArmoredRed TomeUnity Blooms+IcebergDistant Def 4Slick Fighter 3A/R Far Save 3
Henry Happy Vampire Face FCHenry: Happy VampireArmoredGreen TomeSpectral Tome+ReprisalLive for HonorArmor March 3
Henry Peculiar Egg Face FCHenry: Peculiar EggCavalryColorless BowCarrot-Tip Bow+Rally Def/Res+Brazen Atk/Def 3Atk/Def Ruse 3
Henry Twisted Mind Face FCHenry: Twisted MindInfantryRed TomeRauðrraven+
Corvus Tome
IgnisDefiant Def 3G Tomebreaker 3
Hestia Dumas Witch Face FCHestia: Duma's WitchInfantryBlue TomeBlárdeer+IcebergAtk/Res Ideal 3Res Ploy 3
Hilda Deers Two-Piece Face FCHilda: Deer's Two-PieceFlyingColorless StaffSunshade StaffNudge+Atk/Spd Push 4Dazzling Staff 3Even Recovery 3
Hilda Helping Hand Face FCHilda: Helping HandInfantryGreen AxeFuming FreikugelLunaAtk/Spd Solo 4Velocity 3Joint Drive Spd
Hilda Holiday Layabout Face FCHilda: Holiday LayaboutArmoredBlue LanceCandy Cane+ShoveAtk/Def Form 3Even Follow-Up 3
Hilda Idle Maiden Face FCHilda: Idle MaidenInfantryGreen AxeFreikugelMoonbowAtk/Spd Solo 3Null Follow-Up 3Def Opening 3
Hilda Queen of Friege Face FCHilda: Queen of FriegeInfantryRed TomeFiery BolganoneGlaciesAtk/Res Ideal 3Rouse Atk/Res 3
Hinata Samurai Groom Face FCHinata: Samurai GroomInfantryGreen AxeHuge Fan+Reciprocal AidAtk/Def Bond 3Close Guard 3
Hinata Wild Samurai Face FCHinata: Wild SamuraiInfantryRed SwordRuby Sword+
Hinata's Katana
PaviseFury 3Brash Assault 3
Hinoka Blue Sky Warrior Face FCHinoka: Blue Sky WarriorFlyingColorless BowWarrior PrincessLunaAtk/Spd Bond 3Flier Formation 3Flier Guidance 3
Hinoka Fair Pirate Pair Face FCHinoka: Fair Pirate PairFlyingGreen BowMermaid BowHarsh Command+Atk/Spd Push 4S/R Far Trace 3Def/Res Rein 3
Hinoka Relaxed Warrior Face FCHinoka: Relaxed WarriorFlyingGreen DaggerSplashy Bucket+Draw BackAtk/Spd Bond 3Atk/Spd Link 3Air Orders 3
Hinoka Thundering Wings Face FCHinoka: Thundering WingsFlyingRed BowFujin-Raijin YumiDeadeyeAtk/Spd Catch 4Wings of Mercy 4Rallying Cry
Hinoka Warrior Princess Face FCHinoka: Warrior PrincessFlyingBlue LanceBrave Lance+
Hinoka's Spear
Blazing WindDefiant Def 3Hone Fliers
Holst Hero of Leicester Face FCHolst: Hero of LeicesterInfantryRed SwordWarrior's SwordBlazing LightAtk/Spd Ideal 3Atk/Spd Oath 3
Hortensia Little Charmer Face FCHortensia: Little CharmerFlyingColorless StaffArcane CharmerRescue+Imbue
Glitter of Light
Atk/Spd Catch 4Poetic JusticeGlittering Anima
Hrid Icy Blade Face FCHríd: Icy BladeCavalryRed SwordGjöllMoonbowDistant CounterFreezing Seal IIAtk/Def Menace
Atk Smoke 3
Hrid Island Ice Prince Face FCHríd: Island Ice PrinceCavalryBlue LancePrince's LanceBonfireIce Prince's SealOdd Def Wave 4
Hrid Resolute Prince Face FCHríd: Resolute PrinceFlyingRed SwordGeishun+SwapAtk/Def Bond 3Quick Riposte 3Hone Atk 4
Hubert Sinister Servant Face FCHubert: Sinister ServantInfantryRed TomeRauðrfox+
Retainer's Report
Growing ThunderChill Res 3Inf. Hexblade 3