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Heavenly Dew
Used in Aether Raids to strengthen Fortress (O), Fortress (D), and resources.


Heavenly Dew is created when using Aether Stones to create and enhance structures, or add a slot to the raiding party or defensive team. The same amount of Heavenly Dew will be received as the amount of Aether Stones used (i.e. create a structure for 50 Stones, receive 50 Dew; 100 for 100 etc.).


Used in the Aether Keep to strengthen structures, and resources.

In other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese 天空の雫
German Tau des Himmels
Spanish (Europe) Rocío celeste
Spanish (Latin America) Rocío celeste
French Rosée céleste
Italian Rugiada celeste
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 天空水滴
Portuguese Orvalho celestial